Boy with hearing loss recites original poem in English, Ode to Cheesecake

Hi, My name is James. I’m doing “An Ode to
Cheesecake” and I dedicate this to my mom for making cheesecake for my class. Oh love of my life,
You give me a creamy, sugary delicious taste that thrills my tongue.
Once I know you are in the fridge, I can’t stop thinking about you because you are calling
my name. I’d rather scrape the cool glass plate for
the cookie crumb crust than digging deeply for diamonds.
Oh love of my life, Your dulce de leche topping sends me as high
as Venus Oh love of my life,
Even though the Greeks claimed to have invented you,
Only I know the real you filled with the Philadelphia cream cheese, the best New York cheesecake.
Your wardrobe overflows with the latest fashions, that you are dressed in.
I love all of your toppings, peanut butter cups, strawberries, blueberries, and the best
of all, the sweet and sticky caramel.
Your smell is so intense so that I just fly into your arms.
You are my perfect dessert. You satisfy all my senses and you turn me
on like a lightbulb. Oh love of my life,
I’ll skip school to eat you happily by the pool
But it breaks my heart to share you with lovers of chocolate chip cookies.

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