Bloodlines 2 Lore, The Toreador! Artists and Poets in the World of Darkness,

the toreador a truly ancient clan knoweth descendants stemming all the way back to the first city founded by Kane himself they have always been one of the high clans of vampire society and yet they're also one of the least marshal of all the clans how did a clan like the toreador filled with painters sculptures and artists of all kind survived all the way up until the modern nights well that is the question we will be answering today as well as a deeper look into the toreador clan firstly alice's investigator what makes the toreador suffering special so unique when compared to all of the other clans and that is undoubtedly their focus upon artistic pursuit upon beauty in all its myriad forms over the other clans often more practical pursuits but despite the obvious differences the Tory adores pursuit of beauty is in many ways the same as the bruisers pursuit of overthrowing the status quo it is a part of the clan a part of their blood a secret buried so deep within their DNA that they simply cannot resist but at the very same time it is also a very different driver because of course art and beauty are extraordinarily subjective terms what one man might find to be the pinnacle of modern art another might view as nothing more than pointless speckles of paint on an otherwise pristine canvas as you may imagine an entire clan based on such a subjective idea as art or beauty is prone to a great deal of infighting the toreador most certainly are the main clan is divided into several smaller factions all huddling around their various preferred art forms they may also divide themselves into broader factions based for example on the more classical arts or the newer arts which are often rejected by the elders there are also more extreme factions thus have on occasion been outright antagonistic with the name toreador clan for example the toreador ante trib you are the ones who rejected the camarillo and instead chose to join the sebat the toreador anti-drip you have a very different definition of beauty the most not just toreador but most in general the toreador anti-drip you sees a beauty in pain in suffering in debasement and depravity and the strict regulations of the camera and the enforcement of the masquerade does not serve their purposes overly well there's also another faction that refer to themselves as the Vall Giri these are a quite different form again even compared to the toreador all of the anti Tribune whilst they are flush crafters and see beauty in the macabre the repugnant and the ugly suffering and pain is not necessarily a part of their art if you wish to call it so arts is after all a very subjective thing but with the Oval Giri is preference to carry out their art on those things that are still alive well I think most of us can probably agree that it's pushing the definition just a bit although the sim is shard of course great fans of the bull Giri and there is even an Islamist version of the toreador there a in alpha in this is a rather interesting one and also the one with the greatest schism verging on an internal civil war unsurprisingly so for anyone with an understanding of fundamentalist Islam the elders of this clan are of the opinion that all art does a respect and preservation even art depicting heretical idols and those worshiping lost religions the younger generations of course take a somewhat more well Islamic approach to things to be honest and out of the opinion that anything that is outside of Islam is obviously heretical and must be destroyed but how has such a splintered clan actually survived ever since the first city all the way up to the modern nights and not just survived mind you but prospered the toreador are a key pillar of the modern day Camarillo and even during the Dark Ages and the Renaissance they were a considerable political power well the simple answer to that is that the toreador did not make themselves an easy targets most of the time they operated from within the power structure of other organizations which is why the Camarillo is such a perfect fit for them even during the ancient Ages when the bruza were creating their dream of Carthage the toreador existed inside of Carthage just like they existed within the walls of Rome and the venture and when they saw which way the wind was blowing the toreador are never thought twice of jumping the sinking ship of Carthage and joining up with the Roman Victor's and many say that the reason why the venture chose to burn Carthage to the ground and then sort it was because of the tales brought along with the toreador they painted a picture of a city gone mad filled with blood sacrifice and demon see and whilst this picture may certainly have been a tad bit embellished here a mirror even the bruiser admit that there were some less than savory aspects of Carthage regardless of the truth the toreador had now well and truly ingratiated themselves to the victor and were allowed to enter Rome and its upper echelon of kindred society and Rome would prove a kind and generous mistress to the toreador it was within the Roman Senate and palaces of emperors yet to come that the toreador are discovered and perfected their arts of statesmanship intrigue and politics growing to wield enormous power within Rome and as that ancient Empire slowly but surely began to crumble the toreador attached themselves to other new and fascinating power structures and one amongst their kind was particularly intrigued by a new religion called Christianity the toreador in question was born Amica ill over 2,000 years before Christ died on the cross and had later changed his name to beshte after fleeing from the Acadians upon discovering