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chapter 36 of the bishops secret by Fergus Hume this LibriVox recording is in the public domain chapter 36 the rebellion of mrs. pendel thank God said the bishop when he heard from Gabriel's lips that the criminal who knew his secret had promised to be silent at last I can breathe freely but what a price to pay for our safety what a price do you mean my marriage to Belle asked Gabriel steadily yes if she was undesirable before she is more so now so far as I have seen her I do not think she is the wife for you and as the daughter of that blood-stained man Oh Gabriel my son how can I consent that you should take her to your bosom father replied the curate quietly you seem to forget that I love Belle dearly it was not too close mosques mouths that I consented to marry her in any case I should do so she promised to become my wife in her time of prosperity and I should be the meanest of men that I leave her now that she is in trouble Belle was dear to me before she is dearer to me now and I am proud to become her husband but her father is a murderer Gabriel would you make her responsible for his sins that is not like you Father the bishop groaned God knows I do not wish to thwart you for you have been a good son to me but reflect for one moment how public her father's crime has been everywhere his wickedness is known and should you marry this girl your wife however innocent must bear the stigma of being that man's daughter how would you a sensitive and refined man shrinking from public scandal bear the shame of hearing your wife spoken about as a murderer's daughter I shall take steps to avert that danger yes Father when Belle becomes my wife we shall leave England forever Gabriel keep Oh cried the bishop piteously where would you go to the South Seas replied the curate his thin face lighting up with excitement there as Baltic tells us missionaries are needed for the heathen I shall become a missionary father and Bell will work by my side to expiate her father's sin by aiding me to bring light to those lost in darkness My dear boy you dream utopia from what I saw of that girl she is not one to take up such a life you will not find your Priscilla in her she is of the world worldly the affliction which has befallen her may turn her thoughts from the world no said the bishop with quiet authority I am as you know a man who does not speak idly or without experience and I tell you Gabriel that the girl is not the stuff out of which you can mould an ideal wife she is handsome I grant you and she seems to be gifted with a fair amount of common sense but if you will forgive my plain speaking of one dear to you she is vain of her looks fond of dress and admiration and is not possessed of a refined nature she says that she loves you that may be but you will find that she does not love you sufficiently to merge her life in yours to condemn herself to exile amongst savages for your sake love and single companionship are not enough for such an one she wants and she will always want society flattery amusement and excitement my love for you Gabriel makes me anxious to think well of her but my fatherly care and mistrusts her as a wife for a man of your nature but I love her faltered Gabriel I wish to marry her believe me you will never marry her my poor lad Gabriel's face flushed father would you forbid know interrupted dr. pendel I shall not forbid but she will decline if you tell her about your mission scheme I am confident she will refuse to become your wife ask her by all means keep your word as a gentleman should but prepare yourself for a disappointment our Father you do not know my bail it is on that point we disagree Gabriel I do know her you do not my experience tells me that your faith is misplaced we shall see said Gabriel standing up very erect you judge her too harshly sir they'll will become my wife I am sure of that if she does replied the bishop giving his hand to the young man I shall be the first to welcome her My dear dear father cried Gabriel with emotion you were like yourself always kind always generous Thank You father and the curate not trusting himself to speak further lest he should break down altogether left the room hurriedly with a weary sigh dr. pendel sank into his seat and pressed his hand to his aching head he was greatly relieved to know that his secret was safe with mosque but his troubles were not yet at an end it was imperative that he should reprove and dismiss Karim for his duplicity and most necessary for the rearrangement of their lives that mrs. pendant I'm Li resurrection of her husband also foreseeing the termination of Gabriel's unhappy romance he was profoundly sorry for the young man knowing well how disastrous would be the effect on one so impressionable and highly strung no wonder the bishop sighed no wonder he felt depressed his troubles had come after the manner of their kind not in single spies but in battalions and he needed all his strength of character all his courage all his faith in God to meet and baffle anxieties so overwhelming in his affliction he cried aloud with bitter mouth Jeremiah thou hast removed my soul far off from peace I forget disparity in due time mrs. Pindell reappeared in Berman stir wonderfully improved in health and spirits the astringent waters of now hime had strengthened her heart so that it now beat with regular throgs were formerly it had fluttered feebly they had brought the blood to the surface of the skin and had flushed her anemic complexion with a rosy hue her eyes were bright her nerves steady her step brisk and she began to take some interest in life and in those around her Lucy presented her mother to the bishop with an unconcealed pride which was surely pardonable their Papa she said proudly while the bishop was lost in wonder at this marvelous transformation what do you think of my patient now my dear it is wonderful the now hime spring is the true Fountain of Youth a very prosaic fountain I am afraid laughed mrs. Pindell the treatment is not poetical it is at least magical my love I must dip in these restorative waters myself lest I should be taken rather for your father than you're here mr. pendel recollecting the falsity of the unspoken word shut his mouth with a qualm of deadly sickness what the Scotch call a grue mrs. Pindell however observant rather of his looks than his words did not notice the unfinished sentence you look as though you needed a course she said anxiously if I have grown younger you have become older this is just what happens when I am away you never can look after yourself dear not feeling inclined to spoil the first joy of reunion dr. pendel turned aside his speech with the laugh and postponed his explanation until a more fitting moment in the meantime George and Gabriel and Harry were hovering round the returned travelers with attentions and questions and frequent congratulations mr. Karim who had been sulking ever since the arrest of mosque had overthrown his plans was not present to spoil this Pleasant family party and the bishop spent a golden hour or so of unalloyed joy but as the night wore on the Savannah sent pleasure passed away and when alone with mrs. Pindell in her boudoir he was so gloomy and depressed that she insisted upon learning the cause of his melancholy there must be something seriously wrong George she said earnestly if there is you need not hesitate to tell me can you bear to hear the truth Amy are you strong enough there is something serious the matter then cried mrs. pendel the colour ABing from her cheeks what is it George tell me at once I can bear anything but this suspense Amy the bishop sat down on the couch beside his wife and took her hand in his warm encouraging clasp you shall know all my dearest and may God strengthen you to hear the knowledge George I I am calm I am strong tell me what you mean the Bishop clasped her in his arms held her head to his breast and in low rapid tones related all that had taken place since the night of the reception he did not spare himself in the recital he concealed nothing he added nothing but calmly coldly mercilessly told of krantz return of Krantz blackmail of Krantz terrible end thence he passed on to talk of car grooms suspicions of baltics arrival of mosques arrests and of the latter's promise to keep the secret of which he had so wickedly become possessed having told the past he discussed the present and made arrangements for the future only Gabriel and myself and Graham know the truth now dearest he concluded for this unhappy man