Bob Proctor’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@bobproctorLIVE)

– I don’t think you determine
what your purpose is, I think you discover what your purpose is. There’s a difference. This is all we’ve got,
right here, right now. We don’t know how much we
have left in the future, but we do know what we’ve got now. 95% of the people live their entire life and never live the way they want to live. Do you know that the law of
attraction is always working? It’s like the law of gravity. If I let this go, it’s going to go down. It’s never going to go back
up; it’s going to go down. – He’s widely regarded as
one of the living masters and teachers of the law of attraction. For over 50 years, he’s
transformed the lives of people through his books, seminars,
and personal coaching. He worked shoulder-to-shoulder
with Earl Nightingale, in the 60s and 70s. He’s Bob Proctor, and here’s my take on his top 10 rules for success. Rule number five is my personal favorite, and make sure to stick around
all through ’till the end for some special bonus clips. And as always, if Bob says
something that really, really resonates with you, please
leave it down in the comments below, and put quotes around it so other people can be inspired as well. Enjoy. (dramatic orchestra music) – I don’t think you determine
what your purpose is, I think you discover what your purpose is. There’s a difference. Determining indicates deciding, and I don’t think you decide. I think, if you go about it the right way, you discover it. Like, there’s some people that
should be painting all day; they’re great artists, like Michelangelo, who was
obviously a great artist, a great sculptor. I mean, that was his purpose in his life. Well, I believe my purpose
is doing what I’m doing. Your purpose is why you get
out of bed in the morning. Do you know why you get up? Well, most people say,
well it’s to go to work. Well that’d be a good
reason to stay in bed. You know, you say, well
everybody’s doing it. That’d be another reason to stay in bed. If you’re ever doing
what everybody’s doing, you’re probably going
in the wrong direction. Your purpose is your reason for living. What you want to do is
sit down, and maybe, take a pen and a pad, and then ask yourself: what
do I really love doing? Now you may have to spend a while at this. You might get up an hour
early every morning, and go sit under a tree somewhere, if you’re in a nice climate, or pick a favorite chair, some place where you’re not going to be disturbed, and totally relax, and say: if I could spend my life doing something, what do I really love doing? Now since you don’t ask yourself
that question every day, it might take a while for the
answer to come to the surface. But it comes to your consciousness, and it may take a while;
you may have to do this every morning for three months. But it would be well-invested, the time. How many times have you
had somebody say to you: hey, have you got a minute, Bob? Have you got a minute? They don’t want a minute. I want you to think about that. I read a poem one time, it said: I have only just a minute,
only 60 seconds and it was forced upon me, I can’t refuse it. I didn’t seek it and I didn’t choose it, but it’s up to me to use it. I must suffer if I lose it, give account if I abuse it. It’s only a tiny little
minute, but eternity is in it. Well any rate, I thought,
I’m going to put this on a video, and I’m just going
to share it with everybody, just this one little part
of the seminar I’m making. I want you to look at this
sand timer, and let this, I want you to think about your life. The sand in the top of the
glass represents the future. The sand in the bottom of the
glass represents the past. Now, do you know, we
know what’s in the past, and yet, we can’t do anything about it. Do you know what the trick is? You don’t know how much sand’s
in the top of the glass. You may think you have a lot,
you might only have a little. Then again, you may
think you have a little, and you might have a lot. When I was a little boy, I
was raised by my grandmother. And, I don’t know, when
I was little, after, she was probably 60, but,
as long as I could remember, grandma would say, I’ll
soon be gone, dear, I’ll soon be gone. Well, you know, we loved her. She was really an angel
of God, but we thought she was never going to go. She lived to be 94; for 30 some years: I’ll soon be gone. She didn’t think she had much time left; she had 34 years left. Now, about the same time,
I had a buddy of mine, Bob Yates, he was just 16, and bang, he run into
the abutment of a bridge, and his life was snuffed out. If you had asked him a half hour before, how much sand he had
left, he would’ve said at least a half a century. He didn’t have a half an hour. See, the trick is, we don’t
know how much sand we have left. The future, we don’t know. The past, it’s gone. Now, the only thing you can deal with is what’s right here, right now. And if you look, the
sand is always moving. Now think of this: you see, I was working on that, and then, I was working on a graph
I’ve got here on my computer, and I’m thinking of the time somebody said hey, have you got a minute? Well they don’t really want a minute. Do you know, if you’re
earning $50,000 a year, a minute’s 42 cents? A half hour is $12.50. If we take that ahead a
bit, if you’re earning $80,000 a year, a minute’s 67 cents. Half hour is $20. If you’re earning $150,000 a year, you got a minute?
