Blythe Baird – “On an Empty Stomach”

Anorexia is not a choice, but recovery is. One day, after years of starving
and gaining and fighting, I stepped on a scale, and suddenly that number
didn’t say anything about me. Later that night,
I ate a meal with my family, and nothing on my plate
said anything about me either. Later that day,
I got ice-cream from a truck, and I didn’t have to make myself earn it. How sweet it is to finally
be able to eat something just because I want it, just because it tastes good. Still, some days it feels like the only thing standing
between me and a relapse is knowing that it is impossible
to change the world on an empty stomach. (applause)

37 thoughts on “Blythe Baird – “On an Empty Stomach”

  1. "It is impossible to change the world on an empty stomach"

    It is impossible to do most everything on an empty stomach
    I would know

  2. Blythe is just wonderful. I like the video even when it hasn't ended because she never fails to speak her truth.

  3. Really love button poetry ! It’s inspired me to go out in my local community and read my own poems ! I’ve even made a YouTube page to share with people and recently published my first chap book with 3 children , in hope to create awareness about postnatal depression. It would be really great to get feedback and support. Hope your all well 🙂

  4. Hands down best female spoken word poet. I can feel a lump in my throat and filled with emotion when I hear her. Always happy to click on her videos.

  5. As someone who used to have anorexia, I loved this so much. The first line was beautiful. “Anorexia isn’t a choice, but recovery is.” Ive been so much happier since recovering. After recovering weight turns into only number and you realize your beauty isn’t defined by your weight at all.💓

  6. I wish she would just be happy with herself. Not in a negative way in positive. I wish she could see her talent not her weight.her soul not her flaws. And flaws are perception anyway. I wish she was happy

  7. "Anorexia is not a choice but recovery is" I automatically clicked like! I just love her!

  8. meu deus, que mulher incrível! maravilhosa a poesia, de uma sensibilidade que aquece o coração <3

  9. i’m so excited to see her at the next button event on monday in st. paul!!

  10. I truly don't think there is a poem by Blythe that I don't love and/or relate to in some way.

  11. I'm working on changing the world as I have an empty stomach so I'm good (though I may be hospitalized at my next doctors appointment idk)

  12. I doubled my weight on a medication and at 192 trying to lose it relapsing is so close and fuck this poem helps fight it

  13. “It feels like the only thing standing between me and a relapse is knowing it is impossible change the world on an empty stomach“ yes this got me

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