Blueprint for Peace for Humanity – Day 2 – AM – Monday, July 3, 2017

you welcome everyone to the blueprint for
peace for Humanity this is day two the first session in the morning
for Monday July 3rd 2017 this is a presentation of the Keshe foundation
spaceship Institute and today we’ll have mr. Kesh delivering today’s instructions
and teaching and I believe he’s ready to go in our studio here mr. Keshe are you
there yes good morning good afternoon to you as usual wherever
and whenever you listen to these teachings as you are aware we try to
keep the teachings at least to August the 2nd the same as what we have done we
started it on Friday with part of the program to teach and at the same time
set up the scene overall peace his signature of the peace treaty a lot has
been done by the members of Keshe foundation core team the Earth Council
on Universal Council in the past few days we try to keep everything as we
have done in the past according to the way we work and the way we keep our
programs running but when we are at this stage now that the members of the
Universal Council as they are handling all the languages we have asked them to
join us in bringing all the facilities that we can produce will be part of the
members of the what we call to replace the war Lydia still the government’s
take the position I will yes I think rather just that week there
listen just a moment is on your end must be no is his audio bomb dropped a half
or less there’s something just something where he can kill I’m close brother oh
no I switched from one machine to another okay yeah that’s quite read was
quite weak no but I guess maybe it’ll compensate as you speak let me see
something else one second the speaker remarkable is the microphone better now
oh yes we’re you better thank you okay so it may use be a bit too much okay can
you hear it better now oh yes quite loud now okay me so it’s just switching
machine no sir but there’s a bit of a hum coming from the background yeah when
you speak is it better yes and secondly is the charger of the
system at some time we have the problem with the system is getting charged yeah
we switch over between two or three systems that we can keep track of with
all different bandits as I said we asked earth council and their Universal
Council on the core team to come up with next few days with a list of all the
nations and the name of the leaders earned who as part of the Keshe
foundation you have to be the citizen of the nation that you can stand you’ve got
to be born in done and carry a what we call a understanding of the ethos of the
Keshe foundation that you can take your place as a leader of the nation till
it’s replaced as we know nowadays we see men off the street
become war leaders we are not doing anything unusual
but this time we leave it to the soul of the people as we’ve seen a man being a
security man in one nation in a retailer store now has become the president of
the nation we have seen ordinary people of the street through whatever ways have
become the world leaders there should be no difference this time the man himself
commits himself and his soul to carry the conduct and bring correctness in the
kind of day running of man what we called the territory which he or she is
from we have no what are called sexual preferences anyone who thinks the soul
can carry the nation they are quite welcome we just need the forms to
understand who they are and there is no gimmick played in the background once we
open this application form within the next day or two when they set up is just
a list of the nations and the midges and you enter your name and who you want to
be the first step offsetting above the function and process of the
establishment of the world peace and signing an agreeing was completed
this morning and about very early hours of this morning by all the members aware
of all present regulation was completed and has already been central we expect
some answers within the next few days and then we take the next step if we are
fully aware of what we call rogue elements in the background but they are
doing we are monitoring and in time and in turn as they have not managed to stop
us and they’ve actually helped us a lot to promote our technology and the
science it will come to help us in their own way and we are not bothered the only
thing we are bothered that something is my worry is that we managed to get the
whole process through in a short-term and a long-term that we
do not get trapped in the old-fashioned ways which has been going on it is
important for us to understand the gravity and the consequence or the
consequences of what we have a started we are setting up a structure which has
been every man’s dream to have a just government to have a just system that no
one needs to travel from one end of the planet to another to have a life which
could be desirable as they cannot have how will achieve it you’ll come in time
I’ll explain we shall see and in so many ways it’s our responsibility to see this
through whatever is the path of your brief whatever is the path of your
political work whatever is the path of your understanding of the science of the
man if you think you can stand as the leader of the nation that you will carry
the ethos of the foundation and being peace on what I call equality to all
humans has become one nation join in we will become in next couple of weeks of
powerful organization we are receiving some tentative contracts from major core
organizations which are considering and looking in how we set this thing up to
join the foundation now well establish organizations around the world they’ve
been trying to achieve but they have never managed to put everything together
because they were lacking the organization of an understanding of that
science can be used to change the course of humanity for those of you who have
approached us and you’re trying to find a way to collaborate as long as the
means are peaceful we joined no adverse activities will be accepted there is a talk of all sorts of
celebration and activities as we approach the week we have to see the
condition the earth team core Council the universal council and a core team
will monitor every means with going to meetings on daily basis we make sure
this process goes through it is our job to make sure to go through we give we
need another week 10 days to gather momentum that we are ready you have to
understand now the members of the Keshe foundation won’t mind we’re in a way
catapulted into this as we were planning it in the background to join in and do
things and get things done we will not under no circumstances
explain or disclose our steps till the stuff is completed we need to understand
we work as one organization we got to understand we have to start
soul-searching we’ve seen huge number of people around the world hummus hello mr. Kesh maybe as a dropout here hello we’re not able to hear you mr.
Kesh if you’re still there oh yeah there looks like yes to reconnect okay we’ll
have a brief break here while mr. Kesh comes back Kessie is backing me zoom room mr. cash
are you there can you hear me um yes yes yeah it’s all about this
we’re gonna have some problem with transmission today is we’re switching
between two machines there is something wrong on the internet blinking here what
I was explaining is very simple and that is and we will in so many ways
try to understand can you hear me yes yes we can hear you can you hear me yes I can hear you
clearly so we switched back to the old system
because there is a lot of what I was explaining is that we might get quite a
few of these disturbances there’s a lot of work in the background the serving
line what you see as we set up to do as a setting of the world government is a
lot of work has been going for 10 20 years is not something that suddenly has
come out of blue we announced for a long time this is was our plan by setting off
the one planet One Nation one race of course over a year two years ago for
this therefore it was upcoming we needed the right position rate right condition
and we have reached that pinnacle point to get and to achieve in what we are
doing it will not be easy but as I said too you hello mr. Kesh hello mr. Kesh we can’t
hear you you can hear me out the end of drop I begin again
hello mr. Kesh honest yes I can hear you I’m back again do be stay on this system
from not to see something else so what we have done we have said this thing
over past years and we will carry on with this process what I would like to
ask all the Keshe foundation fall voice please don’t look welcome from look at
the way your soul calls upon you to serve humanity I know as we had in the
bay a number of people will declare themselves we would like to be as the
member of that nations as early when we come to that point we open a platform
for each one of you to know who you are and then we leave it to you amongst
yourselves to decide which one and a who might serve better we have seen this
happen in the Chinese and other languages in the way it is important for
us that we keep everything totally under control
that we do not under no circumstances fall into the pitfalls of the past my
job is very simple and I have to stand by and be that if need
be to support the Keshe foundation as the whole structure the stands behind in
this MOOC pleased if you know groups organizations which you’ve been part of
or you know you have contact with all you know that are there to achieve world
peace through organization of invite them in to join us the said we are not
seeking an illusion we are seeking evolution companies then we change the
whole process to the stage where all of us gets himmel’s we have to achieve
certain clean reactions and positions before we can go to the next step
once that is a perceived which already been taken by the members of the
council’s in past 48 hours then we open the platform very very fast and at the
same time knowing what will be the consequences of the movement as we said
these are going to be on the daily basis all these teachings whatever is coming
at the beginning in the first couple of weeks the first week will be very strong
get ready in the background whatever you see needs to be done to bring and to
call public different organizations different media get yourself organized
you know your nation you know the language you know how it works you know
you have to get in touch with the earth council and the universal council will
orchestrate a homogeneous one course action and you know coming day
as we achieve our first milestone we open the doors into total operation by
all of us are there any questions or are there any concerns we don’t want to see
the negative negative is there we want to see what you see as a positive we
have to do to take us to the next step or we can use in the next steps of the
progress are there any suggestions or anyone who must participate let’s say
someone is representative of a group or knows someone that’s representative of a
group say I don’t know the mechanical engineers of the world or of North
America or of some country or something some particular professional group how
could they get involved with the process that at what point in this process can
they sort of sign on as as a group to this to this to the momentum of all this
we keep all the teaching on this line everyone can look everyone can listen
and join on the zoom and this we might increase the zoom numbers drastically by
a large number in Lux two weeks the foundation has foreseen such possibility
if we need to go into zoom and the Facebook’s in the large numbers will
bill facilitate depends rate monitoring all the backup for this has to come into
operation with our webmasters they’ve been working around the clock in past
few days once we have a major position for us and that’s this Thursday this
Thursday is the anniversary of passing of Fabio and at the same time on
Thursday the new website of the Keshe foundation will be opened is totally
different that what we had is second hello and the other people who are
working in the background in their webmaster team nearly 3-4 months plus
other things nearly 2 years to bring this website to where it is now and
after that the worker starts on pushing trying to facilitate as in many
factories into the whole structure that we can operate we can bring other groups
in we will go public with it that we have taken such action and I’m sure from
what I see what I hear a number of governments having started looking into
what we are doing we have to stay very concentrated on what you are doing
continuously remind them that we are here to change the course for better
aftermath military people have already start looking what we are talking about
and we have to give them confidence the biggest problem will come when these