(laughing) It costs you $1.25 a minute, and a half hour is $37.50. So do you see, if somebody said: do you want to stop for a cup of coffee? Well, if you’re earning a
quarter of a million dollars a year, a minute is $2.08, half hour is $62.50. And then of course, you’ve got the coffee to pay for, on top of that. So you see, the point is this: this is all we’ve got,
right here, right now. We don’t know how much we
have left in the future, but we do know what we’ve got now, and I have found that people that win are the people who make up their mind; they’re not going to waste the minutes. They’re going to be
productive; they’re going to make it happen, every minute. Success was the progressive
realization of a worthy ideal. Anyone that has a goal, and
they’re moving towards it, they’re successful. Most people think that
your successful if you have a lot of money; quite often,
you have a lot of money if you’re successful, but it isn’t, I wouldn’t say Mother Teresa
has a lot of money, you know, but she’s a pretty successful lady. So it’s– – You said that barrier to success– – Well there’s a couple of them. I think there’s two barriers. One is our conditioning; the conditioning that takes place in our subconscious mind, from the time we’re infants: all we can do is act and talk
like the people around us. That’s why we learned
the language we learned. If there was 10 languages
spoken in our home, we’d learn 10 languages,
without any trouble. There’s usually one, and that’s
the only one we ever learn, and we grow older and we think, oh, I couldn’t learn another language. We could learn 100 if we
wanted to, you can do anything, but I think we’re conditioned. We have a real strong conditioning, usually, with not some very good ideas. And then, that’s the
barrier that’s inside us. The one that’s outside
of us is our environment. We have a tendency to act
like everybody around us, and if you think about this, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, because, if you study
statistics, 95% of the people live their entire life, and never live the way they want to live. Do you know that 95% of the
population, in this country, let’s say in North America, the richest continent in
the history of the world, they’ll work productively,
let’s say for 40 of their 65 years, and they’ll
end up with hardly any money. There’s got to be something wrong. Five percent of the
people end up financially comfortable or independent. – Are you trying to depress us, Bob? Because that’s–
– No, actually, I think it’s quite an exciting idea, because you see, the idea behind
it is that anybody can win. Anyone at all. But if we start studying these statistics, I think we’ll arrive at the conclusion, geez, I better start thinking for myself rather than follow everybody. Most people, they get a
job, they look around, you see how everybody
else is doing their work, and they start doing it the same way. They should stop and
think: I wonder if any of these people know what they’re doing? You know, is there a better way to do it? – Don’t we have a need to fit in? I mean, we don’t want to
stand out, we don’t want to get fired, we don’t want to make waves. – Exactly. Exactly, just fall into line, you know, take a number, be like everybody around. You know, that’d be great
in the animal kingdom, but human beings aren’t
supposed to live that way. I think we should make a few waves. We should maybe stand out, be different, not for the sake of being different, but because we are different. We all think different thoughts, and I believe we should start to think, and build images in our mind,
of what we’d like to do, and then set out and do it. Emerson did that, Edison did that, Marconi did that, Samuel Morse did that, Buckminster Fuller did that,
we could go on, and on, and on. They were different, they stood out, they made a few waves. You should seek failures. See, if you’re playing it
safe, you’re not going to win. If you’re playing it safe,
like that old saying, you know, you were taught
when you were a little girl: better to be safe than sorry. Well that’s a bunch of crap. It’s not better to be safe than sorry. It’s by trying things that you figure out how far you can go. You got to get outside the box. Like it’s reported,
Edison tried 3,000 ways before he built the incandescent light. He said, he didn’t fail 3,000 times, he said there was 3,000 different steps to building a light bulb. Well there’s different steps
to get to where you’re going. And I really do treat winning and losing exactly the same; I do
not let it upset me. – Do you think that’s a big part of why you’re so successful? – Well, it’s part of why I enjoy it. Yeah, I think it is,
’cause I try anything. If I’m into an idea, the idea of losing never enters my mind. See, I have worked with giants. I had the good fortune of
working with Sir Edmund Hillary. He was the first man to
stand on top of the world, and I worked with him on
three different occasions, and the only difference in
Ed Hillary and Bob Proctor is in his size. Now, he’s gone now, but he was a big man. When he shook hands with me, his hand wrapped right around
mine; I felt like a dwarf. You know, and, in talking to him, like it never entered his mind he wouldn’t get to the top of the mountain, but he failed in 1951, he failed in 1952, and it wasn’t until 1953 that he got to the top of the mountain. You know, people had died for
