Blue Telusma a writer of the Grio's awful wishes for R Kelly's supporters and R Kelly is a good dad

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50 thoughts on “Blue Telusma a writer of the Grio's awful wishes for R Kelly's supporters and R Kelly is a good dad

  1. Unsealing the case works in his favour because it shows that both parents are responsible for the upkeep of their children. Also in relation to Harvey Weinstein his case is only sealed to ensure/protect Jury Selection. If R Kelly's case isn't dropped and get to Jury Selection Steve can make the same application to seal that element of the case. As for comparing fans to Trump supporters, R Kelly fans aren't racist 🤔🤔🤷🏿🤷🏿

  2. Sorry I'm late @sugar n spice how are you and you definitely are right..!!

  3. Wait…. Didn't all of these allegations stop him from being able to work. You can't claim victim and take away his ability to work then claim he is a deadbeat because he can't pay child support because she helped to stop his income. Gtfoh!!!!

  4. Ahh! @ 2:46 didn't she say "He had to SHARE!! the upkeep of his children"!! I would throw a gag order on her! Sue her for slander!Sue her for defaming their children's privacy! Every fan every supporter needs to picket outside the offices etc of Dream Hampton, The Ex Wife,The Tv & Radio Station's and more!👊💯

  5. Hi sugar n Spice I'm not going stop being fan of R. Kelly I don't care what nobody say about me

  6. We need to pray that R. Kelly doesn’t abandon black women for a cave bitch. Not all black women are like Andrea. That’s why I am glad that Azriel and Jocelyn showed up on the interview standing up for R. Kelly so they can show the world that they will never give up on R. Kelly, and there are black women who will stand by his side.

  7. Lord for the love of money….if he paid her then she should be good….I just need to know if he was such a bad husband and Father give him back HIS last name it would seem she wouldn't want to have anything to do with him makes you wonder what the real story is

  8. She has to pay her ex Brian McFee, McKee or what ever his last name is.

  9. yall love to jump on the banwagon. im sticking to my guns. he wrong

  10. Tell blue to kiss your ass…for her to go to hell. She a troll.. She mad cause the truth is coming out…💯💯💯

  11. Hey spice have you seen the break down on JP. Her name is Camille kastas. She nailed it

  12. This Sh*t don’t make NO since!! Andrea is crazy as hell!! Praying 🙏 for R Kelly

  13. She sounds hateful & scorned probably don't know what she's even talking about she's just another person on the bandwagon also she doesn't punctuate very well

  14. And yes I know it’s kelly but she shouldn’t still be using the mans last name if he’s a monster and all of what she says so I put jelly cause to me that’s what she is (jealous)or atleast apart of it; her marriage didn’t pan out out with him they way she thought it would and this goes back to when they were married and her saying she didn’t like not getting public acknowledgement for being his wife and also her being upset he been moved on .to me that just seems like she has animosity over the failed marriage,the fact that those checks weren’t coming in like she’s used to,her failed attempt at being a reality star and her having a second failed marriage while her ex(Sylvester) has long moved on and was with other woman living his life.

  15. Andrea jelly is an opportunist; check the upcoming season of growing up growing up hip hop suddenly she’s going to be on and I believe deb atney is gonna be her manager. So yeah her so-called standing up for and with the victims ,no she was looking for a come up after that failed Hollywood ex’s show that went nowhere for her and got her and that dude she married within 2 seconds who’s was using her I believe to get next to Kelly’s for a come up because he wanted a music career but they ended up getting a divorce. So yeah she was and is doing this to get a check so now on the upcoming growing up hip hop she will get to continue her “stories” and get his kids to back her in the hate. Sad just sad

  16. Ok if college was that important then she needs to turn to her mother who's getting 20grand per month and have been for a very long time. Maybe her mother needs to downsize her lifestyle so you can get some of that support money to finish college booboo. And if I'm not mistaken she getting large lump some at a time because rkelly is doubling up to stay out of jail🤔and it dont take 20grand a month to live. By felicia
    I'm no longer a supporter of rkelly due to his deeds. but I must be fair in my judgment. He paid the dammmm money and at his last hearing he paid the support up for a few months. And his wife want more, how about she get another profession where she can afford her lifestyle. It's not about the children Andrea stop your "Ish" honey🤨

  17. Lol this is punishment for not swirling R Kelly is being punish because he choose to marry a black woman look at all the black man before him OJ Michael Jordan Michael Jackson Tiger Woods Eddie Murphy Richard Prior marring Rich black man is big business white supremacy propaganda is… now they about to make Kellz marry a cave beast … notice how all the white women standing up for Kellz saying positive things about him .. Andrea is part of the cointel program is when black women sabotage black man with sexual scandals.. had Kellz married a cave beast he wouldn’t be in this trouble.. this why they promote swirling Kellz said no to a pink toe and this is his black lash..the white lady again outclassed the black woman..


