Box – Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

box I made a box with a lid and locks begin up for me to sit in I took the chance climbed in and bolted the lid above me I’d made the walls of my box so that they could move in towards me the sides and the top could come closer and closer towards me simply by my turning a handle from the inside of my box now that I was inside with the lid shut I turned the handle and the Box closed on me I could feel the bolts in the walls digging into my skin I could feel my neck being squashed down I felt like clothes in a suitcase my arms binding my body up I stopped still feeling the feeling of it look what I’ve made for myself look what I’m doing look at the box though you won’t see me I’m on the inside walnut in its shell

11 thoughts on “Box – Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

  1. @BitchinnShoes07 Yeah, I remember walking into a church and seeing a whole bunch of boxes one time, it was the strangest thing ever.

  2. This feels like a representation of a disability, I think this could be Michael's darkest poem ever, along with The Newborn Child and Going Through The Old Photos.

  3. My interpretation: we all live in a box of our own making. Blocking who we really are from anyone else, and it gets to the point where if someone would look at you, all they would actually see is a shelf of your former self.

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