centuries, trying to do that. He said, I know if I could see it in here, I could hold it out here. Stella Mann wrote that in a book: you can see it in your head,
you can hold it in your hand. And that’s right. And if you’re not prepared to
lose, you’re never going to win, ’cause you’re always playing it safe. There’s no reward in that. Look at these two men. Do you know who they are? Most people don’t. They’re just a couple of ordinary guys. One, they’re both gone now, but one was an ordinary beekeeper
in Auckland, New Zealand, and the other, a Sherpa guide, from over around Nepal. Now there’s Mt. Everest. Do you know, for thousands
of years, people had tried to get to the top of Mt. Everest? People died doing it. It was believed it couldn’t be done. People tried, but they didn’t
know how, and so they quit. There’s a closer look at the mountain, and where they placed their flag. They planted that flag in the mountain. Now, this is the two of them, after they’d come down the mountain. And, do you know something? When they started, they did not know how. They didn’t know how to get
to the top of the mountain, and that’s what stops most people, because they don’t know how. As little kids, we’d go,
mommy, daddy, I want this, and they’d say, now how
are you going to do that? Well, as a little kid, you
don’t know how to do it, but they did it. In 1953, on the 29th of May, they were the first two to get
to the top of that mountain. They stood right at the top of the world. Do you know there’s been over
1,000 people do it since then? I watched a young woman,
on Canadian television, being interviewed, not very
big, she’d just come back from going to the top of Mt. Everest. And the reporter asked her, they said: how does it feel now that
you’ve conquered the mountain? She, we didn’t conquer the mountain; that mountain can’t be conquered. We conquered the limitations
that are within ourselves. Select a person who is
already doing something that you’d like to do;
get to know that person. Go to the experts for advice. Don’t ask the person next
door, or your mother, father, or brother, or the
guy that works beside you, because they don’t necessarily know. There’s no point in asking
a person how to earn a lot of money, if they’re
only earning $10,000 a year. They don’t know. If they knew, they’d
probably be earning a lot. It’s like, don’t go to a sick doctor if you want to get healthy. So, you find someone that
you can go to for advice, get a real good book,
and lock into that book and start studying. I’ve had this one that looks
like a Bible, you know. But this is Napoleon Hill’s
book, Think and Grow Rich. I’ve been reading this
thing now for 23 years. I’ll probably read it
for another 23 years. I’ll get another good book
that I brought over here today. It’s called The Power of
Your Subconscious Mind. Now, I’m not getting a
commission for selling this, the author’s dead now, he’s
been gone for a couple of years, but Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote this book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, and that’s probably one of the best books that you’re ever going to
find, because you’re going to learn something about your
mind, when you read this book. Now I read a lot of books;
I’ve got probably 1,000 books sitting in my den at home, in my library, but the one that I carry,
I carry it everywhere I go, and I read it all the time,
is, “Think and Grow Rich”, and I never stop reading it. – Now, where’s the value
for you to re-read that, and read it again? You must know it well enough that– – I think I could probably
recite it verbatim, but the secret is, I once read in a book where it said, when you
read a good book through the second time, you don’t see something in it that you didn’t see before, you see something in yourself
that wasn’t there before. You see, when I read this, I
create a greater awareness. You know, many years ago, I read a book by Terry Cole-Whittaker, it was a classic: “What You Think of Me
is None of My Business”. Think of the amount of
time that is wasted on negative energy, wondering
what other people think of you. What they think of you really
doesn’t make any difference; it’s what you think of you
that makes a difference. So, as you go through the day, don’t worry about what other people think of you. Just say, I’m alright. I’m God’s highest form of creation. See this line? That’s called the terror barrier. Yeah, jumping at you, isn’t it? And on the other side
of the terror barrier is something we call freedom. And you know, very few people get through that terror barrier. It’s rather sad. Freedom is available to everyone. There isn’t anyone that can not live they way they want to live. Why don’t they? Why don’t they? They don’t know, and they don’t
even know they don’t know. Now I’m going to show
you why people experience buyer’s remorse when they buy
something they really want, and then they back away, or they go to move and they don’t, they go to change jobs and they don’t, they go to move to another
city and they don’t. Why? Fear causes them to stay where they are. Here’s the individual; the x represents the unknown factor, the paradigm. Now, there’s a power flowing
