Bogica Krunić – Smisao (Visual Video) [Ihtus Poezija] //THE MEANING – IHTUS POETRY\\

Genesis 3:18,19 Once upon a time God had a plan, to create a world which He placed in His palm. In a place where thousands of colors adorn it all, a one of a kind man was created. We got the opportunity to live, to be amazed, and praise our Creator, because He gave us the breath of life. And it was a huge opportunity, a chance to forever have the giver of all, but our disobedience failed Him. His face was covered in tears, He will forever carry scars on his hands. His heart pained Him because He knew, that this generation has fallen in sin, that there will be pain, famine and war, hatred, death and broken homes, that we will be lied to and mistaught, spiritually killed, and the saints tortured. People will bow to other gods, walking by the traces of others in vain. While He watches all of this with a sad face, His perfect draft is ruined, the one that the Artist of the heavens have painted, the stained painting needs a different look. The King of the heavens wanted to pay with His life, to return the kids under His wings, to gift the exodus and deliverence, the solution for sin and justification. During times in which no one even suspected, God was born as human through the Holy Spirit, to carry the punishment for the whole world, for graves and war to be no more. The light shone with a huge glow, but due to their hardened heart they didn’t recognize it, therefore many didn’t humble and repent, they didn’t allow Him to change their hearts to have the eternal love start beating God who created all the worlds, which lives and will live throughout the centuries, left the glory of His throne, in order for your fault to also disappear at the cross. Many lost the personal unity with God, wandered off far and cooled down. Hatred, darkness and suffering would have last, they wouldn’t stop, but they did disappear, I don’t see them around me anymore. There is no fear, no deadly dust. We got new body, we’re no longer slaves. The Earth has returned in Jesus’ hands, peace shines through this place again, there’s no torment. The Painter has painted a new painting of us, the heavens celebrate the happy ending, the drama has edned. We’re walking together through the valley, He holds my hand and leads me to the heights, to show me the universe which He made, to show me all the kids that He saved. I’m happy that I’ve understood this, I wouldn’t return to the past, back then I had an empty soul and nonsense, now God lives in me, I’ve found the meaning. Translation: Aleksandra Božinova Revelation 21:1,4

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  1. Predivno , kada jedna mlada duša nađe smiso u Gospodu ….. samo nastavi tom Isusovom uzanom stazom … i svojim darom — podiži skrušene i zavij ranjene u srcu .

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