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Are you ready? Yeah, okay. Mr. Hill Martinez live a program about quor’toth It’s our culture our values our politics and our future and now bill Martinez Happy Friday according to a news report that dropped last night Michael Cohen that is of course Donald Trump’s former personal attorney is Prepared to testify in the Muller probe that the president knew about a June 2016 meeting in New York City between his son Don jr And a Russian lawyer who had claimed she had dirt on the Hillary Clinton campaign. That’s the claim So for the sake of argument, let’s assume that all of it is literally true Does it mean exactly and why should we care? If you’ve been watching television over the past 24 hours, you already know the answers to those questions What this means is the end of the Trump presidency If not of the United States itself we should care because nothing in human history says the harnessing of fire and the invention of the wheel isn’t as Inherently momentous as this Don juniors brief meeting two years ago with an unknown Russian lawyer called Natalya vessel Metz Kaya who knew about this meeting? And when did they know about it? And what were they wearing when they met it is on questions like these at the fates of Nations hang? here’s a selection of both the huffing and the puffing that puts Donald Trump in a conspiratorial mode on this on this issue before the fact that Evidence on its face if it was supported would be an impeachable offense it shows that he had he had prior knowledge that the Russians were seeking to do this and he didn’t stop the meeting he was Giving a green light for the Russians to interfere until now we have not had a smoking gun that placed Donald Trump’s senior the President himself in the center of the conspiracy. This is potentially huge This is potentially something that can prove The president colluded and that isn’t that is an impeachable offense So there’s criminal liability here for the president on the horizon Well, so there you have it internationally recognized genius max boot thing. This is a big deal Is it well the president lied about it or anything else under oath? Yes, it is that would be a big deal perjury is always a big deal that Don’t Tell Bill Clinton’s defenders that otherwise though It’s hard to see the point of all of this hysteria what exactly with the crime here be? It’s not illegal to talk to foreigners. Nobody is claiming that any information changed hands though, even if it did so what is principled lefty Glenn Greenwald wrote this afternoon quote If getting dirt about your opponent from foreign officials is immoral or treasonous Why was it okay for? DNC representatives to be trolling around Ukraine working with foreign officials to get dirt on Manafort and Trump because Ukraine favorite Hillary Huh? Good question Keep in mind too that the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign both paid a foreign national His name is Christopher steel together damaging information on Donald Trump from other foreign nationals Including and especially from Russians and unlike the Trump campaign the Democrats actually succeeded They produced an entire dossier based on misinformation from Russian sources that dossier changed the course of American history The Obama administration used it to spy on its political opponents and to begin a series of investigations that have from the very first day overshadowed in some cases neutered the Trump administration Pretty effective just in case you’re looking for actual examples of foreign collusion Now Democrats are claiming just the opposite of course accusing their opponents of doing pretty much exactly what they themselves did at First that may look like hypocrisy and it is but it’s more than that It’s a political tactic you scream as loud as you can in the hope that your opponents will be Intimidated into accepting your essentially fraudulent premise it often works and that’s exactly why they do it But it only works when the rest of us play along with it. So let’s stop playing along with it Yeah This is incredible, this is a conspiratorial craziness and you know people on the right did this I mean You know Alex Jones probably wanders and you know things about all this wackiness that they’re doing and going you call me You know a conspiracy for it. Get out. At least there’s some sort of basis here you know the DNC has traded and I guess those pink cats in the you know can foil hats now that that’s what this has all come down to You know because they have to step over all their violations whether it is the president than President Obama saying stand down to all the meddling that he knew Russia was doing and Oh, yeah, that’s right. It did happen on his watch not on Donald Trump’s but you would think it’s the other way around Five minutes after the top of the hour Megan Barth coming up next Individuals and businesses with tax problems. Listen carefully. 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It’s about all of us and What unites us and that is that we are Americans You know pursuing life liberty and the pursuit of happiness right six minutes after the top of the hour Megan Bart joins is now national spokesperson for Media equalizer calm founder proprietor of Reagan babe. Calm a MS Megan. How you doing? Hey Bella. Thank you Happy Mondays. Hey, happy Monday – you’re in the land of where the heat is getting hotter, huh? Yeah, and you know I’m about to head north to Tahoe the Tahoe Basin and we are getting smoked out from all these California fires That’s right let me just start riding along with an investigative reporter a piece that I hope to have published in a little bit because when the New York Times actually just wrote about the California fires and said, you know before 2012 these fires weren’t infernos and they weren’t as common well since 2012 California has been an incinerator and I said well what changed in 2012 Oh environmental regulation exactly, right yeah, well that couple that taught me was there an eco-terrorism policy run through the EPA which did not allow for clearing of underbrush dead trees dead vegetation and this type of lack of Forestry maintenance due to the fact that forestry maintenance might affect the environment or some sort of net Has contributed a lot to this death and destruction Well, this has been going on for decades. It’s the insanity of a one-party state. This is what you get they’ve sold out on all this and you would think after all these decades they would figure it out but You know here starts the cycle of what goes on in California. We’ve got fires that are coming in and of course in about What four six eight weeks? Then we’ll have floods Anna. You know, I mean They like this it’s all part of their personality the home of fire and floods Well, it’s just a continuum of chaos. And when you look at the Democrat Party, which is now just the Socialist Party they operate in the modus operandi of fear and chaos, and that is because both Methods or modem’s allow or force people to be dependent on government, and so the more chaos the better creates more fear and then the more fear the better because it creates more dependency and Fear is a very easy emotion to control and so as you look at the Democrats platform, it’s all just ginned up fear Do you hate Trump? Well, how much not enough. Let’s crank up the hyperbole and the violent rhetoric Do you hate them even more and maybe that hate will drive you to the polls? I’m going to answer the problem after what usually drives people to the polls is a healthy and robust Economy and as we look at the Friday job at the Friday GDP numbers Were on a very good clip to have an even more healthier and robust economy Unfortunately for the socialist. Yes, exactly. Well, maybe James Taylor was in California when he saw fire and rain, huh? Maybe that’s when we came up with that. Yeah, let’s talk about the GDP. It was all over the Sunday talk shows You know, of course the big thing is is it sustainable? I Mean, you know, it’s like the economists have to twist themselves I’m saying the economists who are so anti Trump have to twist themselves into some sort of pretzel logic or dis logic you know to come up with the kind of Scenarios they’re coming up with I mean this isn’t like, you know, the dot-com business that the, you know impact of the Clinton administration Came out of nowhere and it it dot went about as quickly as it came and ravaged the economy at that time If you remember, but you know, the things have been set up, you know in the reduction as as You know minutiae said look at you know, look at what happened, you know, we took out Regulations we focused on jobs. We’re promoting businesses. I mean though, you know, the foundation is laid there It’s just can we get everybody on board here? And and Donald Trump has done this Megan, you know with his arms tied behind his back You know with what the Democrats and the media have been doing to him. I mean, could you imagine where we be at today? If we had just even 50/50 support out of the media, not ninety ten All right, it’s amazing You’ve accomplished so much this popularity numbers have still maintained a relatively even clip Not one Democrat voted for the tax cut in fact The Democrats are promising to raise taxes and not just individual taxes because they want their crumbs back but also corporate Taxes and then of course you look at the new mantra Which is Medicaid for all which they call Medicare for all which according to the CBO? Which is always off by at least thirty to fifty percent in ten years. It’s going to be I think it’s thirty two trillion or Some just obscene number in ten years. Well that’s based on the current population but with open borders that the Democrats are asking for and for the abolishment of ice How are those numbers going to increase the Democrats never have a solution to their problems? They just believe that bigger government is going to solve all the problems. Well bigger government costs a lot of money And it drains the resources the spending power of the consumer Because that money goes into the black hole bureaucracy of big government And that dependency is exactly what the Democrats want. And so for all the naysayer Democrats and there was a majority of them Barack Obama for example said well I don’t know what magic wand Donald Trump is going to pull out to get a higher GDP or They thought that they had convinced enough Americans to believe that this mediocrity And failure of an economy at 0.92 2% under Barack Obama was the new normal Well Trump just shattered that mess with a four point one percent GDP and if the economy keeps going at this clip and more and more regulations are reduced and there’s more Repatriation dollars Trump is expecting four billion dollars to come back into this economy Then I could say that we’ll probably have over over a five or even a six percent GDP. Should he be here for eight years? Exactly. Well, and we’re talking about the first full year of 3% GDP. How long has it been since we’ve enjoyed that? Well, we definitely didn’t enjoy it under Barack Obama He might have had a blip here or there that may have approached three but his average was 1.9 percent during the eight years he was the only president in the history of this country that never achieved a four percent GDP Megan how do they give Barack Obama credit they try to give him credit and say this is Obama’s economy. It’s not Trump’s economy. How do they come up again? This pretzel logic? Because they’re delusional when they lie. Yes. Well, is that simple? Yeah, we don’t have to get into a long conversation about that But as I mentioned with minutiae time, he laid it out very clearly. He said Donald Trump’s economic plan consisted of tax reform trade and regulatory relief I mean that is that the absolute foundation of this Incredible economy that we’re experiencing and the Democrats they wanted you know, they want to take that away. Really. Are you listening ladies? And gentlemen what the Democrats will want to do and if that’s not enough, of course Then they’ve got that left sided arm of their contingency that says look at them We’re going to take all the money and we’re going to redistribute it Because we believe that socialism is the way the truth and the life go figure I’ll take more to talk about with Megan Bartha right here on bill Martinez live as we break down more of the highlights Maybe some of the lowlights do of the Sunday TV talk shows. It’s 15 minutes after the top of the hour This is Bill Martinez. 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No Molly Finn No Nice tan So we like expression independent every day Monday through Friday 9 to noon Eastern 6 to 9 Pacific Back with you 19 minutes after the top of the hour, you know You would think that with the economy is robust as it is that we’d have a lot more Followers and support from the people that know I mean because let’s face it The economy a robust economy is a great forgiver of lots of sins and You know, it’s amazing. It just goes to show you Who is forest and who is against us and by that? I mean who is really supporting this robust economy, you know Megan even the Fed came out with their report They said that you know, we’ll probably end up with about 2.8 percent this year Which I’m sure you know Trump that that’s like, you know somebody running their fingers down the chalkboard for Trump in their projection there and says by 2020 we’ll be back to 2% That’s where should be. This is from the Fed. So what does this tell you? Well, if the Fed can manipulate the economy and keep it in a prolonged recession I guess better for the Fed they’re going to jack around with interest rates again, you know, I’m all for the Rand Paul Clarion call to audit the Fed we’ve been talking about auditing the Fed for nearly as long as I’ve been alive On it is time. I would think that Donald Trump of any president would actually lead that charge for the unaccountable unelected unelected bureaucracy that the Fed is that that basically Micromanages the economy instead of allows the free market to work Well is it not part of the this deep state that we’re dealing with? I mean if you remember when Rand Paul brought that up Do you remember what followed shortly thereafter? It was a you know with that clarion call was a clarion warning by brock obama himself Firing a salvo over the bow of rand paul’s boat in other words in a bit of a threat That he didn’t want to go there Well, of course because the extended malaise was perfect for Barack Obama Zero interest in all that defusing in order to prop up a Barack Obama’s You know shot smoke and mirrors economy. If you even want to call it an economy they were manipulating the employment numbers They were manipulating the numbers in general to not make it seem as bad as it was. They kept telling us Oh, this is as good as it gets and just kept printing money and doing quantitative easing Because if they had actually allowed the market to react Organically, we probably would have been in another Great Depression Yet China would already have control of the economy No doubt about it, and you know the big difference again Is that here it is you had the propaganda of the Obama administration and you have the reality of Donald Trump But yet the propaganda of the Obama Administration still lingers because they’re telling Main Street America that it’s not that good and they go what they open up their wallets ago Well, I have money. I’m able to buy new things You know my consumer count. I feel pretty good about what’s going on with the economy But yet to hear the Democrats the sky is falling Well, right. Yeah, this guy is following with the Democrats because 32 earths or us Yes, is it 32 million or three? But I think it’s 3.2 