into this individual’s mind, and they can make anything
out of it they want. Remember, we said we had
the ability to choose? What did they choose? They choose thoughts that are
in harmony with the paradigm. Now here’s an important point: the paradigm controls the vibration of this thing we call our body. Our body is a molecular
instrument; that’s really what it is, it’s a mass of molecules in a very high speed of vibration. The vibration that the body
is in, on a conscious level, we call feeling. When a person says they feel
this way or they feel that way, what they’re really doing is describing the vibration they’re in. Now, they choose thoughts that harmonize with the
vibration they’re in, so they feel comfortable. They may not like the results,
but they’re comfortable. Now let’s move ahead. Let’s take a look here. Those people are getting x-type results and they don’t like it. Do you know what the problem with them? They’re in bondage; these
people are locked up. Do you know, paradigm is like keeping a person in a prison, only there’s no locks on the door. They can open the prison
and walk out into freedom any time they want, and they don’t. They keep getting the same
results over, and over, and over again; they’re in bondage. Now, let’s go ahead. Here’s the same person. X-type conditioning, x-type vibration. The power is flowing into them, and for some strange reason,
from left field, ba-boom, in comes a y-type idea. What is a y-type idea? The y-type idea represents
anything that you might want to do, that you’re not doing. It might be, move to
another city, change jobs, sell the house, buy the farm, whatever it may be. Ask the little girl for the date. Ask the guy to go to lunch. Go make the sale. Buy what you want. Go where you want to go. That’s the y idea, but
as long as the y idea’s just in the conscious mind, it’s just going to be an intellectual
exercise; it’s never going to happen. So how do we make it happen? Well, that’s when everything goes haywire. Here we are here, same person, okay? The power flows in, and what do they do? They got the y-type idea. Now, for some strange reason, they know that they’ve got to get
emotionally involved if they’re going to act on that idea. They don’t understand
what’s going to happen, but clearly understand this: your central nervous
system is the most complex electrical system in the universe. The central nervous system is mind-boggling. It would make the electrical
system in a supercomputer look like a toy. Now the second you take the
idea from your intellect and impress it upon the subjective mind, that’s when all hell breaks loose, because the body moves
in to an xy vibration. It’s not an x vibration, not the one that we’re comfortable with, may not like the results,
but we’re comfortable. No, on a conscious level,
everything’s going crazy. On a conscious level, we experience doubt. The doubt turns into
an emotion called fear, and that fear is expressed
through the body as anxiety. See, that person is getting emotionally involved to move ahead. Do you know what happens? They hit that terror barrier
and they bounce off it, and right back into bondage, and they’re so relieved to get back there. They’re back where they’re comfortable. They’ve canceled the sale, they’ve decided not to move. They’re going to stay in the
job that they don’t like. At least they’re comfortable. Now, that’s not a very good way to live, and do you know something? That’s something everybody experiences if they’re going to grow. You’re going to hit that terror barrier. See, the terror barrier is
going beyond where you’re at, going to a new level. I’m going to tell you something: when I set a goal, if it doesn’t scare and
excite me at the same time, I know I’m going in the wrong direction. Now, I also understand that my paradigm is going to try and get me to
bounce back to where I was. It doesn’t want me to move ahead. I don’t want to live there. I lived there for the
first 26 years of my life, and for the last 50, I’ve
had a phenomenal life, and it just keeps getting better. And I want you to do the same thing. Understand what I’ve just said. I’m going to back this up. They got emotionally
involved in the y idea that moved their body into
a different vibration. On a conscious level, they’re
experiencing some crazy stuff. They start to doubt their
ability, oh, I’ll never be able to pay for it. They experience fear. The fear expresses itself as anxiety. And bang, you bounce
off that terror barrier, and you’re right back. Oh, I might not be earning much here, but I know what it is. I would love to move there,
but I’m comfortable here. I think I’ll just stay here. These people are acting
like they have a contract to live forever, and they don’t. Do you know what to do? Say I’m going to get rid of all that. I understand it’s there, but
I don’t want any part of it, and I’m going to go crashing
right through that terror barrier. Now does that get rid of the x energy? No. The x energy is still there. You see, but at least
you’re over into freedom. You made the move; you did it, and if you continue to
feed the right information into your mind, keep feeding that y idea, keep getting emotionally