this new faith however he renamed himself once again as Michael after the Christian arch angel and after having lived much of his life in Rome he travelled to a place known as be sunk along with his twin lovers Drakon and Antonius they became religious symbols in this new area that it was eventually happened upon by a mortal by the name of Constantine who would later establish the city of Constantinople on the place of Besant Michael and his lovers would eventually rise to the top of Byzantine society forming a religious triumvirate at the core of the city with Antonius as the father Drakon as the holy ghost and Michael as the son hath reformed the core pillars of Constantinople society and together they created what they referred to as the dream a vampire utopia founded on the city of Constantinople filled with learning culture entertainment enlightenment and all manners of pleasures both of the solo and off the flesh Constantinople was a true paradise inhabited not merely by the toreador about many of the other vampire clans as well and was considered a truly wondrous achievement of vampire civilization it would last for nearly a thousand years until finally it came to an end during the Fourth Crusade although the city's doom had been heralded long before that the alliance between Michael Drakken and Antonius all fourth generation Methuselah vampires had lasted for centuries but the friction between the families eventually grew to dire especially due to the actions of Antonius who sought to impose a far stricter control over the actions of the vampires in Constantinople he wished to hide their existence from the views of mortal eyes his suggestion in many ways bore a certain resemblance to the masquerade of modern Knights although his execution would have been considerably more violent in nature and he has extreme views the time gained him many many enemies and his very existence had become a threat to the great dream that the three of them had created and eventually after much prodding and convincing Michael and Drakon agreed to sanction the death of Antonius who was killed at the hands of one of his own by the name of Caius who staked the vampire and left him outside to await the sunrise destroying him utterly but despite the apparent necessity of the act Michael and Dracon did not take the death of Antonius at all well Adrian became depressed and he would eventually leave the city of Constantinople and Michael would be driven insane he would eventually come to think of himself not merely as a vampire who had adopted the name of Michael but as the actual incarnation of the Arch Angel himself unfortunately for Michael however his delusions of grandeur could not save his dream and he was killed during the Fourth Crusade and the dream came to an end although many others disciples of Michael and believers in the resurrection of the dream have attempted to recreate it usually without a whole lot in the way of success however the dream is not yet entirely dead Drakon still lives and whilst Michael was diable arised by Mary the black another vampire can one truly diabolical hmm perhaps the dream is not yet entirely dead as long as two of its greatest servants still live but that may be a tale for another time let us return to the toreador in general because it was not only Michael who saw the rise of Christianity as an opportunity the toreador in general were quite fond of the church because it was one of the foremost patrons of the arts during the Dark Ages and the Renaissance as such a great deal of Torreya doors made their way into the church most holy service as it would appear that crosses do not inherently have any effect upon vampires bear in mind however that this is a bit of an interesting thing so religious symbols can have an effect upon vampires but it is not the symbols themselves that have this power rather it is the so called the true faith of the symbols wielder this means that in the hands of a true believer a cross can have an effect on a vampire as can a Quran or a statuette of the Buddha but across or any of these symbols alone have no effect and so the toreador could infiltrate the church with little to no problems additionally they also grew very fond of the French courts growing extremely influential in the courts of love because of course the French have at least in my own humble opinion always being degenerate perverts perfect places for the toreador to make their own little nests and with so much influence at the French courts and with the papacy the toreador became one of the most powerful clans in all of kindred society and eventually all of that power and influence would coalesce in what is now known as the Camarillo the Camarillo is an organization born by necessity during the waning years of the Dark Ages the vampire world was shocked by a repeated attacks upon it both by humanity in the form of the Inquisition and from within its very own ranks in the form of the first anak revolt to respond to these clear and present threats many of the elder clans were gathering together to discuss the possibilities before them many who advocated all-out war not only against the annex but also against humanity many of the elders argued that humanity had grown too bald too powerful and too suspicious of the true nature of the kindred and unless they were cold and brought into submission now they might grow to become an existential threat to all vampires and if it was not for the intervention of a mere fifth generation toreador that may very well have become the true aim of the Camarillo however Raphael of the Khorasan had another idea he argued that if war was to follow with the humans kindred victory was far from a foregone conclusion the