mosque may be already accounted as one dead next week you and I must take a journey to some distant parish in the West of England and there become men and for the second time Gabriel will keep silent George and Lucy need never know the truth and so my dearest all things at least to the public I shall be as they were you need not grieve Amy or accuse yourself unjustly if we have sinned we have sinned innocently and the burden of evil cannot be laid on you or me Stephen cron tis to blame and he has paid for his wickedness with his life so far as we may so far as we are able we must right the wrong God has afflicted us my dearest but God has also protected us therefore let us thank him with humble hearts for his many mercies he will strengthen us to bear the burden through him we shall do valiantly for the Lord God is a Sun and shield the Lord will give Grace and glory no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly how wonderful are women for weeks Bishop pendal had been dreading this interview with his delicate nervous sensitive wife he had expected tears sighs loud sorrow bursts of hysterical weeping the ringing of hands and all the undisciplined grief of the feminine nature but the unexpected occurred as it invariably does with the sex in question to the bishops unconcealed amazement mrs. pendel neither wept nor fainted she controlled her emotion with a power of will which he had never credited her with possessing and her first thought was not for herself but for her companion in misfortune placing her hands on either side of the Bishop's face she kissed him fondly tenderly pityingly my poor darling how you must have suffered she said softly why did you not tell me of this long ago so that I might share your sorrow I was afraid afraid to to speak Amy gasped the bishop overwhelmed by her extraordinary composure you need not have been afraid George I am no Fairweather wife Oh alas alas side the bishop I am your wife cried mrs. pendel answering his thought after the manner of women that wicked cruel man died to me thirty years ago in the eyes of the law might in the eyes of God I am your wife interrupted mrs. Pendleton mentally for over 25 years we have been all in all to one another I bear your name I am the mother of your children do you think these things won't outweigh the claims of that wretch who ill-treated and deserted me who lied about his death and extorted money for his forgery to satisfy your scruples I am willing to marry you again but to my mind there is no need even though that route came back from the grave to create it he aimy aimy the man is dead I know he is he died thirty years ago don't tell me otherwise I am married to you and my children can hold up their heads with anyone if Stephen Cronk had come to me with his villainous tempting I should have defied him scorned him trod him underfoot she rose in a tempest of passion and stamped on the carpet he would have told he would have disgraced us there can be no disgrace in innocence flashed out mrs. pendel we married you and I in all good faith he was reported dead you saw his grave I deny that the man came to life you cannot deny facts said the bishop shaking his head can't I I deny anything so far as that wretch is concerned he fascinated me when I was a weak foolish girl as a serpent fascinates a bird he married me for my money and when it was gone his love went with it he treated me like the low minded brute he was you know he did George you know he did when he was shot in haces I thanked God I did I did I did hush Amy hush said dr. pendel trying to soothe her excitement you will make yourself ill no I won't George I am as calm as you are I can't help feeling excited I wish to forget that man and the unhappy life he led to me I did forget him in your love and in the happiness of our children it was the sight of that student with a scarred face that made me think of him why oh why did I speak about him to Lucy and Gabriel why why you were thoughtless My dear I was mad George mad I should have held my tongue but I didn't and my poor boy knows the truth you should have denied it I could not deny it ah you have not a mother's heart I would have denied and lied and swore its falsity on the Bible sooner than that one of my darlings should have known of it Amy Amy you are out of your mind to speak like this I deny what is true I a priest herb you are a man before everything a man and a father and a servant of the Most High rebuked the bishop sternly well you look on it in a different light to what I do you suffered I should not have suffered I don't suffer now I am NOT going back thirty years to make my heart ache she paused and clenched her hands are you sure that he is dead she asked harshly quite sure dead and buried there can be no doubt about it this time is it necessary that we should marry again absolutely necessary said the bishop decisively then the sooner we get it over the better replied mrs. pendulum Lee here she wrenched the wedding ring off her finger take this I have no right to wear it neither made wife nor Widow what should I do with a ring and she began to laugh stop that Amy cried the bishop sharply for he saw that after all she was becoming hysterical put the ring again on your finger until such time as I can replace it by another you are Krantz Widow and as his widow I shall marry you next week as a drop of cold water let fall into boiling coffee causes the bubbling to subside so did these few stern words cool down mrs. pendant she overcame her emotion she replaced the ring on her finger and again resumed her seat by the bishop my poor dear George said she smoothing his white hair you are not angry with me not angry Amy but I am rather vexed that you should speak so bitterly well darling I won't speak bitterly again Stephen is dead so do not let us think about him anymore next week we shall marry again and all our troubles will be at an end they will please God said the bishop solemnly and Oh Amy dearest let us thank him for his great mercy do you think he has been merciful asked mrs. Pindell doubtfully for her religious emotion was not strong enough to blind her to the stubborn fact that their troubles had been undeserved that they were innocent sinners most merciful murmured the bishop bowing his head has he not showing us how to expiate our sin our sin no George I won't agree to that we have not sinned we married in the fullest belief that Stephen was dead my dear all that is past and done with let us look to the future and thank the Almighty that he has delivered us out of our troubles yes I thank him for that George said mrs. Pindell meekly enough that is my own dear Amy answered the bishop and producing his pocket Bible he opened it at random his eye alighted on a verse of Jeremiah which he read out with thankful emotion and I will deliver the out of the hand of the wicked and I will redeem the out of hand of the terrible end of chapter 36 chapter 37 of the Bishop's secret by Fergus Hume this LibriVox recording is in the public domain chapter 37 deya ex machina as may be guessed Captain pendel now that the course of true love ran smoother was an assiduous visitor to the Jenny Wren house he and mAb were all in all to one another and in the egotism of their love did not trouble themselves about the doings of their neighbors it is true that George was relieved and pleased to hear of mosques arrests and confession because Gabriel was thereby exonerated from all suspicion of having committed a vile crime but when reassured on this point he ceased to interest himself in the matter he was ignorant that his brother loved bell mosque as neither Baltic nor the bishop had so far enlightened him else he might not have been quite so indifferent to the impending trial of the wretched criminal as it was the hot excitement prevalent in Behrman stir left him cold and both he and mAb might have been dwellers in the moon for all the interests they displayed in the topic of the day they lived according to the selfish custom of lovers in an Arcadia of their own creation and were oblivious to the doings beyond its borders which disregard was natural enough in their then state of mind however George being in the world and of the world occasionally brought to map such scraps of news as he thought might interest her he told her of his mother's return of her renewed health of her pleasure in hearing that the engagement had been sanctioned by the bishop and delivered a message to the effect that she wished to see and embrace her future daughter-in-law all of which information