million less Americans are on food stamps Yes, and you have less dependency on government than you under this president than you did with Barack Obama Let’s not forget you at the highest black unemployment under Barack Obama as well as the highest Hispanic unemployment Now those numbers are the lowest on record women’s unemployment is the lowest in 68 years veterans unemployment is the lowest in nearly two decades and So these numbers are all good numbers good economic indices and that of course is not the Democrats that That doesn’t work well for this event in their playbook sir in their playbook like I said the bigger the government the happier the Democrat the more people that are living in fear and in dependency the happier the Democrat so they’re trying to tell is that the lowest black unemployment and the lowest Hispanic unemployment is Really nothing but it’s everything to those who have found jobs that are able for many for the first time in a long time to put food on their table a roof over their head and have the pride that Only a job can really instill in you as you wake up and go to work every day and a job well done And a paycheck well received well the frustrating thing for those that Want to believe in the democratic party is they continue to get insulted because the leadership tells them that you’re too stupid You’re not smart enough to run your own business or to take care of your families This is why you need the Nancy Pelosi Xin the chuck schumer the chuck schumer’s of the world to really save your bacon because you don’t have the wherewithal to go out there and be successful is Jonathan Gruber blatantly said and Jonathan Gruber you got to understand This is the message of the Democratic Party when he said the people, you know The reason that they did the Affordable Care Act the way they did because he said that they were just too stupid They would never understand it. So they made it complicated on purpose they confuse the people and because you’re just not smart enough and This is why people are abandoning the Democratic Party It’s not so much that they’re quitting as much as the Democratic Party is leaving them in the dust because they’re smart enough to figure this out to realize that hey look at this is not what it’s all about and as they continue To move further to the left and embrace the Acacio cortezes and the Bernie Sanders of the world it’s like me and you know, it’s just there they’re a There are people without a party right now Right exactly and you know hate and fear doesn’t win elections fatter Pocketbooks do if we look historically at Pew Research and how elections are won people vote with their pocketbooks When people vote for a leader who they can trust well, they didn’t except for 2012 2012 still remains a mystery to me I think there’s probably more to be derived from that situation how brocco I could have won when the economy was so far against him I mean it wasn’t and I I don’t buy that Mitt Romney was the most awful candidate I think there was probably you know again that puts me in the realm of the conspiratorial Is I think there was more shenanigans than we even want to get into well, actually, uh Brock Obama won the 2012 Election is you have to look at Google and you have to look at Eric Schmidt the chairman of Google who resigned from Google in Order to help Barack Obama’s digital data driven campaign Whereby he scraped? Millions of profiles from Facebook under the noses of Facebook who said it’s not ethical but will look the other way Newark Schmidt is credited for getting Barack Obama five more million votes by doing exactly Exactly in 2012 what the Democrats accused and shut down Cambridge analytic are doing in 2016 so as long as there was data mining and data scraping to help Barack Obama the Democrats were totally fine with that as long as they secured their power for another four years and secured five million more votes and when you look at the the Delta between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama there weren’t five million votes really to be had it wasn’t that large of a Margin, it was a very close race if you recall Yes And so you can you can say that data mining and data scraping in? 2012 led by the chairman of alphabet former chairman of Google Eric Schmidt Is what drove Barack Obama over that finish line exactly. Hey, let’s talk the EU came to the White House in you President and said, okay look at we got to talk trade We got to find a solution here, you know in our business world Megan That’s what we call a buying signal when somebody makes those kind of statements and they travel all that distance to solve this problem But yet you would hear from the mainstream media because there was in something, you know, absolutely specific they’re tearing this gift towards in the mouth and they just want to continue to You know be on this this trade this trade crazy train, you know that we’re on well Yeah, the new fear tactic of the Masters. We’re in a trade war. We’re in a trade war And so of course, they’re going to keep this moniker going even though the person who talks first at the table loses We watched the EU fly immediately when Trump was threatening to tax BMWs and European cars They surely came quickly didn’t they? Yeah, they did Well, they know what side of the toast their bread is buttered on and and that’s quick But see this is the whole process and people need to relax, especially those that are business people understand. 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This resident says he’s not going anywhere I’m going to stay around. I’m not gonna leave Especially the feedback wait up not going to don’t want my scores Rolf’s earlier different president Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani says the president may soon reach a deal to meet with special counsel Robert muller as early as this week or next This is USA Radio News What’s on your bucket list running a marathon hiking to the top of a mountain or maybe? Surfing what have I told you you can accomplish all of it at any age? This is Wayne Allyn root, and I’d like to introduce you to somebody that’s changed my life made me feel years younger Maybe save my life my set of Jetix physician. Dr. Bob Letta Thanks for the introduction Wayne that synergetics we help people look and feel many years younger. 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Okay, good bad and different your voice counts here Okay it does matter bill a bill Martinez mark Beckler is with us Tea Party co-founder grassroots leader mark How you doing? I’m doing great. How are you bill? Hey, I’m doing terrific. Thank you for joining us to talk about the Trump pocalypse It’s the end of the world to listen to the media as we know it and I guess is the Beatles saying I feel time You know that is personally how I feel. I think that’s how most people feel The reality is every single day we can wake up and we can know for sure 100% That the media is going to pronounce but today is the Trump pocalypse. Yes, exactly Yes, the sky is falling Chicken Little lives and it continues I mean you have to go out of your way to make sure that 90% of what you write about is so negative about this president in spite of the Economy talking about looking a gift horse in the mouth 4.1 percent GDP last Friday, and they’re just beside themselves. Well, you know, it’s just not sustainable mark I I mean, you know that we would have this I mean if Barack Obama would have had a four point one there would be a statue with holy water coming out of his left ear in front of the White House, yeah instead when their thing is Russia Russia Russia. And in fact, we had a political writer last week who said that Trump’s dealings with Russia are Pearl Harbor or 9/11 seems outrageous and apocalyptic the visions they’re trying to paint are today. Yeah, it’s just you know, the thing is and there’s nobody Calling them in to account for this. I mean, they’re absolutely reckless and and these are supposed people that you would think have some sort of You know a journalistic Professional journalistic ethics, but that is all out the door It’s no wonder that the president continues to chide them, you know and call them out for the fake news It’s not even fake news. It’s just lousy opinion These are people who claim to be elissa if you think of them as democratic authors with bylines You’ll have a more accurate picture of what? Yes, Don I also think it’s important to look at what’s going on underneath all of this And what’s going on underneath is the liberal media is booming. Financially CNN’s ratings are out there miss NBC’s ratings are up more viewers than ever before so this kind of very divisive Highly hyperbolic political reporting is doing them very well financially well and they can all you talk about something That’s not sustainable. It would be that because mark at some point, you know, you call the question and you say okay You know, you know at every turn is like, you know The big word again is something the president had said over the campaign Everything’s big Lea, you know, everything is big Lea right now, you know unemployment What is happening with the economy four point one? GDP probably the first time that we will have a three percent GDP in one year with prospects of maybe five to seven percent a GDP growth I mean we’re talking trillions upon trillions of dollars here that are about ready to explode on this economy that State minutia said is highly highly Sustainable because at the very foundation you’ve got tax reform trade and regulatory relief and more Tax reform coming here mark, you know, I mean if you if you rattle off the list We’ve got a booming economy consumer confidence sky-high. That’s always a future predict Your manufacturing confidence is really high again a future predictor Unemployment as that record lows for pretty much everybody african-americans Hispanics women today In fact builders more jobs than people can fill them and there are more people in the workforce than in a very long time So on the domestic front things are really really good Yeah, people are upgrading their jobs now mark, I mean, you know, it’s not about minimum wage This is a thing that people are starting to realize is you know, the Democrats are out there You know touting minimum wage and you got Trump and everybody else talking. Hey, what’s wrong with maximum wage? Well, and you also have this on the international front remember the the Trump pocalypse says that he was going to cause nuclear war with the North Korea and going to sell out to the Russians the Chinese are Overtaking us but what we’ve got right now is NATO members stepping up spent or in defensive there? I are actually obligated to spend run those days pressured by Trump or that at any time in modern history North Korea now struggling under stronger sanctions at any time in history. It appears to be working Our trading partners seem all to be willing to step up and negotiate better deals for the United States So things internationally are going quite well also, yes. Yes at that point You know last Friday, I think what the president of the EU is in town saying? Hey lookit I’m here to make a deal and this is A trade war that nobody I’m going to win it was going to be incredibly bad for the United States that Donald Trump didn’t understand What he’s doing and then you’ve got Tom Carl Juncker comes to the US and bottom line is says we’re going to cut a deal And it’s going to be better for the United States You actually led with an increase in soybean purchases, which is obviously very good for our farmers So Trump knows how to negotiate and he’s going to get deals done Mark, did you have a problem with the president? Giving a little bit of support to the farmers as we get through this So look, he’s a realist. I Sat with him. Listen to him talk about this a few months at mar-a-lago He said there’s going to be a little bit of pain. We’re going to do everything we can do it’s wage that pain It’s short-term. So no I didn’t have a problem. Yeah, you see and this is the thing that people are not hearing Is that look at it? I call it the grief to happiness ratio. We are in when it comes to trade We’re in that grief arena and to get to happiness You’ve got to get through that process and there’s going to be a little bit of pain, but you know, it’s it’s short-term It’s not sustainable staying where you are right now is sustainable pain and It took a businessman to come to the White House to come to DC and say hey no more We’re not going to be taken advantage of anymore have our intellectual property ripped off and have this you know, really this self it’s kind of about a self-inflicted wound that the presidents in the past and our government in the past has put us in this position and it’s so Academic from a businessman, you know mark we go in there and we look at this deficit How can this be going on but you know that people have been a reward Bored over the years and that’s why they’re howling and screaming because they don’t like their cheese being moved Yeah, you know and when I had a chance to sit with the president Here’s the thing that I was most impressed by bill is that he has a long-term vision for what he’s going to do on International relations and trade that he’s not going to be moved from it. He is I’m going to fix an outfit by the way I was sitting there in the room with him with Keith session two congressman from Texas and he looked at Pete and said look, here’s the bottom line I know none of you guys in Congress will support me fixing this I don’t really care for the long-term health of the country has to be fixed I’m going to do it with or without you right well, and that’s what leadership does does it not Yeah, again, I was impressed ending with a more impressed than I am even just watching him on TV or anything He has a plan he’s going to work that plan. He understands we reach out to accomplish He’s willing to take the abuse for it. It’s not about electoral politics for him. It’s not about ratings. It’s not about his polling What it’s about is fixing the country for the long-term Exactly, and that’s what these you know They’re in a sense almost like campaign rallies when he goes into these various cities he is Pushing the dream. He’s giving the American people the vision that he has and You know the good news is he’s got evidence. He’s got empirical evidence leading into this and saying look what I’ve done I mean, you know, he went to black America and says I know you had a black president here But what did he do for you? He says what have you got to lose, you know, just, you know, give me a chance I may be white and I may be wealthy and I may be coming from New York But I get you I listen I’m listening to you And I know I can do a better job and look in what five hundred days five plus days of this administration He’s given them more than they have gotten unemployment and an all-time low Hispanic Unemployment females their unemployment rate is going up vets on the rise as well at every turn as you said mark It is a it is a big Lee economy and a big Lee experience It’s whether or not America has the ears to hear and drown out the naysayers that what are they got? What do they got to show for their offerings? Diagur the oh, I’m looking forward to the elections in November I think the Blue Wave is sold and I think we’re going to see some pretty cut It’s hard for me to manufacture a blue wave of any kind. I cannot get behind it I can’t connect the dots there mark, you know, you’ve got a robust economy. We’ve got winds on every angle I mean You know what Main Street America all these kitchen table issues are going to be thrown out the door to bring in Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that says hey, you know All that stuff is going to go away because we’re going to tax the heck out of you Well, if the left says this is the end of the world and the Trump pocalypse. I say bring it on six mark Meckler Thank you mark preciate it are you looking for senior care for your mom or dad but don’t know where to start. 