Bill Hader impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger [DeepFake]

You’ve been over, visited me. – Yes.
– I know your kids… Is this being passed on to… – Yes, Yes.
– ..your children? Our two year old right now,
I’ll say, “How old are you?” And she goes, “I’m four and a half.” Which is,
her older sister’s four and a half. And I go, “No, you’re not. “You’re not four and a half,”
and then she grabs my face and goes, “FOUR AND A HALF.” [Laughter] That was also kind of
a Schwarzenegger a little bit. [Schwarzenegger voice]
“I’m four and a half, father.” [Laughter] “We gotta get out of here!” [Laughter] “Get out of there,
there’s a bomb in there! Get out!” [Laughter]
“Dad, come on, get out! “We got to go!” “I need a pull-up on, now! “We’re going to watch Peppa Pig, now! I love Schwarzenegger as a baby,
so much fun. “I wanna watch Doc McStuffins.” [Laughter] “And then I need my yoghurt. Come on!” “I threw up, I need Pedialyte!” [Laughter] [Applause] That’s great. I can only think of him that way now. [Normal voice] He’s little, this baby
with his head, just running around. He’s gotta have the same head
that he has now but with a little baby’s body – and a diaper.
– Yeah. – But a cigar.
– Yeah, a cigar going… [Schwarzenegger voice]
“Get in here, come on. “Change this.” [Laughter] “We got to go.” [Conan does Schwarzenegger]
“We got to go.” “We got to go.” “State of California.” [Laughter] – “California.”
– “California.” [Bill laughs] What kind of… – [Laughter continues]
– What kind… I’m just curious, were…were you… I’m trying to pic… [Laughter, applause] Now you can’t stop. [Normal voice] Now I can’t stop, sorry! You gotta do something more
with him as a baby. I know, no, what am I going to do? I don’t know if it’s been done,
but it’s just so… No, I’m saying, like,
you’ve got to produce this. You’ve got to make a cartoon
where he’s a baby. ‘Cause that’s the only way
I want to see him from now on. You’re going to see that billboard
while you’re driving down Sunset, like, “Schwarzenegger Baby”. [Schwarzenegger voice] Come on! I would watch every second of that,
50 times. I was a PA
on an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie called Collateral Damage and, um… – [Solitary clap]
– Hey! – All right.
– [Laughter] One person’s like,
“Oh, hey… Hm.” Uh, no, and that was the big line
in that movie, was, [Schwarzenegger voice] “Open up the door,
there’s a bomb in there.” [Laughter] And the first time I met him… The first time I met him, I go… He comes up to me and he had his cigar
in his mouth and he goes, “Where is Jeff and Peter?”
That’s his hair and make-up guys. Yeah. And I go, uh, “I don’t know,
I’ll find them.” And he goes… [Schwarzenegger voice] “Find them.
Show me your leadership capabilities.” [Laughter, applause] I love… I love when you hear a story
and you know it’sexactlytrue. – Yeah!
– Yeah. [Normal voice] It’s like,
“Show me your leadership capabilities.” I was like, “They’re right there.” [Laughter] “There they are.” “They’re sitting
in little director chairs over there.” [Bill laughs] Oh, my God. Oh, I’d like to do this
for four more hours.

100 thoughts on “Bill Hader impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger [DeepFake]

  1. For those who don’t know it’s DEEP FAKE. That’s a morphing cgi trick

  2. you know what would be even cooler? if you also deepfaked conan's face when he impersonate him too

  3. I find It closer to Kelsey Grammer than Arnold but It's impressive anyway

  4. Conan really is the only talkshow host that I can enjoy. He actually seems to be having genuine fun with his guests and is incredibly funny in the progress himself.

  5. Anyone can do a voice, the way Hader can work his face into other people is ridiculous! Love it.

  6. Bill Hader should have spoke for the T-800 in Mortal Kombat 11 instead since they couldn't get Arnold himself… 😌

  7. Блин, я перевода даже не знаю..а хохотал капец😂

  8. ебать похож хоть и графика но говорит реально как шварц

  9. After watching this many times, I've come to the conclusion that Bill Hader's voice impression is better than the deepfake is

  10. Im glad the guy who invented it showed it or the government would have made us choke ourselves with it

  11. what kind of technonogy are we talking about ??? I saw how his face has changed but is it demonic or technology and if it is a technology then why does he have the technology that gave him that technology. what's the technology called ??? how does it really work. thanks

  12. He had a meh impression of Arnold on his appearance before this one so he had to learn it, come back, and redeem himself lmao hes todays king of impressions forsure! Dude can impersonate anyone if you just give him time to learn it

  13. I come back every now and then to watch the part where Bill couldn't stop laughing hahaha it makes me do the same XD

  14. Despite the entire face changing features, the transformation is weirdly subtle.

  15. When my wife was late for work and couldn’t find her car keys I said “find them. Show me your leadership capabilities.”
    She was not impressed.
    CTRL SHIFT FACE Regan McNeil…

  16. 1. ppl who are too stupid to notice its cgi 2. ppl who are stupid trolls think its funny to pretend they are too stupid to notice its cgi 3. ppl who dont know what is cgi and think everything in movies is real All 3 are cancer casuals NPCs that must be void of a consciousness in order to preserve resources of the pc running this matrix

  17. he's the guy who is the life of the party. he laughs at his own jokes, but he can pull it off. it's like he is in a constant state of just finished smokin' a fatty of indo.

  18. ls it just technology or he is actually capable of morphing his face into someone?

  19. U can't even get Arnold Schwarzenegger u r soo disgusting even for Tom cruise because u r deepfaking it get a real life

  20. У него ебасосина меняется, а я думал у меня уже колпак поехал

  21. Bill Hader & Arnold Schwarzenegger have a baby.
    The result = a weird version of Bryan Cranston

  22. I legitimately no joke been confused the WHOLE VIDEO I thought my eyes were deceiving me I thought he had such a powerful impression that my brain just decided he was really him

  23. This is amazing and crazy they can accuse you of murder and rape and stealing and have a video as evidence be aware people

  24. How the fuck did he change his face to Arnold and back is he a damn shapeshifter!

  25. I swear this guy is morphing his face, he literally looks like Arnold himself

  26. They digitally superimposed Arnold’s face onto Bill’s. I’ve seen other examples of this on YouTube! It’s FREAKY!

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