people think that job is in jeopardy but they don’t see that they have a new job
new role instead of killing noise the job of making it takes a lot to get a
military man to go in that sense they are used to defending now they have to
make and it’s extremely difficult it’s extremely difficult for them to see how
they can bring their forces into this position I have worked with them before
and I know when it comes to these positions they lose their bearing how
can we change and those who support the change will take a lot of convincing to
others to join them any group who wants to join us a lot and they form that the
research you think happening we have to go through this first stage once we have
the answers dispersed stages in the end of the earth Council members they have
completed then we open up then we open up the totality and it’s a what I call
total run for or the Carnation supporters we don’t
have we live in a 24-hour time and we have to live in that 24-hour time which
means round-the-clock all the cash foundations around the world all the
support in Turkish relations around the world will operate we’ll work to see
this through this will be our biggest challenge this is our biggest challenge
without the dot how we achieve it the way we achieve it and through which
channels we go to achieve it you got to realize what leaders have worked a long
time to become world leaders they are not real ending their positions are not
liquid relinquishing their position without any discussion or going through invite anyone anywhere they come in
their point of view it’s as good as the Keshe foundation followers they come
with a new sight they see their way we do it our way there is a talk that the
weekend before the second and third all the Keshe foundation supporters around
the world will come to one point in different cities the discussion is at
the same time totality of the groups who support this move each one will decide
how to manifest themselves to show the time has come and to allow the world
leaders to attend I was told and I mean know that it is a short time for two or
three days from the weekend always said and I said recently when one of the
world leaders dies within two or three days even shorter all that world leaders
gather for the funeral now all the world leaders gather
for a familiar of the old and celebration of the new they can make it
they have no problem we’ve seen it when one of the world leaders dies they’re
all gather very immediate Lee to be there to be shown that are part of it
and they want to be there this is the same when the momentum builds up the war
leaders will be there too significant off the past and it began often you will
start gathering start contacting the start making an arrangement of
facilities for everywhere leaflets pamphlets in every shape or form
interviews television radio on the Internet Facebook’s to crowd gathering
or whatever it is that social day has been set up for the world peace treaty
to be signed by the war leaders no one is part I would like very interested to
see who will stand for Humanity in a correct way by which leader any other questions Caroline is it
possible to start in editing or workshop teachers that they can join the forces
where it’s needed to choose something like when the army is gonna come to a
point that they’re gonna have no more work to do that we can Street we give
them in or different workshops to support what they needed to start
teaching them and bring them into a new there is a lot which has to be sorted is
not just armies the biggest problem will come from governments where the
jobs are going to go in the next week two weeks as we feel safe within these
technologies for disarmament we do not leave it to the last minute the
foundation will release technologies that forces international disarmament is
the release of new technology and new science disarming not being able to kill
not being able to create tools of war is the main factor in this process when the
governments feel safe when their wealth across borders and stays correct armies
will change and we seen it changing it just needs a decision of one war leader
to move and we have couple of war leaders who will make that move we have
to be ready we have to organize ourselves in a correct way that we can
see through this is in the next stage in next two or three weeks we reorganize me
release me release number of new technologies massive number of
technologies will change the course I gave a lot of hints in the Thursday and
Friday if you go through it the number of people have already picked on it food
agriculture energy defense when you call it as a space defense all will be
released we see it fit me really simply have to create a homogeneous
collaboration we will raise it you in the other question oh I’ll remind the
attendees that they can put up their hand and then they can become a panelist
and on a drastic question it says I would like to participate as a reference
of a Slovenia nation as part of new world government you quite welcome once
we release it submit there’ll be a section you can submit your name to the
study when we don’t have a person from a nation due to whatever reason we
announce it someone else can stand for as a proxy till the nation joins it he
won’t leave any nations or territories behind and he has to be all equal that
we can serve the totality I mr. Kesh perhaps Valentin I’d like to say
something in its hand up so I promote room into a panelist here the only thing
would you like to say something yes hi mr. Kesh on or participants this is
Valentina Rosemont from Maribor city in Slovenia country I
have been researching the functioning of the government and what I understand
there are some official government structures that are public and there are
like some say shadow governments and secret military and space programs that
are not even to you for it is not known even to the government’s so I don’t know
if such programs and forces actually exist but
if they do how will they be managed how will peace be inferred even from the
point of stopping these shadow governments and secret military programs
we do not do anything to stop anything we will not do anything to a sovereign
government we’re not just do anything to create mayhem or riots or whatever we
deliver a new technology the new technology will force its way through as
number of human know and some of you are here I know not for the peace what we
are offering yeah here as usual to steal and run in so many ways to know the work
of the soul I know how you can create and use the soul as we said for the
purposes none most of you I look and I said something very straightforward you
know the story of the Christ is said by there by the crow by the sound of their
top in the morning you deny me three times
many of people around here are of the same thing they are here to take and run
but we understand the whole purpose is to bring all the souls of the man
together many people many people have been around us and we have made it very
clear we are not here to oppose those of you who come to learn from what we teach
from now on I have a very bad news for you those who come to take what we teach
for their own advantage and not serving humanity you’ll hear nothing because you
only take the voice and not the knowledge we’ve seen this many times
we’ve seen people who attached themselves to the foundation to find a
way and literally doing mother where they can and making everything possible
out of the Foundation’s work and I’m going and denying everything we see a lot of things we keep quiet out
of our grades no doubt about weakness but as I said a number of people the
shadowy organizations are we’ve seen them in the course last week the shadow
organizations are the one who’s sitting in different places four or five people
have brought mayhem train to that we have instructed them we’re instructing a
new team of lawyers that we’re going to take every single one of these guys on
as of this week all the slanders you put on all the threats you made will be
handled by the firm of lawyers we shut down all the people who could be
shadowing as work shadowing wise those who are working scientific mission Adri
they’ve done their work whether it is we support them we are not afraid and we
are not hiding in document that’s the beauty of what we do we do we teach so
openly what should be shared worried about whose shadowing solving they’re
shadowing us because they have nothing of themselves don’t worry about these
things because it’s time for change as I said before we need the arm of peace we
need the harm to feed we don’t need to kill and in so many ways when I started
teaching about the soul of the matter most of you those of you who understand
will not touch against will not touch him a craft system you will not touch
his single non-aquatic material I have prepared you to this point the reason we
thought so heavily the gases the magrav system the medical system the magma for
medical was one thing and one thing only to give the followers of the Keshe
foundation don’t trust the strength that the fields
exist the soul of the man fields exist and that’s what it was now we take you
to the point out of existence we have come to the point that we do not need
nothing at all if we can use the system which is within us you need nothing you
don’t need no weapons you don’t need no reactors you don’t need anything
whatsoever if you understood the totality of the work of the foundation
in the past three to five years I have thought in pigeonholes now we open all
the pigeon holes to make one system you have to understand if you come here and
try to just pick up one part soon you’ll understand that it doesn’t
work what happened missed where how I missed
the work and the reactor the system which is within the body of the man is
the most powerful system ever existed so let me explain to you what exactly is
that some of you understood from the teaching of the past some of you might
understand the explanation this time and some of you will never understand it’s
just another line of talk someone asked me what’s the purpose of living why are
we here in the last few teachings I explained it and I explained it again in
the creation of the universe we need seeds of growth when you want to plant a
tomato plant you don’t go and take your tomato
take the seed and that seed carries all the information what is needed to create
a plant and then more Tomatoes it’s the center of the energy it is that seed the
totality what it needs to create the next dimension next cycle of life the
planet Earth has been the nursery of universal seed what it means you
understand where does my soul go you understand why am I here you understand
the soul of the man is the seed of the creation of new dimensions in the
universe when you want to plant trees you open a nursery
you put one seed at a time in one plant pot you water it it grows you look after
it it becomes a small shrub and then a plant and then a tree so is the soul of
the man and soul of all beings on this planet the soul of the man on his
progressive advancement reaches a point that becomes the center of the elements
of the universe which means he starts a new cycle is that seed which we saw in
the soil this time we seed the soul in the fields
of the universe and those who are in peril and in a strength equal will
become the source and the essence of the new cycle of life this is the secret of
creation the after man is that a plant pot is the
soil in nourishes the soul till the soul is ready for it has gathered enough
strength that he can become the seed of the new life in the universe when we
brandy seed it starts again gathering energy because he has created the first
essence of life and then as it takes time will become a star the planet the
earth is precious for the men of universe we have many few places like
this it’s been told that the earth is a very high-quality state the quality
comes from the soul of the state not the land of the state now may know why and
how is created and the reasons for his creation when you go to a summer farm
they take the eggs till they hatch and then they let them grow earth is in that
point we nourish it in the universe when the seedlings have taken root what is
the soul of man how is created is very simple it carries the essence of all the
strength across the universal which means it has the essence of the Creator
it has the essence of every level of creation till the point of the
manifestation of this physicality what it means the soul needs a place
where it has the right condition for it to grow he has the right environment for
it to grow it has the condition to give and to take in the physical term we call
it air conditioned the condition of the air the condition of the field of them
soul of the man is created between his heart it’s long and its environment as I
