Billie Eilish Chats With Her Brother About Her Debut EP & Tyler the Creator | Fuse

Hi, I’m Finneas and I’m going to interview
my sister, Billie Eilish. I’m Billie Eilish. (laughter) So your EP’s finally out. How’s that feel? It’s been a long, like, process,
I feel like because- Yeah. -we wrote a lot of the
songs that are on it actually like a year, or
a year and a half ago. It’s just kind of
taken forever to come so now I’m satisfied
it’s actually here. Here we go. Yeah, I feel like so much
of your creative direction and everything,
to me has, like, changed how I see the songs
that we wrote together. -You know what I mean?
-Yeah. Oh yeah. What were your biggest
inspirations as far as visuals? I kind of just
came up with it without thinking of
anything else. I was like, “I wanna be
in a yellow room on red ladder “in red outfit, and
a thousand chains,” and so I did it, and like, each song has
a different picture, which I think is really cool-
which was not my idea. What’s it like making music
in a really tiny bedroom with your brother
all the time? (laughs) It’s good.
I like it. Finneas is really good at
writing music, you guys. Anyway, we go to sessions
with people that, you know, you don’t know and
it’s like it’s just so- They’re also not 15. No, they’re all like 80. But like it’s a
whole separate world and it’s whatever
comes out of me and you, I guess, just like is
the realest, I think. Speaking of other artists,
who are some artists you’d love to collaborate
with, hang out with? Probably one of the main ones
is Tyler, the Creator. Mhm. I feel like he’s such
his own person. Yeah for sure. And like… I don’t know, he’s so funny and
he just does whatever he wants which I think is rad and like- I feel like you both say, like, exactly what you want all
the time- which I love. I feel like he knows
what he wants and I always know
what I want, so- You’re going on your first
tour ever in October. I’m going to places
I’ve never been and probably
would never go. And like, there’s people there
that know my music, and… It’s crazy. I don’t know.
It’s like… What can fans expect
from your tour? Ooh. What inspires you
the most right now? What do you think is like
the most common theme? A lot of people think you have to go through something to write about it, and that’s so not true. You can literally write
about anything at all. I mean, I’m just really
writing about what I feel, or the way that
I haven’t felt before, and I’m gonna,
you know? Totally. What’s next? I got some more
music coming out. I got videos coming out. Videos are gonna
be so dope. Some merch. Some merch is happening. -Some merch?
-I’ll be going on tour. and like, I wanna have a
clothing line at some point. And I wanna, like,
direct videos and, I don’t know, just like… Buy Vine, re-launch it. That’s the goal. I love Vine. Oh my god, yeah. Vine’s coming back for sure. Billie, it was great
to meet you. Shut up. (laughs)

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  1. Here's a question I wish she or he would answer: Being brother and sister, how come you have different last names? Different dads, or something else?

  2. Her brother: Loves and supports Billie and her singing


    Yea that's how it goes😕

  3. Billie Eilish at 17: Famous
    Me at 17: Slowly closing the fridge door to see if the lights stay on

  4. these colors are so pretty on her she should continue to grow her hair out she looks so cute

  5. I need pictures of Billie in this outfit it’s so freaking cute. Correction: Gorgeous

  6. billie eilish mom : honey what you wearing today i put together a bananas in pajamas baby suit because my baby got to look good

    billie eilish : mom come on i have been wearing baby suits since i was in the worlds tiniest sand cradle

  7. She looks like Scarlett johansson, I don't know how just can't quite put my finger on it.

  8. She kinda look like Scarlett, just a bit while smiling.But she seldom does that.

  9. It would be so amazing to be friend with them, if for no other reason than having creative people to bounce ideas off of. They'd be like a catalyst for awesome stuff wherever they go. They communicate and riff off each other so quickly, it would be so groovy to watch them write/create.

    Makes me wanna move to the same city as my brother so we can do music too, even if it's not nearly as good.

  10. The record producer found a musician in her brother and a teen girl who has a distinct look.they can use. Simple really. He will write and produce for her she will be the face.

  11. The disappointment on Finneas’ face when Billie said “shut up…” 😂😭

  12. Finneas is also a person why isn’t the title
    Billie Eilish chats with Finneas O’Connell also her brother

  13. Is it me or she looks a bit like Scarlet Johanson in this thumbnail?

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    Love from Florida ❤️❤️💝💝❤️❤️


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  16. Omg I love his speaking voice. Can't even focus on what he's saying 🤣

  17. E is for


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  21. She looks gorgeous in the video 🤩 & I wanna see her and Tyler in an interview together soon!

  22. U realize how hard it is to have a personal talk with your relative with a fucking camera in ur face?

  23. Watching this back in 2019 and I’m so unbelievably proud of how far she’s come in so little time. She’s literally done everything she said she wanted to do…except relaunch Vine she better do that shit we need it back noooow.

  24. She was more feminine and pretty now she has male vibes

    Her brother looks like Jeffery Dahmer… 😰

  25. she like to get attention and act sadly just to make people wow look at her she looks sad wow thats cool . you know why because all of western kids are gone realy soft and be depressd by anything and every thing .shity girl=shity music

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