Big sisters VS Little sisters EXTREME YOGA CHALLENGE! REMATCH!

Hey guys im Tegan and im Sam and we are the Rybka twins welcome back to our channel guess what guys were back, were back. were ready to do a rematch. yep today guys were are doing the ultimant rematch of the big sisters VS little sisters in the extreme yoga challenge yep we did this like exactly a year ago. so it is totally on and this time we are winning umm no we are so for you guys who don’t remember this is Alex. and this is Torah Sam’s with Torah again and im with Alex because were big sisters and were little sisters so apparently we look like were from Mcdonalds so were team Katchup and were team Musterd befor we get into the video make sure to subcribe if you havent already and give it a big thumps up if you liked it. try and subcribe in 5 seconds 5 4 3 2 1 coment down below if you subcribed in 5 seconds. or if your already subcribed good job. Rbkay note u guys r awesome dont for get guys to turn on that grey bell next to the subcribe button so you get nottified every time we upload a new vdeo and follow us on all our soical medias INCUDING HESE 2! alright lets do this [Music] music alright guys first pose alright next pose 321 go ok guys we just checked the tape footage and we won these guys just straitend there legs just befor us but we were in there we were in there ok next pose music go were gonna have to check the tape who won we did ok so alex and teagen acually got in the pose first but alexs arms wearnt strait so tori did so we get the point were on two and there on one [giggles] oww guys this is hard for you because tori has short arms [giggles] and 321 go [music] music go omg itrs us thats us ok you guys have to be on top know music we got two plans go music ok we dident get point because tori diden’t have her arms straight [music] go 321 go wow the hand ill do that we just looked back on the video and we both got the point owww alright do that ill do this 321 go the deciding round ahhhh we need to win we catching up we must win music 321 goo music we won again ok guys we thought we just did the last pose but for some reason it diden’t record but we went to double check and they won yes we won and we were like noo and then we went to go check to make sure that you did it befor us and it wasent there so we neally did the ultement rematch on the last round ok ready ready 321 go ITS A DRAWW. ok guys so as you just saw alex and tori got up there at the same time so we have decided that we will do another round right yeah music but we have all the plans tho so whats the stragey girl well so sam going on the floor shes going to bend her legs and im going to get on her legs grab my foot and shes going to hold my elbows were ready were going to win 321 go music we won the rematch ok guys thats the end of the challenge we hoped you liked it . tori and i won but its up to you guys get to choose who won remember it stoped on the last clip but they won the first round then we had the rematch so its kinda like a draw but we won go subcribe to A Dancers Life she edited the video you guys decide we won we won we mastered it and we will see you guys next thursday bye guys

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