BLACK POETRY : In catuse/In the handcuffs/Dans la menottes/Nelle manette/In den Handschellen

.. In the handcuffs of Zorica Laţcu Souls, why do you always strike?
You cry like a beast locked in a cage; The teeth of the wild bite,
Biting bite locks hard. Souls, would you like to sip in the sky?
Well, you know, it’s a narrow cage. He stops your wing – freedom –
With gray iron trellises. Souls, do you miss it?
You know you hit the beams on the ridge And the wood dressed in vain sadly,
When you hit your head, you want to jump. Souls, did you miss paradise?
Well, you know it’s the endless way. You did not mow in the hand,
You do not have food in the empty bag either. Souls, is it difficult for you to stay in
halter? Does it make you miss going?
Do not fight. Well you know that The blood flows in the cage, you fight.
Souls wait with patience: They will perish ashes once and for all,
Your bloody cage will perish And you will be alone in the light.
The wooden beams will break, The iron gratings will open,
And you will forget the sides hade, Souls, then to a sign.

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