explained in a previous teachings the rhythm of the heart is the pump of the
field interaction and attraction from the environment of the man and at the
same time the rhythm of their long is the giver and the taker in the strength
of the field many of you will understand if I go step by step one step is where
is my soul how do I find the position of my soul now that I know my soul is
within me where do I find it those of you who’ve been around with us it’s very
simple it’s it’s somewhere between your two he is and somewhere at a distance
positioned from the two level of the eyes in a back of the brain in the
center division between the two half of the brain in so many ways any man can
pinpoint the essence of his creation is so within the stroke
of his brain it has no muscles it absorbs energy of the universe
it needs fuel trying to receive what it needs and it needs filtering to give
what it needs out that part of it can be used for the physical part of the map so
when the soul operates the brain of the man is the filter for the energy which
he needs to exist in the environment of the earth at the same time it’s a Jew
carriageway for the same structure where it means on the other hand what the soul
releases in interaction with the same structure becomes the information to the
body of the man sorrow happiness joy movement of the muscles and a strange is
that nowhere in the brain of the man we find a parallel cooperation and the link
with the muscle tissue but be fine with a ligament tissue and we find
connection with a nerve tissue so the brain of the man is built to work
through the field and the higher order strength which means absorbs energy from
the universe and he give back to the universe the brain of the man if man
understands how it works does not need any blood it does not have but it’s one
huge reactor by different strength by different shapes and but different what
we call texture it decides what he absorbs our body releases if you understand and go back to the
teaching go back to the nanotechnology if you remember we said a nano layer is
a super resistive on one direction a superconductor in doubt and the sole
interaction of the fields of the soul uses this property in the brain of the
man to conduct or to receive all to give what it needs in given direction while
it’s super conductive in one direction through the same cell is super resistive
on the other and absorbs as much energy just need according to his gap that he
becomes the strength of the field of the emotion and then in the strength become
the field strength of the motion which is you go from emotion from the field of
the soul to the motion which is a physicality a movement of the body of
the man so if you are looking for your soul the position of your soul is
exactly the same as the position of your eye he has a specific area it fits and
it’s pointed in that place is immensely is small but carries a massive power
it’s it’s in line with directly the top line of the heart of the matter it works
by the rhythm of the heart if you are in a matter state like the atmosphere of
the earth of the planet the condition and the material will surrounds the soul
of the man dictated by the condition of the atmosphere or the material state of
the area which the soul manifests itself the soul of the man when in deeper space
has no material around it like the amino acid would be known as the brain of the
man as these fields in the space will convert and dilute and change through
the gravitational-magnetic field of the strength of the environment so shall be
the body of the man the body of the man when you look at it it’s very much if
you understand it like rolling a towel if you get a towel and roll it it
becomes like what we call a roulette the cake the soul sits in the center and
according to the pool or gravitational magnetic field of the planet and its
environment this roll opens up and it takes the shape of the environment in
the case of the earth when this rolls open the plasma of the body of the man
opens creates form and two arms two legs in hello hello mr. Kesh I think we have a
temporary problem with the audio hello mister – for those of you who hello this
process it’s very easy what you need to do is to understand which part of the
brain of the man leaves through what operation then the soul of the man will
take his own position we have to understand one simple point and that is
is the condition of the expectation from the life of the man which dictates the
physical manifestation of the physicality which means what you expect
from life is what we have to understand how we can progress we can decide on the
shape of ourselves and the color and the features of ourselves if the man gets
educated in the truth about his own existence
he will become the chameleon of the universe because up to now you thought
you have inherited one thing rather from your father and your mother and the rest
of it what has free the soul has become the
body of the math so husband matures in the spans of the
universe man will come to understand Montek he’s the creator of his own
physicality and the creator of his own destiny if one’s man understand the
process of how to absorb energy from the environment in the dimension of his
physicality there are tools that one can elevate his own soul to the strength and
the dimension as the man needs what this means man can absorb energy from the
fields of the universe without a single breath man can absorb energy from the
universe without single piece of food this is how life is created and
sustained in the universe and this is the process we teach from now on here
and as I said within next two weeks we build it up that the world it is under we have another audio interruption try – yes if we can paraphrase and we have it
paraphrase in the chat there I will try to remind mr. cash when comes back the
world leaders and their something listen last we heard mr. key mr. cash damn we
missed we missed something previous to where you’re talking about two arms and
two legs of the human there was an interval there about a minute and then
you came back and you’d be speaking a couple of minutes and then it cut off at
the world leaders and there something I do not know we’ll come to it before it
means you’re not ready to it you know my philosophy yes I know yeah
people wanted me to make sure that you repeat it but I said you probably won’t
want to repeat it so this tumblr it’ll come around anyways I think it means we
are not ready oh boy he’s opposed you’ll find a different way of explaining it so
we’ll understand some I hear another if we need it I’ll get it I’ll get it it’ll
come to you so what is the point of this teachings as I said we’ve been teaching
the motions they’ve been told are free to teach but they can keep their
identity not to fall in the hand after what we’ve seen hooligans of the past on
the other hand it is important for us to understand one thing stand still and
understand the purpose of the Creator and stand still and look at the totality
of the creation on this planet understand a composite life on this
planet then ask yourself one question the way we have taught in past years
we call them the vertical people we called it the horizontal people we call
it that fish we call it the life without physicality
above us according to interaction of the fields
of the solar system with the fields of the earth we see the plants lived and
exist without the mouth and without the digestion system as we have we see
plants exist but they have no system for rejecting the materials which they might
absorb so by looking at the plants man should have gathered one knowledge life
without long life without mouth and digestion system the way we have it is
possible there are physical evidence of it in front of us will ever be look as I
said in my teachings before we don’t see the trees to eat now we don’t see the T
is called toilet so they have managed to create a condition of the pulse to
absorb energy from the environment according to what they receive from the
soil or from the land or from the air this is one point we have to look at we
see the fish does not breathe air but they still exist we see that what we
call life above us has no physicality but has for intelligence we are the
bottom eaters of what the top guys don’t need therefore if you have looked at
totality we find out we don’t to eat now we don’t need to breathe but
we need to understand the reason for the two processes the two processes are
there to give energy to the physicality and in return for teaching the control
system to physicality the brain of the man which falls and in a way encapsulate
the soul of that man needs the heart of the man to receive the energy needs for
his existence mama absorbing the environment or from the
food of the matter in so many ways one thing becomes very clear the soul of the
man if you understand his position and strength and call it the proton and if
you understand the existence of the proton needs the dimension of the
rotation of the electron to keep it in its position on the study motion and
release of energy then if you can stop that electron from moving so erratically
around the plasma with the same field forces that can absorb and give all his
energy to proton the way we see from the behavior of the electrons changing its
distance from its centre then you understand what we thought from the
beginning of the teachings going back two years ago in a matter of symmetrical
section where the flow of the blood of your man which carries the emotion of
the man carries the same field strength in respect to the body of the man that
now in the physical dimension the body of
has entrapped the electron and an electron sits within the heart of the
man cannot move is locked in so it has to release his energy in one way or
another from what they receives and what he has to gather from environments in
one point and then you understand the heart of the world
if you do not look at it as a vertical up and down but at the sphere becomes
the source of the energy of the man that he feeds to the soul of man this is the
secrets of life on this planet in the universe twin stars electron and a
proton collection of electron proton a neutron
for a higher strength nothing has changed it’s just understanding the
process so if you understood this simply you need to understand one more factor
and that is the heart of the man through the operation of the blood of the man it
absorbs the energy from the universal environments of the man and like an
electron controls and fees the so lot now you understand the secret of life
the rest of physicality is a mere camouflage if you understood this you
understand another point and that is the distance between did soul of the man and
the heart of the man dick tastes behavior to shape the characteristics
and a strength transformation between the two dictating everything else about
the man manifest is sour
in this physicality the reason we stay the shape we are is because we cannot
move our heart we cannot change the position of the heart and the soul from
each other one carries the soul of the physicality and one carries the soul of
the what we call life of the man now if you understood this you should be able
to control the rhythm of absorption of the energy from the environment through
the heart of the man feed the soul of the man and what you
have you dictate the expansion of the diameter of the soul of man beyond the
physicality within the physicality and beyond a universe now you see there is
no need for food and there is no need for air because all this process is to
feed and further once you understand more there is not even need for the
brother there is no even need what the heart because in the space of the
universe the blood of the man and the heart of the man is made from amino acid
they shall not exist but the energy which what we call as a soul of the
physicality becomes the dimension in the reality of the physicality of the man
you in losing the physical dimension as you decide brings the electron or the
plasma energy of the physicality in nearer today so and now you become a
more powerful entity when you reach a new destination the field of strength
the position of the electron which is created by the heart of the man will
dictate the shape of the man in the environment now how do you do this how
do you come to understand that you can use the operation of your heart the
field expansion of the heart to increase the love of your soul which means the
giving of the soul the more you give the more you receive the more you’re
absorbed from the environment who the heart of the man that you can make
yourself literally invincible because you yourself created feels that the
physicality of the man is not the sensual as the electron and a proton are
