Braun Strowman crashes a Tag Team Champions Summit: Raw, Sept. 16, 2019

When Dolph and I decided to become a team. Nobody could believe it. Not the WWE Universe. Not the locker room. Not even you, Michael Cole. And God knows you think
you know everything. But take a good hard look, at greatness. Take a good, hard,
look at your new RAW Tag Team.>>RAW.>>Uh-oh.>>Braun is a man of his word.>>And
here is the former tag team champion. The monster among men who promised moments
ago that someone is gonna get these hands.>>Well, Strowman’s in a foul, foul mood. The worst case scenario last night, Strowman left Clash of
Champions empty-handed.>>Now that, Dawson and Wilder trying
to cut off Strowman at the pass.>>I guess Braun’s knee’s okay.>>Yes, Strowman now injuring
that knee last night, and Dawson went right after it,
and didn’t matter.>>Check on that chin of Scott Dawson.>>Bam, into the barricade. And now Strowman looks to turn his
attention to both Ziggler and Roode. And Robert Roode, wasting little time,
looking to retreat and get away from the monster.>>Supposed to be a Tag Team
champions summit. Strowman has no business out here. He’s not a champion anymore.>>He might not be champion, but
I like where this is headed.>>Strowman can do whatever he wants,
Cory, summit or not.>>See you later.>>Knocking Wilder right into
the WWE Universe, Ziggler as well.>>Roode’s gotta compete later
tonight against Seth Rollins, get out of there, Robert.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Well, Braun Strowman made good on his promise. [MUSIC]>>University of Tennessee
got a maniac on the loose.>>Poor Dolph. [MUSIC]>>Damn it. This is supposed to be a summit,
this is supposed to be a summit. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Braun Strowman crashes a Tag Team Champions Summit: Raw, Sept. 16, 2019

  1. Believe it or not.

    The Revival bring more impact with the title instead of Roode & Ziggler.

  2. If WWE was smart they would use this storyline to have a 4 on 1 for both titles only for Braun to win and be the Unified tag team champion therefore merging the divisions and only fight for 1 set of belts.

  3. So the tag division is just there to make Braun look strong again after being booked poorly? 🤔

  4. What's a joke they finally have decent tag champs and they stil destroy the tag division. 1 vs 4 that's just poor wwe writing again. Strowman needs to go bk to nxt and learn how to win the big 1.

  5. On paper, he’s had a decent amount of championship success but how many of his reigns were actually good or respected in some way? Such a waste of talent

  6. Braun just champ. for how many days? Like WWE give him something that he can't own, a consolation prize. That's a lot of BS😠😝👎

  7. Draft strowman to smackdown
    Make randy 14th time heavy weight champion then allow braun to retain that title from orton…👀

  8. Braun is the only guy in your roster who can defend any title as long as he want. And you are not at all giving him a title and also made him to lose his tag title. With all respect to rollins, seth is the same person who got crushed by braun and u made that guy to defeat braun. You guys are burying him. ☹️👎👎👎👎

  9. We're is EC3, most hyped LARS, BLACK was the main events of NXT and now he is not at all getting a good match.

  10. If you guys can't utilise the carrier of superstars properly plz don't select them from NXT. they were FANTASTIC at there. We don't want to see them as bullies.

  11. I would love to see Samoa Joe / Rusev against braun… If it had to be tag team, book rowan and harper or AOP or Viking raiders… Try to put a challenge to braun… This version of braun is boring..

  12. Why don't you destroy Tag champions, former World champions, all at the same time because he can't take out 1 guy at a time. WWE booking

  13. So you can take on 4 men at once yet but cant beat 1 man for the Univetsal Championship? 😂😂😂😂😂 Stop it WWE please… stomach hurts!!!!

  14. VtThhsuy evhie yyiej hfyuw gdy7e cfyijbe gyuihbdi give uiihve bjie veggie buns jkojuye njinbvgvejjei hegeuih burn bhgg ehujgv shine high ehoouqbud Joe bud htyiebby bud hgfyihv true hgftyyuie hui8iyyuebvyujbbdu huhgyuhe huuuge huh e yu8ie hyuibe hyuij hub hub huwi hueijyw huge hue hftw who were hvhhue guys hyu7hvgej guys gtue gyu

  15. Clash of Champions was the only way to protect him as a strong Baby Face. Trust me this Knee work is for the Shelf. He is slated to be in a couple movies by 2020 so go figure.

  16. Make this guy as monster champion……wwe burying him for no reason……braun must leave wwe

  17. Pleas sub to my channel i just started it but if u dont like it go to bro tricks thats my real one ,is has a logo like ,BT witg gray army backround

  18. I have one reason to boo wwe because Braun deserve to be universal championship but wwe Seth is deserve to beat strowman are you kidding me

  19. End the goddamn brand split why are the smackdown tag titles on raw makes no sense

  20. They deserved all that. Horrible Raw and SD Tag Team Champions. Their reign better not last long

  21. Braun seriously has some of the dumbest moves. That running around the ring tapping into people is easily the worst…

  22. Ziggler getting crashed by strautman again and again and the running robert roode not able to stop himself from 🏃🏃🏃🏃

  23. Now Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, Scott Dawson, & Dash Wilder are going to Super Megaforce Get These Hands by Braun Strowman.

  24. 1st The Bar at WrestleMania 34, now this. Why does wwe have Braun bury the raw tag champs/division

  25. Braun strowman went demolition derby on the entire tag team division. Like he said, some one will get these hands.

  26. Nice !! Now you bury the whole Tag Team Division again WWE, One man dismantle 4 men, come on! And youre asking why the Tag Team Division has no creditibility

  27. Since when is beth mowins an anouncer for wwe???….i seriously think they are trying to push away wrestling fans

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