B’s: the Flight of the Bumblebee poem

Bees bring bounty,
black-barred bodies blotched blond
by bedecking bouquets, butterflies belittled by said bumblebees’
better speed, spreading stamen’s sandy seed, see busy bees bear bristly baskets brushes storing blooming banquets
besides bee’s sides. Besides, bumblebees’ sound-based strategies stimulate blueberries shy seed sandstorms sent scuzzing,
simply, solely, by such bees buzzing. Some believe bees soaring sends science skiving
shouldn’t be breeze-sailing but skydiving scientists say B.S.. Sure, some solving sums simplified,
set bees stationary, such bees subside But bees buzz: showing super-speed beats
sustaining soaring by spiralling breeze. Sadly, speaking sustainably
Some bee species become seldom-seen, samier, several blights strike simultaneously. Blood-sucking bugs spread by beekeeper saunter
bearing still smaller bugs so swiftening slaughter because bee-breeding brings samness bottlenecks Shameless siblings should seek balance by better sex, similarly studies see
beetle-slaying sprays bemusing bees. So, solutions? Some suggest banning sprays, some suggest breeding strays But silver bullets shan’t shoot straight
Since several sources bring such states So start by saving bees some space Because bees’ best buds supply bees better buds, banishing starvation, beauty so beloved supplements stress busting steps,
supporting better species spreads, so beleaguered bees soon blaze back strong,
brazen bullets blasting bassoon-song because blissful blossoms save bees

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