gave mAb wondrous pleasure and mists which allow a considerable amount of sad faction since she saw that there would be no further question of her nieces unsuitability for George you deserve some reward for your good news said mAb and produced a silk knitted necktie of marshal red so here it is dearest cried captain pendel kissing the scarf I shall wear it next to my heart then thinking the kiss wasted on irresponsive silk he transferred it to the cheek of his lady love nonsense said miss willow smiling broadly wear it round your neck like a sensible lover our lovers ever sensible inquired the captain with a twinkle I know one who isn't cried to mAb playfully no sir removing an eager arm you will shock aunty aunty has become hardened to such shocks smiled miss willow aunty has been as melancholy as an owl of late retorted mAb caressing the old lady ever since the arrest of that man mosque she has been quite wretched oh don't speak of him mAb hello said George with sudden recollection I knew there was something else to tell you mosque is dead miss which Allah gave a faint shriek and tightly clasped the hand of her niece dead she gasped pale cheek tanned low-toned mosque dead as a door mail rejoined George admiring his present he hanged himself last night with his braces so that the gallows have lost a victim and Burman stir society a sensation trial of George cried mAb in alarm don't talk so you will make aunt a faint and indeed the little old lady looked as though she were on the point of swooning her face was white her skin was cold and leaning back her head she had closed her eyes captain pendel sytem of news had produced so unexpected a result that he and mAb stared at one another in surprise you shouldn't tell these horrors George my love how was I to know your aunt took an interest in the man I don't take an interest in him protested miss which Allah faintly but he killed gent them and now he kills himself it's horrible horrible but necessary assented George at cheerfully a man who murders another can't expect to get off scot-free mosque has only done for himself what the law would have done for him I'm sorry for Baltic however the missionary why George because this suicide will be such a disappointment to him he has been trying to make the poor devil beg pardon poor wretch repent but it would seem that he has not been successful did he not confess to mr. Baltic Asmus which allow anxiously I believe so he repented that far do you know what he told him that he had killed gent amande had stolen his money did he say if he had found any papers on gentles body not that I know of replied George staring why had gent them any particular papers in his possession oh I don't know I can't really say answered miss Mitchell Oh confusedly and rose unsteadily to her feet mad My dear you will excuse me I am NOT very well I shall go to my bedroom let me come to Auntie oh no no miss which allo waved her niece back I wish to be alone and she left the room abruptly without a look at either of the young people they could not understand this strange behavior mAb woman-like turned to captain pendel it is all your fault George talking of murders and suicides I'm awfully sorry said the captain penitently but I thought you would like to hear the news not the police news thank you said mAb with dignity why not something to talk about you know you have me to talk about captain Tyndall Oh George sprang forward let us discuss that subject at once you deserve some punishment for calling me out of my name they're wicked one George very faintly I shall not allow it you should ask permission waste of time said the practical George and slipped his arm round her waist Oh indeed indignantly well I hear a captain pendel punished her again after which mAb said that he was like all men that he ought to be ashamed of itself etc etc etc then she frowned then she smiled and finally became a meek and patient grisel to the unfeigned delight of the superior mind so the pair forgot masks and his wretched death forgot miss which'll oh and her strange conduct and retreated from the world into their Arcadia paradise Elysium in which it is best that all sensible people should leave this pair of foolish lovers miss which allo had other things to think of than this billing and cooing she went to her bedroom and lay down for ten minutes or so then she got up again and began pacing restlessly to and fro her thoughts were busy with mosque with his victim with Baltic she wondered if gen –them had been in possession of certain papers if these had been stolen by mosque if they were now in the pocket of Baltic this last idea made her blood turn cold and her heart drum allowed tattoo she covered her face with her hands she sat down she rose up and in a nervous fever of apprehension leaned against the wall then after the manner of those overwrought she began to talk aloud I must tell someone I must have advice she muttered clinching her hands it is of no use seeing mr. Baltic he is a stranger he may refuse to help me dr. Graham no he is too cynical the Bishop she paused and struck her hands lightly together the bishop I shall see him and tell him all for his son's sake he will help my poor darling having made up her mind to this course miss Mitchell Oh put on her old-fashioned silk cloak and poke bonnet then she fished a bundle of papers yellow with age out of a tin box and slipped them into her capacious pocket biting her lips and rubbing her cheeks to bring back the color she glided downstairs stole past the drawing-room door like a guilty creature and in another minute was in the square here she took a passing fly and ordered the man to drive her to the palace as speedily as possible I trust I am acting for the best murmured the little old lady with a sigh I think I am for if Bishop pendal cannot help me no one else can after 30 years Oh God my poor poor darling in the Greek drama when the affairs of the dramatis personae become so entangled by circumstance or fate or sheer folly as to be beyond their capability of reducing them to order those involved in such disorder were accustomed to summon a deity to accomplish what was impossible for mortals to achieve then stepped the god out of a machine to redress the wrong and reward the right to separate the sheep from the goats and to deliver a moral speech to the audience commanding them to note how impossible it was for man to dispense with the guidance and judgment and powerful aid of the Olympian hierarchy miss which allows mission was something similar and although both she and Bishop pendal were ignorant that she represented the goddess out of a machine who was to settle all things in a way conducive to the happiness of all persons yet such was the case impelled by fate she sought out the very man to whom her mission was most acceptable and seated face to face with Bishop pendel in that library which had been the scene of so many famous interviews unconsciously gave him a piece of information which put an end to all his troubles she had certainly arrived at the eleventh hour and might just as well have presented herself earlier but destiny the playwright of the universe always decrees that her dramas should play their appointed time and never permits her arbitrator to appear until immediately before the fall of the green curtain so far as the Birman stir drama was concerned the crucial moment was at hand the actor or rather actress who was to remedy all things was on the scene and shortly the curtain would fall on a situation of the rough made smooth then red fire marriage bells triumphant virtue and towering guilt with a rhyming tag delivered by the prettiest actress of all's well that ends well I come to consult you confidentially said miss willow when she and the bishop were alone in the library I wish to ask for your advice my advice and my friendship or both at your service My dear lady replied the courteous bishop it's about mAbs parents blurted out the little old lady Oh the bishop looked grave you are about to tell me the truth of those rumours which were prevalent in Berman stir when you brought miss Arden home to your house yes I dare say mrs. pansy said all sorts of wicked things about me Bishop well no dr. pendel wriggled uneasily she spoke rather of your sister than of you I do not wish to repeat scandal miss willow so let us say no more about the matter your niece shall marry my son be assured of that it is foolish to rake up the past added the bishop with a sigh I must rake up the past I must tell you the truth said Miss which allow in firm