Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen Gedicht ”Vrije dagen”

On Sunday when the day just started I was hanging out in the park all alone. Enjoying some icecream in the sun. Together with my cat in the green grass. Thinking how nice freedom actually is. On Monday when the day just started. I was cycling to nowhere. Enjoying an candy cane in the sun. A bunny was jumping in the green grass And I was thinking how nice freedom actually is. Tuesday when the day just started. I was walking on the street all alone. Enjoying some candy floss in the sun. Kids playing soccer in the green grass. They knew what freedom meant. Wednesday when the day just started I was chilling in the dutch lessons. Looking at ducks in the green grass. The teacher tolled me to get back into the lesson. Instead of dreaming about freedom.

6 thoughts on “Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen Gedicht ”Vrije dagen”

  1. I have added subtitles for the ones who dont understand dutch.

  2. So short! Nuuhhh!

    Its pretty nice and sweet! :"3 that old dude near the end looked like he was about to eat off the child's head ­čśé

  3. That feeling when you only understand some of it because you speak only a bit of Flemish because you're a Belgian Walloon.
    Great video and poem btw!

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