Breaking News, EBE Bandz Discovered (Details), Cardi B REACTS Writer of The Year, Bow Wow Challenge

this Jordan tower with Jake to use makes you smash that like button smash that subscribe button I love you guys so much let's get right into it okay so we got EBE bands was found today and two people have been charged then we got cardi B was nominee well she won artist what writer of the year writer of the year hmm then we got Bow Wow up to Bow Wow things and we got some other stuff a bit and let's get into this Jordan tower with JT News hit that Bell hit that subscribe button make sure you hit that thumbs up button I appreciate you guys so much o because i having a wonderful positive day going into the weekend and I hope you guys relax this week and I just want to say I appreciate you guys so much for watching me here okay so uh EBE band's two men have been charged they found him it's been about what does it been a month two men have been charged in connection to this his name he went missing last month and they were investigating exective 'ti because you know there was like like a big mess in his house like somebody robbed it but they didn't take anything and he was missing so they have been looking for him and they located the crime scene on the 20th and his he was found in a Winnebago County okay so unincorporated Winnebago County with no details released two arrests have been made one guy was 22 the other guy was 22 who knows why they did it who knows and they're also looking for other people of interest I remember there were so many there were so many allegations that he's in the trunk and all this other stuff and nobody knew what happened to him well it's sad you know I mean hopefully we get some details on this so we'll watch to see what happens but anyways then next we got cardi B writer of the year even though she's been exposed for not writing multiple times it's crazy I mean we would let's just recap this well we know party is the one that writes all of her stuff right funk flexes express this distaste Nicki Minaj has everybody has that she's even reacted we you think I'm mad number one on iTunes number said this is past me and partisan played paid while we sleep achieving stuff and you're mad at me or you mad at your life then you know she'd go on to say so many people try to discredit me but songwriters yeah that's right cardi B I'm so thankful for the nominations and people who be I always give credit to Kodak for the boat AK yellow dot uh then you know of course Nikki at one point said I'll pay you to take a lie-detector test and Queen Radio because she talked about her not writing you you won't I must admit you're a convincing liar you looked me dead in my face and said told you not to do the no flags video because I was dissing you Oh joking my face and said told you man not to do the no Flags video because I was dissing you left on the truck got the same call okay well cardi B got ASCAP songwriter of the Year bar dear carted be careful bodek yellow I mean you're giving her credit for you're giving her credit for things she didn't write it doesn't make sense I'm not mad about it it's just a doesn't this just doesn't even make sense you know but if anything the writer should be winning it or maybe they just look at her as a corporation and they're honoring the corporation you know cuz cardi B is a corporate every artist is a quote incorporated at least they should be so she reacted to somebody she's always reacting to something she's reacting to people talking about charges in her case today so here's her latest rant it says this is obviously to some woman that came at her you wrinkled fake 10b you don't profit I'm talking about white celebrities so why go anyway to report on ish people in the urban culture first of all that's racist we shouldn't be color we should be colorblind okay if Eminem does something messed up I'm gonna talk about that it's not a color thing it's just part of the culture you know people hey we should all be lucky that everyone partakes in hip-hop because everybody makes money with hip-hop now everybody you know and if they if everybody didn't partake in the hip-hop culture there'd be no money here Mountain Dew and everybody wouldn't be giving party B deals and all this stuff so she needs to calm down okay and even make up stuff it's crazy how two months ago my publicist had to go out of her way to prove you guys that I had surgery because you insisted I was pregnant and you were going to report it because a reliable source claimed to tell you I never did jail time I don't have a criminal record but they want to drag this case because they want Fame and they want press waste people tax money on BS case a misdemeanor case I don't understand how I've been to court six times for a misdemeanor a misdemeanor and now you try to upgrade to a felony should have taken the deal right because now they upgraded it to a felony the lowest of the low are refused to agree to your terms the prosecutors are in meetings talking about she hangs with gang members but you know my clean ass we don't talk about my clean ass record talk about the private donations I gave to my banks come on man you know you could still be a P of purse to vol donations are tax write-offs never throw that in anybody's face when you're making millions of dollars you better be donating some money otherwise you will be paying true why do you think Bill Gates and them have foundations and more Buffett foundation set up just to donate money it's to avoid tax because you're either gonna give it to Uncle Sam or you can donate it okay let's just say how I got keys for for Brooklyn keys to puffle and I'd show you she got the key to the Brooklyn or so I don't know anyways giving you white people it's easy once you start talking about that it's like you're racist man racism goes both ways you might not agree where you listening to it but it does okay you know I believe in being colorblind I've always believed in that you know you judge people on people okay but people want to like her she's bringing up the race car because that's her defense she's famous she has to understand she's famous man and you people are gonna come for you you got to learn to put your blinders on otherwise you're gonna implode and I'm gonna be honest making this dalliance coming for her right now hard then let's get off of that we got shad moss he's back up to his old tricks guys he might have smashed his own g-wagen window I mean look you faith I saw this on the blog a drug court on it who does this okay you get it you get if you Photoshop your picture to make it look like you've got abs I think girls do that you're good guy bro like I mean just go ahead the gym or something if it concerns that much I mean then he said really this is what you do pull up to my place of business and bust my windows out well if you should have cameras out there first of all second of all you might have busted your own window just I mean that's how desperate people are for Instagram post now they might bust their own windows out just to post about it I saw an LD chopper he'd beat up the walls in his house just I don't know what that was about I don't know if you guys saw that video he's showing his broken hand I don't know then bow-wow he has that show and we got growing up hip hop in Atlanta or whatever so walk his mom's talking about the time you know when he approached that his girlfriend and the elevator he said she said this was aggressive like this was way too aggressive and he was sitting this is how you know that someone's a little bit off instead of just listening to her he kept explaining himself and not admitting hey that was a little aggressive I shouldn't have done it like that right and he ended up getting beat up he approached her like that and she beat him up and I think he probably beat her he probably hit her a little bit but it didn't show any bruises she messed his I read and so she he came at her aggressive in the elevator walk as my was like hey at least admit this this was wrong she might have done something and you knew you were getting a relationship with but he kept down and see people that over talk to him don't let you talk is that's a different kind of person man you know Bow Wow is just all the way lost man this guy is successful I don't get why he's so lost in the sauce man anyways so that's what's going on today you know rest of peace TP dance and anybody who you know cared about him and everything you know I'm sorry for your loss that's really sad that that that it ended like that and I wonder what happened do you know like now we're curious a little fun fact and then Biggie's one-room shack that he wrapped about and back in the day now costs four thousand dollars per month the prices in New York are crazy I'm so glad I do not live in the city anymore Wow see the prices in New York are just ridiculous my brother spends I think he spends what's it how much is his rent now three thousand dollars a month for a one-bedroom that's crazy I used to pay 2 grand a month in New York and I thought that was crazy too – I was paying like 2,100 now it's 3,000 that's crazy Atlanta's even game crazy no North Carolina is getting crazy like Charlotte area or else did I see crazy pricing Texas is always pretty affordable California is wild Wow it's like you've got to make a certain amount of money now or you got to have like ten roommates with one bedroom you know or just finally save up enough money to get a house you know because you do get more square footage for your for your per month you know so that's the only positive side to it you could lose money in a house as possible so you got to really shop around there's some of it some people be really trying to charge more than their house is worth so anyways guess this Jordan Taylor JT News hit that belly to subscribe button appreciate you guys so much and I'll check out the next video