  19. These are some nothing ass, lazy bitches…hate to say it but it’s the TRUTH!!

  20. what I don't understand is why doesn't she have a JOB to send her kids to college? I mean he could of always paid her back later SMFH………As a mother I don't think I can wait on ANY Man (even there father) before I send my kids to school even if he's a millionaire especially what she claims they went through.

  21. She need to go to hell because she’s talking real evil and it looks like crab tactic don’t want to see somebody else move up so they keep pulling the other one down

  22. That's right. God is a loving God he wouldn't send people to a burning hell. There is no such thing as a burning hell. People need to think about shit before they pop off because they don't know shit.

  23. We should not be fooled with all the lies and deception the ultimate plan is to steal his Legacy we must not let these demons continue to destroy our positive icons, in the voice of Minister Farrakhan, when we kill them like they kill us they will let our voices be heard you can only destroy a snake by chopping off its head, that’s where the problem starts.

  24. No matter all Wat she do or say, my luv 4 king Rob is unbreakable

  25. A victory for my children lol. So insincere and communicates through her back side hands waving like its a stage performance. To many Gucci bags bought for this lady. The pantomime mimicking all what shes saying. Am right now contemplating as to weather I should deck out my whole house with some party hats whistles decorations all with stars and strips a complete P*** take. Serious. R.Kelly loves his kids. Hes a homey dedicated to his fans and community. He idolises his kids. Thanks for highlighting this video suger as we do not see all this coverage in UK. A blessed day peace

  26. R. Kelly should get receipts of where his MONEY is actually going. There is no way the college tuition should not be paid. I am not buying this.

    It goes to show who was one of the main one's taking and stealing his money.

    When this is all over, R. Kelly needs to throw away his whole crew, work on his spirituality and re-establish his relationship with his children….I support the KING OF R&B forever….It won't change.

  27. She's a POS!!!! She wants to go on TV with her negative lies to make him look bad and hurt his opportunity to make money and still wants all that money. Where the hell does she work at?

  28. Sending love to all you guys Suger & Spice from UK. R. Kelly is the real deal and these other ppl are just amateurs. Respect👈

  29. The people that are supporting RKelly stuck by him due to No Actual EVIDENCE!!! Plus too many lies being told, stories that don't match up, Gold diggers, an ex wife that has NEVER spoken negatively about him prior to the Surviving RKelly was aired & everyone of these women are getting paid for the interviews, they are not doing it for FREE!!!
    A true 'victim dies not run to the media & goes STRAIGHT to the police and reports it the next day! Not years later!
    So to all the HATERS start showing us some EVIDENCE!!!

  30. I support R-Kelly & Trump. Yall gotta think they did the same shit w/ Trump & Justice Kavanugh. People need to wake up, Dems only want to divide all people to keep them focused on being Emotionally outraged instead thinking critically & logically.

  31. 20k per month & she aint have her college paid for in full??? What she been doing w/ all the money since 2006?

  32. Sugar, You've got to take a listen at Spittin Fire, RA Jackson, on YouTube. Another version of you💝

  33. I've never known of a so called predator who's so called prey stalks and seeks him out like these groupies turned concubines did him.

  34. That Telusma chic just proved that she has no critical thinking skills. People that support R. Kelly after watching the documentary prove that they can see thru bs and lies from a mile away.

  35. I'm soooo sick of people saying he sexually abused children, which is far from the truth.

  36. I don't agree with them unsealing the divorce papers. It has nothing to do with his current case. There's no need to review those documents to determine which support bc everyone already know what his child support payments are supposed to be. Not only that, both she and he received copies of the final decree laying out payments so what's the point of unsealing the rest of the documents. It's rhetorical, I already know why. They want her allegations to be made public. It has nothing to do with the child support. Andrea and her daughter is the reason her child support payments stopped. They are a part of muting him and stopping his income.

  37. I doubt very much R Kelly denies his children an education. He's going to give his children what he didn't have. R Kelly is not articulate but he's very intelligent when it comes to investing in his children . Drea is being very vindictive. She has to pay that second husband spousal support. Lets get to the truth.

  38. His daughter Joann AKA Buku Abi is being coached by her mother.

  39. Isn't two of Kelly children adults??
    If so, its time for MAMA and her eggs to get a job!

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