Biography of Michael Faraday Part 1 विद्युत चुंबक के आविष्कारक Founder of Electromagnetic induction

49 thoughts on “Biography of Michael Faraday Part 1 विद्युत चुंबक के आविष्कारक Founder of Electromagnetic induction

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  2. Sir mei video physics k liye hi dekhta hu sir love your way to teach physics sir thank you guru ji😌

  3. 4 force of nature till now……
    2.Electromagnetism(LIGHT)—>Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell (math equation)
    3.Strong Neuclear force(most strong force)
    4.Weak Neuclear force(most weak force)

  4. Michael Faraday aise humble aur great personality jo kabhi hi credit nahi lete thai.

  5. Ye line sidhi nhi khichti vo nhi kuchh Genius ki aadat he…. 👍

  6. Agar in goro ki chaplusi karnaitna hi achha lagta hai to vahin par jakar kyoin nahi reh letae. Yadi itehaas Ko Janna hai to dr. Rajiv Dixit ji kae vyakhyan suno to pata lagega ki tum kin logo Ko Apne SAR par bithane ki baat kar rahae ho..

  7. Make a playlist of your scientist video's sir..
    I want to know all the scientist that you covered in your videos .

  8. Brother, can you make us understand how we study physics at beginning level

  9. I wish kisi ne mujhe school mein science aise sikhayi Hoti….To mere number aur future dono zada bright hote…..keep up the good work guyz

  10. At 18min 6 sec it is megnetic flux i.e change in megnatic filed results in electro motive force

  11. There are four fundamental force's
    1 electromagnetic force
    2 gravitational force
    3 strong force
    4 weak force

  12. Ya You Are Right that all Of them are Super but I Thought there were mainly two person Who build the building block of Physics .
    Or may Called Today's technology.
    1:-Michael Faraday
    2:- Nikola Tesla
    Super both of them

  13. I am doing my master in Aerospace engg from Europe and I usually like each of your video related to science. thanks you 🙂

  14. Math ka janma physics ke liye nahi hua hain 7:16 …physics ko apni concept prove karne keliye math ka sahara lena padta hain … Physics samjne se pehle se ham math use karte hain ..jaise ki vaha kitte log hain … Physics ke liye math nahi bana hain apne shabd thode samhal kr use karo apni theory apne pass rakho prove karne ke baad fir use karo..

  15. Three types of Force – Gravitational Force , Nuclear Force , Electric Force , Magnetic Force , Electromagnetic Force . Strongest Force is Electromagnetic Force . Weakest Force is Nuclear Force.

  16. Sir ji time travel pr video banye ….is it possible to go our past by using physics law ?????

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