BOY RENAISSANCE – “Her Throat Was The Flint of God” – Australian Poetry Slam – Coffs Harbour

that night she turned to fire she
carried her body to the hill she cried gasoline her throat became the
Flint of God and when she spoke she spark spark sparked into a funeral pyre
into smoke curling up in cursive the story of a girl with an orchestra of
questions droning low under her skin whispering dear journal the night dad
caught her and I raining each other’s bodies into bloom he pulled us up by the
roots and left us there to dry I hate it when he paces like that like a panther
afraid of being struck dead by our storm like he doesn’t know that the Lightning
dancing between her and my body is a defibrillator shocking us to life to
life to life to the conviction that our love is allowed to be alive I swear if
he could throw me in Hell right now he would but he doesn’t know that I am
already burning from the inside out that my Inferno heart is aching to fly out of
this body out of this house and into the bird cage of a woman’s chest that I
don’t know if I am Phoenix or fragile fledgling if I will die or be reborn in
this fire that night the sky reflected the eyes of countless queer kids looking
up for a glimmer of validation and most of them didn’t know that they were only
seeing themselves untouchable stars that can be seen and studied but never
changed dear journal if I am NOT real then let these flames eat me up but if
this heart stays glowing in the ash then let them call me born again let my mouth
and these embers strike fire in the mouths of those too afraid to speak let
them mouths be like sparks in the dark like the mouth of God saying let there
be let there be let me be

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