42 thoughts on “Breaking News, EBE Bandz Discovered (Details), Cardi B REACTS Writer of The Year, Bow Wow Challenge

  1. they Mac millered him for his music whoever he was signed to whacked him follow the money easy the motive

  2. Cuz you are allowed to feel your color blind. Your from the colonizers. Black people can't be racist they can be prejudice. She mixed so that's a more than surface discussion.


  4. The people controlling the industry are trolling us with artist like Cardi B that’s why they are giving her all the awards

  5. You didn't say weather he's dead or just said he was found..and two people being charged..for what..murder or kidnapping..what?

  6. How do you get an award for writing when you don’t and didn’t write 🧐😑🧐 the Agenda is real💅🏽💅🏽

  7. This music generation is fk up they allow anything and anyone. Smh

  8. Cardi B has the MortalKombat and contra cheat codes when it comes to the music industry she can’t Lose

  9. Joke is clear there is connection big money behind her name payola forget this time her English pronunciation in USA hom of hip hop r like wtf kkkk

  10. "EBE Bandz was found today. 2 people have been charged."

    "was found today" makes it sound like he was found alive. That's way too vague. Why wouldn't you say he was found dead, or his body was found?
    "2 people were charged" with what? Why wouldn't you say 2 people were charged with his murder? Again, too vague. Terrible reporting. I had to Google it.

  11. Must respect to you for covering ebe bandz investigation. I'd say your the biggest platform that covered anytime there was an update. It's a shame no one else covered his story except a few small channels. Your a good dude for doing it and not for views! 🖒


  13. C’mon JT, we can’t be color blind.. what would people do at a traffic light if they didn’t see color?

  14. Bro you mean to tell me ebe bandz got kidnapped and murdered by a couple of dweebs. This dude got a uzi glock with extended clips and he get whacked by some Seth Rogan looking mfers.

  15. Fuck that shit…they told the Central Park 5 they should take the deal also…AND WE SEE HOW THAT TURNED OUT. And fuck Uncle Sam. All you dumb ass motherfuckers can file a Revocation Of Election to get out from under ILLEGAL taxation.

  16. She's dam sure credited as a writer. Y'all really believe she writes NOTHING. if you believe that then you don't know the industry, her name would NOT be on credits if she played no part. It'll be illegal

  17. There would be zero bucks if it wasn’t for whites cause niggas ain’t buying shxt 😩

  18. Jt im a black man and you are so damn right about the bs racist comments cardi was saying love the channel

  19. Whos dick did she suck? She got an award for sum shit niggaz aint even sure if she wrote it.smh sad

  20. Y'all hate on Cardi so much. Meagan can never take what Cardi already has all she can do is create her own legacy. Nicki needs to win her Grammy instead of worrying about a lie detector test. Damn

  21. You the only channel covering him fam
    Good shit but sad fckn news. RIP

  22. Cardi needs to proof read her comments before she allows the public to see..

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