Billie Eilish “idontwannabeyouanymore” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I really, really, really, really hate myself. You can feel so unbelievably lost and horrible
and like you’re nothing and you’re invisible for no reason at all. Which is almost worse than having a reason. It’s the way that my brain works. It’s like, “Billie, what’s wrong?” “I don’t fucking know.” “Me, that’s what.” It’s like, “Who hurt you?” I’m like… I have a song called “COPYCAT.” You all know that already. “COPYCAT” is basically about someone doing
fucking everything you do. The idea of “idontwannabeyouanymore”
was sort of exactly the opposite. So “COPYCAT” is like, “You wanna be me so bad.” “I’m the shit, but really no, I’m not.” It’s like, “You wanna be me,” I look over
at the mirror, over here. “I don’t wanna be you.” It’s so annoying to feel like this all the
time, all the time. If someone is like, “Oh God, you fall apart
so much.” “You’re so annoying. You’re always fucking sad.” I’m like, “I know.” I have to be in this bitch all the time. I’m aware of how annoying it is. As many people can try to help me and talk
to me and whatever but it doesn’t change anything. The only person that can change the way that
I feel is me, and that’s not gon’ happen. I don’t feel comfortable telling you why I
feel like that. I just feel like if I say it out loud … It’s
the same with people. I feel like when I was younger if I liked
a boy or whatever I wouldn’t tell anybody because if I told them then it would make
it true and something would have to go wrong. That’s just how it has been always. So it’s like if I say, “Hey, I really need
help.” “I really need help, I’m not okay.” “I need someone,” which is what’s going on
in my head, it’s not gonna do anything but make me more aware of it and make me wanna
drown in a pit of lava even more. I just think models are maybe the saddest
people in the world. Their job is always being looked at. That’s their job. My brother actually came up with the idea
for that line. It was really interesting to me because I
took it in so many different ways. Models are the people that everyone look up
to. Models are known to be, “These are your
role models.” This is your standard. You have to look like this and be like this
and do this and this and this. That’s been known forever and it changes all
the time, but if it keeps changing why does it have to be there at all? I’ve never said anything that I meant more
than that. You are always you. Forever. That’s terrifying. That line is actually my favorite line I’ve
ever written in my life. When I was younger we used to have these things
called Homeschool Fridays where every Friday all my homeschooled friends would come over
and we’d do a craft and we’d play outside. It was so fun. Oh my God, it was so fun. But we used to make candles. So basically you take whatever you want the
shape to be and you put it inside this thing and you pour this weird goo in it and then
you freeze it or leave it out or whatever until it hardens and then you take the mold
out and everything. Then you’d have this thing with this hole. It looked like a flashlight, low key. Oh my God! Then you’d pour the candle in it, the candle
wax I guess and then you’d let that dry and then eventually you’d break the mold in half
and you’d have a candle with exactly the shape that the mold was. But sometimes the mold would break. That line is basically like, there’s all these
perfect people. Nobody is perfect but perfect people around me. It’s like, “Well what’s wrong with me?” We’ve made every mistake together. Me and my bitch Billie. She’s my ho. She makes all these mistakes but I help her
out with every single one. We make them together. We’re a team. But I hate her. Ugh! I will never know what you’re thinking right
now, ever. Even if you tell me I still don’t know because
you could be lying. “Only you know the way that I break.” No matter how many times I tell people, “It’s
this.” “It’s that. It’s nothing.” It’s something and it’s up here.

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  1. Why is society allowing this? We're all commenting here as though we like the fact she hates herself. Bruh, come on.

  2. Autotune: Alright billie! ready for some help with ur singing?

    Billie: *sings*

    Autotune: Am i a joke to u?

  3. Everyone: Billie sounds so different when she sings than when she talks

    Me: Not me I sound like a rat when I talk and when I sing.

  4. Ok in all of the singers who sang in Genius, I'd say Billie is the only one who sounds good without autotune. This means she's really, really talented

  5. How much do you need auto tune Billie?

    Billie: Hahaha nice joke

  6. Producer: How much auto tune do you want?

    Billie: ;-; what tf is an auto tune?!?!!

  7. She can't sing good without autotune🙄🙄🙄honestly freddie mercury is better

  8. Billie: i really really really hate myself.

    People that actually have a serious problem: Am i a joke to you ?

  9. i think billie eilish is the only person that hates billie eilish…

  10. *listens to 1billie eillish song *
    14 yr old girls: iM nOt LiKe OtHeR gIrLs

  11. How can the owner of the most angelic voice have a 'I really hate myself'..

  12. This girls make feel good when I’m like I don’t know how to make friends

  13. We relate so much. I also really really really really really hate myself too

  14. Billie: I really, really, really hate myself

    RM: Hold my Love Yourself albums

  15. Me listening Billie for the first time: It's obviously that she use autotune
    Also me discovering that Billie dnt use autotune:

  16. Me clicks

    Billie Immediately: I really really really really hate myself

    Me: oh ooo OK…

  17. im not dEPREssed or anything but like i hate the fact that we wake up the same person until the end :l

  18. went immediately here after watching a Loren grey genius vid ughhhhh that was a nightmare

  19. Video starts
    Billie: I Realy realy realy Realy realy realy Realy realy realy Realy realy realy Realy realy realy Realy realy realy HATE myself

  20. Compared to auto tune it just sounds the same Billie is just rlly good at singing

  21. Ay no! buskenle un bitie a billie bukenle un love maiserf para ver si rescapasita :v

  22. She’s not fake has feelings to people think it’s gonna be so great to be famous but it’s not it’s torture

  23. Knock Knock !
    Billie : who is there?
    Autotune !
    Billie: autotune who?

  24. What the worst thing is that nowadays people think being depressed is so cool and awesome and they pretend they’re depressed but then the actually depressed people are just like, you know…like I’m actually depressed these people are faking.

  25. Who thinks x and Billie should of done a song together?
    They were friends and all

  26. If this comment section keeps saying Billie fakes depression I will punch my damn wall. Depression is no joke. Even if you think they are faking it, for example

    Person: Can I get a therapist?

    Someone: Why?

    Person: I think I have depression

    Someone: Fucking faker go die in a hole

    Person: Ok then, I’ve had enough of this fucking earth anyways

    Person jumps off a roof

    Someone: i saw no signs…

    Now, image that person was Billie, and Someone was you. How would you feel that you were the person who made their depression even worse. Never say someone is faking depression or that might happen.

  27. Director: how much auto tune Bilie

    Bilie: uhh not to be dumb but what’s auto tune?

    Auto tune: Hold my wine

  28. Why does she hate herself like shes amazing and beautiful and im glad shes still alive tho

  29. Billie, you might never see this comment but just know- you are a beautiful person. So many people love you. Your lift the spirits of thousands of people and it hurts us to see that you need it too. Your voice is beautiful, and you send a message to people across the globe. You are different, and people love you for that. Please don't hate yourself, and don't change. This is who you are.
    We love you, Billie. And thank you

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