hordes of humanity had grown a vast indeed as had their technology and knowledge of weaponry and to make matters worse organizations like the Inquisition and various holy orders had become frightening ly proficient at providing kindred with the true death and finally he stated that if a war was to break out that's would be the end of any attempt at subterfuge once the kindred were actively fighting the humans in open warfare there will be no more hiding there will be no more disguising their presence and there will be no more lurking in human society no more living in their castles or operating within their cities no more benefitting of their ingenuity and constant improvement and even if humanity was successfully enslaved to the cause of the kindred and ifile the Khorasan argued that such an action would crush their spirits and with it their ingenuity and drive not to mention of course the dangers inherent in keeping a slave population many of the elders listening to Raphael speech had lived for thousands upon thousands of years and they had seen was a population raised to bondage could do if provided with enough fire and so instead of this instead of all-out war and risking everything that kindred society had grown to be so fond of and in some cases even reliant upon Raphael presented the council with an alternative he reminded them of the six traditions the traditions that the elders and many of their brood had been breaking or repeatedly and blatantly the first of which was the masquerade to hide the existence of vampires the second domain a Kindred's hunting ground is his territory progeny fire only with the permission of your elders accounting until children are released their actions are the responsibility of their SIA Hospitality honor the domains of others and present oneself to the ruler of any domain you visit and finally destruction the right to kill kindred is reserved only for the elder of a community and only they may call a blood hunt upon another kindred Raphael urged the elders to reaffirm these old traditions and to create finally a lasting alliance between vampire clans the chimera to enforce these traditions and keep control over kindred society as such they would rely upon subterfuge and stealth to continue to exist within human society rather than risk it all in an all-out war Raphael's impassioned speech convinced virtually all of the eldest presence and so vampire society would from the creation of the car Marilla adopt a new doctrine they would hide themselves from society and they would enforce these rules to deadly consequence if need be and by so doing the camarillo would protect all kindred whilst providing them with safety and prosperity the fact that it would also bring all kindred under their de facto control well that was just a nice little bonus and so the toreador entered into the Victorian age not diminished in power at all but instead made even more important though the ensuing Industrial Revolution did cause quite the upheaval within toreador society the church one of the primary sources of the clans influence began to become less important and as the influence of the church began to wane another religion began to take place the religion of which I speak of course is not one that is officially recognized and yet one we all universally worship money and what a prodigiously of it now flowed into the world the Victorian age and the Industrial Revolution allowed the common man to enjoy something that previously had been reserved only for the rich and powerful freedom leisure time and the ability to indulge in one's hobbies and desires this of course was an even more golden age in the preceding one for the toreador art science culture music writing sculpturing all of these things exploded since now not only the rich and powerful could indulge in them normal people would begin to buy paintings admire them and enjoy fine food and drink for a clan like the toreador who are enraptured in all forms of art beauty decadence and pleasure this was a revolution in more ways than one since not only was there more for them to enjoy there were also more ways for them to directly influence the fields that they were so very fond of previously only huge organizations like the church or courts could afford to become patrons of the Arts but in the modern nights art is everywhere promising artists spring up by the dozens every day be they songwriters musicians singers painters dancers there is a nearly infinite amount of them and the toreador being immortal and many of them having quite a few connections already well they found the art of making money to be no challenge at all and indeed in the modern nights one of the biggest problems the toreador faced is that there are so many forms of art now so many things to enjoy and indulge in that the Schism it has created are starting to become a real problem within the clan there are so many of them that enjoy so many different things that what was once friendly if spirited conversations and discussions at meetings and gatherings tend to become somewhat more heated with many of the elders for example as we touched upon previously simply outright rejecting certain new ideas and arts 3d for example animation modern cinema or modern music many of these things are considered to be a little bit too crude for the refined senses of the elders of the clan whilst of course also being embraced wholeheartedly by the younger generation it's almost reminds one of a similar schism that happened within the bruza where the elders clung to traditions and the youngsters wanted something new something interesting something fiery and so despite the fact that the clan is at the absolute zenith of its power it may also be