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I think some of you got that if if you’re trending with me, but You know Brad is you know Canal bazan top of this stuff and he knows REM so REM did the entire Sentence the end of the world and I feel fine. So I stand Mildly corrected and for those of us that understood I feel fine was a reference to the Beatles. 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Just go to songs and stories for soldiers songs and stories for Soldiers got us. You can go to Bill Martinez the upper right hand corner. There’s some dog tags there clip click on that Whatever you you want to donate again We thank you for you know playing your role in Helping save a veterans life and King with us right now Alfredo or teens He’s back with us. CEO of job creators Network. He says POTUS is Aggressive strategy on trade wars was vindicated as the EU Commission President that we talked about earlier agreed to work toward the elimination of tariffs Alfredo good to have you back with us How you doing, sir? Bill, I’m doing great. Thank you for having me back. Hey as we say in the business world. You’re a businessman We love that. We love those buying signals When the EU Commission president comes to town and says hey, I’m here to make a deal. We like that don’t we? We really do actually and you know it really shows one thing that President Trump understands the power of the leverage like any good businessperson does If you understand that you actually have the leverage at the end of the day it puts you in a much stronger negotiating Partner looking back what we’re doing well and the thing is about this is that I don’t think the president is going into it In terms of saying hey, we’re going to you know, put you over a barrel here We just want what’s fair for a long time these trade deals Thank you very much A WTO that was supposed to be the monitor of this and the referee to make sure that everything was fair down the middle You know kind of just let this run away with itself you know past presidents didn’t care all that much about it and the discrepancy but you get a businessman coming in and goes You know, especially a businessman from New York which you know we believe that things should be fair and it’s not we’re going to we’re going to talk about it, you know and It’s its front and center. Go ahead No bill, I mean you’re after correct I mean the WTO frankly had in no way shape or form did is any good and when you look at These are numbers coming from the WTO, right? China’s tariffs are nearly three times larger than the US is which again puts our American small business exporters at a major competitive disadvantage With their Chinese competitors and you look at the EU for example The EU tariffs are roughly forty percent higher than those imposed by the US And so so I don’t Trump to say look It doesn’t want in fact He stated I think at the beginning of June that he wants frankly a world where there are no tariffs what exactly? Bullying is free trade, right? There is no such thing right now It’s free trait or even closer even fair trade right with the US and so basically think all right This is beaver different bunch of stupid deals. They’re putting this a major disadvantage enough is enough It’s time the sting stops and frankly what he’s done now with the EU and with China I have to tell you I bet you right now if you’re Canada, you’re Mexico. You’re standing going Oh gee, if he’s willing to do that with the EU in China, right? I think if he’s willing to do that with us, so we riders do something to make it work Yeah, what why why couldn’t there be equity here? I mean like all of a sudden because we’re Americans We’re supposed to be paying more I mean I understand Look at we are a giving nation and the reason that the WTO and all this trade situation began Was the United States out of the beneficence of this country and our generosity said hey look at we’re going to we’re going to buttress up and support the West and Western civilization and because of what we did Look at look at what we have today and these countries should be grateful just like the NATO countries should be grateful and all the other countries that are involved with the United Nations, for example that the United States has led the way to you know pursue peace to you know promote trade that is advantageous and they’ve taken advantage of this because there Wasn’t like they’ve come to us and said hey look at we’ve been doing this long enough But we think the thing should be their faces that they were happy to continue to take advantage of us right now That’s right bill. I mean we are D number one benevolent country across the globe But that doesn’t mean that they should take advantage of it And I think that’s what Donald Trump is saying here is and what’s frankly you saw the number that came out on Friday? 4.1 percent GDP growth because a Manufacturing sup and which is amazing. I was out in West Virginian Wheeling, West Virginia with vice president last week I have to tell you manufacturing steps optimism is up. I mean, this is Wheeling, West Virginia. When’s the last time? Optimism was up a real in West Virginia from a manufacturing standpoint steel plant coal plant I mean everything that President Obama said wasn’t going to happen It could never happen again in this country ie manufacturing being a powerhouse. We are seeing the numbers and I think that is all thanks to the You know economic policies that President Trump has put in place. He understood that was killing This country was over-regulation too much red tape over taxation and really frankly a lack of access to capital credit especially for our small business owners think to diamond ring his Reservists all that around and made it a much much better country overall and on a global scale I think he’s basically trying to do a reset one of the things I said in my outfit and we’ve all been there before It’s like a broken arm, right it didn’t thankful And sometimes the reset can even be more painful from the original break right way once it gets reset and put in the right place then here they think are good and your goals in it and President Trump understands that there is pain out there being Felt by but you know American people by our farmers and that’s why he got twelve billion dollars in aid That’s why he’s trying to EU it that came by the way China’s trying to screw us here by you know on the soybean market, so can you buy soybean trauma? So, you know, it was a little bit of a screw you China, right because I write an EU pardon I would find it’s leggings that you decided nothing. Well And that’s what’s going to happen through this and this is what takes place in negotiations as you well aware alfredo is that you find out who your friends are as you get through this because as you say, you know, And I said to the audience earlier that we’re in agree to happiness ratio We found ourselves in a grief position dealing with trade as it is today But we’re in order to get to that happy area We’ve got to get through this You know through that road less traveled and deal with a little bit of pain but along the way there’s good news I mean, we’ve already got some, you know positive indicators and as you know in business your value enlarges as you’re able to project and predict, you know, what your Organization is going to do how you’re going to produce and dong Trump has been spot on But you know forget about what the propaganda news media would want to say But this is what happens when you get a an effective CEO in the right place, they start you know They offer you vision, they present projections and they those projections and that’s what’s taking place here That’s right, though. We have a true business person in the White House But understand how prosperity actually comes about right we can will it to happen You actually have to create an environment that actually makes it happen. And that’s what he’s done Then look at the results lowest unemployment almost in history on black unemployment Hispanic unemployment wages are growing six million hardworking Americans got bonuses or pay raise benefits have increased right that’s all due to the tax cut and then you’ve got the the The D regulations that are happening 22 to one frankly The fix finally that happened in dodd-frank is hopefully going to reverse the disaster suspect that dodd-frank had on our community banks We’ve got over 2,000 community banks were limiting and those are mostly rural areas that used to help our small business Yeah, these mom-and-pop banks. That’s just it’s heartbreaking to think about What dodd-frank did to them? Yeah, it really is So what you know the last you know, thought here is me. I put in India bed really is yeah He understands just like any businessperson right you invest back in your business when times are good you take a little bit of that product or a little bit that capsule you put it back into your business you may have to Close a plant down for a couple weeks or something that you know to reset it But that’s exactly when you take these chances when you invest back in your business when times are actually good and that 4.1 percent That’s a pretty good time to invest back. In fact, yes, there’s kind of there’s going to be some pain I think he understands that he’s trying to address that try through the relief of you know that he’s gotten already Through the purchasing of the soybeans would be you and you know, frankly We’re I just a face guy in our office give him a little bit of wiggle room so every screw himself that he knows what he’s doing but giving the wiggle room that you may need to negotiate and You know and I frankly pray for success. Yeah, exactly. Exactly And you know, he’s got a track record and I’m with you on that You know these people that want to look at gift horse in the mouth and continue to be so critical It is clear that you know, they become so unhinged Alfredo that anybody that knows about business real You know realizes that they really don’t know what they’re talking Yeah, and you know in some cases some of the stuff is almost suit up a tree otic me start hearing you know the types of conversations that you know, everybody who is opposed to you know, bound Trump is saying It really is something that is it’s troublesome because that’s just not the way it should be right Exactly ran that ran an out of USA Today on friday. Also, you know the economy stupid, right? Yes And I don’t know what the Democrats are thinking but here’s one thing my last party thought on This one bill is lettin cuz yeah Democrats need to quit playing politics and get behind America’s best. I Think that I think that’s their future if they if they want one. Are you ready? Yeah Mr. Anil Martinez live a program about quor’toth ins our culture our values our politics and our future and now bill Martinez You know Americans elected the outsider businessman president why to borrow a phrase from the man himself What do we have to lose? The economy was in the tank? Our kids were living in the basement because they couldn’t find a job Factories were closing down jobs and manufacturing Were being shipped overseas and in trade China was sucking us dry The Obama folks called it a healthy economy, but there was barely a pulse 1% annual GDP growth was the new normal for these bozos and President Obama even warned that Donald Trump’s election would result in economic disaster for all Americans because some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back and when somebody says Like the person you just mentioned – I’m not going to advertise for that he’s going to bring all these jobs back Well how exactly you’re going to do that? What are you going to do? There’s that there’s no answer to it. He just says well I’m going I’m going to negotiate a better deal. Well ha What how exactly are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have and Usually the answer is you doesn’t have an answer because I want you to tell your friends don’t let a friend vote Trump So here’s the deal He can’t escape the math now, you know maths can be kind of inconvenient if it doesn’t add up the way you want it to and Economists left right in the middle all say the same thing that Trump’s policies would throw us into a recession the last thing we need? He would undermine the growth that we’ve had since the Great Recession in the event Donald wins I have no doubt in my mind the the market tanks his tax plan in combination with his refusal to reform entitlements and Honestly address spending would balloon the deficit and the national debt So even though Donald Trump has offered very few specific economic plans What little he has said is enough to know that he would be very bad for American workers and for American families And then there was Paul Krugman a Nobel Prize winning economist writing for the New York Times Let me say that again. He’s a Nobel prize-winning Economy, and here’s what he said The stock market will plummet and never recover from the election of Donald Trump So we are very probably looking at a global recession with no end in sight You know some are so blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump that they forget decades of training in their own field and as America surges forward with more jobs than people to fill them with African-american and Hispanic unemployment the lowest in history with millions coming off of food stamps because they want to work The left while they rant and protest and create chaos They throw people out of restaurants and off television shows They even go to church and say that God sent them to destroy Donald Trump The left doesn’t care about our economic success. All they want to do is make noise But it’s nothing more than background noise white noise The truth. Nobody is paying attention to the Donald Trump’s numbers continue to increase his popularity just keeps going up and after he met with Putin and was accused of everything from collusion to treason an offense by the way punishable by death his numbers continue to go up When are they going to realize that they’re yelling and screaming is nothing but a distraction nobody cares The only people who care or Yelling, you know All the propaganda lines out there to try to up end and trip up the success That we the people are enjoying under this president thank God that his victories are deafening the sound and the insanity and maybe They’re probably grateful for it too because they’re hoping that people will not remember All these false predictions that they made and how they’re proven to be so wrong supposedly the smart people, right? Attention business owners and independent contractors. This is a money-saving message from tax mediation services if your business owes $20,000 or more in taxes we can help you today right now. 