Who is it ? Who is there ? Oh! He seems a Ghost. No! Yes, I am Ghost, I have come to spoil your present and change your future. How? Sir? I shall take you with me as Ghost, then you don’t have to worry about any thing. Nor about eating, nor about drinking, Nor about borrowing debts, nor need of paying debts. Aah!! Ghost sir, we have no worries in our life, you go from here please. You may not have worries but the people who have lended you money are worried. With whom you borrow and not returning their money. Ghost sir, please forgive us, we will pay all debts, Motu do something. What can I do ? Empty stomach, my brain doesn’t work, you do something. Idea! Ghost sir, we will pay all debts today itself, but whom should we pay first in order? First and foremost pay tea vendor’s debts. Correct answer, I thought as much, it’s the tea vendor’s name that you would take first in order. What the hell are you doing? Don’t make Ghost as your enemy. Ghost brother forgive him, he is a child, he is unware. Hey! Stop him first! He keeps beating. Tea vendor! It’s you? What a joke? Why you became Ghost? Lala Bhagatram has pasted the poster all over the place saying. Anyone who spends a night in our bungalow shall be rewarded Rs1lac. That bungalow is famous for Ghost haunts. Hey, because of the Ghost fear, no one is buying that property or getting a tenant too. From here, I got an idea to become a ghost & get my money from you. Rs1lac only for one night to spend at that place, What say? Motu lets go? No!! I am too scared of ghosts. Ghosts are our assumptions, think, how many samosa you can eat with this money Rs 1lac Long live! Inform Lala Bhagatram, we are ready to spend one night at his bungalow. John lives in the ghost’s palace. And make everyone scared this little don. Wow Boss! What a poem you made, isn’t it no 2? Leave the poem aside and think about Motu Patlu. Lala Bhagatram is kept Rs 1lac as a reward, that’s why they are coming. Boss, till date we scared everyone by being the ghost, so that we can do our smuggling work from here. And cauld hide our robbed articles here. And Motu Patlu are coming here. Once we scare them away, no one from this Furfuri town will dare to come. They have come. plan 1 activate. Take God’s name no ghost shall be near us. Don’t get scared, someone is trying scare us, There is no ghost here. How is the lights automatic getting on? Don’t know, probably the one who is laughing must be switching it on. Whom are you both searching here for? Hey! Now leave the original Mr skeleton and make Motu Patlu friendship immortal for forever. Patlu if you love life, then run, Ghost is here. Ghost is myth. Aah! We got hurt. Good evening Sir, how may I help you both? Run! Hey! Guys you are hurt, I am a Doctor, come to my clinic, I will apply medicines. Aah! We don’t need the medicines, we need your blessings. Ghost will near? Due to fear I have forgotten the pray, Patlu tell me further? What to say, front is the skeleton and behind is the wall, If we want to go, where to go. Hey! I said to say prayers please. Ghost ? Ghost will never come near when they hear the name of God. Here the ghost itself is saying prayers and asking to safeguard us. How can they scare and run away? Motu do something. What can I do ? Empty stomach, my brain doesn’t work. Run! Friendhip of Motu Patlu! They know our names, they are well prepared. Friendhip of Motu Patlu! Are they singing in our praise’s? Or this is the way of their farewell Seems This is the way of their farewell. Bye! Motu, do forgive This is not a farewell, this is an invitation to welcome in our community. Hence forth you both shall look handsome like us. No! No, I don’t want to be handsome like this. Motu Patlu, if you come next time here. Chingum Sir Ghost! Oh! My God, where is the Ghost? Sir it’s not at your place but very close to us, come fast to Lala Bhagatram’s palace. Forward march. Hey! Ghost! Boss, headless ghost Help! Idiots, the head is stuck here, come back and take me fast. Forward march. Take care of the chandeliers. Don’t stop until we find Motu Patlu. One minute, are you both scaring Motu Patlu ? Or making me fall again and again to leave from the earth. Wow Boss, what a statement you made, isn’t it number 2? Son of poem, I am not making poem I am reciting you my sorrows. This is a tall ghost, don’t run fast, walk slowly and keep minding your head at every ceiling point. But Boss, if we bend in front of Motu Patlu, it will be insult to you. Isn’t it? If you don’t bend, I wont survive, then where is the insult ? I am asking you to bend only at the door ceiling. Let’s go. Till morning we will hide here,Yes, if we walk out, the ghost will find us again. Ghost have entered here too, Patlu be very quite, don’t even breathe. What a time to ring now ? Hello, where are you both? I won’t leave you both all alone, I have reached the palace. Chingum sir help! We are in some room, don’t know which one. We have come to save you both. No! Aah! I am dead. This is John and not any ghost. Now understood, these people used to scare others ghost disguise. Catch them, don’t let them run away. Why fear when Chingum is here. It’s impossible to escape fro Chingum’s web. Oh! My God, fight over, I haven’t lifted my hands and John is caught. If I had raised what would have happened? Tell me! I am joking.

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