tones if only to put a stop to mrs. pansies evil tongue what did she say Bishop oh really My dear lady I Bishop tell me what she said about my sister I will no reluctantly the bishop spoke out at this direct request she said that your sister had eloped in London with a man who afterwards refused to marry her that she had a child and that such a child is your niece miss Arden whom you brought to Berman stirrer after the death of your unhappy sister a fine mixture of truth and fiction indeed said the old lady in a haughty voice I am obliged to mrs. pansy for the way in which she has distorted facts I fear indeed that mrs. pansy exaggerates said dr. pendel shaking his head with all due respect Bishop she is a wicked old Saphira cried miss willow and forthwith produced a bundle of papers out of her pocket my unfortunate sister Annie did run away but she was married to her lover on the very day she left our house in London and my darling mAb is as legitimate as your son George dr. pendel the Bishop winced at this unlucky illustration have you a proof of this marriage miss Mitchell oh he asked with a glance at the papers of course I have she replied untying the red tape with trembling fingers here is the certificate of marriage which my poor Annie gave me on her dying bed I would have shown it before to all Berman stir had I known of mrs. pansies false reports look at it bishop she thrust it into his hand and which alo spinster Farrow Bastia bachelor they were married at st. Chad's Church Hampstead in the month of December 1869 here is mAbs certificate of birth she was christened in the same church and born in 1870 the year of the franco-german war so as this is 97 she is now 27 years of age just two years older than your son Captain pendel with much interest the bishop examined the two certificates of birth and marriage which Miss which allow placed before him they were both legally perfect and he saw plainly that however badly Vaz Ville might have behaved afterwards to an boresville she was undoubtedly his wife not that he would have married her if he could have helped it went on miss which alow while the bishop looked at the documents but Annie had a little money not much which she was to receive on her wedding day so the wretch married her and wrote to my dear father for the money which of course under grandfather's will had to be paid father never would see Annie again but when the poor darling wrote to me a year afterwards that she was dying with a little child by her side what could I do but go and comfort her ah poor darling Annie sobbed the little old lady she was sadly changed from the bright beautiful girl I remembered her husband turned out a brute and a ruffian and a spendthrift he wasted all her money and left her within six months of the marriage the wretch Annie tried to support herself by needlework but she took cold in her starving condition and broke down then mAb was born and she wrote to me I went at once Bishop but arrived just in time to get those papers and clothes my dear Annie's eyes afterwards I brought mAb back with me to Behrman stir but I kept her for some time in London on account of my father when I did bring her here and I showed him the marriage certificate he got quite fond of the little pet so all these years mAb has lived with me quite like my own sweet child and your son is a lucky man to win her love added the old maid rather incoherently it is not everyone that I would give my dear Annie's child to I can tell you bishop so that's the whole story and a sadly common one it is it does you great credit miss which alone said dr. pendel patting her hand and I have the highest respect both for you and your I am proud to my dear lady that she should become my daughter but tell me how you're unhappy sister became acquainted with this man he was a violinist replied miss which allow a public violinist and played most beautifully annie heard him and saw him and lost her head over his looks and genius he called himself a maru but his real name was favor boss Phil a strange name miss willow it is a gypsy name bishop boss phil was a gypsy he learned the violin in Hungary or Spain I don't know which and played wonderfully afterwards he had an accident which hurt his hand and he could not play that was the reason he married Annie just for her money the wretch gypsy murmured the bishop who had turned pale yes an English gypsy but like all those people he wandered far and near the accident which hurt his hand also marked his cheek with a scar the right cheek gasped dr. pendel leaning forward why yes said Miss which allo rather astonished at the bishops emotion that was how I recognized him here when he called himself gentle he with a cry the bishop sprang to his feet in a state of uncontrollable agitation shaking and white was Wallace gentle Baba's Vil he stammered are are you sure I am certain replied miss witch a low with a scared look I have seen him dozens of times Bishop her voice rose in a scream for dr. pendel had fallen forward on his desk oh my god cried the bishop Oh God most merciful the little old lady was trembling violently she thought that the bishop had suddenly gone out of his mind nor was she reassured when he stood up and looked at her with a face down which the tears were streaming never had miss willow seen a man weeping before and the site terrified her much more than an outburst of anger would have done she looked at the bishop he looked at her and they were both ashy white both overcome with nervous emotion after a moment the bishop opened a drawer and took out a bundle of papers out of these he selected the marriage certificate of his wife and grant and compared it with the certificate of Fae robbaz Ville and an which'll oh thank God he said again in a tremulous voice this man as boss Vil married your sister in 1869 as Kratt he married mrs. pendel in 1870 married mrs. pendel shrieked miss which allow darting forward yes she was a mrs. Cronk when I married her and as her husband was reported dead I believed her to be his widow but she was not his widow no Fork rant was gentle and gen theme was alive after my marriage I don't mean that cried miss which alone laying a finger on her sisters certificate but gen –them as boss phil married annie in 1869 he married my wife in October 1870 said the bishop breathlessly then his second marriage was a false one said miss willow for in that year in that month my sister was still alive mrs. Pindell was never his wife No thank God said the bishop clasping his hands she is my own true wife after all end of chapter 37 chapter 38 of the bishops secret by Fergus Hume this LibriVox recording is in the public domain chapter 38 exit mr. kargh room once informed of the Welcome truth dr. pendel lost no time in having it verified by documents and extraneous evidence this was not the affair of hours but a days since it entailed a visit to st. Chad's Church at Hampstead and a rigorous examination of the original marriage and death certificates also as Boswell alias Krantz alias gent them was said to be a gypsy on the authority of miss witch ello and as the information that Baltic was in the confidence of mother jail had trickled through brace and gram to the bishop the last-named considered it advisable that the ex sailor should be informed of the actual truth now that dr. pendel was personally satisfied of the legality of his marriage he had no hesitation in acquainting Baltic with his life history particularly as the man could obtain from other jail and assurance in writing if necessary that Boss Ville and gent them were one and the same for the satisfaction of all parties concerned it was indispensable that proof-positive should be procured and the matter settles beyond all doubt the position as affecting both the private feelings and social status of bishop and mrs. pendel was too serious a one to be dealt with otherwise than in the most circumspect manner after miss willows visit and revelation dr. pendel immediately sought out his wife to explain that after all doubts and difficulties and lies and forgeries they were as legally bound to one another as any couple in the three kingdoms that their children were legitimate and could bear their father's name and that the evil witch had survived the death of its author was now but shadow and wind in a word non-existent mrs. Pindell who had borne the shock of her pseudo husband's resurrection so bravely was quite overwhelmed by the good news of her re-established position and fainted outright when her husband broke it to her but for