Billie Eilish on Her Throwback Jimmy Obsession, Ankle Sprains and Green World Tour

-Welcome back.
I’m so happy you’re here. I know you’re
at “Saturday Night Live,” and that’s how you first
know me, right? From “Saturday Night Live.”
-Did you hear about that? -No.
-So, okay, listen. When I was growing up —
I mean, I am 17, but when I was like…
Really, like 5 or 4 or more or 3 — I don’t know. I used to watch a show called
“The Electric Company,” and — [ Laughs ]
There was a guy on it, and he had eyeliner,
and he was singing about H’s ’cause it was, like,
a little kids show, and he was like —
the hook was like — What is it?
It was like “My H’s,” like… Something, something, nothing —
I don’t even know what it was, but it was you, and then
I remember seeing you on TV, and I was like,
“That’s the guy from the commercial
with the H’s.” [ Laughter ] -It’s such a long career. -I got a pocket full of H’s, and
I’m not afraid to use them. -Yeah, pocket full of H’s.
It was like a Ramones type of song.
-And it was you! -♪ I got a pocket full of H’s,
and I’m not afraid to use them ♪ But no one saw that
in my whole lifetime. [ Laughter ]
-But I thought — -I made movies, I was on
“Saturday Night Live” for years. “Weekend Update” — hello! -So, like, when I was on
this show, like, a while ago… -You didn’t know me from
“Saturday Night Live”? -No.
[ Laughter ] -That’s what I heard
that you did. -I was so excited
to meet you because… -That’s hilarious.
They all told me that you knew me from —
you got a story about “Saturday Night Live.”
Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe you saw that.
[ Laughter ] Oh, my God.
No one saw that. And I was, like —
I was pulling H’s out of my pocket
and throwing them and stuff. -Yeah, you were.
You had thick eyeliner. -Let’s talk about you.
[ Laughter ] -Let’s talk about your music
right here. Look at this — “When We Fall
Asleep, Where Do We Go” is the biggest selling
debut album in a decade. You’re the first
female artist — [ Cheers and applause ] You’re the first female artist to have 14
simultaneous chart entries. Your music and videos have been
streamed 15 billion times. [ Cheers and applause ] That’s you!
That’s you I’m talking about. I got to say,
the album is so great. Everyone loves it.
Your fans are young, they’re old,
they’re all sorts of people. Why do you think
this music resonates with so many different people? -Um…I mean, it was, like,
a big goal, so I feel like I’m —
I don’t know why necessarily. I just think
I’m mainly happy about it. I think, like, I grew up
listening to so much different kind of music,
like, old stuff and new stuff and hip-hop and contemporary
and then jazz and Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra and then
Tyler the Creator and, like, Nas.
-Yeah. -I was all over the place,
and I think I just put it into my music. And with the album,
specifically, there was one thing
I really tried to do, which was that —
There are like 14 songs on the album,
and one of the goals I had was I wanted to make an album
that I could put 14 people into a room that each
had, like, fully different, fully different tastes —
like, one person like this, one person like this,
and that’s all they liked, and that
if I played them my album, each person would like
at least one song. -Wow. That’s a really cool way
of attacking it. And you did it.
I mean, I heard it. I think I heard “Bad Guy” first,
and I was like, “I don’t know if anyone’s ready
for this type of music.” It was so different.
I was like — -I didn’t, either.
I thought they’d hate it. -I didn’t know why.
I was like, “Is this…” Dude, you changed the face
of pop music and music, in general, ’cause
we were hearing the same song for the last three years,
and you just played something totally different, like, pwkk!
And I was like — Now we’re gonna hear
nothing but songs like “Bad Guy” for the next three years. Because that’s all —
It was good. -Thank you so much. -I love the whole record.
-That’s really sweet. -Which one —
Just tell me, which one do you think
would go to me out of these 14? -Would go to you?
-Yeah. What number am I? -What number are you?
-Yeah, in this album. -Oh.
-Mm-hmm. -I mean, you just made it pretty
clear that you’re “Bad Guy.” [ Laughter ]
So 2. -It was a trick question.
Yeah, you’re right. I like that.
