Brian Monahan ~ Poem about New Zealand ~ New Frontiers 2017

all right everybody so I'm gonna share a poem with you today some that you probably heard this one before I wrote this a couple of years ago when I kept coming out to New Zealand all the time and I go back to the United States and they'd say why do you keep going to New Zealand and I got tired of answering that question so I wrote this poem I'll customize it for the audience here so so when you come to New Zealand from overseas the first thing you see is just trees and honeybees clean mountain Springs and endless fields of green from the jungle valley to the mountain peaks we listened to mother nature and hear loud these shoots Peaks New Zealand's got world champion rugby and Lord of the Rings the haka manuka honey and earth's happiest sheep is literally in tomorrow twenty-one hours ahead means three hours behind southern hemisphere different stars a whole different sense of time but then you look closer and more is perceived because like a tree New Zealand's roots run broad strong and deep with the culture not based on Commerce but on kindness one that values the importance of wisdom balance in silence Kiwis value fairness compassion and honesty witty and reflective with self effacing modesty balancing individual responsibility with deep community connections leaders elected fairly in honest open elections now I'm not saying that it ain't got problems like every place it's got its due what I'm saying is let's solve those problems in New Zealand first as we solve them for the rest of the world – and let me speak it quite clearly so that you all can hear me you ain't got to live in New Zealand to live Kiwi it's a state of mind shift it's a different way of being a different way of taking action in a different way of dreaming of an information economy based in a restorative ecology spreading philosophy through our technology about all the ways that we've got to be to keep living on this planet fairness standard none abandoned grounded skillfully into being seeing the truth of this life that we've been handed so now if you resonate with dads and after the rap let's connect and we'll talk to each other because the world it ain't flat into the edge of one map it always begins another piece New Zealand

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