fixed to each other dictate the dimension of the flow and
rotation and dictates the evolution and evolution of the electron and proton in
creation of the manifestation of being now you understand the secret of life
now you tell me how we’re going to change the kings and the world leaders
is very simple if you have not understood in giving to the heart of
their leaders you dissolve the soul of the leaders and they take the position
of balance which is peaceful position every being has a position of peace
which means defines is balanced it finds its tranquility in the balance of the
fields it gives and it takes I told you we don’t need no revolution we don’t
need any marches try to find the position of your soul
try to find the strength of your soul try using the breathing techniques if
you understand it if you haven’t understood the totality of it to control
the amount of energy which you allow the heart to receive and to give to the soul
that it dictates the expansion of it is filled you remember one thing if you
look at the heart heart is blanketed around a monk and deliver the reservoir
of the energy of the planet there is a wire of the energy of the gaseous part
if you understand the control you can raise the level of the solar plant any
dimensions you need it’s you who will design the filtering to be at peace
enjoy the anger but if you understand the point of equality is that there is
no hunger and there is no what I call extracting more than what you need or
taking when you do not need then you understand is easy it’s as easy as ABC
to March the world leaders up the stairs to sign a peace treaty so find your soul find how you
strengthen yourself some of you which will go through the
process in a very rapid way now senton certain indications that you can see the
progress one of the signs of the expansion of the soul passing the
boundary of the physicality let’s say the face is that go back to your own
understanding go back to the teaching you remember when the light of the what
we call earth created when the gravitational magnetic field of the
earth and comes in interaction the gravitational magnetic field of the Sun
which is stronger believe what we get is the light
daylight comes we all know when we do it come to that point so one of the first
things you shall see if you manage to expand your soul in a different strength
as a field in the sphere of the soul of the man as it expands beyond the level
of physicality as he expands to go through and expand it passes the liquid
of the eye so you shall see a flashing light you remember in a hidden way many
many many times in my teaching I refer to the photon in the eye of the
astronauts that was all the time a hidden way for you to understand when to
feel the strength of the soul of the man starts passing through the boundary of
the physicality of the man as the field of the soul increases to pass to feel
the strength of the matter state as there is a lot of blood around the eye
of the man you will see a flashing light then you shall see none this is the
beginning of test many of you will be frightened and will not cross this line
blindness to the strength of their trusting of the soul in a way you create
your own shield but this time you watch the progress of crossing as the strength
of the soul the field strength crosses the liquid after I die I will flash from
that point on if you can hold on if you can persist you will see a new dimension
where you become a fish in the tank you become the fish in the tank of the soul
of the man which is yourself in so many ways as you go through the expansion of
the strength of the soul you feel like shimmers you feel like waves through
your body because now the field the center of the body of the man which is
the soul of the man interacts with all the systems in the body of the man you
grow from inside out like a wave you warm up the heart will make no more
noise as there is no need for the operation of the heart if you can
understand and understand totally that the soul of the man carries the emotion
of the solar it’s exactly as you felt emotions with a brain I made
man in the image of myself but did a motion part of the brain come from
because exist in the emotion in the section of the soul of the man now you
understand you’ll see and you understand existence and the presence of the other
Souls you see and understand if you are mature enough to control when the fields
crosses your eyes if you could hold essence of the creation in the soul in
the palm of your hand your wish will change the field of the souls in the
palm of the hand to what ever you desire from water to gold from oxygen to
plutonium this is how materials in the universe are created now the man
understands the full transmutation of the element which in fact is the
transmutation of the physicality of the man to totality of the soul and then the
reversal of the elements and the strength of the soul back to physicality
as I said in other teachings in the writing of a hollow Velocity’s name he
says the maturity of the man comes where he understands fully the transmutation
of elements as I said another teaching you look at coal to make silver and to
make gold out of copper and whatever but that was in the meaning of the promise
of the Prophet the promise was that you can change the heart of the man to the
energy of the soul of the man and in time when you need you can transform the
energy of the soul to physicality of the man according to the dimension and the
environment which exists this is the true transmutation of
vitamins not changing gold to mercury and zinc and the rest that’s the opinion
and understanding of the physical map and the time for that is long when you
can and you understand to control the rhythm of your heart by absorbing the
energy from the environment of the man then you understand there is no need to
kill there is no need to destroy and in absorbing what you need you satisfy the
emotion of the man that there is no desire for power as you carry the
totality of the power the power comes in being able to furnish the needs of the
man according to the vision of the man now your wish is your command a lot of
people came this morning to understand about the creation of the soul a lot of
you will walk away because you will not even find the strength to test your own
soul because the fear of loss of physicality is so strong that you do not
even trust your own strength as I said many times many will walk to the
spaceship but not many will get on the spaceship because the man is the
spaceship of myself if you like physicality we gave me the course if you
want transcend the work of the universe without physicality we have told you the
soul now it’s your turn try to practice come back tomorrow
morning and see how many of you start managing control of non dimensional
reactor which is your heart on your soul breathing can give you the
first step some of you will go directly for the
control of the heartbeat but be aware that this is a dangerous road you have
to create a flow and by creating the floor you create the circulation of the
fields which then depending on how much you release on how much you hold gives
you the expansion of the soul of the man and waited the flight of the man into
deep space as he needs or wants in time next time when I teach you tomorrow
remind me to explain to you how to make lights out of you also that in releasing
it you can create the condition of the atmospheric if you want to stay within
the physical body of the man we need aircrafts of the universe now I hope you
learned this morning I have released you the secrets of creation the secret of
life in the body of the man and the secret of existence in the physicality
of the battle now it’s for you to understand find your soul and with it
you’ll find the key to the secret of existence in the universe any question Thank You mr. Kesh well of course
there’s the question in live stream from easy what are the breathing techniques
but as I think you’re hinting that that might be giving out over time or perhaps
tomorrow sometime later gradually the teacher
now we put the carrot and the stick you all want a quick ride get it down
run not this time yes Christian I can hear Caroline
laughing in house managed to jump in so fast what happened I did just carry on
please as a child you talk about the timing and the place we were born is
also was important my question is the place we were born
now if you have moved to another place we live totally different area does it
matter in access you know so it doesn’t know it
doesn’t you can do it in the universe anybody you like you want to write the
GPS position of your soul it doesn’t exist the reason I’m asking second
important when I travel I feel more comfortable in my body than in other
places like it is something living in u.s. is feels different and going to
Europe feels different going to Tehran actually absolutely different it’s the
state of the emotion which gives you the feeling is nothing to do in
understanding or change in a position you feel different because of the
emotion what do you want to receive and what you want to give and what the
environment gives and takes from you we are slaves of our environment and this
is what man has never understood the shape the color the height when the
habit comes from the interaction of the fields or the environment with the soul
of the man is literally like you know these character
roles you have you know we have this cream what I call cream rolls cakes
which you spread cream over a sponge cake and then you roll it then you first
we call it roll it and if you put that or if it’s easier for you to understand
at the kitchen roll and hold it in a horizontal position in respect to the
earth hang on it a 5 gram weight and see how
much it pulls take it off and hang on it a 10 gram weight and see how much more–
pulls them that five grand 10 gram is the gravitational pull of the
environment of the Center of the Earth or the moon then you see how the paper
will twist and turn that dictates the shape so the interaction of the soul of
the man once is created in respect to the earth which is that weight dictates
that hide the shape the size and everything else but in respect to the
body of the man is a composite field and he has managed to find order in this
composite which part becomes the eye one becomes the leg one comes that God knows
whatever you want to call it as I said we don’t find our brain on the tip of my
toe and we don’t find our thousand over a year because it’s the way is shaped
why do we have five toes why do we have five fingers why some people don’t need
five toes are happy with two or three because it’s the amount of the fields
which they can absorb which counts not the number why do the birds have three
and us five and now the two highs in different
shape or form what do the birds change their fingers into feather of the wing
because they have so different energy through the feather we have to
understand not the assumptions which we have made up to that why do some animals
happy to live in a hot atmosphere and you travel halfway around the world to
get that where it’s warm according to what they need at the given
time understanding that the magnetic field of death continuously changes how
do they go to the point and the same place all the time they leave a marker
of field in both places at the point of the life and a point of landing that’s
all they do thus they’re what called the heart they
leave the electron behind and they fly between the two as simple as that I got
a question Sukesh good morning everybody I actually
have two questions the first one is to please explain to us when we are
progressing a bit further how we can involve and teach our children
but something came to my mind and this is a question one is a request one is a
question how is it possible if we come to understand this point that we can
even by guiding the soul it doesn’t even need to come into the physicality
because we are creators if we understand how to change and to come to understand
or pull content and possibility and creator as a soul we can even prevent
our children to come to this birth process and physicality to go through
all this learning and problem but we know something I think you’ve been deaf
for past 26 years 28 years we’ve been together
excuse me it’ll be totally deaf I repeatedly finished we come to the
dimension of physicality because there’s a lot of pleasure in it ah mr. Kesh the
pleasure and I understood that one but it’s not so pleasurable as you’ve been
complaining yeah but it depends what you got in your hand is that what it means
what it really means that’s what I’ve said all the time over years when you
pass the point of the evolution of understanding living in
non-dimensional tangible life as a field sometimes is beautiful to have a
