Brazen | Spoken Word Poetry | Aishwarya Choudhary | Women’s Day Special

You see me as weak-kneed,
but look deep into my eyes take a glimpse of my soul
shiver, shudder, realize that I am brazen and bold. Because my intentions are clear,
and I put my foot down. Because I choose to be free
unleashed, unbound. I observe what I see,
I decide where to be, I choose what I wear,
and I choose what to think. fearlessly, without effort or worry,
I choose to be free. Because freedom is not an allowance,
it’s mine to breathe. But the look on your face
when I walk the ways you think are unsuitable,
and speak of things that make you uncomfortable says that behind that veil,
you are quite vulnerable. I am only letting you know
that the likes of me, have been here before
and in wars of history, they’ve been fabled. Don’t tell me how I am loud
and too full of passion that sometimes I am gullible in an unsound
fashion that I thank too many times
when I think you’re kind. That I make mistakes,
sometimes correct them, sometimes forsake. I know this all, and I know this well. I won’t apologize for this, I never shall. It’s not just me,
’cause brazen is a breed. And sometimes it seems
you can’t yet see that we are waterfalls –
strength and direction. We are mountains,
beyond you, high with ambition. We are forests with life –
deep and resilient. We are deserts,
devoid of restrictions. We are celestial
because when we love, we stir a riot in your name. Yes, we are mad
a little too extra so flawed
so difficult We are crazy,
We’re lunatics bizarre
and eccentric We’re vibrant,
We’re dynamic. Anything, honestly,
anything but apologetic. And this part of our lives is called
‘Zero Regrets’.

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