Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Jack & Tim Adorable Father & Son Duet Full Audition S12E03

I can’t believe we’re doing this dude Hi, my name’s jack, I’m 12 years old I’m Tim, and I’m 43 singing joy I’ve always wanted to be a dad from an early age. I think I can honestly say ‘ls like I want to be a dad millions of fathers out there when you find out you’re having a son you kind of just Understand I’ve always sang it’s kind of in the family my dad was a singer and Jack’s always been around there I love being able to play I’ve performed on stage before it was an awesome experience But I’ve always wanted to do something with my dad like this. We thought bgt would be the right thing Everything else goes it’s just me and him you play to me. I’ll play to you see what I? A little bit scare of Simon Cowel but Alicia like children now Hello, how are you good you very well, thank you what’s your name, I’m Jack Nice to meet you jack. Um dad. I’m Tim. Hi dad Tim. Are you adorable? Where are you guys from? We’re from Norfolk Norwich How old are you jack? I’m 12 12 and how long have you been singing with dad? Since I was about five really and Tim is this what you do for a living I play my I’m a full-time dad really – Jack Lili and Gabrielle and Kimberly Are you feeling nervous? a little bit, but I’m really excited Do you think you could win this? it’s my favorite thing to watch on TV, so be absolutely incredible To win. good answer do you have a favorite judge? I? like Simon especially Because I like watching his best insults Very good so funny. Okay, probably not best to ask that question again The last question, what’s the song? This is song called the lucky ones Jack and I write together and this is one of ours okay, can you tell me what it’s about it’s We we kind of we’ve all had Family losses and things like that and and there’s a father and son. It’s um. It’s a kind of father-son song family song It’s about it’s about it’s about What we have well you seem adorable and we wish you guys the best of luck, thank you Your head hitomi Oh They just Be perfectly imperfect, just like you meant to be and all through well, I’ll be See you Hey Fries alone Oh Oh, but we we Tim Jack this isn’t old That’s it right so you are special no I Was fantastic I love that song Just matter What a great song Sabra might have been me and my boy Hey guys I Got jelly youtube you just fantastic that was a moment that was just so fantastic so pure so great Oh, it’s a mess throughout the whole thing it was amazing golden buzzer You guys I’m just so happy for you by far the coolest father-and-son act we’ve ever had Can’t wait to hear more and see you in the lives I’m a dad, and it was just wonderful to see a father and son with this very special connection made this beautiful performance together We need to chew

100 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Jack & Tim Adorable Father & Son Duet Full Audition S12E03

  1. Imagine going to school after getting the golden buzzer omfg imagine the popularity

  2. this made me cry, eish,, i wish to have a son and dad relatioship like this one,, its amazing

  3. You wonder about most kids his age, their eyes glued to video devices dulling their minds… but he and his dad are busy making this. Awesome.

  4. You both are the Best of tbe Best. If only there were more dad's and sons in the world we live in. If we did we would have a wonderfully world to say the least. You have an awesome family unit. Your music is the awesomeness your writing is equally awesomeness.

  5. The father and son singing duo of Tim and Jack are both awesome. An awesome song and they deserved the Golden Buzzer.

  6. I love the both of them to me there so precious I hope that they win because they are the lucky ones Father and Son so beautiful .

  7. Coolest dad ever, how he got up and direct his hand towards his son so cool

  8. Już nie chodzi o utwór.. oczywiście piękny … ale ta więź nie do opisania . Sam przykład . Cudowne nie tylko utwór a …Wyy!!!!!!!

  9. Ах, Завидую им я… Пока нет детишек у меня.

  10. Nice my friend sentme this and it just warms my heart and for everyone should fell the same way tnx and good jobs

  11. Hye there again Did I put a comment on this page, well now you know me I want to say that I play this video which is your first audition every night before I go to bed it is my favorite one. Keep the music going and it is love and hugs from me.

  12. They both look so happy . Such a beautiful relationship between father n son.
    May God bless them always n happiness always be theirs

  13. They are absolutely adorable! 😊 I've never seen such an honest smile from Simon just a few seconds before he hit the buzzard. I'm glad I caught this channel, I was getting tired of the plastic "top rated" AGT/BGT shows.

  14. Ich hatte gerne ein daddy
    Die Gläubigen sagen es ist Jesus Christus doch ich hab das beten wohl verlernt
    Es geht um rechte Freund schaft. Fleisch und Blut hatte Jesus gegeben.
    Wer fasse der fasse es

  15. if anyone was wonderign where to get the hat he his wearing it is from a brilliant site have ordered from them 8 times now , every style of womens and mens hats all arrive beautifally packaged and can arrive fast

  16. 😭😭😭 wow its amaziiiinngggg duet song,i remember my father when i saw this song..papa i know youre always looking for me now,imissyousomuchin heaven 😭😭😭
    This song is showing how much the family loves specially father&son❤❤❤

  17. This has got to be one of the best songs I've heard on that show!! I really adore it!!

  18. 2 agustus 2019… masih tetep nonton.. karna bikin jantung mbak pyar…. mantepLah pokoke

  19. I love this video,and really love the song lyrics..thank you so much for uploading..

  20. Just came across this video. Spectacular simple and honest performance. Great to see lil Jack is playing a Gibson Songwriter. I have one myself since 2006 and so love it.

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  22. beautiful, beautiful,beautiful, never seen or heard anything as heartwarming as this

  23. Jack and son definitely does not feel like the “Dad” is really is father. Seems very weird

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