physicality as I always say whenever we need the resting time to enjoy the
existence we choose a physical life we learn a lot allows us to see the pitfall
when you work in a factory you cannot be a manager if you don’t know all the
pitfalls what was wrong and where so this is why we chose the life of
physicality but in essence physicality leads to creation of the soul and the
soul itself leads to creation of the much more powerful physicalities as well
so the soul of the man is the seed of the creation and other dimensional
positions in the universe teaching the children teaching the children we can
teach our children in one instance the knowledge of the universe EP folk process
why can’t hello are you getting cut off can you hear me hello Rick
can you hear me ah yes I think grande which I both care
Caroline is not doesn’t have a good line and we’re only hearing a part of our
conversation and I think she got muted because of that and it’s just trying to
speak again maybe it’ll come to try and tries to try saying what you want to say
Caroline hmm I like to follow the old woman but it doesn’t that it’s very
unusual to see a woman quiet so able to use the opportunity no matter the mic is
open but she’s not coming through so when it comes to teaching of our
children and knowledge of the universe our children are born with the knowledge
of universe they carry everything in essence and if they choose they can
adopt to any condition if they choose they can become the water call the true
man of space without ever being born in a physical dimension we choose the
physical dimension because of the condition we are in in deep space we can
never give birth the way we do on this planet is impossibilities we change
accordingly accord to the environment and the strength which we are given the
position of the bone in the chest of the man is a filter for the energy which the
heart can receive because the the energy the maximum the body can
control that will not go over there is a reason our heart is engaged in a
position it is your bones are none of filters that’s why the cage rip we
always think that is there to protect the heart but is the filter of the
emotion you have that in your brain in the brain you have the skull in a brain
inside the structure of the brain we have filters but for a given filter in
the body of the man the body creation everything has been given a protection
and filtering according to what it needs to receive bark of a tree is this filter it’s not just the skin we can teach our children very rapidly
and knowledge of the universe and you had a question one thing which I can say
is that in the universe we teach our children and knowledge of the plasma
fields interaction they convert that knowledge into the physical knowledge
one day I teach how fast you can do things as the flick of a finger you will
achieve it because once you understand the strength of the absorption of the
field of the emotion then you understand why we speak you in different languages
and you can open that any language in the universe is open to the matter that’s why we create a universal council
on the baby of the language mr.keshe we’ll have someone mark that
wanted to ask a question if that’s okay right now yes did you yes not sure what
the questions about but mark are you there can you unmute or all a moocher
hello can you speak mark I’m not speak English on Ted what one is
you the one language most polish or dead money we have got power it’s always here
I think he might be able to help with that
how can you help with political Champa vegetable pot cover want a microphone e
represents me an imam Patania there anyone here that can translate that
force you know accidentally pressed microwave for me to apologize for that okay oh okay well he wanted he put his
hand up so i brought him in i’m own can i’m i erase the question was that good
morning yes that was a good excuse to get you know that my question is
regarding the positioning of the soul if let’s say we manage to locate our soul
how many you know exactly where it is you’re frightened to find it yeah okay
let me let me explain to you how it would let’s go one step at a time if you
go back to some teaching i explained very very same
where you can find the position of the soul which is got no physicality one of
the easiest ways where it is put your headphone if you can get hold of
adjustable head one and connected to the stereo system or put a stereo system in
on the floor and move your head till you don’t hear no more with the physical
here you hear the noise in the center of your head there are no vibrations it’s
exactly what’s gonna happen to your heart when you get the right strength
going through your heart there is no pumping anymore because that pumping is
to create gravitational field flow your heart continuously creates a small
sphere of plasma inside it filled plasma not matter plasma that it keeps like a
proton and electron in position that moving of it creates the feeding of the
heart the brain or the soul which is what it needs from his environment so if
you’re looking to find one of the easiest spot where you soul sits that
then you can direct your emotion to it get yourself a stereo system put it
doesn’t matter what space from each other lie flat on the floor and start
moving your head in a direction now to the point that the physical vibration of
their brain and what the core ears cannot be heard you hear the music right
to death noise of the soul of the matter if you can make it quadraphonic in a
certain way you can pinpoint your soul and then you direct your emotions to it
I have taught this many in the teachings over the years so
another hand when you look into the deep space when you look out don’t close your
eyes whenever you try to find your soul the biggest mistake to make is to close
your eyes because then you don’t see when your soul has expanded beyond your
physicality it’s very much in your body is like your hot water going through
your body you feel it but you don’t know where it goes but you see the light and
then you understand those of you who close your eyes and easy have not
understood look into the deep space and you see when the flashlight comes if you
become good at it while you’re walking every day anywhere you see flashes of
light since I was taking a picture when in fact it is nobody taking a picture it
means you have master to expand your soul to feel what’s ahead of you and
what is nothing as a curator I do it quite frequently upset many times as I
walk I see flashing lights it’s the same as the astronauts when the fields of
their cosmos reduces into a photon in their eyes it’s the same thing is that
kind of flashing but you see they’re flashing at the same time in both eyes
it’s not just any more then you know you’re expanding or retracting yourself
it’s so easy to find it but you control it initially to your emotion your
emotion has a feelings it’s like different nano-layers we have to master
how to release it how to expand it how to change it how come one is grief and
one is joy was in between passage of the fields enjoy it blocks
more the grief releases more then you understand how you can control yourself
those who are expedited especially Buddhists will click on it like nothing
the Chinese will have a field day now that they know what they got to do the
breeding is not a secret the heartbeat which allows the float of that electron
feel plasma in the heart of the man which its position a small vibration of
it in the nuclear physics we call it there between s1 and s2 the bandwidth
which the electron moves now you trap that electron with a heart and you
dictate it why do we think very fast when you’re in fear and the heartbeat
changes because we release so much energy is heartbeat the fear why do we
have a different heartbeat with joy if the world of Medicine understands this
is why we closed the hole in the wall between the two chambers at the heart at
the point of changing from the fish to everything is not that there is a hole
is the field which is by the change of his strength solidifies to matter state
of the Gans than being the field of the guns that’s the position of the electron
at the heart of the map those of you who are from world of medicine know exactly
what I’m talking about is not that the whole closes is the
strength of the field changes that it changes the fields from field to matter
state now if you understand that you can do the reverse the physicality of the
man would not exist to the man decides to give its manifestation once again
there once again not what’s the next question mister Kesha we have someone
Ivan Ivanov has a question about what you’re talking about also not sure
Apollo is still asking his question ok yes stop someone with his question if I
if I can describe something mister Cochet because that’s what you do that
what you you were explaining earlier on it brought me a lot of confirmation in
understanding what actually is going on in me but not only me by a lot of you
know other people’s which one in a way you know through the banking process we
managed to locate our souls but the luck in our understanding was that that for
some reasons we couldn’t feed the soul enough to keep it well I don’t want to
say running because he’s running all the time but to keep it ourselves aware of
her how to call it work of her existence in us and and we couldn’t understand how
to feed the soul so well you know how to feed it yeah that’s what I’m saying
but it way if we’re gonna focus let’s say only two hemispheres of our brain so
every single that semi-sphere works works like a different part well with
the different pumping pumping ratio and then those attorneys fees are
creating something emotional residue between them and then can I put that
back into the soul from the brain itself hello I hear you I hear you pal I’m not sure
mr. distant hello mr. Kesh well I may have to hold that question for another
minute pal if you can carry it well I just finished maybe we shouldn’t need a
outside that’s what mr. cash might say yeah he wasn’t meant to hear the
question yeah if I can I would like to you know find all of the you know all of
the people around the cash foundation and and basically you know mr. Cushman
Carolina and the whole call team and actually all of the people bringing this
beautiful thing you know to to this planet in a way so I’m deeply from deep
of myself I’d say thank you nice idea hello can hear me yes we can hello I’m
trying to go on this screen with the sharing with other yeah how long this
meeting when this teaching finished please is a twelve o’clock or one
o’clock o’clock hello did you hear me yes we finished one o clock brick I need
another channel to be able to share a screen okay see ya
I’ll see your face but I don’t get the chance
oh yeah that’s it I’m coming up yeah you’re in the viewers mr. cash I
promoted back to here yeah okay yes you’re taking no okay it’s coming up back over there sure the screen what it
is if you look at it this way when you ask to ask for yourself I’m gonna use
the pen your premise your brain has this atmosphere and atmosphere this if you
can change colors in a way the field magnetic field of this is connected to
the magnetic field of this and the magnetic field of this is connected to
magnetic field of this if you look at it in a simple way this is very much the
position of the soul of the man this is right in the bottom the splitting of the body of the man
into spark is due to the physicality on this planet of the existence of company
and it’s matter state thick so if you’re looking exactly where the tool set
that’s what we call soul of the man you can control the heartbeat and then you
can control very much the structure of everything within the collection one
side which is the left side in the physical part is always weaker so it
needs feeding is gravitational and he feeds into the other side so in doing so
this side of the brain which is on the right side this always has to be the
stronger otherwise the tool cannot feed each other so in balancing of the two
now this side on the left side is weaker which gives you the stronger right side
of the body that’s why most men are the stronger on
the right side it’s the balancing of the fields of the to mr. cash so you move on
yes moment looks like Rick has dropped out
and I’m just trying to get it back in we lost the YouTube stream looks like it’s been out so let
me just try to get right back in yeah you do trips till dawn is their Facebook nope just live stream much we hardly use
it anyway did you see back here are we there yet not yet so it looks like he’s
having an issue maybe you should just continue and he can pick up her where he
comes in they can’t do it they can’t do it join up maybe the government decides
when our power cut so what we see in fact is that the balance between the two