involved in the y idea, you’re there, you’re on the road. Keep doing that; you’re going to find that the paradigm is going to change, and it’ll just all go away. And do you know where you’re living? In freedom, you’re living
where you want to live. Buyer’s remorse is when
you cancel the sale. Buyer’s remorse is when
you stop just before you buy what you really want, before you go for the thing
that’s going to change your life and you know it, it’s not moving to the other city, it’s not starting the
business of your dreams, it’s not stepping out
and betting on yourself. That’s a terror barrier
that’s causing that, and if you don’t learn to go
through the terror barrier, I’m going to tell you something, you’re going to stay right where you are for the rest of your days. That’s not a good place to be. What did Joseph Campbell say? So true. The cave you fear to enter
holds the treasure you seek. Many years ago, I read where Napoleon Hill pointed out that the imagination
is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force that the world has ever known. And you know, the average individual uses the imagination,
if they use it at all, against themselves. They imagine what they don’t want, they imagine problems coming. Let’s begin to use our imagination the way God meant it to be used. It’s the greatest creative
faculty that we possess, and we can build anything we want with it. I want you to wander around your home, or possibly your office, and take a look at all of the conveniences
that you have there, that you didn’t have,
let’s say, two years, five years, 10 years ago, 25 years ago. Do you know that every one
of them, without exception, was first created in the
mind of one individual, with their imagination? Do you know, you can use your imagination to go into the future, and
bring it into the present? That’s what all
highly-successful people do; they see where they want to go, and then they act like the
person they want to become. It was William James
from Harvard’s advice. He said, it’s the actor’s technique; act like the person you want to become. How do you do that? Well, you use your imagination, of course. You see, it’s a strange phenomenon, but the greatest gift we’ve got is used very well, up ’till the ages of
four or possibly five, the little child. We always wonder what’s
going on in their mind. They’re using their imagination; they’re building wonderful
pictures in their mind, but then they get to
school, and wham, like that, it comes to an abrupt halt. It’s called not paying attention, daydreaming. Well, what they were really doing was exercising a
phenomenal mental faculty. You see, we can see, hear, smell, taste, touch, they’re for our physical benefit. As long as we’re living
in a physical body, and corresponding with the material world, we will use our sensory factors. But you know, I have a
couple of little dogs at home that can hear, see,
smell, taste, and touch. We’ve got higher faculties. You have perception, the will, memory, intuition, reason, and imagination. These marvelous tools, we can take our imagination
and build an image in our mind of how we want to live, block out what’s going now, don’t let your present
results have anything to do with this, just what you want. And it’s with your imagination
that you will build it. Everything that we have; the camera that I’m speaking to right
now was first created in the mind of one individual. Think of how our world’s changed. You see, we were gifted with these higher faculties. We’re God’s highest form of creation. We were created in God’s image. We were given creative faculties to use. And you know, they’re only used by two or three percent of the population. It’s almost inconceivable
that people would wander around with so
much power and potential, and squander it. See, the average person,
literally tip-toes through life, hoping they make it safely to death. It’s such a shame, and it
doesn’t have to be that way. Think, we have giant corporations, and little, wee creative departments. The primary reason for that is, the average individual
really does not believe that they’re creative. Now think, everyone’s creative, and no one is more creative than another. It’s just that some have chosen to use their creative faculties to
a greater degree than others. Imagination, your imagination; what do you want? How do you really want to live? Build the picture in your mind. There’s a power that is
flowing to and through you, a creative, unadulterated power. It can be photographed, leaving your body. Way back in the 30s, Semyon Kirlian, the Russian photographer, perfected a form of photography where you can actually
photograph a person’s body, and you will see the
energy glowing from them. Well that energy flows into your mind, and it’s the images you build in your mind that’s going to dictate the
vibration that this instrument you’re living in, is in. And the vibration on a conscious
level is called feeling. Make certain that you exercise
your imagination daily; build beautiful images in your mind of how you want to live, and
then hold those pictures there, and live that way. The imagination, the
greatest nation in the world. The imagination, you’ve got one. It’s a marvelous creative tool. It deals with the invisible
side of your personality. You see, no one will ever really see you, they’ll only see your body, and they’ll see the
