27 thoughts on “Blaq Poet – We Gon' Ill [Prod. By DJ Premier]

  1. Meh. This guy can’t touch K-Rino as a lyricist. Not anywhere near.

    Hope homeboy here’s back doesn’t hurt from patting himself on it.

  2. Like ma' nigga Preemo
    He reached out to me-yo
    Whereva he go, I go
    See-He mi amigo

    Loved the wordplay 🔥🔥

  3. Preem the dream team- I am so thankful I was exposed to preem at an early age. His scratch phrases are some of the best yet. Genius, straight up and down…

    Rip to GURU- Just as thankful for your wisdom & knowledge
    Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal will forever bring ripples to our universe

  4. Very simple drum break with a basic piano sample over it. Preemo is the only producer who can turn those 2 elements into pure fire. Fucking legendary tune.

  5. Hip to the hop!! Thank you for not only flowing those flows, but the BEATS!!!

  6. Best hip-hop producer ever and its not even debatable when you compare longevity and complete catalogs. Noone is even close really

  7. mr. bULlets get these Lands !!REALTYME!THANK THIS SHIT UP!!BIG CRUSH!

  8. Aye yo watch me dress like need stuck up Everything and Fun up every Thang.UNICORN.

  9. MAn My G's Mother Fuck these Fake Ass Busters!!! learn how to Be Me Nigga. The King CrackerMan!! FuRy! GYEP

  10. Dis Knew!! I will get all the FAKE Biches!!MR . KING RANGER 1!CRACKERY

  11. SALUTE to Queens Bridge Poet bringing back some hot Boom Bap music and who held QB down more then anybody during the Bridge Wars. Called out KRSONE and the who BDP Posse. #GrownManRapHipHop

  12. many german people know and like dr. dre & 2pac & snoop dogg. But i am one of these people where can´t hear Radio music and mainstream and and and….to hear THIS SONG open totally my heart <3 good work. i spent more time to some rare tracks. i prefer that i find not many songs for me, but if – they my secret <3

  13. Feels like I am dreaming. DJ Premier is the greatest hip-hop DJ out there. Super collab with the Blaq Poet

  14. swear premo is underrated af. Swear this East side music, beat and story is lit af. Much better than Lil peep etc.

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