creates the flow in so many ways we dictate by the position the totality
which we have it’s very easy to find a position of the sole optimum but the
hardest thing is to be able to feed it to control it to nourish it to be able
to understand how to control it one of the ways of controlling the soul
of the man if he understood I made the man individual myself so the soul has an
emotional strength you can use initially the emotional physicality part to
increase the field of the soul it’s very easy but you have to learn now
I finished teaching this morning it’s for you to debate this afternoon how
you’re going to find the position Alton so how you going to find a position on
breathing some of you are already familiar with it some of you will find
it very difficult to fit into it because it does not come at a criterion of what
you have thought if you understood the position of the soul of the man and if
you understood the extension under work of the body of the man you soon
understand something very thing very interesting and that is how far can you
travel with the soul of the man very very far you look into the deep space
you can position the partiality the electron of the soul of the man and
travel the depth of the universe in no time if you ask me why do we come in
dimensional physicality with all the hardship that we can walk and everything
else he has a lot of beauty physicality it’s just to appreciate it any other question
specification this is all her again how do I get wood is your time to find a
soul because they meditate a lot or just the culture the Buddhists in so many
ways how very close to understanding the
operation of this room because they somehow get detached from physicality
when you get detached from the physicality you’ll find understanding of
the structure of the university or heart which changes your interaction between
the soul of your physicality which assists with the heart of the man they
call it like electron and the soul of the man which is the physical part of
the brain of the man then they can find rhythm this is like exactly what if you
go back remember we said when you go to the western wall and you just bind your
head against of all and you’ve seen the rabbis heading in rocking they make a
confusion between the motion of the soul compression against that what we call
transition point between the centre of the soul and the physical structure of
the brain and that increases only chooses the strength in the heart
position strength of the electron and it gives a
diction in a way because he keep on popping you keep on demanding more
energy the people the true men who managed to go to
understand they do transform if they understand the totality and watch what
you’re doing Buddhists should be very easy for them to leave their soul or to
leave their physicality because they can take it with them they can take their
own physicality up we see these things more in the east and the west because in
so many ways doesn’t come by suffering it comes by understanding the position
of let me explain to you on their on the board now that is all when I was
explaining before it’s like this where’s my pen do this is the head of the man
this is the physicality of the matter this is his arms we are looking at him
side way sorry about that in how much food is various limit so the heart sits
here the heart of the man is here you look at feeding or absorbing energy in
this direction where is it blue but in fact the soul of the man fades in this
direction the hard absorbs energy this way is not this
way it absorbs this way and it feeds this way and through it decrease the
rotation I’m not a very good artist fondly somebody will be draw it but this
is in essence what it is we absorb energy once we become master in it from
here that’s why the rhythm is of heart is
important is not that the lungs is the heart which pulls and if you understand
this as I was explaining in the teachings to our knowledge suggest to
our emotions very interesting thing will happen and that is you see the lung is
blanketing the heart when you breathe in you don’t bring any more energy inside
now you have trapped energy and when you hold your energy your breath you have
trapped the field inside the liver is on there and belong on top you cannot you
can push the limit of the amount of energy from the air into your lungs that
it passes on to the heart from that point on from that point on the heart
starts absorbing energy from the environment and you can control it the
heart would not beat because now you control the position of the sole of the
heart the soul of the physicality which in reality if you look at it is sits if
I can find the right color this is here at this point the position of the soul o
physicality this is the proton and this is the electron this heart cannot move
so these days the field forces which gives the physicality of the man the
strength of your heartbeat creates the flow the strength of your heartbeat
which absorbs energy from the environment dictates to say the behavior
the soul and how much energy absorbed that’s why people of the same structure
of same area which gives them physical interaction with the gravitational
magnetic field of the earth which is dictating the absorption through here
the behavior of a counter because that dictates the behavior of the emotion and
is fixed because the feeder strengthens there and once stays and becomes part of
your physicality becomes of your RNA and DNA but the soul the energy from the
soul touches the RNA not the DNA and then the same way the soul is affecting
the physicality which dictates the change in DNA so simple find yourself
you fly anywhere in the universe try to find out how you can control yourself
you don’t need to eat or breathe and then try with another soul your part
your friend your child find how you can give unconditionally and how you can
take from the soul of another to give you will see a light in between us you
shall not see the body of the man you should see the manner as a soul of the
man in this field we don’t see the center of the Sun we see the interaction
of the fields of his physical matter with the field inside then it gives the
light on the surface when you understand and you can extend your soul by giving
what we call love and you find the same strength of love as you can receive you
see light in the language of physicality we call it the beauty we see the beauty
of our partner to anybody else the partner could be the ugliest thing God
ever created but as his feel the strength is according to what we can
receive she’s the most beautiful is the most beautiful animal partner or
whatever we like this is why we say beauty is a skin deep it’s the skin of
the emotion of the man and that’s all it is and the other question are you buck Rick I’m back yes I feel
well zoom look didn’t walk me in for the good player I guess and I have to review
that later but alive Shane kept going but I didn’t have any broadcasts for
during that time so it will have to be patched up a bit there we lost five
minutes or so I did give you a hard transparent maybe the soul of the
computer wasn’t with us well this universe works in strange ways
that’s for sure um there was Ivan who wanted to get in because he has to leave
soon and he had a question about heart and heartbeat so I thought it might be
appropriate for now trust me good I willing hi mr. Kesh did
you get me a lot would you say about the heartbeat stopped and I’m able to
achieve something but the thing is I don’t know about the heartbeat I do it
with intention and in the way that you say that we have to find where is the
soul I was going to very logical way because everything in the body and heart
and everything grows out of the so actually unpacking it she said so even
the thoughts are going out of the soul directly so I was able to go in like
meditation and just say like concentrate to find the stolen say push push push
like to increase the magnetical and in certain moments maybe after a one hour
and something I can feel the the fields around me like magnet pushing but this
has nothing to do I cannot feel that my heart rate is changing in any way I just
feel that the the feels expanding can I can feel the
and you can buy if you can’t direct it if you can’t directly to receive what to
give to your soul you will find out you create a field around you you can’t feel
it you can put your hand through it yeah but we open it
ah I start through the heart the heart is just a tool point of reference yeah
and the thing is that used to make the flow from the floor doesn’t come by
taking the flow comes by giving it wasn’t what sorry the soul doesn’t
understand the language of give out you have to understand a way or find a way
where you can release vast amount of energy two years old and then the funnel
starts yeah and it doesn’t come I give up
it is loving understand the true meaning of love no barriers no okay we can
you’ve got to practice you’ve got to practice you will understand but okay
what is the inclusion like we can say laughs Kate okay emotion but I have to
direct the flow I don’t know yeah as long as you want to find the logic you
won’t find an answer is what you want you translated into something that you
have control the biggest problem of the man is the control man is the control
freak and as long as you control you want to control it means their
physicality has taken over the dimension of the soul Optima understanding where
I’m going to no control understanding is to control the trust in what your soul
does is more important and understanding and the
thing is it yeah now that we started this process many people will start
practicing we shall see people even what the food is made I was looking for
bulletin he was explaining how his writing his temperature and a lot in
fact is cooling bit alone so I was thinking that I can do the same and
actually what we go again to physicality with posture for in the long time ago
the authority of the field in the thorn know because they translate let me
explain to you translate the control soul does not need control soul needs
feeding to feed okay feeding to feed understand I have to increase the
magnetic levitation from the impart to go it is so easy it is so easy basics in
time next few weeks we teach let let people start people yeah but that’s try
to understand it but I hear more but now is the first Zambia start teaching and
you don’t teach everything in Mongo because we lose a lot and as I said we
are not here to show magic do you feel your heartbeat do you feel your
heartbeat I can fill out the field in my body and here and you can show them how
to be taught of the breathing yeah we gonna be the heart of it do you feel a
heartbeat so it means you haven’t managed to cross
it yet pushing Juden and quaking how to do it okay how
to do it how to do it then put it this way I explained this in some of the
teaching before it’s like having a pearl coated with sugar coating how do you see
the beauty of the pearl you’ve got to put it in the hot water that the sugar
melts and the pearls stand up you have to let the dimensional physicality in
motion to disappear from your ear restriction is you who tries to feel the
temperature the minute you say Buddha was too controlling temperature Buddha
never passed that on the point he got stuck in the physicality and this time
we are teaching you that let the physicality go
but with it you can teach the dimension of the flow of the field and you can
feed it is very much go on the Internet look at the houses in East Asia in
centre of Iran huh they make a little hole at the bottom of the house in the
building and they make your tunneled right the hole on top of the house in
the desert is so cold that you need blanket to sleep in the house it’s the
giving in a way that increases the rate of the floor you don’t close the hole at
the bottom of the house you control the floor on top of the house how much you
give out then you control the temperature and if you reverse it in the
winter is so boiling concert in it it’s you who are you you’re trying to control
the gravitational and then you call it the magnetical you’re trying to control
what you receive that you forget that I’m not giving actually I’m just
controlling what I get that I can give more and it’s the total you gotta give
more unconditional what you receive and you find out that come you will sit
there if you can do it you can see your hand
another existing because you create a violation you can’t create the
environment that is balanced between your soul of your physicality and your
emotion which is the soul inside your brain and then you finally create a
field beyond imagination time will not exist and it won’t happen tonight and
won’t happen in one go it all happened next week if you don’t
