BookShop™ – How To Sell Your Book Direct To Readers & Make More Money

Looking to take control of your book sales
and make more money? Then it’s time to open up shop with BookShop™ — your personal one-stop online storefront to sell your eBooks and printed book
direct to your readers. Self-publishing authors now have a dedicated
webpage to get paid faster. We’ll deposit your money into your BookBaby account as soon as 5 days after a reader orders your book. Always have your book in stock. 24/7 365 A BookBaby exclusive. And make MUCH more in royalties compared
to Amazon or anywhere else. Earn up to 50% of your selling price through
Print On Demand on BookShop alone. Setting up shop is easy. BookShop is available to all BookBaby
authors who have purchased an eBook or Print On Demand. So are you ready to start earning more? Visit us online at
or call us to get started today.

2 thoughts on “BookShop™ – How To Sell Your Book Direct To Readers & Make More Money

  1. I have just completed my first book “The Moon’s an Illusion” which is in paperback and ebook form. How can I advertise it on book club sites etc etc?

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