Blythe Baird – "On an Empty Stomach"

Anorexia is not a choice, but recovery is. One day, after years of starving
and gaining and fighting, I stepped on a scale, and suddenly that number
didn't say anything about me. Later that night,
I ate a meal with my family, and nothing on my plate
said anything about me either. Later that day,
I got ice-cream from a truck, and I didn't have to make myself earn it. How sweet it is to finally
be able to eat something just because I want it, just because it tastes good. Still, some days it feels like the only thing standing
between me and a relapse is knowing that it is impossible
to change the world on an empty stomach. (applause)

24 thoughts on “Blythe Baird – "On an Empty Stomach"

  1. I truly don't think there is a poem by Blythe that I don't love and/or relate to in some way.

  2. i’m so excited to see her at the next button event on monday in st. paul!!

  3. meu deus, que mulher incrível! maravilhosa a poesia, de uma sensibilidade que aquece o coração <3

  4. "Anorexia is not a choice but recovery is" I automatically clicked like! I just love her!

  5. I wish she would just be happy with herself. Not in a negative way in positive. I wish she could see her talent not her weight.her soul not her flaws. And flaws are perception anyway. I wish she was happy

  6. As someone who used to have anorexia, I loved this so much. The first line was beautiful. “Anorexia isn’t a choice, but recovery is.” Ive been so much happier since recovering. After recovering weight turns into only number and you realize your beauty isn’t defined by your weight at all.💓

  7. Hands down best female spoken word poet. I can feel a lump in my throat and filled with emotion when I hear her. Always happy to click on her videos.

  8. Really love button poetry ! It’s inspired me to go out in my local community and read my own poems ! I’ve even made a YouTube page to share with people and recently published my first chap book with 3 children , in hope to create awareness about postnatal depression. It would be really great to get feedback and support. Hope your all well 🙂

  9. Blythe is just wonderful. I like the video even when it hasn't ended because she never fails to speak her truth.

  10. "It is impossible to change the world on an empty stomach"

    It is impossible to do most everything on an empty stomach
    I would know

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