Build Yourself | Motivational Video | Johny Hans Poetry

The fight is always between the two the
fight is always between the two yourself and you the fact remains the fact it’s
old or new the battle is yours to lose or win the meaning won’t change even if
you spin no one can support you and no one can harm no no one can mess with
your inner charm from desire to action of the smallest fraction from the least
of the favorite to the biggest attraction who can back you up better
than you who’s gonna take risk who’s gonna put things on stake lying to the
world is easy my friend but to you yourself you can never be fake the world
can do you no harm my friend the world can do you no harm my friend well who
can kill the who the fight is always between the two it’s yourself and you
the economy the business the laws of the land it’s same for everyone no different
so gran same challenges same problems same freakin graph the game is always in
the head either you win it or you fall in the trap the winner
often bring the results to the table and a loser bring excuses my manager not
good my boss is bad my company exploits me
and people are never glad if that’s what you hear it’s not good my
dear competition can never tell you it can only make you better you have got
the ability to make dreams come true or you just let it shatter trust me you are
better than the best so focus on your inner self and leave the rest
remember you have to impress yourself and to yourself you have to vu the fight
is always always between the do it’s yourself and you today has to be better
than yesterday and tomorrow will be the best improving
ourselves a bit by bed and the time will actually test no one can make you feel
that smaller and no one can put you down fail the ship of your dreams my friend
and never let it drown fight and overcome fight and overcome the part the
part that says you can’t do it this is too expensive that thing can’t be mine
no resources are I have no time I’m never gonna shine now stop stop that
thinking fight with that thinking everything is possible everything
everything is possible that human beings have done it if they have done it you
can do it do the fight is always between the two it’s yourself and you so belt
belt yourself period check-check Mahankali hunts these random
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the appendix and inserting a whole video YouTube channel
Johnny hunt they hast a birthday was curandero G calm

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