Black Red Guard's Poetry: "A Communist's Pledge" and 'The Reds".

a communists pledge by black Redguard i am a communist in the heritage of millions that fought and died before me I serve no country the world is my home and birthright I have no positions we communists have nothing but our lives I have nothing yet no we shall have everything I seek no glory outside of that which belongs to our class I see pain suffering sorrow and strife I apply a weapon of theory like a surgeon's knife I teach Lexus off I fight like che I explain Lex and Cara I serve like mal I rebelled like junk I struggle like linen I analyze like Jiri no work is beneath me if it is in the service of my class no work is above me if I could learn I am better than none except the enemy I eat with the homeless I walk with the masses I learn so that I may teach I'll lay down my life so that I may live there is no I only we millions are dead and alive walk with me and we will be victorious and if I fall pick up my gun and my flag threats by black regarde pain bullets ripping through the bodies of my people the original people incarceration they put the original people in jail where we cut each other's throats over a television channel or a solo cup of warm kool-aid nobility of humanity griots scholars healers stolen brutalized tortured sorrow the best of us dying early deaths violent deaths martin was 39 malcolm was 39 I've outlived chairman Fred Huey didn't see 50 they scaled the heights left their mark on the consciousness of all inspired frauds and true revolutionaries alike what life is this who will pick up the red flag what life is this a country where I was born with a target on my forehead where mothers and their premature babies in filthy hell holes where warfare is above welfare where entire countries are strangled by cruel callous in noble men who lives like this and does nothing nihilism is tempting fatalism is tempting lose yourself and drugs and drink work and indulge until you die become an exploited fuck the world many have succumbed why not have an easy life but my friend my comrade remember when the oceans boil away when the green fields baked in an unforgiving Sun don't forget the Sun gives life and takes the two this is dialectics when the earth is eventually dashed to pieces were you a real Cuban did you lay siege to the castle of the wicked did you try did you accomplish did you achieve will humanity still exist because you were one of the many who dared to storm the heavens or did you wait it used to come to an easy life did you wait for others to do while you buy it in your time did you walk away from your duty explain to your progeny how you fought the red heroes how do you call them violent naive ultras cultists crazies and yet your progeny exists and thrives in the beautiful world that the Reds die and there are tens of thousands to build the Reds lost families friends jobs the Reds marched through sweltering jumbles brawling deserts the Reds ate Brahmin while you ate steak the Reds saw no rest no peace the Reds killed and died and asked nothing for it thought nothing of it yet they saved all from destruction what did you do the fruits of victory are not easy to grab they are plucked from high trees watered with the blood of the best of humanity and you have no right to sit out the fight yet dare to take a seat at the table secured by those who bled and suffered so that all could live be a rain

15 thoughts on “Black Red Guard's Poetry: "A Communist's Pledge" and 'The Reds".

  1. This reminds me of WELCOME THE UNWELCOME 's video, is the editing inspired by sison's poems at all?

  2. Holy crap, this is some nice mother pecking poetry. Czerwony salut (Red salute)!~ <3!~

  3. Long live the International Proletarian Struggle!!!

  4. Great poetry. What are your thoughts on Ho Chi Minh?

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