Black Bears Eating Plums & Pears – Fun Poetry for Kindergarten or Elementary Kids

How do you know if there’s a bear in your tree? I see some eyes looking back at me. The branches are swaying to and fro, Even though the wind does not blow. Plums disappear one at a time. The dog starts to bark. There’s something outside! It’s the middle of the night raining and dark, but bears they don’t care to them, it’s a park! The mama bear brought her cubs to play, climb trees and eat fruit, Oh, what a day! Get nice and fat with winter ahead Then take a long nap in a cozy bear bed. A cub says, (cub bear voice) “Yum, Yum, I do like plums! A whole tree of them, oh my, what fun! So tasty and sweet. I’ll have some more, Oh, here’s a branch, with plums galore! Thank you mama for bringing us here, we love to eat fruit, you are so dear.” (Mama bear voice) “Us bears need a lot of food, you know, to give our fur a nice shiny black glow. We can thank the people who have planted this tree. They grow fruit just for black bears, you see. We can really tell when the fruit is ripe. We have a good nose, no need for sight. We’re happy to help with the harvest each year, so none goes to waste, we’ll always be near. Hey, what’s that bright light shining in my eyes? Is someone watching me? Have I been spied? Maybe I’ll be a star like bears on TV, but I’m a little shy as you can well see. Oh, I didn’t think anyone was looking. Not sure how that garbage can got there.” (Cub voice) “Mom, I think they’re on to us.” (Mama voice) “Don’t worry, we’ll get ourselves a garbage can.” (Dog Barking!) “I think it’s time to get out of here.” “My nose says the pears are ripe. I’m here to help with the harvest. Oo, Asian pears are juicy and sweet. Here they are all over the ground. Such a nice sunny day for a picnic. Ah, a shady place to rest under a tree.” (Farmer voice) “Uh oh, looks like the bears have been here! And they broke branches off of the tree It’ll take some pruning to fix this, but oh well, it’ll grow back.” (Mama voice) “Oh, where are those cubs? They’re around here somewhere. Hard to keep up with them anymore Of course I’m full of pears and plums I always gain weight this time of year. Maybe I’ll check down by the river. No, don’t see ’em down here. Hey what are you lookin’ at?” If you liked this video, please subscribe to our channel! We have many more videos yet to come on a variety of subjects. Hope you enjoyed this!

5 thoughts on “Black Bears Eating Plums & Pears – Fun Poetry for Kindergarten or Elementary Kids

  1. Glad you are willing to share your bounty with the neighbours. A lot of folks would chase them out with a gun…we are constanrly encroaching into their home territories and making it harder for them to survive.

  2. Yah, it is a little corny but, that has never hurt anyone. It is nice to be able to get such good footage.

  3. They are so cute… And the poem was great!

  4. Bears becoming habituated to human food and garbage, never ends well, especially for the bears. Please remove this video, it is not the best messaging you can give kids.

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