spending on a crumbling precipice and with that I'll wrap up yet another clan video Irish paradox would take it a bit more easy on these ones hell I'm busy enough with racks as it is in addition to making some other content on occasion as well this should just keep me quite busy but you guys seem to enjoy it so I see no reason to stop now so is the toreador a one little interesting thing that I feel I must point out there are those out there who claim the pitoni ador are the most human of all the plans but I beg to differ I still believe that that distinction belongs to the Treme er because let's be honest here ambition Drive the wish to improve one's surroundings one situation etc there is a very fundamental human emotion we all have it you might succumb on occasion to apathy and hopelessness sure but the drive to improve one slot in life is still I would say one of the most universal of human emotions but the toreador well think of it the toreador are a beautiful perfect of wanting creatures who value art and the pursuit of ephemeral pleasure above everything and they will pursue it at any cost to the point that if they see a beautiful work of art they can become so enamored with it that they completely lose track of time and place to the point that if they see a particularly fancy vars in the middle of a firefight they might simply just stand there dumbstruck and get shot at that's a bit of an extreme reaction don't you think and of course they constant strive towards perfection as well now ask yourselves how many humans do you know that always strive towards nothing but perfection that value something like art over virtually anything else that value practically any ephemeral thing above such baser instincts as caring for oneself one's family etc who do you know that would rather starve than sell a particularly beautiful painting to me honestly the toreador remind me more of an idealized version of humanity a version of humanity conjured up by an ancient creature that knew what it was to be human once but has long since forgotten and is also constrained by his current existence lacking certain abilities feelings emotions and senses that they once had as a human and they have painted for themselves an idealized representation of what it was to be human a perfect interpretation of what they once were and so they are now striving to reach that perfect interpretation this I believe is also one of the reasons the toreador occasionally suffer from burnout where they will essentially find that nothing really stirs them anymore no work of art no matter how magnificent no piece of music no matter how stirring can really evoke the same sensations and emotions and when that happens to them they tend to go quite batty indeed and start shaking out considerably more extreme forms of stimuli a touch of slash in the world of darkness at least that's my take on them but hey I'm hardly an expert on the world of darkness so perhaps I'm overanalyzing yeah as for why you would want to play a toreador well why wouldn't you they're awesome I know I say that a lot but the toreador are probably my like second favorite ones because they are such social creatures they focus far more on you know diplomacy of talking on intrigue in these things rather than just bashing something over the head with a pipe I quite like that I really love that in RPG as well and vampire the masquerade the first one did a fantastic job of presenting you with that the war on occasions in that game where you had to fight but there was so much that you could solve with good old-fashioned diplomacy hell the giant gargoyle monstrosity ambushes you you can talk your way out of that it might not be easy but you can do it and I really do love that aspect of the toreador although well I would never play one in the the RPG because by god if you've got a ich diem oh my oh oh Jesus the ability to just be stricken by some form of beauty to the point of being rendered in sentient is insane I mean the penalties were nasty the last time I saw them hell I'm pretty sure that you can't actually be outright stunned for minutes if not hours at a time hell just imagine the potential consequence of that if your DM says oh hey real pretty painting over there maybe you should forget about the dude with the shotgun pointed at your face for a second and you don't really take it in oh yeah well that could be a really cool aspect of a game though just have you be in trance with the painting to the point where you've completely lose track of a conversation that actually could be a really cool thing and then you'd either have to be like oh yeah sorry boss I was just lost in the blue eyes of the mozzarella over there or something so I didn't hear a damn thing can you repeat that which could result in the guy either repeating it or you know getting really really really angry with you could be interesting certainly I could also feel like one of a dick move but hey details details in fact I might do a toreador as my playthrough of vtm – I will of course be playing that on the channel obviously but I think for my personal enjoyment playthrough that I'll do just by myself are we picking a venture obviously the venture are my favorites I mean come on no bags that value their lineage and pride above everything else even at the expense of others oh yeah abso bloody lutely know people even put it up to a vote and let you guys this Sunday to watch Klan I'll play that'll be funny I'll probably beets image or Gangrel or something could be funny in its own way though anywho until next time I open arch thank you all very much for watching and I hope to see you all again soon until then have a good day

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