great work that you do. Make certain that your work is great work, and if you keep your imagination alive, keep it active. You’re going to have a phenomenal life. You know, life can get better every day, and it will get better every day, through the proper use of your imagination. What a wonderful idea. Do you know that the law of attraction is always working? It’s like the law of
gravity; if I let this go, it’s going to go down. It’s never going to go back
up, it’s going to go down. That is the law of gravity. Anything heavier than Earth is attracted towards center of the world. Well, the law of
attraction’s always working. Now, how does it work? Well, I use a diagram to explain the mind. Now let this circle represent your mind, and let this little circle here represent your body. Now, I want you to think
of this for a moment. Your body is a molecular structure. This is a mass of energy, at a
very high speed of vibration. If you looked at your
body through a microscope, you’d see that energy dancing
right before your eyes. Here’s something that’ll keep you thinking for the next 20 years: when you move out of it, the
body does not stop moving. If you go to a funeral parlor,
and pick up the remains, and look at it, you will see it moving. And if it wasn’t moving, how
would it ever change to dust? You move into your body and
you will move out of it. And it’s how you use your
mind that’s going to dictate the vibration you’re in. Now, stay with me. You have an imaginary
line right across here, and that separates the conscious mind from the subconscious mind. Now this subconscious
mind has been programmed. When you were a little baby,
this is the way it was: you were just like this, subconscious mind wide
open, and everything that was going on around
it went right in there. And all the energy that
went in there, when you were just a little baby, formed
something called a paradigm. Now a paradigm is information; it’s a multitude of habits. You are the product of your environment, but prior to that, you were
the product of a genetic strain that goes back for generations. Now I’m going to say that the
paradigm is x-type energy. Now you’ve got the ability
here, on a conscious level, to think, and you can think
anything you want to think. And as you think, you build ideas. There’s a power that’s flowing
into your consciousness, and never stops. It flows to and through you. You can actually photograph
this power leaving you; it flows to and through you. Now, as it flows in,
you will start thinking, and you’ll probably think x-type thoughts. Therefore, you’re going to
be in an x-type vibration, and that will produce x-type results. Now, it’s the results you want to change, and to change the results, you’re going to have to change what you attract. You see, the thoughts that you think control the vibration that you’re in. Vibration is nothing but an idea; it’s a law of the universe,
everything vibrates, nothing rests, we live
in an ocean of motion. And it’s the thoughts
that you’re thinking, that you impress upon
your subconscious mind that control the vibration the body’s in, and that dictates how you act, but it also dictates what you attract. You attract energy that’s
in harmony with you. You attract people that
are in harmony with you. You see, everything
operates on frequencies; there’s an infinite number of frequencies, but you and I operate on a frequency, just like a radio station does. And the only music you can attract is the music that is tuned in
to the vibration you’re in. Now it’s the paradigm that has been controlling the vibration. You can change your thinking, but that doesn’t do anything;
you got to change the paradigm. And if you don’t change the
paradigm, nothing happens. Now, talking about paradigms
is another subject; we’ll do that at another time. But it’s the thoughts that you think that control the vibration you’re in, and that dictates what you attract. So if you keep attracting
what you don’t want, understand this: it’s the paradigm that’s
causing the problem. You can think a y-type thought, which is totally different
than the x-type conditioning; it isn’t going to go anywhere, because when you go to
get emotionally involved, and this is the emotional mind, when you go to get
emotionally involved with that y-type thought, the
paradigm will kick it out. Do you know why? It’s so uncomfortable. That’s stepping out of the box. That’s doing things different, and we don’t like to do things different, ’cause it causes a lot of discomfort. But understand this: the
paradigm and the thinking control the vibration you’re in, and the vibration is going
to dictate what you attract. People that are in a poverty consciousness will continue to attract
lack and limitation. It has nothing to do with
this, what’s going on here, this is your educated
mind, and you could gather all kinds of information. Have you ever wondered why some people have such an educated mind? They have degrees coming right off the end of their business card, but it doesn’t show up
in the results; why? Paradigm, the law of attraction. You’ve got to change this. You’ve got to change
the vibration you’re in, and your whole world changes. Listen, in 1961, a man gave me this book, and he said do exactly what I tell you. He was giving me y-type ideas. It caused an enormous