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Bill Grich be with you. Hey, always good to have you here. I want to talk about Your article about constitutional right to bear arms, but before we do that Because there’s been so much conversation about you know, Bernie Sanders Acacio Cortes You know is America really serious about going socialistic? Right people forget socialism is nothing more than dictatorship, uh So every socialist country Hitler was the head of the National Socialist Workers Party. He was a dictator Stalin was the head of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics he was a dictator And so you can’t go by what a country calls itself It’s actually the way it functions is one person is in charge so Socialism is the road to communism Lenin Even said the goal of socialism is communism so that’s sort of that ethereal mystical goal of all socialist countries is to reach communism not because once you know There’s a class to society everything. We perfect what they’re leaving out is the human nature is selfish and People want power st Agustin called the libido Dominant evil us to dominate right? So you put some kids in a playpen one takes a rattle from the others you put some kids on a playground once the bully hogging the ball Unfortunately, it’s in each of our DNA No, if you we got to be the king you would tend to favor your family members and morsels. You don’t know so So socialism and communism is just dictatorship and some of those dynamics exist today bill even under the democracy in which You know, which we live in I mean, you know as you you and I have talked many times It’s good to be king And if you’re not King It’s good to be close to the king and friends of the king. And this is the way even I mean, so there’s some natural Influence that comes into play because of the nature of man and so, you know we want to be close to people who are in power on the Beltway and It’s interesting Plato 380 BC He wrote in his book Republic how democracies would be taken over by dictators? He said the first city governments would be run by people who are capable He called them lovers of honor and truth and they sort of like work their job and then go to school board and they’re real responsible people The second group wants to be involved in politics. They don’t have any experience running anything They just like to be in front of people and so they’re busy bodies or maybe they’re a Greek actor from the theater or maybe they’re a Navy courageous Admiral that everybody knows their name But they have no experience actually running anything and balancing the bottom line And so maybe like a Hollywood actor that gets elected governor of California So you think what ended the Arnold run before it became the governor of this state? With this huge economy, nothing not not even a village It was just popular and so Plato says you these people that love fame hate being defamed So you can manipulate them by public opinion. They’ll Bend as the wind blows and so they end up yielding to a third category because where they use their position to benefit themselves and so They want a little money to their friends their supporters or retirements We see this where Congress will go in a shoestring and retire 40 years later Multimillionaire like, okay. How did they do that? Exactly. Yeah on on what a hundred and eighty thousand a year salary roughly or less than that. I think that close it turns into this insider click where if you know the people out that are connected on the inside you get the favors and the contracts and if you don’t you gotta bathe up a the burden and so Plato said and that what happens is there’s a division and Society with a small group of insiders that are given themselves all the favors and then the large group of people that have to bear The burden so we go from lovers of principle and truth whether the same an honor to lovers of money as the third category lovers of money and so what happens is Plato says eventually the people will get upset they’ll Throw the bums out. And at first it’s this temporary period where everything’s great he says that a Democracy is the most charming form of government like a bazaar where you can buy any Viewpoints like an embroidery patchwork with lots of colors and the chief characteristic of the democracy is tolerance Everybody learns how to tolerate all the different views. It’s great Then they tolerate people that are a little bit off and they tolerate people that are a lot off till finally They’re tolerant and crooks and crimes and fraud and then it gets into their Immorality and it says the young man is disrespectful to his father if he gets corrected He just shakes his head and then Plato says the young men gives in to libertinism and useless and unnecessary Pleasures even incest and unnatural Union, right? There’s like the LGBT pet of Union right? And so it turns into a Abandonment of self-restraint they see the city money sitting in the Treasury. They vote to spread the wealth around, right? There’s no restraint and then they’re run out of money and then they both to take the money from the rich people now There’s no rich left and then there’s a shortage they begin to pick amongst themselves And then they say well don’t cut back on what I’m used to getting well don’t cut back on my free money and my welfare my Social Security in my retirement and it turns into chaos and Then Plato says everybody looks for someone to come along and fix this mess. Mm-hmm. And Plato says somebody comes along He smiled it by trusting the yield that rights the freedoms He gives great speeches very eloquent And he gradually begins to consolidate power Into the hands of the and they casted it his teeth thing you’re getting too powerful he is the choice of Giving up the power which is not inclined to do because Plato called him a lover of power or give up Get rid of the people confronting him The plaintiff says he purchases military and administration of anybody that has morality and virtue Only wants his yes-men and who does he get to replace his former friends? He frees the criminals the crooks the illegal aliens any arms them and they become his mob That he sends around the country and stirs up to riot and destroy anybody that disagrees with them politically uses the power of the state to Aude it and drag away his Opponents and finally, he stands in the chariot a state holding the reins of power and he’s revealed as the tyrant now I feel like we were on this path and we come and we were closer my last election Yes, and but that’s the path that we see happening in Venezuela mind. You got Hugo Chavez saying, okay We’re going to take all the money from the rich people and then if they were to go you’re getting too powerful He says okay. I’m going to shut down every tape TV and radio station that is is calling me on this. I’m going to Become basically become a dictator yes, what happens is there’s a shortage and the people end up surrendering more their freedoms to them as he promises to fix it and Plato says finally this person who originally appears as a Protector stands in the chariot of states holding the reins of power and he’s reveals the tyrant you know and so democracy without morality and virtue and self-restraint turned into this abandonment of consult control and it turns into chaos and then you have Agitators stirring up the chaos helping it along and then people quickly surrender all their freedoms There’s someone that promises to fix it but the problem is they can only take the money out of the Treasury so long till the Treasury is empty and then they end up your you have a Venezuela crisis, yeah unrestrained. It just goes to its natural course of events. Does it not? Unfortunately, doesn’t it? Yeah human nature. 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You come home and your basement is infested with raccoons Hundreds of rabid messy mean raccoons have overtaken your basement You want them gone immediately you call the city for different exterminators, but nobody can handle the job But there is this one guy and guarantees you to get rid of them So you hire him you don’t care if the guy smells you don’t care if the guy swears you don’t care He’s an alcoholic. You don’t care how many times he’s been married. You don’t care if he voted for Obama You don’t care if he has a plumber’s crack. You simply want those raccoons gone, right? You want your problem fixed? He’s the guy he’s the best period here’s why we want Trump. Yes. He’s a bit of a an ass as they say. Yes he’s an egomaniac but we don’t care the country’s a mess because politicians suck the Republicans and Democrats can be two-faced and gutless and Illegals are everywhere. We wanted all fixed. We don’t care the Trump is good. We don’t care that he insults people We don’t care that he once was friendly with Hillary well care that he has changed positions We don’t care that he’s been married three times. We don’t care that he fights with megyn kelly and Rosie O’Donnell We don’t care that he doesn’t know the name of some Muslim terrorists. This country is weak bankrupt Our enemies are making fun of us. We are being invaded by illegals We’re becoming a nation of victims with every Tom Ricardo and a seed is a special group with special rights to a point where we don’t even recognize the country we were born and raised in and we just want it fixed and Trump is the only guy who seems to understand what the people want We’re sick of politicians sick of the Democratic Party Republican Party and sick of illegals We just want this thing fixed Trump may not be a saint but he doesn’t have lobbyists money holding him He doesn’t have political correctness restraining him. All you know, is that he has been very successful good? Negotiator he has built a lot of things and he’s also not a politician He’s not a cowardly politician and he says he’ll fix it and we believe him because he’s too much of an Hewitt’s To be proven wrong or looked at and called a liar. Also. We don’t care if the guys have bad hair We just want those raccoons gone out of our house now This is why thousands of people who haven’t voted in 25 years are getting involved Socialism will never work if capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth Socialism is the equal distribution of poverty bill Feder I thought that lined up with what you were sharing with us earlier in terms of you know the cycle of Nations and leadership Right. I use the example of if your toilet is overflowing and you call a plumber you don’t stop them on the front lawn as They have you viewed pornography recently like no get in there and stop this thing. That’s right But Trump is doing what we hired him to do. And so but I do think that What we were we were saved there’s a reprieve the agenda that the other side was working was When you study Marxism and Hegel Ian ISM and it’s this idea that you create or capitalize on crises to consolidate control And so there’s this wanting to you know stir up in was it Saul Alinsky says that the community organizers job is to rub raw the Resentments of the people in the community span the flames of hostility to the point of overt expression the community organizer must seek out Controversy rather than avoided correctness. There is controversy that people are not motivated enough to act. So the elinsky model and remember Hillary clinton did her senior thesis at Wellesley College on Saul Alinsky Right and President Obama was a community organizer with the Saul Alinsky group in Chicago and so the politics that had we’ve experienced in the last decade is the You know creating or Capitalizing on crises so that there will be a concentration of control in the hands of fewer and fewer people ultimately in a dictator and And then that’s not just national But it’s globally and so there’s the idea that you want to release a whole lot of Syrian refugees Into countries to destabilize them and create crises and so that all the countries will say well we need some globalist power To come in and restore order that’s their goal doesn’t the George Souls and the David Rockefellers and they’ve written on it for years Meddling meddling rains it’s it’s been around forever and it continues it’s not just exclusive to the Russians Hey, Bill, we’ve got about five minutes left now I want at least to address your your column about the constitutional right to bear arms and what our founding fathers intended for us Right, even though the roman historian Livy el idy Said all citizens capable of bearing arms are required to provide their own Swords and spears another armour. So the Romans every citizen was involved. This goes even back to ancient Israel They were the first nation without a king and every citizen was armed When the British took over India, what did they do? They disarmed the people in India and even Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his autobiography Among the many misdeeds the British rule did in India history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest and so the idea is that dictators won in our unarmed populace, um, you know the Europe you have the king and the Kings forest and the Kings hunters of the common people didn’t own weapon and so in America, the founding fathers decided that no every citizen needed to be armed and this is Really seeing in the ratifying Conventions of the States what do I mean? Well, we have the Second Amendment and The left tries to tell us what it means or what it doesn’t mean but if you read the states again The states are the ones who ratified the Constitution for example answer it was the Lap the night state to ratify the Constitution and it’s the one that actually put the Constitution into effects with the United States to to do that and so the, New Hampshire ratifies it and then they send it to the Congress there of The ratifying stuff but then there’s a list of things and one of the things that says Congress shall never disarm any citizen. Hmm Yes, you you look at the Constitution’s of Rhode Island and Vermont and they say that’s the same thing Here’s the Rhode Island Constitution says that the people have a right to keep and bear arms makes it really clear Vermont Constitution 1786 that the people have a right to bear arms for the defense of Themselves and the state. Um You know James Monroe the fifth president. He lists all the different freedoms in America Habeas corpus he says but of the right to keep and bear arms and so this idea is that the reason the people have arms is to prevent the government from becoming tyrannical and Eventually having a dictator so it’s not sufficient squirrels. It’s to keep the government in check. Who do you trust more? The people are the government and the You know You read the Texas Declaration of Independence that says Santa Ana who overthrew the Federal Constitution of Mexico have made himself a dictator Demanded that they give up their arms He says the rightful property of free men and a threat only to tyrannical governments So this is a key point It’s it is interesting how every one of the shootings that takes place immediately We have this call to disarm the people You have to understand criminals will always have guns because criminals do not honor law And so if you can pass all the laws to take those criminals for not honoring, you know And so even um Hubert Humphrey. He was the vice president under Lyndon Johnson but he says the right of citizens to bear arms is Just one more guarantee against arbitrary government one more safeguard against the tyranny, which now appears remote in America But which historically has proved to always be possible? So this was the Democrat vice president saying this that the citizens right to bear arms of the Kerrigan’s? Arbitrary government exactly bill. We got to leave it right there To be continued always welcome here on Bill Martinez live Bill Federer. I’m bill Martinez live. Thank you, though Here’s important new information from the diabetes solution center for you a family member or a loved one suffering with diabetes If you have lost your provider, or if you need a provider for diabetic supplies You may qualify to receive your diabetic testing supplies now with little or no out-of-pocket cost Regardless of your age all you need is Medicare or private insurance to be potentially eligible? 