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I was recently listening to an episode of the podcast that was discussing how to build a platform as an unpublished author and coincidentally I didn't agree with all the tips they shared there was one tip that I disagree with that is guys shared with certainty while writing your novel is the most important thing you can do as an unpublished author you do need to start building your author platform before you hit publish and I'm sorry but a one-page stagnant website isn't going to achieve this you need to get eyeballs on that website so today I'm going to devote this episode of the behind-the-scenes podcast diary to this topic because I'm so passionate about it and I think it needs to be discussed this topic is blogging and whether you can use blogging to build a platform as an unpublished author I guess there's one thing you need to know about me before I share my thoughts on blogging as an unpublished author I've been blogging since 2010 and since this time I've had about five different blogs and maybe six to be honest I've lost count so it's safe to say that I'm a fan of blogging blogging is a long-term strategy one of the reasons people say blogging is dead is because they're not prepared to put in the time that it takes to be successful as a blogger blogging can take months or even years to get right and to have your blog positioned favorably in search engines but if you're prepared to invest the time into establishing a great blog it can be quite lucrative and work for you in the future so blogging is an investment in your author career for the future blogging is not something that we all short-term results so don't expect a ton of traffic or a huge mailing list when you first start when it comes to blogging consistency and the age of your blog will help you reach more readers and improve your visibility in search engines the way your blog will depend on the type of books you write I must admit blogging as a nonfiction author is a little more straightforward as a nonfiction or they you blog to solve a problem your blog acts as the first step in your sales funnel a great blog positions you as an expert and points readers towards your book whereas as a fiction author you're not logging to solve a problem when do you write fiction you're entertaining and providing the reader with a portal to escape their everyday lives as a fiction author you must blog in the same way you need to build intrigue towards your novels just like the nonfiction author your blog is the first step in a sales funnel that points towards your novels so how do you blog to attract your ideal readers as an unpublished author before you start blogging you need to consider why you're blogging in the first place most authors want some blog to attract their ideal reader or to grow a readership before they launch their books while other authors think maybe I should start a blog if you want to start a blog you need to start with your reader in mind this means it's not about you or your author Jenny well not at first if you're an unpublished author then the chances are no one knows about you or the books you're writing so start with your reader in mind what does your ideal reader want to read and what will attract your ideal reader to your blog if you're not sure how to answer this question and here is a list of ideas to help you get started share the opening scene of your work-in-progress share deleted scenes with commentary explaining why these scenes ended up being deleted write book reviews of books in your genre you could share your to be read lists create a list of your favorite and main characters or villains write reviews are films similar to your novels create a list of locations new novels focus it on like a list of sites to see especially for those people who love travel shared behind the scenes of your story but inspired you to write the novel you could share occasionally share writing updates or new book ideas for other books in your genre you could write character interviews or character case files which are great for espionage thrillers or crime thrillers or you could write short stories that are within your novels world or even flash fiction that is in your genre you certainly don't need to stick to this list that I've created instead use a springboard to brainstorm ideas for your ortholog but think about what your ideal reader wants to read and how you can introduce them to your novel in a non-intrusive way you see blogging is essentially content marketing and here's a kinder version of marketing it helps your reader find your novels and helps him to sort of consider whether they will enjoy your book without it sort of being in their face as in you know like an ad on Amazon that's essentially you know buy my book content marketing is just a really kind way of doing this and it is great for introverts who don't like to sort of get in front of people also create as create YouTube videos do pop tours and stuff like that as always I have a couple of important questions to ask you are you considering blogging as an unpublished author or have you laddered a blog but have no idea what to write I want to hear from you let me know by coming over to the blog post and sharing your thoughts in the comment section below if you like this video then give it a thumbs up and if you're new to this channel and want to be notified about more videos and just like this one then click the subscribe button thank you for watching and I'll see you next time

4 thoughts on “BTS006, Blogging as an Unpublished Fiction Writer | BTS Podcast Diary

  1. As a horror author, I am forever agonising over whether to categorise all my new posts separately, or to group them all under my main Blog heading.

  2. This is great advice. If you would like to share post I'm down.

  3. Great video – thank you. I'm blogging, and haven't yet published a novel, although I've been published as a poet. I blog about writing craft, and aspects of my own writing journey. It's always useful to find resources on this subject. 😃💝

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