Blythe Baird – "Yet Another Rape Poem"

in response to the old dudes who made YouTube videos complaining that I write too many poems about rape I know you think that I talked too much I know you don't think this is what a pleasant survivor is supposed to sound like I know you are threatening because I am a thunderstorm of a woman with so much to say do you know how long it took me to say anything at all sometimes I worry I write too much about assault I worry this is too heavy a burden to talk about I worry I am putting too much responsibility on you the listener but when I talk about my trauma I'm not asking you to carry it or relieve me from it I'm just asking for it not to be too heavy for a conversation this experience takes up so much space inside of me and this stage is the only place I can let this trauma live outside of my body there is no socially acceptable time or place to talk about rape I realized this at a party I didn't want to be at dizzyingly drunk someone asked how I'm doing in his name spills from my mouth into a puddle of vomit on the floor and I apologized and apologized and apologized until the host says shoe girl is sorry the only word you know how to say suddenly I am the embarrassed girl crying in the bathroom at the party because I made the mistake of speaking about what happened to me at what was supposed to be a happy occasion I'm afraid to wear a my recovery to publicly I've noticed that people only stop calling me victim and started calling me survivor when I stop talking about it and I've stopped bringing flowers to the grave of the teenager I used to be back when I had orchids in my hair and polka dots on my shoes bubbling over with lei I used to refuse to wear the dress I was assaulted in I used to imagine it draped in a sash of caution tape because it was the only witness I threw the underwear away I didn't want to write a statement or file a report I wanted to take a shower I wanted to scream my statement is that I stayed here in this body but every day I find new ways to heal I wear the dress I was assaulted in and I don't associate it with him just to remind myself he does not own a single fucking part of me I found a way to heal through the poetry this stage is the only place I could tell my story where it wasn't a burden I was putting on to anyone this stage is where I learned to stop hoarding my suffering and I could give a fuck about a slams car this is me healing this is me reclaiming ownership over my body this is the only place I have control over the narrative and he cannot interrupt me even though trauma has a way of becoming the wallpaper of my head watch me drag the art from my suffering wash me plant seeds down my spine and bloom into a garden of poetry from every horrible thing that ever happened to me every night my voice turned into cement and I couldn't say anything watch me build an empire from the ashes of every single thing that ever tried to destroy me thank you [Applause]

22 thoughts on “Blythe Baird – "Yet Another Rape Poem"

  1. i found a way to heal through this, someone saying everything i've wanted to say? i don't know. thank you

  2. Is this against men or what? Why are there poems made of this? Wtf

  3. hello i am a normal person and this will be lost in a sea of a feminists, bye!

  4. Never silence your beautiful voice. Those old fuckers will be dead soon and your voice will live on. Thank you for speaking what so many can’t.

  5. Men are raped more then woman if you include all the rapes in jail

  6. Hi, I’m probably the only guy here in the comment section lmao.

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