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Seven nine, three, two, three eight hundred five nine Seven nine three two three call right now 805 ninety seven, ninety three twenty three USA radios with Chris Barnes President Trump’s employer Rudy Giuliani says a taped recording of President Trump’s Conversation with his then lawyer Michael Cohen was doctored before Cowan released it He’s capable I think unfortunately of doctoring tape hasn’t done that be hard to do it now since we have an expert all over the discussion involving Then-candidate Trump in 2016 involves an alleged payment to cover up a former Playboy models claim of an affair with Donald Trump Giuliani telling Fox News Sunday, he wants to hear the original recordings in full length And he also says Cohen can’t be trusted and the man is a pathological Manipulator liar Giuliani saying that nothing in the recording is incriminating Against President Trump the death toll from the car fire at Northern, California Now up to six at least eight hundred buildings have been destroyed and this is USA Radio News Attention. 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They still exist here bill Martinez Back when America Built Martinez here is always great to have you along with us sharing part of your day for more information on the show you go to Bill Martinez dr Bonner con joins us now senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research Where he concentrates on energy natural resources and international? Relations Bonner. How you doing? I’m doing very well bill. I hope you are too. Yeah, I’m doing wonderful and always an honor here Dr. Cohen to have you with us and I want to talk about Trump’s EPA It’s been written that that the president could double toxic clean ups over Obama’s pace explain to our audience. What’s going on? Yes, our Trump’s EPA is cleaning up the nation’s a toxic waste cleanup program Popularly known ovo program is not very popular as Superfund Superfund has been around sadly since 1980 and is a government of way of dealing with toxic and severely contaminated Sites, these are predominantly abandoned industrial sites. They can be abandoned mining sites and what-have-you. They are disproportionately located in the West Belt But they can they can be found actually scattered all around the country The problem has always been that once EPA operating under the Superfund law Gets its hands on a toxic cleanup site It doesn’t let go. It takes a month of Sundays to get these things cleaned up An average of ready 15 Years to clean up a contaminated site Well, if you think of an EPA employee with a thirty year career John secured eight the spine to the Superfund program my job security During the patient during the 30 years span. He oversees the cleanup of a grand total of two sides. I’m not wonderful I mean, we all should so lucky that we’d only have to worry about being productive over two projects in our in our Employee employment careers, huh? Well, the Trump administration has decided enough is enough The ideal thing to do would be of course to completely rewrite the law that probably isn’t going to happen But there are things that can and are being done within the context of the current law to focus ETA on Actually getting these sites cleaned up so they can be returned to the communities in which they are located Because as long as they are on the Superfund list Either all of this because they have not yet been cleaned up or because the clean cleanup is ongoing albeit at a snail’s pace Local development there comes to an end. Nobody no business. No residence No one wants to be anywhere near these for fear of contamination and so the Trump administration Has greatly stepped up the pace of cleanups. It is focusing not on the litigation, not on Exotic cleanup methods but simply been effective remediation contractors love the program because they’ve gotten rich all over town With the lawyers who are also involved in open check by Making you know, right that’s right No, it’s how the swamp works and remember the swamp serves the interest of certain people Very very well, of course at the expense of people who are not in the swamp Of course The biggest losers in all of this have been the people in the communities where these sites are located As far as well as the taxpayers who are footing in the social focuses, so it has been a colossal waste Now applicated private funds. What can they do Bonner in terms of like you say 15 years? I mean can the Trump administration the EPA come in and say look at? In all practicality you should have this cleaned up within months not years yes, they found as a matter of fact once the Gatien is Taking care of the actual clean up the begins EPA has a long storied history of coming up for the most exotic cleanup methods possible Wanting to return the site not to where it was prior to The contamination but to some of it well as some state of the impurity Which doesn’t exist in the real world and of course The remediation companies are delighted to do this because it just means more money. And so What they are doing now they are coming up with realistic cleanup standards They are coming up with time limits get this done and get these things restored to the communities And what’s there located? That’s what they’re doing and it is They have managed to clean up And remove from the Superfund list just in the year and a half that Trump has been in office 13 site doesn’t sound like a great deal but in the final two years of the Obama administration a grand total of six sites were removed in Eight years and in just a little over 500 days The president by comparison is more a giant. Yes, right and this is the EPA that the environmental movement But have you believed and there? Began to chime the great echo chamber that they have in the establishment media How do you believe this is the mutilating the environment on the contrary? They’re actually doing what the agency was created to do in 1970 namely mainly get things cleaned up and they’re the ones who are doing it Well in today – right that’s what there’s a little over 1300 sites in the u.s. That have been identified Right. That’s right. So we’re going to be stuck with us for a long long time But at least the pace of cleanup has been greatly Accelerated and there is reason to hope that if Trump is stays in office for eight years And this policy is escalated even more it will get acceptable be able reduce that for those number of sites Greatly by the time he leaves office. So it’s a huge and long overdue step in the right direction Well, dr. Cohn as you say, I mean this returns land and property back to local communities and what will this mean? by way of you know new development to jobs and you know the prosperity, you know, the tax base increasing all I mean It’s win-win all the way around it. You know, the sooner these things are remediated. Is it not? Oh Absolutely because as long as they are there Development not only on the side but in the proximity to the site comes to a standstill Because as soon as a developer hears the words Superfund site Oh It’s right next door or its couple miles down the street that developer will go elsewhere. And so particularly in the in the Rust Belt You have these sites who have been that have been sitting there for years actually Decades and you look at the locations. Well, actually someone could come in here build a factory or some other Industrial installation and but put people to work Build up the tax base of the local community, but none of that is going to happen So long as the site has not been cleaned up the way EPA went after this historically almost Guaranteed that that would take as I said that average of 15, that’s 1/5 15 unbelievable, one of the recommendations of the EPA make to you know solve this problem get things cleaned up what they do is they sit down with the remediation companies the first thing they do is they come up with a realistic Remediation plan Which is something they have conspicuously failed to do in the past and they said okay fine the contaminants here are XY invading those contaminants are to be removed and We want them removed in a timely fashion because it was always in the efforts of the remediation Companies, of course to drag it out as long as possible exactly And as long as EPA chose to look the other way, that is exactly what happens. But this is not your grandfather’s EPA Thank God and now You have people who are really taking the program seriously See that the program needs the reforms of this idea that the administration is Engaged in and is finally beginning to turn these things around. So for the remediation companies It’s a whole new ballgame. They’re supposed to sit down and get the job done and then get out of Dodge Exactly. Well, we can’t make America great again If we’re not going to make the companies that work for us great and responsible and accountable and we could be grateful to the Trump administration’s EPA For doing that especially in this case, and dr. Cohn is always we appreciate the update. We’re grateful for the information. Dr Bonner Cohen senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research where he concentrates on energy Natural Resources and International relations Boehner is always a pleasure. 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It did very well I think they got to be pretty happy with a 61 million dollar take You know Tom Cruise is 56 years old and this is the sixth Mission Impossible film so apparently they’re not getting old for the public their public’s going out and buying tickets and Enjoying these things. They’re pretty much popcorn monsters. Nothing to write home about that much but you know Ethan Hunt Tom Cruise’s character and all these is Always been a hero somebody you can rip or you’re never going to find A plot twist at the end where he’s you know gone to the other side or something you’re always going to be trying to save the world and and Try to save his friends and this time he is tuned to nuclear bomb attacks and a ticking clock and you’ve got seconds You know toward the end to get it at least a turn to turn off one of them Somebody else’s trying to take care of the other one, you might imagine that they might make it. I’m not going to spoil it No, no, not at all But yeah, we can participate in that so how did focus review this movie, you know? We gave it a two and a half build. This was a tough one. They done we had some conversations in our team To try to whether we should give it a three Or or two and a half. We if we had kind of a middle score. We probably would have grabbed the middle score somewheres There’s a quite a bit of violence as you might imagine a couple handfuls of pretty foul sanity’s Some goopy deaths and some pretty intense Situations one bloody scene that’s a little bit gory Anyways, it was just it’s one of those. It was a tough one actually to come up with a Numeric score that was really fair fair But I wanted to let families know With a little bit of a warning a two and a half kind of sets that you know There’s there’s some problems, but I want to read the longer review If you’re thinking of going you might want to check it out a little more carefully. Yeah exactly at What did you do in deciding whether it was a two and a half or three? Did you throw Adam out the window if he landed on his feet then? It would be a three Otherwise, it’s a two and a half If you landed on his head it was going to be a two and a half and if you landed on it B We’re going to go ahead with the fries. I mean after all were talking Mission Impossible here, man, you got all these You know incredible stunts that go on and you know, we talk about Tom Cruise being 56 and you know how long can his body handle this and I understood that he broke his ankle in one of the And I’ve seen the same. Uh Before the movie even that they showed that he broke his ankle on He’s jumping from one building to another building any kind of you can just see even in the film go Wow, I guess that must’ve hurt, you know, yes This is why you don’t jump from building the building. Okay? Right or use a stunt double You know I guess there are some people that are just their bodies are just made a little bit more for doing that sort of thing but at 8:56, you know, I got to applaud the man for giving it a first grade try and Actually more than that. He does pretty well pretty well with his stunts and I wonder how long he’s going to go But I’ll tell you one there’s definitely going to be a Mission Impossible seven and eight and well, yeah You’d still make him when he’s 70 or 80 and people keep buying tickets Then he may have a long long run a deeper hunt So as he limped off from that scene, he said don’t take two no take two Doctors I was wondering that it take and take two ibuprofen Zoro. It may be a few more than that Exactly. Well a number five at the box office and film I want to highlight real quick guys something Titans go to the movie. Yes. I asked you about that. Yes, perfect Okay, we know we gave this one a four out of five so it’s good scoff say right up front that if Families are listening right now and maybe they’ve seen Hotel Transylvania and The Incredibles and they’re kind of like doing the summer thing Which is right so mentally suitable this one fits the bill it concentrates on Robin Batman and Robin and is a Group of superhero friends they feel like they’re not getting any respect Batman has his own movie Alfred the butler of Batman’s got his own movie You say they can’t even Robin can’t even get a commercial kitchen bird seat So he’s so frustrated and feel so disrespected And so they decide what they really need is a nemesis, you know Superman has Lex Luthor and Batman has the Joker and the Riddler They need somebody and so they’re working on that by the end of the film They realize that the fame that they’ve been so desperately seeking is not near as important as just being a good person and doing the right thing and what parent wouldn’t like their kids to get a little extra dose of that message from time to time then some a little bit of bathroom humor Mars it as you might expect but Otherwise pretty decent score and a pretty pretty decent film for kids. Well, that’s excellent. Hey, you also reviewed eighth grade Tell us about that. You know that this is a real tough one bill It’s getting a lot of buzz right now and I can certainly understand it and you can tell from the title That it’s going to focus on somebody in the eighth grade and most of us go back to our junior high and We realize that’s an awkward time. I mean, maybe some kids sailed through eighth grade. I guess the most popular of this day I’m sure is looking back eighth grade was a bit awkward Right and this concentrates on a young gal who is definitely having that time? She’s got her own YouTube channel, and she goes regularly and gives advice to other People she doesn’t know if anybody’s watching any of her YouTube videos and she really has a hard time taking her own advice Her mom died some time ago. We don’t know how long but she’s got a closer relationship with her dad I’ll be a he is a bit clueless to what she’s going through and has a hard time reaching her but sure does his best try so there’s some things about this film that I just I so like um But there is some some real harsh sensual material that shows up not that she gets involved in but um She gets in a conversation with an 8th grade boy Who would like to take advantage of her and she doesn’t know what he’s talking about? So she goes to Google and Google’s what he’s talking about only to be repulsed by it But it’s still that conversation and that in the scene of her googling and what we see It’s pretty pretty pretty graphic grilling. I think and then well, that’s the thing the exposure to this stuff this is what you know makes it so difficult, you know and people You know want to you know, continue to up the bar here Bob and you know Once your child has been exposed to that. How do