Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

They go from expected to extraordinary
in a blink of an eye. You’re awestricken; they transform themselves
into something that you’ve never seen before. They swagger and serenade, they dance and display. They’re unlike any creatures on earth and one of the most astounding phenomena
ever witnessed: The Birds-of-Paradise. Found here in the nearly impenetrable mountains
And valleys of the island of New Guinea, in the greatest remaining tract of rain
forest in the entire Asia-Pacific region, they exist nowhere else on earth. The vast, vast majority of the land around here
has no road access, they’re just looking up into a wall of steep slope and you can tell that
this is just ridge after ridge and valley after valley. Evolutionary biologist Ed Scholes and
wildlife photographer Tim Laman have spent the better part of a decade
trekking into this isolated wilderness in pursuit of all thirty-nine species
of these miraculous birds. Well, the only way to see the king bird-of-paradise is to
climb up into the trees where they live, so I’m headed up to my platform. They’ve been photographing, analyzing, and recording their every move, every behavior, in an attempt to comprehend their
secrets, and in doing so revealing extreme examples of the
miracle of evolution. The birds-of-paradise represent one of these
singular events in evolution that stand out that are extraordinary. They’re something that’s without precedent,
something that evolved that’s so unique and so exceptional that you’re driven to say why or, you know,
how did that happen, how did that come to be? The birds-of-paradise are remarkable not
only for their exceptional beauty, and almost other worldly appearance, but as veritable living textbooks on
adaptation and sexual selection. The females are looking at this whole
package and can discern something about him by
minor variation. The more complex it is the harder it is
to make it look right. If one little feature is out of whack you’re going
to be able to tell. What about New Guinea has led to these
birds evolving here and nowhere else? What function do their outrageous
plumes and ornaments play, and what exactly are they doing? For me it still always goes back to the
original driving question, you know, and that’s how did it happen?
How did the birds-of-paradise come to be? Witness diverse strategies of
evolution at work and experience one of nature’s most
extraordinary hidden wonders up close. A world where beauty
and behavior are intertwined, a spectacle not possible any other place on earth.

100 thoughts on “Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

  1. wow No artist could make up something that looks and behaves so strange and beautiful.

  2. The native wouldn't dare steps into the mountains because they believe God live there ,big mistake you let someone else in there .

  3. It's only a fool who says "miracles of evolution" it is the work of God.

  4. Orang Indonesia yg komen di sini kebanyakan goblok2 ya?
    Di videonya udah dibilangin shootingnya di Papua Nugini. Sejak kapan Papua Nugini itu Indonesia?

  5. This is the most fantastic video I've ever seen from the life of birds. A lot of work has been done. Your professionalism is admirable!

  6. No words to express, simply incredible all credits goes to the cameramen who risks their life to shoot these beautiful moments

  7. Lindas Aves Belo vídeo parabéns para todos que fazem este canal Matilde Lima Brasil

  8. This is my most favorite bird video. Watched it many more times. It feels good all the time. I like the music playing at end of the video. "Let's be Peace"

  9. سبحان الله .. هذا خلق الله سبحانك ربي ما اعظمك 😊🌷🌹🌺🍁🌴

  10. Sono creature stupende uniche a se stesse, non si potrebbero creare uccelli più belli

  11. Wow SubhanAllah super amazing too beautiful and cute and colourful 👌🏽🌟❤️🥰💐 thank u so much for sharing 💐💕

  12. These birds are one of God's magnificent work,their beauty,characters,behavior specially the courtship how determined they are to please their mate 😇😍😍

  13. این پرنده ها چطوری انقدر زیبا نقش و نگار میشن اگر تنها بواسطه جذب جنس مخالفه پس چرا پرنده های دیگر معمولی و ساده هستند. آیا طبیعت پارتی بازی میکنه یا دست کائنات در کاره و یا خداوند آنها را اینگونه آفریده .نمیشه باور کرد که این نقشها و رنگهای خیره کننده یکدفعه ظاهر شوند.اما مسلما هزاران سال طول کشیده تا این موجودات زیبا خلق بشن.

  14. Que belleza y que valentía para captar imágenes extraordinaria gracias excelente trabajo perfectos

  15. last background music composition from india…kholok…ananda lahari 😆

  16. Evolution has no place here…. What we see here is just a bit of our Creator's magnificence.

  17. God created all species NOT evolution fools! 😍 Im im LOVE with these cool birds!

  18. 10/09/2019
    Excellent video.Great documentary.
    Thank you for sharing.😉😗❤
    Expat .Thai living oversea.
    Payao Perry ( New Zealand )

  19. 'Beautiful' is a very simple word for them!! They are extraordinary.. Ultimate…Fest for eyes:)

  20. If its just about putting cock in then all this is a waste of the survival instinct. Thats because this has got fuck all to do with survival or evolution. Are these birds shopping at Harrods for frocks? No. This is a clear proof of intelligent design as this beauty can only be manufactured and appreciated by a higher lifeform. Anything else is dogma & propaganda.

  21. Praise God From whom all blessings flow
    Praise God all creatures here below.
    Praise Father Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit
    We thank You Father for such wonderful beauty and compassion for this our world amen

  22. 🌷💕Wow..So..Beautiful and you birds of paradise..God bless always and Protect them forever..😘🌷💕💯🐦🐤

  23. اللہ اکبر کبیرا وسبحان اللہ بکرات واسیلا

  24. SubhanAllah!
    God Almighty, the creator of everything in the universe. Nothing is impossible for HIM. Imagine how marvellous and beautiful paradise must be. ❤❤

  25. Это крассивое великалепие природы Папуа Новая Гвинея. Это наше наследие каторую Мы должны обязоны беречь!!!

  26. Now watch. Them disgusting rich people capturing and turning each of them into their exotic pets! 😉 Great job you did there " NLG! " clap clap…

  27. From a very sincere heart, thank you to the researchers and funders♥️🙏🏾 without you we will never know or see.

  28. Ahhh what i saw… Today such a greatful to god… Its cant be dfine defineatly in words… But god is a great creater of this life….. The people who are actually shooting this had a great exprince…

  29. OMG! That's amazing! so unbelievably beautiful! thank you guys for sharing this amazing beauty with us,
    If it was not your dedication and hard work, we would not be able know this beauty is existing, Thank you, thank you ever so much!! Please keep up!

  30. Maravilhas da criação de Deus!!! Deus os abençoe pelo difícil trabalho mas que ficou maravilhoso!!! Parabéns!!!

  31. At 2:51 "How did that happen, how did that come to be?" The Almighty God made them that way, you idiot!!

  32. only those who think can appreciate the beauty of nature and want to protect it

  33. These birds could buy this entire valley just selling their dancing lessons.

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