amount of discomfort, but I did exactly what he
said, and you know something? My income went from
$4,000 to $175,000 a year, and then I took it over a million. It took me nine and a half years to figure out what happened. This is what I’m showing you. Watch this over, and over, and over again. There’s a number of lessons in here. In another lesson, I’m going to show you how to change the paradigm. When you change the paradigm, the change in results is automatic. You know why? You start to attract something
new, something different, and what we want to do is
program in positive information and eliminate the negative, and I’m going to show you how to do that. The law of attraction: you attract according to
the vibration you’re in. This thing we live in is
a molecular structure. Your body is a mass of energy. Do you know, if you put your body in front of an infrared television camera,
in a completely dark room, your whole being would be
nothing but a glistening, radiating, gleaming form. Feeling is conscious awareness
of the vibration we’re in. When we don’t feel good,
we’re in a negative vibration. You want to feel good? Move into a positive vibration. Stop and think of what
you’re grateful for, but understand this: you
will never attract to you, wealth, happiness, health, until you get the paradigm
to get you on that frequency. It’s Bob Proctor, and thank you. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I made this video because
Pagla Bye asked me to, so if there’s a famous
entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave it
down in the comments below, and I’ll see what I can do. I’d also love to know, what did Bob say that resonated with you the most? What rule had the biggest impact on you? What did you learn from this today that you can apply to your
business or your life? Please share it, leave
it in the comments below; I’m going to join in the discussion. Thank you guys again for watching. I believe in you; I hope you continue to believe in yourself, and
whatever your one word is. Much love; I’ll see you soon. – Your vision is how you’re
going to execute your purpose. Your purpose is why you’re living. Your vision is how you’re
going to execute it. So your vision would
be a long-range vision of a whole bunch of things
that you would love to do. Like, I have all kinds
of things I want to do. When I’m in the air, I
spend almost all my time, hardly ever watch a movie
or anything like that, I spend almost all my time thinking. And I think, how can I
do what I’m doing better? How can I do it in a bigger way? We started a streaming club. We have a streaming club,
where I stream every week, and we’re going to expand on that. And that was the result of me going in to, I went into
Tel Aviv, to Cyprus, to Melbourne, to Auckland, to Los Angeles, and back to Toronto, and
if people were all saying, could I just spend a little time with you? And I thought God, I should be
able to spend time with them, but I had to catch another plane. And so, the idea of this
streaming club came to me. So that was an idea that
was part of my vision, and I acted on it immediately. So your vision is a long-range view of all the things that you’d like to do, that are all on purpose. Every one of them would be
helping you execute your purpose. Cybernetics & Paradigms; very, very interesting subject. Cybernetics and paradigms
are both control systems that operate essentially
on the same principle. Both maintain a definite
course of action, and will not deviate from the course
that has been established. You must alter the paradigm to achieve the result that you desire. Now think about that for a moment. You’ll see people stuck
at a certain level. Go ask any sales manager
to give you the names of their salespeople,
and they can tell you what those salespeople are going to do next month, and next year. Why?
Because they’re programmed. They just come in about the same; maybe up and down a little, but they come in about the same. How about athletes? Every coach will tell you exactly
how they’re going to play. There’s patterns; they’re called habitual patterns. Well, that’s a paradigm. Now this is a beautiful concept, so let’s understand it. Cybernetics and paradigms, alright? There’s a thermostat. Now, a thermostat in your home
is a cybernetic instrument. Now, I live in Toronto, so
a good part of the year, it gets pretty cold there. Other parts of the year,
it gets pretty warm. But, in the winter, you
would have your thermostat set to control the room
temperature at around 70 degrees. Now, you could be sitting
there, reading a book or something, and all of
a sudden, you feel a draft around your feet, and you
start to feel a little cool, and you think, what’s going on? So you go and look at the thermometer, and you notice that the
temperature’s not 70, it’s dropped to 65 degrees. You start to investigate,
you think, what’s wrong? And you’ll notice, the front door’s open. Now, it used to be,
when I was a little boy, you’d go and check on the furnace, ’cause maybe the furnace had gone out, and you’d have to shake all the ashes down and build another fire,
and get it going again. Not today. Today, we’ve got cybernetic mechanisms hooked up to our heating system. You see, the thermostat
measures the deviation from the set goal. What was the set goal?