you how do you put that back in the bottle? Yeah, this is definitely a movie about eighth graders not for eighth graders. Um, it may in some cases Might be a good film for you know some coaches to go see of middle school kids or you know Maybe some teachers in that area I’m not going to say that there’s not a purpose for a reminder of just how awkward that time is What what some of the things they’re dealing with? she’s and again, it’s a mixed bag for me because she’s such a likable person by the end of the Film you really see that she’s heading toward a better place in her life she’s trying to grow and mature and I’m Liking her and it’s not her fault that someone’s trying to take advantage of her and two guys Actually, there’s a high school boy that tries to as well But she stands her ground and that one she had this room and exactly stands her ground. So Anyways a mixed bag on that one would give it a 2 out of 5 for family friendliness I it could have been much much better. It could have been much much worse She could have been Glen the movie could have been glamourizing some of the content. That was problematic It wasn’t glamourizing it, but it same time We’re still having to wade through it. If you get my friend exactly, you know part of the problem of eighth grade Is that what follows is ninth grade? and you know You know for those campuses that have a junior high school that stops at eight and then you go to high school at ninth grade That’s a bit of a shock You can be all that and a bag of chips at eighth grade and then you go to your freshman year and it’s like you You know let the hazing begin you got to start all over again, right? Yeah, I there’s probably one other thing that I thought of after seeing this film and just a big remembrance that there’s a ton in that age group in ton of sixth seventh eighth ninth graders out there and Lord bless them bring manners around them great coaches. Great teachers great youth pastors we need a ball and we need great parents and because they’re this world with the internet is is wired kids differently than our generation they can seek Information differently than we did and they can and they’ve got so much content at their fingertips Some of it great some of it not so great. Well as Kirk Cameron And Chelsea and their you know their movie connect connect Wow, I mean so you and I have talked about this before and this is you know These kids that are in this age group, you know the level of exposure Is just been phenomenal in this information age? You know some upside to it But also the danger of the reality of what what they can have available at their fingertips and through their cell phones It’s incredible Bob it is. Hey next week. I want to talk about the new Disney Christopher Robin fellow. Yes, okay tomorrow afternoon Monitoring and so we’ll be all prepared next Monday to talk about how it did is the box office It comes out Friday and in chat and see I think it’s a it looks good I’m hoping that we’ll have a great upbeat conversation next week about at least that one film Yeah, at least won’t have to be thrown out the window again. That’s right. That’s right. What happen? Maybe sorry anime We got to figure out some way we could flip a coin but it’s much more judging to see rock you go out the window Scissors and because it’s gonna happen, whatever That might be his vote but not quite as much fun. I mean, it’s always kind of inter single. Yeah, I know What can you say Bob waliszewski from Thank you Robert. Appreciate it. Take care you bet. We’ll have a great day, but Are you ready? Yeah, okay. Mr Hill Martinez live a program about Goethe this our culture our values Our politics and our future and now bill Martinez We now bring in a leadership with a Harvard Law Professor and author of the case against impeaching Trump Always good to have you here professor Thank you so much so just off the top just the breaking news that came out overnight with Rudy Giuliani saying that Experts think that Michael Cohen’s the tape that was recorded between him and President Trump Was altered in some way or changed. Here’s what he said last night What we’re investigating is why did how did that happen? What actually did happen? What was eliminated and then he’s going to raise that question Whatever the one of these tapes how many of them are if you play around with? Look, we don’t know what actually happened here None of us do but but how are you assessing this how might this impact all of this? Well several years ago. I represented the president of the Ukraine who was being prosecuted based on a tape recording and we took the tape recording and had it analyzed by experts and Discovered that in fact it had been tampered with words had been shifted around to make them say things He didn’t say and he was acquitted So I think any good lawyer always wants to have a forensic examination that they particularly take that in so Abruptly was it erased was it stopped at a point in time in order to a boy? Exculpatory statements from being made. Can we stretch the words to hear clearly? Whether the statements involved yes cash or no cash. This is So of what a good lawyer will do when a case is based on faith against this client So Rudy Guiliani is doing the right thing. I don’t think we know enough to come to any conclusions Yes, sir, professor walking this absolu that are there. Is there any implication that laws were broken camping finance violations Violin where do you see this if you walk it all the way out? Well, let’s remember something that people have never focused on that is judge Kimbell would is presiding over the matter appointed a former judge? To assess whether this tank was covered by lawyer-client privilege She concluded that it was covered by lawyer-client privilege Which means she concluded it was not a criminal act because lawyer-client privilege doesn’t cover Fraud crime it’s called the fraud crime exception. So we’re ready. We have a judicial determination by a neutral observer That this take does not constitute Crime, so I think that’s a very positive development for Giuliani and the Trump team of a professor if you listen to Democrats specifically representative Denny, heck. He’s a Democrat out of Washington He’s a House member of the House in Telling in on Trump over this tape and maybe others listen to what they’re saying So, I think the walls are closed in Athis is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare because it’s not just this revelation or this allegation because it’s yet to be corroborated But it’s the fact that there are 99 Edition tapes into the one that was revealed this week we’re now beginning to inch into the territory of Conspiracy and what’s the difference? Well collusion isn’t a federal crime as you said professor collusion. Not a federal crime crime they say they were inching into the territory of Conspiracy. What do you say to that? Well, it’s so interesting a year ago people would say inclusion was crime a year ago people were saying obstruction of justice could be charged based on the firing of komen I’ve been saying the opposite and I’ve been writing books about it and finally, my views seem to becoming mainstream collusion is a crime so I don’t see how you can be charging a conspiracy based on collusion conspiracy requires an explicit agreement Knowingly between people to commit a specific crime. I just don’t see that happening look There are these states out there who knows what the tapes say the tapes apparently do not involve conversations with President Trump And so the two questions are are they here today? And are they admissible or they do they involve lawyer client? Communications remember that lawyer client communications can involve conversations between a lawyer and someone else not the client for example another lawyer or work product involved Investigations that that lawyer is doing so we’re very far from seeing walls closing in based on the fact that you know There isn’t stakes that we don’t know their contents. 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Seventy one. That’s eight hundred Eighty three one zero seven seventy one or visit reputation defender com Getting America back on track little Martinez live What we do it’s not a Republican thing or democratic things we say hey again This country back on track is for the benefit of us all we thank you for joining in on the good fight I am bill Martinez six minutes after the top of the hour Jack Alexander Joins us now his brand new book that God impulse the power of mercy in an immersive full world Jack Welcome to Bill Martinez live. How are you, sir? Hey, Bill, look great to be with you Well you cut you asked the question Have we missed the one thing that has the power to bring relief hope and healing to our hurting world? That’s right, I think we have I think biblical mercy is the answer and and mercy is an engaged heart and Microsoft did a studies and at the average human attention span is eight seconds and Gold fish of a nine second attention span, so I think we were having difficulty Building relationships and us having mercy on on each other. I think you surprised a lot of senior pastors around the country This is oh my goodness eight men eight seconds. I didn’t realize that that much time so We’ve already lost half of our listeners right Phil. That’s it. It happened so quick. Well, you’re right in a time where justice is of critical importance in our society a nationwide survey conducted by Barna by the Barna Group in partnership with you reveals that only 10% of Christians 4% of churches ranked themselves best at doing justice in Comparison to preaching truth or practicing mercy. I mean that that’s a surprising number Yeah Here the book is based on the four steps the Good Samaritan took which was all referred to as mercy and the God impulse which is the name of the book is that first step of seeing and feeling and Basically the the premises if we don’t have mercy than that really as an impact downstream on justice I like that you focus on a rather intriguing verse that has been haunting me For a long time I think ever since I first heard about it and have been reading it time and again over the years Psalm 85 when mercy and truth meet justice and peace kiss You know that is one of those Ponder some lines in the Book of Psalms, you know we often come to that phrase Sayla which says stop and chew on this and I got to tell you I’ve been stopping and chewing on that forever because there is something so profound in that is it not Yeah, I would say if there’s one thing that listeners should Hear from this is but I think there’s a spiritual battle around the idea of mercy and truth coming together you see it in the news cycle and I say that almost like mercy and truth are yelling at each other if you turn on CNN and Fox right and this whole idea of integrating mercy and truth together Which is what Jesus did in his ministry? Is really what I think the devil hates and I think God loves so that’s what the books about and you know that whole idea of mercy, and truth, you know coming together and as a result there is justice, and there is something so godlike and a bit mysterious at the same time when justice reigns how the people You know respond with with joy Well, I think the media cycle these folks make money off of mercy and truth not meeting and when you think about immigration for example, you know one side can say You know, we’re not a country without borders and we’ve got already got immigration rules. And then the other side can say well kids are being separated from their families and there is a way of coming together and talking about creating boundaries and respecting laws and at the same time having a heart of Mercy exactly well and You know, but we have to cooperate to that end and understand what the ideal is. But if we abandon mercy Then you know we’ve got all this shouting and screaming at one Another is you depicted earlier when we first started the conversation here Jack, you know, we’re not listening We’re not really being solvers of the problem. We’re just being you know Agitators like we need more of that than solvers yeah, the first press release barn and I did was on incivility and divisive mess and Bill you’ll be shocked at the statistic that we found that only 17% of Christians found. It was their personal responsibility to be merciful They thought it should be churches christian organizations in the government and and it’s basically were the ones who’ve been Received mercy from Christ were the ones that God said we are vessels of mercy There’s an identity were the ones who can stop the cycle of madness Immersing Nagraj calls it the crazy cycle America Oh, there’s another cycle in the media and because we’re the ones who understand mercy, we can stop these cycles What got lost in translation that people want to subordinate? This gift and put it on the church as if you know, they have no say or no responsibility You know to carry the message I mean like what the blind man who was blind who can now see says that’s not my problem I’m going to leave it up to the temple to figure it out and let them you know, tell my story Does that make sense? Well less than 25% of pastors received training and seminary about mercy preliminary was was primarily about truth and If you look at something like grudem systematic theology, but on the cover It says five hundred thousand sold a twelve hundred and seven page book bill and there’s one paragraph about mercy in the whole book Jack what is mercy? mercy is an engaged heart and it basically Once your heart is engaged any person you talk to you know Whether their hearts engaged when when I’m with my wife sometimes and she says Jack I don’t feel like your present That’s my heart’s not engaged so you start with an engaged heart and the engaged heart has a burden to provide relief and Do it in an attitude of kindness One of my favorite verses in the Bible. It says he was kind of a poor lends to the Lord and he’ll be repaid Yeah Now if I had written that verse I would have said whose generous to the poor lends the Lord but God says he was kind of the poor and Scriptures throughout scripture that this kindness should accompany generosity and I see this they’ve basically been bifurcated and I think that the world is crying out for hope and he Jesus everywhere. He went he preached I think truth and he healed think mercy To Matthew 9 he sent out his followers He says I want you to preach and I want you to heal that’s in truth and that’s mercy and somehow we’ve separated the two and we’ve I think evangelicals often define biblical mercy as grapes and so that’s why I wrote the book because I think there’s a ton of confusion and it’s having implications in our society and the book unchristian when it came out said Christians are Unloving and judgmental that’s what the world thinks and that’s why I wrote the book. Well Thank you for writing the book and we’re going to get into it Even deeper in this next segment coming up the god impulse the power of mercy in an unmerciful world Jack Alexander is with us Jack when you know the Bible talks about you know kindness toward the poor and And we got to think about you know, like always, you know, you break that down Is it the poor who are actually suffering for a lack thereof or even the poor in spirit? Well, I think that the world Another Varna point was to divide a line between who deserves mercy and who doesn’t by a five to one ratio Pastors and Christians wanted to give mercy to victims, you know, if you’ve been hit by a hurricane exactly their posture, Tom We’ll pick it up from there When we come back Jack with us jack Is confusing with the loss of the Obamacare mandate those needing help can now choose an affordable alternative by joining liberty health share You’re part of a community of health conscious Americans all over the country who control their own health care costs and choices Liberty health share is not insurance It is an association of self-pay patients who unite with like-minded people to share the cost of their medical needs Neighbor helping neighbor learn more now by going to Liberty on call org, that’s Liberty on call org Hi, I’m dr. 