But I’m a good guy. -You are a good guy.
-Thank you, yeah. -A good bad guy.
-I am, yeah. -I want to talk about this thing
happening right here. -Yes, sir.
-What’s going on? You sprained your ankle,
or what’s happening? -Look at my little sock.
-Yeah. -Um, yeah, I sprained this.
You know, what’s funny is they’re actually
both sprained. This is like —
-What? -Three weeks old,
four weeks old. This one is like two months old. Hilarious.
-How do you — how did you — [ Laughter ] But how did you sprain
your ankle, and how do you perform
with a sprained ankle? -I just wear this, and I pretend
it’s not sprained. [ Laughter ] I sprained it in the lawn
like 3 seconds into the show. For real. Like, I walked
on stage and sprained it. -Walking?
How hard do you walk? -I jumped. One leg —
-There you go. -It was the sixth count
into “Bad Guy.” It was, like,
literally the sixth count — ♪ Bum, ba da da,
buh buh — ♪ -And that’s where you did it. -Why?
You stood up. You really stood up.
-I was ready to get into it. I was ready to jump.
-You was about to jump. -I was ready to jump,
and that’s it. Now I sprained my ankle
just now. I just sprained —
I sprained both of my ankles. -It wasn’t only
just embarrassing that I sprained it. It was more embarrassing
that I, like, fell. You know what I’m saying?
Who falls, you know? [ Laughter ]
Embarrassing. -You didn’t tell me you fell. So, you went for it,
and then you fell. But did people think
it was part of the dance? -Probably.
[ Laughter ] Or they just were like,
“Pfft! She fell.” Like, that’s
what I was worried about, that they were like,
“Loser, she fell.” -No.
-But, really, I was, like, laying there in agonizing pain. Thing is, I have sprained
this leg — or, this ankle like five times before,
so I knew exactly what it was. -Maybe you’re wearing
the wrong footwear. [ Laughter ] -I actually was wearing —
That’s crazy you say that. I was wearing a pair of shoes
I had never performed in. -You got to bring me
on tour with you. -Yeah, I do.
I do! -Talk about the new world tour. Can you believe
you’re going on a world tour, Billie Eilish, 17 years old? [ Cheers and applause ] That’s what I’m talking about!
That’s how you do it! But you’re doing
something different and cool with this tour. Talk about
the green part of this tour. -Yes. Well, basically,
we just announced today, as you just said, it’s the
Where Do We Go World Tour. -The Where Do We Go World Tour.
-Where Do We Go World Tour. And, basically,
we’re trying to be as, like, green as possible
on the entire tour. So, there’s, like —
We’re actually bringing someone from Reverb, this company
that basically specializes — Is that a word?
-Yeah. -Okay.
-“Reverb” or “specializes”? -Specializes.
-Specializes. Reverb, I’d be like,
“Oh, is that…?” Yeah, but Reverb.
-Specializes in, like, the best and most healthy and
green ways to do everything. So there’s
no plastic straws allowed, the fans are gonna
bring their own water bottles, there’s gonna be
recycle cans everywhere. ‘Cause it’s like,
if something’s recyclable, it doesn’t matter unless
there’s a recycle bin, you know? It doesn’t do anything
unless there is one. -Don’t want just
recycled trash everywhere. You’re actually
gonna recycle everything. -Yeah.
-I love that you’re doing this. You’re doing
so many great things. I love it.
-Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] I’m psyched to have you back.
Come back whenever you want. Do we know what songs
you’re doing on “SNL”? Can you say, or…?
-Ooh! -I actually haven’t said,
but I can say. -You can?
-I don’t know if I can. -Why not, right?
What songs you gonna do? -This is live.
-Yeah, we’re too late. -A little too late. You know what?
I don’t care, so why not? I’m doing “Bad Guy”
and “I Love You.” -Oh, my gosh!
Come on. So watch that Saturday!
Billie Eilish tomorrow night. [ Cheers and applause ] “When We All Fall Asleep,
Where Do We Go” is available now! Yeah, give her
a standing ovation. Why not? You can watch Billie perform
on the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live”
tomorrow night, at 11:30 p.m., on NBC.

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