understand one thing you haven’t found the position of your soul and the
position slowly finding it you find the strength of it and then the system
starts oh this is gonna be as confusing as when we went from the ghastly access
to Gans reactors you remember hey so this is going to be more confusing
because there are no gases and are no reactors except the soul of them you
know I talking about the heart I mean I have this experience on and off that
journey in my chest is not the rhythm of the heart I feel this movement just like
infinity loop constantly dancing in my chest and they Sarnia feel something
above my head moving and I do understand it comes about five minutes and goes
away and sometimes or is that before it was before thing is your problem is all
of you are trying to control I just oh yes you do because consciously
you do subconsciously we do detachment
understanding that everything is okay there is nothing wrong the minute you
realize it you’re going to feel it then you want to control it let it roll you
will see it if you are good in volume if you can take it to a point you can sit
out and watch you with the eye of your soul your physicality in a way you feel
the dimension of physicality the way you feel the existence of it so so then what
you’re saying is in my daily life suddenly I think something is wrong I’m
trying to fix it and that’s why I get a stop
yes in a way in a way it doesn’t need fixing let it go let it go but try to
understand how it flows it’s a motion is literally like reactors you know I can
explain this in a physical sense aim when you run the reactors and you change
the speed or you being under the reactor near that tub to core reactor one
reactor stops rotating or one reactor stops motion and slows down or goes
faster your soul is in the same way your physical directional form which is in
the heart and your physical soul which is in your brain there are constantly in
interfering and finding balance between each other you cannot change the
position because it’s fixed your heart position the soul position or sort of
the physicality is fixed and the emotion is fixed – so the only thing which is
left for you can change is the rate of flow and if you increase it to a point
you will understand you can leave the physicality or you can increase you the
point of the physicality becomes like an eggshell inside your are becoming inside
the shell of your own soul the physical body does not exist and this is important you now that we
start teaching gradually more and more people will start learning and then you
will see then you will understand that one of the first thing is one of the
first times we see when this process starts in in masses the first thing
people will reject our religions because the belief in path of restriction of
control has created this condition this cage
what a man and man become resentful of it and that’s what I said from now on no
one can control the movement of the man progressing so rapidly then you see the
truth in you some of you will have started in the coming days I teach you
how to produce light bulbs falls off lights in your own hand and then when
you release it that becomes your external point of reference electron if
you want to call it and you balance yourself in respect to it you’ll find
motion you find emotion you can find irrational movement it’s very easy but
now we are not teaching magic now we understand the soul of the man is inside
the body of the man now we show how you can be freed and how it can be used as
it is when he releases set and feeling certain things it becomes your hand and
it converts into his account you can feel now you can extend it without
dimension it becomes a poem it’s becoming light and if you come for
example produced three of it then you have you become a star formation we can
create a physicality to embrace others inside just give it time start
understanding it listen to the teaching of this morning a hundred times every
I’m you hear something new a new world a new centers a new way this been
explained and then you get enlightened man is ready to leave the dimension of
his country this is what I said and before up to now the release of our soul
from the cage of our physicality was done at the point of death for the first
time man has the power to have control that the death shall never be man this
is the freedom this is the beauty of the teaching this is why we started his
teaching from the beginning their freedom up to now the only time your
soul found freedom was when you are physically dead you had no connection
with it for the first time you can bring the physicality to become father to show
that you have the freedom of the universe that fear point is that when
you were in the womb of the mother the fear of coming out to live a new life as
I’ve said in the teaching we are teaching you for the new birth the birth
in the dimension of the soul of the man not the physicality of the air of the
man the way you were born from the womb of the mother into this dimension now we
are teaching you to be reborn to live without the dimension of the physicality as I said in my teaching two motions
this fight means putting my back against the wall I’m pushing eula through a hole
to jump out you don’t know what’s on the other side this is what’s holding the
man back unknown where the man came from in the knows it well we have a started a
new birth for the cycle of man to understand and to be able to convert you
have to be able to convert your physicality what you gathered in the
emotional sense that it becomes don’t forget remember
the kitchen ro you have to wind it out back before you can fly you cannot fly
with it is still hanging that’s what we are trying to teach you in the creation
you became the piece of the tower which was still hanging now we are showing you
how to roll up if you make your bowl of it and put one part of it down you see
it you have to roll up that become one box and that’s what we are trying to
teach and then you find out there is then when you come to a new position
when you are born in dimension when the Sun in his soul and his strength then
you become like free man it shall be nobody can cheat you with
the name of God somebody’s microphone is open as we were joking with almond this
morning he said the Vatican and others have collected a lot of things in the
name of the God the God is here open the banks becomes we want to give it back to
the people who been here for centuries all the money which is collected all the
assets which is collected with the fear of this soul of the man wishes inside of
the man and man has the freedom of it not release you would like to understand
those who collected the name of the God God this year handed over I wonder how
much were taken and the mosque and address will gonna hold you collected in
our name now we are here we want to greet back to the people but this time
agreed back to the people in the understanding of the soul of the man
they can make so much that these were awful worth nothing because now he had
freedom of the space if he can absorb enough energy at the strength of the
gold you can create fall in the presence of anything it’s just that you
to ask ed and I have to push you through the whole that you know when you go into
the birth room the doctor keep on saying push push now I’m trying to do that push
but my push is to release the energy from the physical soul into the soul of
the man which is in the center from his brain in a way rolling up a curtain
ready to go and your fear is if I roll up what are we going to come up and what
I’m going to be under the search that’s your fear we need the full trust in
yourself and nobody else there is no God there is no creator is you who leads to
the creation of yourself on the other side can I question the sketch yes good
day is Gerald here yes if I if I make skill from 0 to 10 to knowing the the
soul and all of that controlling and all of these things I know some persons who
can see entities and physical entities and they can hear them where you would
go can you if you understand your soul you can do
the same is no matter you know you know what it’s not magic and I told this
person I am learning for two years this technology and I didn’t get it and you
you without nothing you already there you need only to us as you say it this
person put control to what he received and what he give is it that truth mr.
Kesh that this person is already there in this skill in which number he is I
don’t know I know what he sees I am not aware of you
see there is no scale some of us can do this path in one second and some of us
can spend whole lifetime not to understand it there is no scale to it ok
and what about the person who can receive messages from it’s very easy you
will do it if you understand you gotta tune their strength to let me let me
explain to you something those are who are there they were with us with the
motions a few days ago we were sitting and there was a cup of water on table
with ice in trying to explain their presence of the energy of the soul instantaneously literally isn’t aeneas
lee because of the what I carry I could see the soul of the Creator and I could
not teach I could see the sensor online but I came from it was all in one cup it
doesn’t take billions of years to build to it if you understand it you see it it
happens to me very few times but every time it happens I don’t see any need for
life in physicality I said to Armand I don’t want to be here it doesn’t take
you I’m not from here I don’t know some blood tests and hair test says no I’m
not but we don’t know I said fall in love like everybody else when I eat like
everybody else but the reality is frequently I go in the essence of seeing
the light of the Creator me as part of it with the component it’s very simple
sometimes people work for centuries to get but I was sitting there and it
happens to me many times I see the essence of the Creator in the creation
and being part of it and to me this physical life is waste of time okay
there the flash of light what you just cleared I see this the flash of light in
the right side of my eye and this happens after I put the co2 drops this
is before softer material that’s nothing to do here’s one of the motions had it
that’s why I had to explain to it reached that point and what are the
modules will tell you they come from their heart it’s not there because it
means they access the energy of the universe in time when they want to
introduce themselves they tell you the experiences they had and the process of
being true and in a way what I taught them in six weeks in bits and bobs
you’ve been learning in one morning but because it’s so tight – you don’t
understand now you have to mix it mixture after a strength it’s so simple
that we don’t see it I know that oh I don’t know yet maybe it’s so hot I will
not come back in afternoon session but I leave it to you come back in and try
connecting me to find out when one is this way because it’s no use teaching so
much and come in so rapid way when you don’t get time to practice it when you
don’t get time to understand it more than practicing it those who have
studied in the School of Buddha should be able to understand part of the
process those who studied and believed in the
path of Moses have a long way to go because its marginal to bid a lot of
physicality and it’s become part of the green earth to swallow Optima is it the
Sun the salt to clean it takes a long time and it goes the same with the
others in the strength of their path try to understand your old creation and
you’ll come to your own creator that’s the secret hello mr. Kesh this is Klaus – from
Austria I want to bring in a little bit enlightening I’m sitting in the and here
you are teaching and feel my heartbeat and give up to strong light balls in my
hands and assert above and then I change the color from the balls to red green
and gold and let the balls turn and immediately the strong wind where strong
wind today stops and the Sun come out and it’s so easy to be connect with your
soul when it’s your wish and then it is in this moment yeah but you have a
beautiful garden class and it’s full of things it is not easy for many of us
I’ve been in your garden I know what you’re talking about
you have 92 Dalek part of it ok it’s our paradise and we work with it
thank you very much thank you – thank you thank you very much for being here today
try to get together this afternoon don’t try to explain in their physicality try
to understand the freedom of the soul and you will reach it as long as you put
material condition this has to feel that way you’ve got to get so much energy I
have to put my two fingers together and rock rock your world and everything else
you’ll find a further failure from reality of the creation and control and