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Looks like I’ll be able to play after all find the best pros for your next project at Angie’s List comm What more could you want Bill Martinez Oh Back with you America 19 minutes after the top of the hour just the way you like is independent and Pursuing the truth no matter where it leads I am bill Martinez and our conversation with Jack Alexander Continues Jack as chairman of the reimagined group senior fellow at the Sagamore Institute author of the god guarantee as a previous recipient of an Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year award and as a regular speaker coach and advisor we’re talking about his latest book the god impulse The power of mercy in an unmerciful world, you know You spend even a few minutes scrolling through your newsfeed and you’ll be bombarded by stories of dissing French disenfranchisement destruction and discontent God’s first impulse toward our broken world was to show mercy even when justice was justified and Jesus has commanded us to go and do likewise Jack I’ve often said on this show that there is this spirit of You know kind of a less-than spirit that has pervaded our culture I would say a spirit of invalidation Boy, I’ll tell ya that will cut off mercy right away. Will it not? it sure will you know, we’re supposed to consider other people more important than ourselves and sometimes weakness, but well and right before break and I ask you a question, you know regarding you know, mercy and and we couldn’t really Fulfill the thought because we’re running out of time and I wanted to give you a chance to you know, pick it up from there Yeah, I think that one of the major findings in the Barna study is that We we make distinctions about who gets mercy. Um, We think by a 5 to 1 ratio of victim Deserves mercy more than presentable a prisoner or someone who’s sinned against us? and yet the heart of the gospel is that I’m a lawbreaker and that We see that biblical mercy is really treating people you don’t deserve mercy, and that’s why It’s such a critical So critical that we understand this and Probably appreciating that that is most of people’s mindset that we are Undeserving of mercy that when we are christ-like and extend mercy because mercy has been extended to us It’s pretty overwhelming. Is it not? Yeah, it absolutely is I had a guy work for me in the sky had all the potential in the world and He I found out he was cheating on its expense reports and he was sort of hanging with a bad crowd and I went in And talked to him and we had to open in in another state for a president of a division And I told him about how much potential but I saw him Yeah And that if was he interesting he but jumped out of his chair and I said I’d come down and see him every month I would would watch everything he did and I never talked about those expense reports I could have I could have fired him I and this guy ran this division for the next eight years and we did an incredible job and the power of 19:11 that says – it’s to the glory of a man overlooked a matter I think every time you overlooked something truth can say you’re doing the wrong thing And so you find this it’s very very difficult sometimes to discern whether to be merciful or it’s someone with the truth Did he ever? know that you know, was there any reconciliation on My missions to have about about his performance and that we would watch everything He did a look came across his face. And I think he knew that I knew and To me. It’s almost like a greater. Love to to call out the best to see the best in someone and I think it was the right decision and I prayed about that because I literally just said How can I do this and yet I felt that through that verse about it’s to our glory Sometimes when we overlook things exactly, but so But it’s you continue it it’s a it’s a difficult challenge, but I think Bill Hart God’s heart actually bent towards mercy Don’t we seek him and ask for his guidance and have our heart which is the God impulse to be bent towards mercy but The the rewards from it our thinker just incredible Well, Jack the fact that you even had the wisdom to ask God You know how to deal with this issue and to listen to the Holy Spirit meeting you along that way I’m sure you probably after that occurred You know you realized it was for God’s glory and that it wasn’t you that you were an agent of mercy That God extended to him and and that is the thing about the truth It does break through and it always hits its mark again, this is all part and parcel of what God tells us about that that word that goes out and find its mate and we Don’t know what that word is and in this case it would appear that this individual got the word it found its mate then indicted him that knew that he Knew that you knew and that he needed to get his act together. And this was a glorious opportunity for him to To mend his ways and be a positive asset to the organization and to others around him Well to give an opposite story. I saw a friend about three months ago I said I haven’t seen you at church so I don’t go to go to our church The church should be more I said well what happened? He said well my daughter got pregnant out of wedlock After a service, we went down to the front for prayer And so we shared with the elder at the front and the elder looked her in the eye and said have you repented? and he says we’ve never gone back and Did the woman did the girl need repent sure was at the right time to share that with her I don’t think so. Right and I think that truth without mercy can be like a blunt object and so I think that’s why when mercy and truth come together where your heart is bent towards someone and and then you you you see what God’s heart is for the person and it can be to show mercy and sometimes if someone Is defiant or something that the truth and boundaries are the right thing and toughness is right but exactly see that this if 83% of our people feel like mercy isn’t their responsibility is Could that be evidence of why the world thinks for unloving people exactly. We’re a hammer looking for a nail yeah, you know sadly and an amazing because when we pause for a moment and realize how God has been merciful to us boy I’ll take um right back at us and and you know Have we been you know agents of mercy and truth and seen where justice and peace kiss that that’s the question and your book I Like also you made mention too lame is limas habla that that is one of your favorite plays in mine as well Is quite redemptive, isn’t it? Yeah, so let’s say for listeners out there that may be what because we found 25% of Christians have somebody in their life They can’t forgive and a lot of people forget what the bishop whispered to Jean Valjean after you know He basically said you forgot the candlesticks he said tonight I have bought your soul for God and to realize that however, someone may have sinned against me or you but if we see the value of their soul as so much greater than the offense or the pain or the Problem that we have if we can and that’s in the book what I call divine mercy If as we get in the area of divine of the divine When we’re little we’re literally willing to look at the value of someone’s soul Exactly. Well The full findings of the varna Alexander study on mercy and forgiveness will be released In the spring of 2019 marchek is to be more precise. It will be in a new book providing a fuller picture of Christians and Protestant pastors perspectives and practices in these areas Meanwhile, Jack’s current book the god impulse provides an entry point and pathway and justice by elevating mercy empowering us to practice God’s impulses ego do and Endure Jack the book available in all the usual places, correct? Comes out tomorrow. July 31st is our national release date and thank you so much for inviting me on your show Well Jack, thank you for giving us all a preview. I’m looking forward to it. Looking forward to the further study that will be coming out in spring but there is so much here to cause us to take pause and for us ask you know, are we being agents of Mercy that are saving the souls of our brothers and sisters that we come in contact the God impulse the power of mercy in an Unmerciful world Jack Alexander. Thank you, Jack individuals and businesses with tax problems. 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So call now 800 536 44 36 That’s 805 3-6 44 36 US tax yield 805 3-6 44 36 Us a rainy Leo’s with Chris Barnes Six people dead seven people now listed as missing in the Reading area of Northern California as the huge car fire continues to burn This woman saying not only did her home burn, but so did everyone else if she knows? With all of our family all of our friends all of our children’s friends It’s a big that’s a big loss the fire continuing to grow now over ninety five thousand acres It’s only 17% and it’s destroyed over eight hundred buildings The suspect charged in the mass shooting at the Capitol Gazette newsroom in Annapolis Maryland last month will not be in court today as Scheduled for some reason the initial appearance of Jared Ramos has been taken off the docket Last month a grand jury indicted Ramos on 23 charges and you’re listening to us a radio news I’m Captain Obvious and rewards me basically everywhere. I stay So why am I currently skipping stones with four locals and one grizzly bear outside this Riverside Lodge in Portland? because hotels calm lets me do me and because Honestly the bear just going to joined in then that we’re afraid that if we stop he’ll get angry You do you and get rewarded now You can fly anywhere in the world and pay discount prices on your airline tickets booked a flight today to London Paris Madrid or anywhere else you want to go and pay a lot less Guaranteed call the international travel department right now at low-cost Airlines eight hundred to one five five one four one eight hundred to one five five one four one That’s 800 to one five 5141 You’ve reached Bill Martinez live for Spanish, press two Take me Back when the America bill Martinez here is always great to have you along with us sharing a part of your day with you right here at the intersection of faith and politics where we’re committed to pursue the truth no matter where it leads and to this point is the man who has us all manning our oars I’m talking about Lew Euler a recognized expert on tax limitation tax and spend budgetary issues all those issues that mean so much to the dining tables across America don’t they Lew I’ll tell you the tax reform, you know, we’ve got all this confusion going on in Washington about putting and about Mueller and the investigations and this that the other thing the real anchor to windward the real important stuff is what tax reform and Tax reduction is doing to aid average Americans and their families back home where they live where they work the jobs that have been increased the rates of Salary increases etc. That’s the real issue That will shape. This fall’s elections. That’s what they call the kitchen table issues is what we talk around, you know the dining table You know with our family which comes out and the Democrats are only hoping they can clout that issue Because there’s lots of wind to the back of this administration and to we the people who are enjoying the benefits thereof exactly, right and where many of our friends and associates in Washington and their Organizations are now joining with us in the campaign to protect and expand Tax reform and are tracking what’s going on? district by district and state by state For example, the Heritage Foundation our good friends there Have been calculating what the tax reform means and they say that over the next ten years Because of the larger economy now growing with the typical American could benefit over $26,000 in take-home pay and the family of for $45,000 and that’s the direct result of this kind of positive legislative action in Washington and that’s a snapshot as it stands today Louisville, and I guess what people are Realizing is the fact that there are more jobs than people It’s affording an opportunity for many households to upgrade, you know the Obama administration brought us a Working concept of three jobs no benefits and we are working our tails off I mean the 60 70 hour work week was becoming very typical under that administration under Donald Trump now things are getting back to the normal that we’re used to a 4050 hour work week one job not having to work three I know The gal from New York Ocasio Cortez is trying to put out this false narrative and which is a blatant lie that the reason the unemployment is so low is because People are working three jobs. I you know On her on the face of it all she is very dangerous and spewing things out, but that’s what you know That’s what people who are motivated by socialism. They cannot stand on the truth. So they make up lies now You’re absolutely right. Now what this is done of course is by Reducing the unemployment level to lowest in many many years especially for blacks and Hispanics and so this allows people who are in jobs that they may only marginally enjoy and to benefit from To be able to reach out change jobs get additional education Upgrade their of their weekly and monthly Salaries, so all of it together is such a positive thing it’s not just that they taking home more pay but they’re much more satisfied personally exactly as they have the To do what they want to do rather than what they’re forced to do exactly and that’s that is the trendline that Democrats are under estimating because Their checks that they cash every week or every two weeks is a thank you. Mr. Trump Against you know the false narrative that liberals and progressives Would want to put out there. I mean, how do you deny the growth of this country? Exactly, right and we expect on Friday to have official report of the second quarter growth rate and as Peter Ferrara and I in a recent column Predicted we will it appears now. We will exceed 4% growth in that quarter in route to five and six percent that we enjoyed under Ronald Reagan and JFK so we’re back to the normal, you know Obama’s apologists and some of his Economists said there’s a new normal and that’s going to be one or one and a half percent growth per year. That’s baloney We’re just blowing that out of the water again We’re proving what they could not fathom and that is the exceptionalism of the people of this great country I mean the exceptionalism has been resident If anything they did everything to squash it And that’s that’s proof positive because you look what Donald Trump did by eliminating all these regulations tax cuts inspiring people again to dream big dreams which Kennedy did and and Ronald Reagan did and You know Katie bar the door. I mean, we’re busting loose here and uh, you know and at record speeds I mean which demonstrates just how much pent-up energy and Productivity was just lying there on the sidelines because of the policies of the Democrats and one Barack Obama exactly, right and you know the hallmark of good economic times is the creation of a number of startup small businesses and that those small businesses dried up during of the Obama years and each new business in its first year Averages about six employees at the end of that year and so we’re back to that dynamic, that is so Intensely important for the viability and and for the growth of our nation