Build of the Week S8E4: Poetry in Motion

[Music] hi I’m Bix from grinding Gear games welcome to build of the week in this series we showcase compelling builds created by members of the path of Exile community this week we’re doing something a little different we’re looking at several similar builds used by a variety of classes all of which use the unique one to the poet spin to trigger a specific set of spells what results is a mind-melting sequence of movement and explosions the poet’s pain as a one which triggers the socket is spell when you attack the order you socket your spell gems determines the order in which they are triggered each of these builds dual wield to poet spins each with two skills the first pin uses unearthed linked to greater multiple projectiles to plant five corpses in the ground when you attack your second attack uses the second poet spin which triggers volatile did this turns three of those corpses into explosive balls of fire that seek out nearby enemies and blow up in their faces your third attack triggers body swap utilizing one of their remaining corpses to instantly teleport you to its location the fourth attack triggers a mortal coil which temporarily protects you from physical damage to increase the duration of a mortal coil you’ll need to gather as many endurance charges as you can there’s a few options you can look at depending on your ascendancy class the higher offense conviction of power with the ramírez banquet unique ring will help you generate endurance charges as you attack the ascendant classes juggernaut option and the juggernaut class itself can both passively generate the endurance charges needed when you take a hit with the unique amulet I of innocence you can force yourself to take a hit whenever you ignite an enemy to ensure plenty of endurance charge generation although using a mortal coil will protect you from physical damage you’ll still need to mitigate elemental damage to do this you can use the lore we’ve unique body armor to bring your maximum resistances up to 80% the rest of your items and most of your passive tree is then dedicated to getting life fire damage and resistances this build is pretty versatile as once you have the two poet spins your damage and defenses mostly depend on your personal preference the inquisitors version of this build uses mind-over-matter and seeks out increases to mana for extra Vince’s meanwhile the juggernaut version accumulates more life regeneration and endurance charges these are all of the unique items you might want for this build they’re ordered by importance and how difficult it might be to find them or buy them from other players these are the gyms you’ll need they should be very simple to acquire if you’re interested here are the microtransactions that the character in this episode is wearing if you’d like to submit a build for next week’s episode just post a build guide in the class forums on passive exile comm thanks for watching and see you next time [Music]

100 thoughts on “Build of the Week S8E4: Poetry in Motion

  1. Bex: "This turns 3 of those corpses into explosive balls". Video: Shows 4 corpses turning into explosive balls. Ahhh cognitive dissonance…

  2. just buff everything , melee build are so weak , glad youare finally doing a gems remaster

  3. First time I actually like a featured character's look. That MTX combo looks nice. Didn't know Loreweave has 3D art.

  4. Pro tip: Play RF instead and afk on all bosses and do all content super easy ingame

  5. I'm playing dual poet pen occultist focused on physical to chaos build with bladefall + glacial cascade spells. Very strong dmg and with good movement speed fast clear.

  6. i'm doing this type of build as a pathfinder : 99% all ele res, perma immortal call with romira's banquet and a voll's devotion

  7. Ive did this build and more original at the second Bestiary league but with Detonate dead loop for more %dmg based in life… more fast than FS or TS.

  8. Beeeeex :3

    When are you guys nerfing chains of command with the writhing jar?

  9. Immortal call? not so useful for me because i have 25k armor. Need more resist =( guess i should change my unique belt or helmet. Guess i gonna try another part of this build.

  10. Interesting… when was the last time a build video featured more than just one player's guide? This is nice – extra reference points.

  11. I've been using a poet's pen build and man it's my favorite thing to use, but I didn't consider using body swap with it…. But seeing it action makes me want to give it a go.

  12. Poet's Pen is probably the most versatile and fun item in the game right now.

    You know what that means.

  13. now we know where the fuxk GGG spend time on~
    good work GGG ~ go on and keep fuxking POE 🙂

  14. Poet's Pen is easily my favorite item. How am I ever going to enjoy selfcast again?

  15. VD without Zerphi's last breath is like fighting for peace or fucking for virginity…

  16. Can someone explain how 2 link skills do damage? Like I understand +3 Cause pen but thats still only an empower so 3 link

  17. i need to see this girls face before i die.. i need to match the voice with a face..

  18. esta bueno amiga pero yo soy solo español no se que dise gracias

  19. i don't have a build guide, but i leveled up an assassin poet's pen build that was really smooth to me, it used ek (with the threshold jewel) crit strikes and faster projectiles on one pen and glacial cascade crit strikes and conc effect on the other pen.
    The ek setup offered some amazing clear speed and the glacial cascade did an excellent job of single target. And since i was assassin, the crits were so satisfying! I will admit the setup did not have a movement skill setup, but like myself, i imagine not everyone enjoys or can handle that type of play. Going to try my hardest next league to get this build up and running again, cuz it was the smoothest leveling ive ever had and made it to maps rather easily.

  20. slow build residentsleeper bodyswap residentsleeper. Also Stop calling skills builds op Juggernaut is the only thing you should nerf with 6+ link shaper&elder items and watchers eye .All fine

  21. Its a cool build but it looks even more mindless than a lot of the 2 button builds I have played in the past. Thanks for the eye candy, but no thanks for the build.

  22. Effect when you warp look like Destroy you body for warp! I see blood boom.

  23. being playing this build for a bit. its AMAZING. I'm act 8 now and so far died 0 times. damage is HUGE on clearing. bossing is EASY. just dash around with frenzy and the balls just float to the boss anyhow, making you super evasive. most fun build ive had so far. even though I don't have too much experience with this game (about 4 months now) I would HIGHLY recommend this build for beginners to advanced players. It can be started very cheap, with only the poet's pens being the main cost of the build. and advanced poe'ers can go massive dmg with more investment.

  24. Queremos la letra Ñ en el idioma español, para seleccionar personaje y poder escribir su nombre con Ñ. Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ

  25. poet's pen don't work with spells as the main attack this build don't work

  26. Important question: How did they get an additional skill slot? He's using "V" to cast something. How did he get the ability to use an additional move?


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