being in touch with yourself hello hello yes okay thank you very much
sir for for everything it’s an honor to talk to you direct
my name is Magnus I come – I have it all where I live in Paris my name is never
knows madness yet Iranian of Brazil yes is the
same as love and care exactly no chief I have you so I will be dressed
how can my spirituality controls my mental subparts my mental which carries
all the education and then my spirituality sometime I know that’s
different I see my spirituality somebody wise so and then sometimes mental and
all these fears education comes in and makes me not really afraid but
discouraged to go on with things I believe in
how could and my spirituality controls these moments of doubt coming from my
past education fingers depends what you call a
spiritually what is the spirit my real my real me yes man is the
freedom of your soul this bit of man is the sense of the freedom of the soul to
explain me and I mention of material world we could never find it
we could never explain it we call it the spirits and the Holy Ghost and the rest
of it but in fact what if you redefine the interaction hello mr. Kesh hello and a purist we’ve
temporarily lost mr. Kish berminat to you bear with us as we wait for him to
come back in can you hear me yes yes No hello
yes sir oh no cleaner hello mr. cash can you hear us no no he
can’t hear us hello mr. cash hello hello hello can you
hear us yes I was on others channel you didn’t pick me up I came back on this
one what is important is we haven’t understood the difference between the
soul and spirit and it’s been abused or played with the language the spirit of
the man is not the soul of the man the soul of the man is the creator of the
man the spirit of the man is the interaction of the fields of his soul
with the dimension of his mr. Carrigan Chelsea motion and that we are educated
to control our understanding then we have a conflict which is what we call
mental like they say it’s spirit mental and mental is what your brain produces
the it’s a dimension of physicality in connected to our is that is how we call
it emotion right so it’s very easy and then they say whatever their branches I
study between other it branches I studied he says they say life is span
which is like camera they say which has all these system your life in needs of
the face and Julianne like all of your life is in your disputes actually
everything where our life is in is within our soul we we remember
everything which which is not memory what is the essence of interaction of
the fields it’s very much when I draw a plasma and I put other plasmas inside it
the bigger plasma is our soul and other little plasmas which are part of this
video plasma are the interaction of fields what we called memories is
interactional which in the future we might need it or we might use it
according to the strength which we commit and if I if I may I have another
question but what if we fail our mission in this life
nobody can fail it’s just a level we achieve so it’s by degree so we miss one degree
because we were not working hard enough right it’s like this not really it’s
just that the more you give the more you receive and that at the point of the
point decides where you start you know there’s an old English it says if you
don’t want to be a tomato you better catch up I understand so it depends what
you want to be and what we want to achieve with what we are and this is
very very sick yeah I hope they be image what I want to be like I want to be part
to this great near God near universe near Buddha I I know that I want to be
but I don’t know they strategy you have to understand how you can elevate your
soul or you can increase the strength of your soul using the physical body of the
matter which is through your heart body is the tool but is the tool of absorbing
the energy which is needed for elevation of the soul not body is not a point of
feeding from the environment to create a further physical dimension this is where
the man has gone long we use our heart in the wrong way for
the wrong purpose we use it for the existence of physicality inside instead
of feeding the soul of the man and this is our teaching this is what we’re
trying to teach then you become free and detachment physicality because once you
feel your soul through your soul you can feed your physicality there is no need
to kill there is no need to destroy another life so simple these difference difficult to reach out
you know hi dreams Inc before before sleeping the thing is now now what I’m
what we start teaching from now on you don’t need to drink nothing you have to
understand that’s more bill it’s very easy but gradually people will
come to it once the first man has shows the rest will follow
we’ve seen the evolution in these motions which have been with us some
achieve different strength but in total if you put them together what they’ve
learned and what they’ve done in total that shape the totality of it but each
one carries part of it till all learn the same then become one so jealous our
jealousy is a cause of loss thank you very much I’m great for your protection
and all the best thank you very much indeed thank you very much
we call it the day today which is nearly just one final question before you go
thank you so much yes Kay yes thank you so much that through this process I’ve
learned a fraction of your patience wisdom and we have a long way to go and
I’m trying to understand I’m sure lots of us many of us and as you said we need
practice we need training now if we if I try to connect the dots and everything
you’ve even taught us from your childhood on with this stereo saying and
headphones and and trying to localize find and feel not hear but feel you know
align the fields and in within our Center it does the holding of my breath
because I’ve been practicing this and if I do this three nights with everything
that you’ve been telling us with all these practice methods at the holding of
my breath does change your condition I mean if your field conditions I have
the feeling if you tell me if it’s nonsense and illusion of mine but I have
to feel if I hold my breath and radiate out simultaneously magnetically it’s
much stronger and faster and easier so if I do this every night am I on the
right path with this the thing is we have to learn one thing when you hold
your breath and you understand that you have it’s like once you hold your breath
is like you know the old engines you need the crankshaft to get it going
you have to find a crankshaft to get your heart absorbing energy from the
environment because now you feed the physicality the emotional part of
physicality of the heart with the energy you trapped above in the long energy
with the liver underneath now you have to create you created a condition of
stability now you have to learn how to move the energy from your heart to your
soul in moving that energy you create a demand for absorption of energy from the
environment then you don’t need the physicality and once you reach to that
point you learn it you can know it like a flick of a finger the reason you hold
the breath is not to hold the breath is to create a condition that you know that
whole art always in the heart of the man to create that condition that now you
move it you move it far enough up that is create a flow demand for the soul to
extract and the flow starts you become detachment physicality and then because
you are still aware of the condition of the presence of the physicality of the
brain of the man you can extract the whole body into one condition
this is the beauty you’ve become detached from physicality because now
you control the physicality because all the image when
you when you extract when you reduce your body you don’t take physically all
the pieces of the muscles with you every single cell has a part of your soul you
extract the same the same which is the soul of the essence of the physicality
into position of the heart and you feed and then there is no essence direction
for the existence of physicality this is what I said the last time you you learn
what to do your body can be full of cancer if you can learn how to retract
the sole of the cells of the man in one collection to make the totality of the
plasma testerone of the brain which means extracting everything to it then
as you are in the physicality of this planet and you let it go you’ll be
reborn without any cancer without any disease this is how beings in the
universe clean themselves when they absorb physical fields which are not in
theirs because when you attract what you have created
what is surplus it erases itself in the environment of what should be there are
no diseases in the space if you learn how to clean yourself from it conversion
from matter state or gaseous state into the plasma mutation of the element so
it’s just one final question and you know this point where you hold your
breath and usually you know one you know because of the fear of losing whatever
physical suffocating but if there’s this point I can’t put this into words but
it’s a different perception of feeling can I use that point where you’re you
are about to hug I don’t want to kill you I don’t want you to kill yourself
but in okay in that point if you know how to flick it you’re entered and the
soul of yourself and you create that dimension Ali went near it but he lost
it there are a few people who do not need
it because they can reach it all we can create a condition that it creates what
we’re trying to do at the strength of our soul that are a strength of our
emotion or what we call the soul of our the physicality can convert into a soup
of it but we never absorb it into our body and then we have no physicality but
the million you switch it off you come back again it becomes like an icebox
your ever steam and you become icebox and then you have a physicality the life
of the man is so simple it’s just man who’s made it so complicated for himself thank you very much for today please
what this is how we will run these things from now on we come back in what
and when we come back in one hour and you try to explain to each other cos in
consulting and understanding you can achieve a lot me being here continuously
teaching you never get to exercise you never get to practice many of you we
need matter of hours or days we’ll see the conversion and you can teach because
then you teach through the soul that is understand but it’s very simple see if
you see the light through your eyes it means you have learned how to expand the
dimension of it see if you can move and take part of what is the part of your
soul in a way bodies that are thrown in your heart you can separate it from this
guaranteed unknowing surely you can control it you can leave it and it comes
back to you you can create your space reactors very easy you don’t need there
is no need for even buying in a screw or a car if you understand this process of
teaching this starter today it’ll be a lot of you have thought about it it’s
like what I said I was selling Armand we always been Nanoka makers with the walks
the Chinese were ahead of but we never knew and they were putting
a salt in it and they were making up against and I said so how are we so
hungry must be two Chinese so quick because we were eating Gantz than the
material the material digestion was taking too much energy that’s why we
feel hungry we all know the secret of the soul of the man we are too afraid to
open it because then we have to leave the physicality we enjoy so much with me
I chose the dimension of physicality for the pleasures it brings when you hold a
woman here and it gives you so much pleasure when you hold your child and
gives it confirmation of I can say I’m the create when you hold an animal you
see the affection unconditional because he has no need on you then you
understand world of physicality has a lot of beauties is us which have to be
detachment then he can always come back – thank you very much for today I’ll see
you tomorrow morning but come back at 2 o’clock don’t try to explain in in
language of physicality try to see each one of you across the world if you can
feel neither the emotion of the other then you start letting go thank you very
much thank you thank you
much for that mr. Kesh very good okay that ends the double even triple today
because they okay no problem I send you the bill thank you this one we pay with
the love of the earth thank you in one hour for three hours thank you it would
go to Cuba okay thank you that would be the end of the blueprint for peace for
Humanity day two for the first session Monday July 3rd 2017 and thank you
everybody for attending will have another afternoon session in
approximately one hour at the to park is c EST time ok we’ll end the livestream
and in the zoo media

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