The set goal is 70. But the temperature is at
65; things have changed. The thermostat sends a
message to the furnace, and automatically, the fire is turned on. The fan’s turned on, and the
temperature starts to rise. And it gets up to 66, 67, 68, 69, and it’ll take it right back until it’s back on course, at 70 degrees. And then the fire, and
the fan, are turned off. Now think of that. And it all happens automatically. That’s a cybernetic mechanism. Interesting, isn’t it? Do you know, you’ve got a
cybernetic mechanism in you? Let’s look at it another way. Let’s look up at the sky. Here’s a big plane. Now, the automatic pilot on a commercial plane, is
a cybernetic instrument; that’s exactly what it is. And you see, a flight
pattern is programmed into the plane’s computer system. When the plane goes off
course, the cybernetic system measures the deviation from the set goal, and it corrects the flight pattern. The plane is brought back on course. It’s correct, correct,
correct, correct, correct. You know, a rocket going to the moon is off course 97% of the time. Let’s take a look at it from
a different perspective. There’s a plane leaving Chicago,
and it’s flying to Paris. Now, when the plane leaves the vicinity, it’s just getting off the ground, you see, the wheels are still down, it’s just getting up there, the automatic pilot is flipped on. The pilot could come back
and have dinner with you. Now, they don’t leave the cockpit, but they’re not
necessarily doing anything, it’s all done automatically. And you see, when that
plane’s flying along, it gets hit by some turbulence,
gets knocked off course, do you know what happens? The cybernetic mechanism
cuts in, it’s activated, and it puts the plane
back on course again. It all happens automatically; pilot doesn’t even have to do anything. But ultimately, although
it goes off course and gets knocked back on
course, it ends up in Paris. Now think about that for a moment. Here’s you, and you have, locked into your subconscious mind, a self image. And that self image operates like a cybernetic mechanism, okay? Your self image is a
cybernetic instrument. Now, let’s suppose your self image is that you are overweight. Well, you don’t talk about it. You don’t want anybody
else to talk about it, but inside, you feel you’re overweight. And you just get to a point
where you can’t handle it anymore, so you make a decision; I’m going to go on a diet, and you
instantly move into action. And what happens? Well, you start to lose weight. Why?
You’re starving yourself. You don’t eat anything white. You know, and on, and on we go. No more chocolate. Why? Because, they make you fat. That’s not what makes you fat. It’s the image that makes you fat. If you had a skinny image, you could eat all the
chocolate in the world. You just pass off what’s not
needed for the manifestation of the image, through
your eliminative system. Eliminative system is one
of the systems in your body. Now here’s the point: when a person who is
overweight goes on a diet without changing, or
altering, the self image, any weight loss is temporary. That’s why people gain and
lose tons in a lifetime. Say they lose it, you’re
automatically programmed to find whatever you lose. The self image, being a
cybernetic instrument, measures the deviation from the set goal and immediately corrects the course. The weight that was lost will be found. You see, you look at the scales, you don’t relate, that’s not really me. That’s not really me. So what happens? The weight’s put back on again. Isn’t that interesting? I know. If you have a weight
problem, you’re saying, damn, I never knew that. Well now you do know it. But you see, if you’re
going to change the weight, you’ve got to change the paradigm. That’s what our company’s all about. We help people change paradigms. We help them live in the
body they want to live in. I’m so happy and grateful now
that I’m at my perfect weight. I’m lookin’ good and I’m feeling great. You can do that; you can live
the way you want to live. You’re God’s highest form of creation. Where’s another area that we could use, well you can use it in any area. Let’s take a child in school. Now this is all in “Psycho-Cybernetics”, Dr. Maxwell Maltz’ book. And here’s something else: what’s the point of making
heroic vows of amendment if the same old lawbreaker’s
going to keep them? I am going to take the weight off. But you don’t change the
lawbreaker, the paradigm. Emerson was right; of what
use to make heroic vows of amendment, if the same old
lawbreaker is going to keep them? Greatness comes from fantasy. I would imagine that when
Edison first saw the light bulb, he was fantasizing, but he kept fantasizing, and
he built it into a theory, and then he built it into an image, and then he built it into a fact. I mean, when I was a kid, it was a fantasy to think of going to The Moon. We’ve been up there
with cars, playing golf.

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