Bible and English Literature

English letters Fauci al-ansar la carta history of English language and literature group 1 in Matera my auntie my andreas to the present Bible an English literature the birth of Bible and Al's literature Bible is mod on those tags with Kenny studied slamming of history and is to be sameness to major influence of English literature the men of the Middle Ages often growth in direct terms energy apart translating the detail of the Bible relatives Bible is rarely just iterator the funds were largely about the south speaking for the finer spirits is an age of rudeness and violence there were paraphrases of many parts of the bible lives of saints in birth furs and prose and the a wolf's become the literary walk in the seventh century [Applause] bible in medieval era we cleave it Bible the church had prohibited translation of the Bible from the light him into another languages but weekly formulated the principle the de search of religious alternatives not the church but the Bible weakly bonded everyone knew about the Bible by dress of a peek into Turner color English or in the Masons era promotions or new girth is one of the three or four great transforming movement of European history desolation of Babel is getting better everyone can trust leaded not only the Prius and the moon but also the king and Minister the 17th century the translation of the Bible reach at its peak the King James Bible is accepted as the chief master based of English prose style and also use to standardize of Bible let's all our material thank you

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