Lucy's sake as the bishop did not wish Lucy to know or even suspect anything she afterwards controlled her feelings better and relieved from the apprehension of coming danger speedily recovered her health and spirits she was thus at a week's end enabled to attend in the library a Council of six people summoned by her husband to adjust the situation the good bishop was nothing if not methodical and thorough and he was determined that the matter of the false and true marriages should be thrashed out to the last grain therefore the council was held ex aequo yet bono on this momentous occasion there were present the bishop himself and mrs. pendel who sat close beside his chair also miss willow fluttered and anxious in juxtaposition with dr. Graham and Gabriel who had placed himself near Baltic the sedate and solemn faced when all were assembled the bishop lost no time in speaking of the business which had brought them together he related in detail the imposture of gentle the murder by mosque who since had taken his own life and the revelation of miss willow ending with the production of the documents proving the several marriages and a short statement explaining the same here said dr. pendel is the certificate of marriage between Pharaoh bas Ville and Anne which alow dated December 1869 they lived together as man and wife for six months up to May 1870 after which bas Ville deserted the unhappy lady after spending all her money the wretch put in miss which allo angrily bas Ville continued the bishop had previously made the acquaintance of my wife then Amy Lancaster under the false name of Stephen cron and so far won her love that thinking him a single man she consented to marry him no Bishop contradicted mrs. pendel very positively he did not win my love he fascinated me with his good looks and charming manners for in spite of the scar on his cheek Stephen was very handsome some friend introduced him to my father as a Hungarian exile hiding under the name of cron from Austrian vengeance and my father enthusiastic on the subject of patriotism admitted him to our house I was then a weak foolish girl and his wicked brilliancy drew me towards him when he learned that I had money of my own he proposed to marry me my father objected but I was infatuated by Stephens arts and became his wife in October 1870 so my love assented her husband mildly as an inexperienced girl you were at the mercy of that billy-oh you were married as you say in October 1870 here to prove that statement is the certificate and the bishop passed it to Baltic but at the time of such marriage mrs. Boswell was still alive miss willow can vouch for this important fact ah that I can cite the little old lady shaking her head my poor darling sister did not die until January 1871 and I was present to close her weary weary eyes is not that the certificate of her death you were holding yes answered the bishop simply and gave the paper into her outstretched hand you can now understand my friends he continued addressing the company generally that as mrs. Boswell was alive in October 1870 the marriage which her husband then contracted with Miss Lancaster was a false one that is clear enough murmured the attentive Baltic nodding it thus appears resumed the bishop concisely that when I married as I thought Amy grant a widow in September 1871 I really and truly wedded Amy Lancaster a spinster therefore this lady and here the bishop clasped tenderly the hand of mrs. pendel is my true dear wife and has been legally so these many years notwithstanding boss Phil's infamous assertion to the contrary thank God thank God cried mrs. Pindell with joyful tears Gabriel my darling boy and she stretched out her disengaged hand to caress her son Gabriel kissed it with unconcealed emotion in the meantime a dr. Graham was examining the Bishop's marriage certificate with sharp attention as he thought he aspired a flaw pardon me my dear pendel said he in his crisp voice but I see that mrs. Kendall became your wife under a name which we now know was not then her own does that false name vitiated the marriage by no means replied the bishop promptly I took counsels opinion on that point when I was in London it is as follows and dr. pendel read an extract from a legal looking document a marriage which is made in ignorance in a false name is perfectly good the law on the subject appears to be this if a person to conceal his or her identity assumes either a wrong name or description so as to practically obtain a secret marriage the marriage is void but if the wrong name or description is adopted by accident or innocently the marriage is good therefore added dr. pendel placing the paper on one side mrs. Kendall was Phil's wife on two distinct grounds firstly because his true wife was alive when he married her secondly because he fraudulently made her his wife by giving a false name and description regarding my own marriage it is a good one in law because mrs. Pendleton aim of Kron was adopted in all innocence there is no Court in the realm of Great Britain concluded the bishop with conviction that would not uphold my marriage as true and lawful and God be thanked that such is the case God be thanked said Gabriel in his turn and said it with heartfelt earnestness Graham bub / with pleasure jumped up in his Restless way and gave a friendly hand in turn to dr. pendel and his wife I congratulate you both my dear friends said he not without emotion you have won through your troubles at last and can now live in much deserved peace for the rest of your lies they use nobis hoc Oh Tia fetch it hey Bishop you know the man to one well well you have paid forfeit to the gods spindle and they will no longer envy your good fortune or seek to destroy it Graham Graham said the bishop with kindly tolerance always these pagan sentiments I I I am a pagan suckled in a Creed outworn quoted the doctor rubbing his hands well we cannot all be bishops we can all be Christians said Baltic gravely ah retorted Graham what we should be and what we are mr. Baltic are points capable of infinite discussion at present we should all be smiling and thankful which added Healy breaking off miss swatello is not I regret to see I am thinking of my poor sister sobbed the old lady how do I know but that the villain did not deceive her also by making her his wife under a false name no madam interposed Baltic eagerly Bozza fil was the man's true name therefore he was legally married your sister's husband I wrote down a statement by mother jail that gen theme was really Faribault's Vil and at my request she signed the same here it is signed by her and witnessed by me I shall give it to you milord that you may lock it up safely with those certificates ah Thank You mr. Baltic said the bishop taking the slip of paper tendered by the missionary but I trust that that this woman that knows a little of the truth she knows nothing my lord say the boss fell for his own purposes took the names of amaru and gentle at different times the rogue was cunning enough to keep his own counsel of his life amongst the Gentiles of his marriages false and true mother jail is ignorant set your mind at rest sir she will never trouble you in any way a good said dr. pendel drawing a long breath of relief then as such is the case my friends I think it advisable that we should keep our knowledge of Boswell's iniquities to ourselves I do not wish my son George or my daughter Lucy to learn the sad story of the past such knowledge would only vex them unnecessarily and I'm sure I don't want Matt to know what a villain her father was broken miss Mitchell oh thank God she is unlike him in every way saved that she takes after him in looks when Captain pendel talks of mAbs rich Eastern Beauty I shiver all over he little knows that he speaks the truth and that mAb has Arab blood in her veins not Arab blood My dear lady cried Graham alertly the gypsies do not come from Arabia but as is believed from the north of India they appeared in Europe about the 15th century calling themselves falsely enough Egyptians but both burl and Leland are agreed that I don't want to hear about the gypsies interrupted miss willow cutting short the doctors disquisition all I know is that if Baz velour gent them or whatever he called himself is a sample of them they are a wicked lot of Moabites I wonder the bishop lets his son marry the child of one I do indeed dear miss witch allo said mrs. pendel putting her arm round the poor lady's neck both the bishop and myself are proud that mAb should become our daughter and George's wife and