BSL poem ‘The Priory’, dedicated to the Centre for Deaf Studies

Well, I’ve been thinking about this poem for a while and I was thinking that for this event, the CDS Ball I wanted to create something dedicated to the CDS. Just to briefly introduce my poem, well, really, you know the address of the CDS is Priory Road and the last time I was there (for trainee terping roleplays, they practice on me, it’s all good) I went into the building and I saw… A great big poster… of the “Priory Road Redevelopment”. A beautiful posh shiny glass fancy complex of buildings! What the hell? The CDS ‘has no money’ and is closing but look at this – this must cost LOTS of money! Hmm… Huh. Then I was thinking of the word ‘priory’, and I realised it’s a very old word meaning a religious house, where monks or nuns could study, discuss etc. So that was what I was thinking about when I created this poem I hope you all like it. It’s called ‘The Priory’ and it links to history, when they shut the churches (religious houses) and, well, you’ll see. Poem – ‘The Priory’

1 thought on “BSL poem ‘The Priory’, dedicated to the Centre for Deaf Studies

  1. I am a new student to ASL, Although I can hear I would like to be able to read the poem. No CC on this why not?

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