Well, Lou and you mentioned it earlier. I want to go back to that and that is the enthusiasm factor that’s taking place People are willing and eager to dream big dreams again because they have a fair shot at it. That’s what’s going on I mean i’ve spoken directly with at least a half a half a dozen bankers They all agree small business right now in america you talk about the wind being at their back It is absolutely exciting. What’s going on and what gets me excited is What it means for individuals lou and their families, you know to dream big dreams to have that business you always wanted to have that you felt you couldn’t have a fair shot at it because Regulations were hamstringing you and now because of what Donald Trump has done in enacting Positive growth policies, you know, everybody’s jumping in the water’s fine It’s exciting and you know what that does to you know? The heart and and soul of individual Americans to me I you know just gets me more excited Than all the rumor mills and the negative reporting that the fake news would want you to believe it’s all one big Distraction and what I’m concerned about with some of this distraction, you know, we’re over we’re over Putin, you know to death We’re over all these You know, you know pole dancers or whatever it is. But what is that doing for America? Could you imagine where we’d be at right now? if even the media, you know presented a 50/50 narrative on Trump, we know that the ratio is 92 ten 90s and ninety percent negative Reporting on this president. I mean you really have to go out of your way to hit ninety percent That’s right. And and you know, what’s interesting? is comes personal numbers and an approval rating That keeps going up despite all this nonsense and then the corollary of stuff that’s happening like the dodd-frank Reform legislation that the Congress has recently passed is restoring the the strength and dynamism of local community banks So they’re able to lend to these new small businesses. And so it’s it’s a new day in America Without a doubt Lew Euler founder president of the national tax limitation Committee on bill Martinez live Lou is always an honor and a pleasure to have you with us. Have a great day. Great to be with you Dan Perkins here from songs and stories for soldiers dot us with your veterans tip of the day Another promise kept by Donald Trump and this one is for us the veterans the veterans mission Act was passed by the Congress on a nonpartisan Basis to support all of you who have served our country The Act has many provisions and benefits for you The American veteran one major change is to remove the limitations on home health care benefits that was limited to only veterans after 9/11 another provision gives you the treatment options for private care if you live more than forty miles from a VA hospital So here’s your veterans tip of the day go to the VA gov website and find your local VA office talk to them about how you make keen access to private health care paid for by the VA your quality of life depends upon your action This has been Dan Perkins with your songs and stories for soldiers US veterans tip of the day if you are age 85 or younger call to learn more about Final expense plans from a licensed agent in the angel care network the average funeral now costs over ten thousand dollars are you at risk of leaving loved ones to help pay your debts a Final expense policy for seniors can pay up to thirty thousand dollars for funeral and other final expense You don’t need a medical exam and you can have lifetime coverage and the policy cannot be canceled to receive free information About final expense plans from a licensed agent and the angel care network call now you’ll also receive Information about a free prescription discount card just for calling in agents are standing by call 805 408 eight one six eight hundred five four Oh eight eight one six eight hundred five four. 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All the forms will be handled for you All you have to do is make the toll free call 800 to thirty nine ninety nine fifty seven find out if you qualify and possibly save yourself thousands of dollars not to mention a lot of headaches It could be the best call you’ve made today that number again 800 two three nine ninety nine fifty seven the services not provide tax on their legal services We will refer you to a company that does provide such services of the IRS will not agree to any reduction in the amount not All taxpayers are over the ten thousand dollars will qualify for a tax reduction program you have been generation after generation Time after time after time if you follow the money, then you understand why America’s in the conditions And he created the farmers earlier at the 1913 three wise We created 9/11 through 9/11 a that the fighting a war on terror and that was then you go into Iraq Which was another lie. This book will open people’s eyes or turnout at King of the Sam book calm chilling Uncle Sam book calm You didn’t think they’d get away with it did you Bill Martinez live Welcome back America fourteen minutes before the top of the hour bill Martinez here is always great to have you along with us Sharing a part of your day for more information on the show you go to Bill Martinez Larry Moyer joins now Joins us now. His book a mentors wisdom lessons I had learned from hadn’t Robinson a little bit of background on dr. Moyer he’s the founder and CEO of Evan tell is a frequent speaker and evangelistic outreach is training seminars churches and classrooms across the world Dr. Marr good to have you with us. How are you sir? Thank you. Goodbye, Ricky Bill well I always love it when we can get nuggets of the Geniuses in our lives to come together and you have done this in a way that honors hadn’t Robinson And honors the rest of us who can pick up on these nuggets because we didn’t have the opportunity and ability To be able to learn probably as much as you’ve forgotten. Well, I appreciate that I cannot begin to tell you the impact that he had upon my life and I When Henderson publishers told me they want to publish it. I Really felt great about it because I felt such the honor The honor of the person who had impacted my life and played a big part in Jeff’s starting event our biggest mystery Right. What was it about Hadden Robinson and made him so special I Think just the way that there was a God gifted wisdom I met a man went to Towson area You as my preacher professor and became my mentor and I didn’t had a big impact my life and I just think it was His of God didn’t lose them and what attracted me was ability to communicate Because I want to be a preacher and I’ve read press with a bear and in terms I mean to be able to meet him at at seminary like this and get to know him and be able to say Today that you looked at him as a mentor Whenever we come in contact with the gifts of God like this the mentors It’s like you cannot seem to take notes fast enough, right? Yeah, so then Some of my office suggest that write down 45 things you told me and because to subway I’ll 45th anniversary And they can Hendrickson publisher said we wanna partnership It was hard to all the club for 45 because I probably could’ve come up with like 75 by for about a more But uh because the buckets of wisdom you use the good Ward Bill dugg it’s not something that we spent today’s together because we never did but I just Moment day by day days here Yeah, and you know the Bible speaks of it is that when you get those nuggets of wisdom as I say You’re willing to sell everything For those and I guess maybe that’s why it sticks with me that when you you run into these nuggets like this You’re going whoa. This is You know number one either sensor you’re on hallowed ground and number two Here’s somebody who has gone before that has so much experience and I guess love for his fellow man that he’s willing to share Hey, look at this is what I found out from life. Yes. I’ve subscribed annually that victory happens I know asking me my mentor. He narrates said I’d like to admit to you One day in class. He said that people help the booze for those who come after me. I thought look out. Here I come Measuring happens and your Sousa Because it was little wet could even put a dollar now one thing she told me things. He sued me cautions. He said me Growth could be every job is nuggets Well, you know as as Larry just shared with us, you know, here is he’s putting this book together 45 nuggets of wisdom 45 Mentors wisdom so he’s made note of 45 could go on and on Obviously, we’re not going to be able to get to all 45 but this is why we call this a tease and why you need to get to hands on his book so that way You can get garner all the Nuggets there that Larry shares with us and what a blessing Dr. Moyer that you would do that On behalf of so right up front because we’re going to get into this and I don’t want to run out of time Remind people how they can get their hands on your book and to be in touch with your ministry Well go to our website again belly be a and tll Or and now you find a so one way to get it They can call office one eight hundred nine, four seven seven thirty five nine one eight hundred nine, four seven seven three five nine That’s called a Metra’s and wisdom. That’s what I learned from and Robinson and out Some books sort of clouding of course and published by heaven some publishers Excellent, okay well get your hands on the book and we’re going to give you some more T’s because we’re going to talk about some of These nuggets that were passed on from Hatton Robinson to dr. Larry Moyer You know, like all nuggets they come it’s kind of like the Bible refers to that word aptly spoken Probably in your journey There were aptly spoken nuggets that came your way from Adam Robinson once you share some with us Well, it’s interesting. The first one is decide now, which you want your grace though and leave your life backwards from there It’s interesting when I wrote these down Hendricks and popular select two That is the first one and I’ve done a lot of comments about that one He said decide now, which you want your gravestone. Did you like backwards from there? Because too many kind we don’t think about what we want our lives to count for And and they were actually how we want to be done and that makes a great difference in where you live So you decide now which you want to be known for something? Far more important that your name of your dates would you do so and then you did your life backwards from there? Exactly well God who knows the end from the beginning, right? It’s almost that’s the way he he plans our life He takes us to the end brings us back to the bending the beginning and says go ahead I’ve seen you there I’ve given you everything you need to do to get to the end. So Be often rolling. So that would certainly be in be very consistent with what God has said about our lives Share another one was number two. Well, another one that people are be commenting on one is never make decisions They the best of amudha they’ll make decisions in mr Booth because a problem with that is your feelings cannot only be trusted You may be in lewd where you’re making a good decision or you may be in a happy mood But still make some damn position mom make a be a bad mood make a wrong decision But the point is don’t make decisions in the best of a booth because that booth can always be trusted Make sure you’re thinking through what you’re doing because they’re high most moments everything in life but is something our culture should pay heed to I Shared that with our audience last week had it been the Holy Spirit. I must have been channeling your book here because I said the Emotions of our country and the culture is so It’s so intense right now that we needed to be careful about the decisions that we make in light of this You know this emotion that’s driving us. So interesting. All right, give us another one Well, it’s interesting How many people comment on this your children will bring you the hives of highs and the lows of blows? Your trip will bring you the hives of high the lows of those The fact is any air go through this your time to extremely high you’ll care for anyone more is your children some of their high But their low real and he was a saygus right or wrong He’s just saying it’s a fact of life. Your truth will bring in a high spies Close and I saw impotence I’ve gone through a pound son. Mess it back to life Yeah, just a door that’s going to happen just to do a weirdest look at it Okay, sometimes do a big top to you bill You know, it doesn’t it con takes away the surprise because sometimes especially right not so much in the high ends But certainly in the low ends, right? You know, that’s where it’s a where it catches you by surprise and could really rattle you yeah bad That’s exactly right and just to be a ruler it’s going to happen To be a big thing Another thing was that when the Henry some publishers Broke this down They broke down to 64 topics like life lessons and walk Council and school advise Public speaking leadership demand division and they broke down different areas result always very helpful And one thing they really touched me because I’m an evangelist and everything we do is training people evangelism He said everyone you least going to live forever do any questions where you need to make the differs He’s going to probably only question where What are you doing make the difference all people either flowers separated from God or your fellow with God My daughter said we as human beings you make a dissertation in the gospel Classic you all look at people’s Rev people’s Rev on you means a clever person We’re going to be clever with God or ever separated from God well I’ll tell you that is that is one will stop you in your tracks and cause you to go into What the Bible calls the sale a moment, right? Yeah. That’s exactly right He quoted a pretty rearranger parati what’s important life or what isn’t I? Said the mini coupon traveling the only be a quickie heaven in a friend and a peep-toe be a failure I’ve arrived. In fact that the only thing you take with you haven’t read. Well, you know, dr Moyer as an evangelist, and we’re all called to Evangelism, you know if you’ve had that moment and we’ve all had that moment. Sometimes we we just You know, maybe we fail to really perceive the significance of a life change that happens when we are you know we come in contact with Jesus Christ, but it is so Earth-shattering isn’t it much like the blind man who was blind clearly now, he sees can’t explain it but knows that something supernatural has occurred in his life and Sometimes in our humanity, we just we just step over that Miraculous moment and maybe because of that we lose that that heart for evangelism. What do you say we got about a minute left? Oh, yeah, I think so many times You know, uh, I always tell people, you know, always ask the question how important is going to be hundred years from now Well, I’m resistant now things on that about by six people it matters That’s why I life’s gotta turn around people not around things because people love matters, I think amen. Well, dr Larry Moyer has been with us. His book meant a mentors wisdom lessons. I learned from Hatton Robinson so many golden nuggets This is why you need to get your hands on the book remind everybody once again, how they could be in touch with your ministry Dirty Dan tell da Lord EPA and PLL members to l VAR dl org And their go to a website also all the training available Some online training books and everything else outreaches, and that’s the best way gets spent on my website. That’s great. Dr. Moyer. Thanks again You’re such a blessing. Appreciate it. Well, thank you Brad. You’re giving your program

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