after all she added naively neither of them will ever know the truth I hope not I'm sure wept miss willow I buried that miserable man at my own expense as he was mAbs father and I have had a stone put up to him with his last name ghent them inscribed on it so that no one might ask questions which might have been asked had I written his real name no one will ask question said the bishop soothingly and if they do no answers will be forthcoming we are all agreed on that point quite agreed answered Baltic as spokesman for the rest we shall let the dead past bury its dead and God bless the future Amen said dr. pendel and vowed his gray head in a silence more eloquent than words so far the rough was made smooth with as much skill as could be exercised by mortal brains but after dr. pendel had dismissed his friends there yet remained to him an unpleasant task the performance of which injustice to himself could not longer be postponed this was the punishment and dismissal of Michael Carr Graham who indeed merited little leniency at the hands of the man whose competence he had so shamefully abused serpents should be crushed traitors should be punished however unpleasant may be the exercise of the judicial function for to permit evil men to continue in their evil doings is to encourage vicious habits detrimental to the well-being of humanity the more just the judge the more severe should he be towards such calculating sinners lest infected by example mankind should become even more corrupt than it is bishop pendal was a kindly man who wished to think the best of his fellow creatures and usually did so but he could not blind himself to the base and plotting nature of karim and for the sake of his family for the well-being of the church for the benefit of the schemer himself he summoned him to receive rebuke and punishment he was not now the patron the benefactor but the judge the ecclesiastical Superior severe and impartial Karim obeyed the summons unwillingly enough as he knew very that he was about to receive the righteous reward of his deeds a day or so before when lamenting to Baltic that dr. pendel had proved innocent the man had rebuked him for his baseness and had given him to understand that the bishop was fully aware of the contemptible part which he had acted deserted by his former ally ignorant of dr. pendel secret convinced of mosques guilt the chaplain was in anything but a pleasant position he was reaping what he had so industriously sown he was caught in his own snare and saw no way of defending his conduct in a word he was ruined and now stood before his injured superior with pale face and hanging head ready to be blamed and sentenced without uttering one word on his own behalf nor had he possessed the insolence to do so could he have thought of that one unnecessary word Michel said the bishop mildly I have been informed by mr. Baltic that you accused me of a terrible crime may I ask on what grounds you did so Karim made no reply but flushing and paling alternately looked shamefacedly I'm uh Stan sir myself I see continued dr. pendel after a short silence you thought that because I meant gent them on the heath to pay him some money I murdered him in the viciousness of my heart why should you think so ill of me my poor boy have I not stood in the place of your father have I not treated you as my own son you know that I have and my reward is that these many weeks you have been secretly trying to ruin me even had I been guilty cried the bishop raising his voice it was not your place to proclaim the shame of one who has cherished you if you had such wicked thoughts in your heart why did you not come boldly before me and accuse me to my face I should then have known how to answer you I can't forgive malice yes even malice but not deceit did you never think of my delicate wife of my innocent family when plotting and scheming my ruin with a smiling face alas alas Michael how could you act in a way so unworthy of a Christian of a gentleman what is the use of crying over spilt milk said Karim doggedly you have the advantage now and can do what you will what do you mean by talking like that said the bishop sternly have the advantage now indeed I never lost the advantage sir so far as you are concerned I did not murder that wretched man for you know that mosque confessed how he shot him for the sake of the money I gave him I knew of djenne thumb in other days under another name and when he asked me for money I gave it to him my reason for doing so I do not choose to tell you mr. Karim it is not your right to question my actions I am not only your elder but your ecclesiastic superior to whom as a priest you are bound to yield obedience that obedience I now exact you must suffer for your sins you can't hurt me returned Karim with defiance I have no wish to hurt you answered the bishop mildly but for your own good you must be punished and punished you I will sephora's lies in my power I am ready to be punished my lord you have the whip hand so I must submit Michael Michael harden not your heart repent of your wickedness if it is in you to do so I cannot spare you if I would bow nice not yet Keith Keith pepper ferret mollies that is a true saying which as a priest I should obey and which I intend to obey if only for your own benefit after punishment comes repentance and amendment Karim scowled it is no use talking further my lord he said roughly as I have acted like a fool I must take a fool wages you are indeed a fool rejoined the bishop coldly and an ungrateful fool to boot or you would not thus answer one who has your interest at heart but as you take up such a position I shall be brief you must leave my house at once and for very shame I should advise you to leave the church leave the church echoed Karam in dismay I have said it as a bishop I cannot entrust to a guilty man the care of immortal souls guilty I am guilty of nothing do you call malice falsehood dissimulation nothing you cannot unfrocked me for what I have done said karim evading a direct reply you may have the will but you have not the power dr. pendel looked at him in amazement yours is indeed an evil heart when you can use such language to me he said sorrowfully I see that it is useless to argue with you in your present fallen condition fallen condition my lord yes poor lad fallen not only as a priest but as a man however I shall plead no more go where you will do what you will although I advise you once more not to insult an offended God by offering prayers for others which you need for yourself yet as I am unwilling that you should starve I shall instruct my banker in London to pay you a monthly sum of money until you are beyond want now go Michael I am bitterly disappointed in you and by your own acts you have put it out of my power to keep you by my side go repent and pray the chaplain with a look of malice on his face walked or rather slunk towards the door you magnify my paltry sins he flung back what of your own great ones dare you wretched and to speak against your spiritual head thundered the bishop starting to his feet vested with the imperious authority of the church go quit my sight lest I cast you out from amongst us go before the blaze of that righteous wrath Karam livid and trembling crept away like a beaten hound end of chapter 38 chapter 39 of the Bishop's secret by Fergus Hume this LibriVox recording is in the public domain chapter 39 all's well that ends well Belle Belle do not give me up I must Gabriel it is my duty it is your cruelty ah you never loved me as I love you that is truer than you think my poor boy I thought that I loved you but I was wrong it was your position which made me anxious to marry you it was your weak nature which made me pity you but I do not love you I never did love you and it is better that you should know the truth before we part part Oh Belle Belle part repeated Belle firmly and forever Gabriel's head drooped on his breast and he sighed as one long past tears who hears the clods falling on the coffin in which his beloved lies he and Belle mosque were seated in a little parlour at the back of the bar and they were alone in the house save for one upstairs in the room of mrs. mosque who watched beside the dead on hearing of her husband's rash act the poor wife miserable as she had been with a man yet felt her earlier love for him so far revived as to declare that her heart was broken she moaned and wept and refused all comfort until one night she closed her eyes on the world which had been so harsh and bitter so Belle was an orphan the reffed of father and mother and crushed to the earth by sorrow and shame in her own way she had loved her father and his evil deed and evil end had struck her to the heart she was even glad when her mother died for she well knew that the sensitive woman would never have held up her head again after the disgrace which had befallen her and Belle with a white face and dry eyes long past weeping sat in the dingy parlor refusing the only comfort which the world could give her weary heart poor Belle poor pretty Belle think Gabriel she continued in a hard tearless voice think what shame I would bring upon you where I weak enough to consent to become your wife I had not much to give you before I have less than nothing now I never pretended to be a lady but I thought that as your wife I should never disgrace you that's all past and done with now I always knew you were a true gentleman honorable and kind no one but a gentleman like you would have kept his word with the daughter of a murderer but you have done so dear and I thank and bless you for your kindness the only way in which I can show how grateful I am is to give you back your ring take it Gabriel and God be good to you for your upright kindness there was that in her tone which made Gabriel feel that her decision was irrevocable he mechanically took the ring she returned to him and slipped it on his finger never again was it removed for more he placed it at that moment and in after days it often reminded him of the one love of his life with a second sigh hopeless and resigned he rose to his feet and looked at the dark figure in the twilight of the room what are your plans Belle he asked in an unemotional voice which he hardly recognized as his own I am going away from Behrman ster next week answered the girl listlessly sir harry has arranged all about this hotel and has been most kind in every way I have a little money as Sir Harry paid me for the furniture and the stock-in-trade of course I had to pay for father's deaths she could hardly speak the words so there is not much left still I have sufficient to take me to London and keep me until I can get a situation as as a barmaid asked Gabriel in a low voice as a barmaid she replied coldly what else am I fit for can I not help you know you have given me all the help you could by showing me how much you respect me I do more than respect you Belle I love you I am glad of that replied Belle softly it is a great thing for a miserable girl like me to be loved Belle though no one can cast a stone at you I am the daughter of a murderer Gabriel and I know better than you what the world's charity is do you think I would stay in this place we're cruel people would remind me daily and hourly of my father's sin ah my dear I know what would be said and I don't wish to hear it I shall bury my poor mother and go away never to return my poor Belle God has indeed laid a heavy burden upon you don't her voice broke and the long absent tears came into her eyes don't speak kindly to me Gabriel I can't bear kindness I have made up my mind to bear the worst go away your goodness only makes things the harder for me after all I am only a woman and as a woman I must weep she broke down and her tears flowed quickly I shall go said Gabriel feeling helpless for indeed he could do nothing goodbye Belle he faltered goodbye she sobbed god bless you Gabriel with a heart moved slowly towards the door just as he reached it Bell rose swiftly and crossing the room threw her arms round his neck weeping as though her overcharged heart would break I shall never kiss you again she wailed never never again god bless you and keep you my poor darling faltered Gabriel and God bless you for a good man you have been to me she sobbed and then they parted never to meet again in this world and that was the end of Gabriel pendulum ants at first he thought of going to the South Seas as a missionary but his father's entreaties that he should avoid so extreme a course prevailed and in the end he went no further from Berman ster than Heath Croft vicarage mr. Lee died a few days after Belle vanished from the little county town and Gabriel was presented with the living by the Bishop he is a conscientious worker an earnest priest a popular vicar but his heart is still sore for Belle who so nobly gave him up to bear her own innocent disgrace alone where Belle is now he does not know nobody in Berman sternos not even mrs. pansy for she has disappeared like a drop of water in the wild waste ocean of London town and Gabriel works on amid the poor and needy with a cheerful face but a sore heart for it is early days yet and his heart wounds are recent no one saved the bishop knows how he loved and lost poor Belle but mrs. pendel with a double instinct of woman and mother guesses that her favorite son has his own pitiful romance and would fain know of it that she might comfort him in his sorrow but Gabriel has never told her he will never tell her but go silent and unmarried through life true to the memory of the rough commonplace woman who proved herself so noble and honorable in adversity and so no more of these poor souls it is more pleasant to talk of the witch elope and z war bella metro nice de testa saith the latin poet who knew little of the sex to make such a remark to be sure he was talking of public wars and not of domestic or social battles but he should have been more explicit women are born fighters with their tongues and an illustration of this truth was given in Berman stir when Miss which Allah threw down the gauge to mrs. pansy the little old lady knew well enough that when George and mAb were married the archdeacon's widow would use her famous memory to recall the scandal she had set afloat nearly 30 years before therefore to defeat mrs. pansy once and for all she called on that good lady and dared her to say that there was any disgrace attached to mAbs parentage mrs. pansy anticipating an easy victory shook out her skirts and was up in arms at once I know for a fact that your sister and did not marry the man she eloped with cried mrs. pansy shaking her head viciously who told you this fact demanded miss willow indignantly I can't remember at present but that's no matter it's true it is not true and you know it is an invention of your own spiteful mind mrs. pansy my sister was married on the day she left home and I have her marriage certificate to prove it I showed it to Bishop pendal because you poisoned his mind with your malicious lies and he is quite satisfied Oh any story would satisfy the Bishop sneered mrs. pansy we all know what he is we do an honorable Christian gentleman and we all know what you are a scandal mongering spiteful soured cat hoity-toity fine language this it is the kind of language you deserve ma'am all your life you have been making mischief with your vile town woman roared mrs. pansy white with wrath no one ever dared to speak like this to me it's a pity they didn't then retorted the undaunted miss witch ello it would have been the better for you and for Berman stirrer also would it indeed ma'am gasped her adversary beginning to feel nervous oh really with a hysterical titter you and your certificate I don't believe you have it asked the bishop if I have not he is satisfied and that is all that is necessary you wicked old woman you you leave my house I shall do no such thing Here I am and here I'll stay until I speak my mind and miss witch eloped the floor with her umbrella while she gathered breath to continue I haven't the certificate of my sister's marriage haven't I I'll show it to you in a court of law mrs. pansy when you were in the dock the dock ma'am me and the dock screeched mrs. pansy shaking all over but more from fear than wrath how how dare you I dare anything to stop your wicked tongue everybody hates you some people are fools enough to fear you but I don't cried miss witch ello erecting her crest no not a bit one word against me or against mAb and I'll have you up for defamation of character as sure as my name's Selena which'll oh I I I don't want to say a word mumbled mrs. pansy beginning to give way after the manner of bullies when bravely faced you had better not I have the bishop and all Berman stir on my side and you'll be turned out of the town if you don't mind your own business oh I know what I'm talking about and miss witch Allah gave a crow of triumph like a victorious phantom I am not accustomed to this this violence sniffed mrs. pansy producing her handkerchief if you if you don't go I'll call my servant do and I'll tell them what I think of you I'm going now miss Mitchell Oh rose briskly I've had my say out and you know what I intend to do if you meddle with my affairs good day mrs. pansy and goodbye for it's a long time before I'll ever cross words with you again ma'am and the little old lady marched out of the room with all the honors of war mrs. pansy was completely crushed she knew quite well that miss willow was speaking the truth about the marriage and that none of her own inventions could stand against the production of the certificate moreover she could not battle against the Bishop of Berman stir or risk a realization of miss willows threat to have her into court on the whole the archdeacon's Widow concluded that it would be best for her to accept her defeat quietly and hold her tongue this she did and never afterwards spoke anything but good about young mrs. pendel and her aunt she even sent a wedding present which was accepted by the victor as the spoils of war and was so lenient in her speeches regarding the young couple that all Berman stir was amazed and wished to know if mrs. pansy was getting ready to join the late Archdeacon hitherto the old lady had stormed and bullied her way through a meek and terrified world but now she had been met and conquered and utterly overthrown her nerve was gone and with it went her influence never again did she exercised her venomous tongue to use a vulgar but expressive phrase mrs. pansy was wiped out shortly before the marriage of George and ma'am the tribe of gypsies over which mother Jail ruled vanished into the know where whither they went nobody knew and nobody inquired but their disappearance was a relief both to miss willow and the bishop the latter had decided that to run no risks it was necessary mAb should be married under her true name of vil and his mother jail knew that such was gentle um's real name ms which allo fancied she might come to hear that mAb was called so and make inquiries likely to lead to unpleasantness but mother jail went away in a happy moment so miss which ello explained to her niece and George that the name of the former was not Arden but boss fell it is necessary that I should tell you this dear on account of the marriage said the little old lady your parents my dearest ma'am are dead and gone but your father was alive when I took you to live with me and I called you by another name so that he might not claim you he was not a good man my love never mind aunty cried to mAb embracing the old lady I don't want to hear about him you are both my father and my mother and I know that what you say is right I suppose she added turning shyly to George that captain pendel loves miss beaurevel as much as he did miss Arden a rose by any other name and all the rest of it replied George smiling what does it matter my darling you will be mAb pendel soon so that will settle everything even your meek husband George said miss Boswell solemnly if there is one word in the English language which does not describe you it is meek really and if there is one name in the same tongue which fits you like a glove it is gasps angel cried mAb promptly George laughed near it said he but not quite what I mean the missing word will be told when we are on our honeymoon in this way the matter was arranged and mAb as Miss Boswell was married to captain Pendle on the self-same day at the self-same hour that lucy became lady brace if some remarks were made on the name and scribed in the register of the Cathedral few people paid any attention to them and those who did received from Miss which allow the same skillful explanation as she had given the young couple moreover as mother jail was not present to make enquiries and as mrs. pansy had not the courage to hint at scandal the matter died a natural death but when the honeymoon was waning mAb reminded George of his promise to supply the missing word is it goose she asked playfully no my sweetest though it ought to be replied George pinching his wife's pretty ear it is mAb pendel and he kissed her brisk dr. Graham was at the double wedding and his most amiable and least cynical mood he congratulated the bishop and mrs. Pindell shook hands warmly with the bridegroom and just as warmly on the basis of a lifelong friendship kissed the brides and after the wedding breakfast at which he made the best speech he had an argument with Baltic about his penal conception of Christianity the ex sailor had been very mournful after the suicide of mosque as the rash act had proved how shallow had been the man's repentance but what can you expect said Graham to him it is impossible to terrify people into a legitimate belief in religion I don't want to do that sir replied Baltics soberly I wish to lead them to the throne with love and tenderness I can hardly call your method by such names my friend you simply ruin people in this life to fit them in their own despite for their next existence when all is lost doctor men seek God perhaps but that's a shabby way of seeking him if I could not be converted of my own free will I certainly shouldn't care about being driven to take such a course your system my friend is ingenious but impossible I have yet to prove that it is impossible dr. hmm I daresay you'll succeed in gaining disciples said Graham with a shrug there is no belief strange enough for some men to doubt after Mormonism and Joseph Smith's deification I am prepared to believe that humanity will go to any length in its search after the unseen no doubt you'll form a sect in time mr. Baltic if so call your disciples Hobson i'ts why dr. Graham because the gist of your preaching so far as I can understand is a Hobson's choice retorted the doctor when your flock of criminals lose everything through your exposure of their crimes they have nothing left but religion nothing left but God you mean sir and God is everything no doubt I agree with the latter part of your epigram Baltic although your God is not my God there is only one God doctor true my friend that you and I see him under different forms and seek him in different ways our goal is the same precisely and that undeniable fact does away with the necessity of further argument goodbye mr. Baltic I am glad to have met you original people always attract me and with a handshake and a kindly nod the little doctor bustled doff so in his turn baltic departed from Berman stir and lost himself in the roaring tides of London it is yet too early to measure the result of his work to prognosticate if his peculiar views will meet with a reception likely to encourage their development into a distinct sect but there can be no doubt that his truth and earnestness will someday and perhaps at no very distant date meet with their reward every profit convinced of the absolute truth of his mission succeeds and finding those to whom his particular view of the hereafter is acceptable beyond all others so after all Baltic the untutored sailor may become the founder of a sect what his particular ISM will be called it is impossible to say but taking into consideration the man's extraordinary conception of Christianity as a punishing religion the motto of this new faith should certainly be chair Anette omnia Deo sub-index and Baltic can find the remark cut-and-dried for his quotation in the last pages of the English dictionary so the story is told the drama is played and Bishop endo was well pleased that it should be so he had no taste for excitement or for dramatic surprises and was content that the moving incidence of the last few weeks should thus end he had been tortured sufficiently in mind and body he had in dr. Graham's phrase paid his forfeit to the gods in expiation of a to happy fortune therefore he might now hope to pass his remaining days in peace and quiet George and Lucy were happily married Gabriel was close at hand to be a staff upon which he could lean in his old age and his beloved wife the companion of so many peaceful years was still his wife nearer and dearer than ever when the brides had departed with their several grooms when the wedding guests had scattered to the four winds of heaven Bishop Kendall to his wife's hand within his own and led her into the library here he sat him down by her side and opened the book of all books with reverential thankfulness of soul I called upon thy name o Lord out of the low dungeon the HOD rest' near in the day that I called upon thee thou said fear not and the words to these so sorely tried of late were as the due to the thirsty herb end of chapter 39 and of the Bishop's secret by Fergus Hume

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