Busta Rhymes on Why Eminem Is a Hip-Hop Legend | TRL Weekdays at 4pm

At number three,
it is Busta’s takeover of MTV. -That’s my type of talk.
-Exactly, yeah. -My type of talk.
-It’s your house. All right, guys, well,
we’re gonna take you back to 1999, when he performed
at the MTV Spring Break -with none other than Eminem.
-Uh-oh. -♪ My name is ♪
-♪ Slim Shady ♪ -♪ My name is, my name is ♪
-♪ What? Who? ♪ ♪ My name is ♪ AUDIENCE (in video):
♪ Slim Shady ♪ ♪ Hi, my name is ♪ ♪ What? ♪ (laughing):
All right, guys. They’re having a moment. -(laughs)
-Is this like a… -I told him, bro.
-Yo, you wiggin’. -All right, we’ll talk
about that later. -All right. Well, let’s talk about this for
a moment because that was, like, -the OG Slim Shady back
in the day. -Oh, yeah. You’re on the stage with him. How did you guys end up
linking up for the first time? Um… that might’ve been
probably the first time we really actually linked up,
linked up. If not, it was probably
a real brief moment before that. But even before I met him,
I was introduced to Eminem music on the 1998 Smokin’ Grooves
tour. With Fugees out there…
(coughs) …myself, Tribe Called Quest,
Public Enemy, Nas. -DC YOUNG FLY: Mm, mm.
-TAMARA: Stacked lineup. -We do this tour…
-DC YOUNG FLY: Powerful tour. …and Wyclef tells me
to come on his tour bus. And at the time, we all had
started to really build, like, the crazy, latest,
state-of-the-art studios in our tour bus. So, I get on the bus. He has a six song EP of Eminem. And… I think by the third song
I was losing my mind so much, as I was coming up the stairs
to get on the bus, couldn’t even make it
onto the bus ’cause I couldn’t believe
what I was hearing. So, as you enter the tour bus,
you right on the stairs in between the stairway
and then you make the turn to go into the bus,
I’m wilin’ out so much at the entrance of the bus
that I broke the windshield of the tour bus
on Wyclef’s bus with my head. -(laughing): What?
-(audience oohing, laughing) And-and-and-and-and
that-that was probably like a-a couple thousand dollars
to repair. But-but the thing about it is,
for me, when your music is that
compelling that you can’t even, you don’t even
have time to think, you just react,
it’s instinctual, that’s when you know that
the music is touching your soul. -(audience applauding)
-And at that point, you know, I-I fell in love. I fell in love with Eminem
from that day and has held him in one of the highest regards
as probably one of the most profound wordsmiths and lyrical
masters of the microphone. -Period.
-What’s up. So-so, you know, being able to,
being able to… being able to perform with him
on-onMTV Spring Breakback in ’99 was crazy because
I was fresh off the heels of being a fanatic of hearing
his music for the first time. So, he was on stage
having a good time, but I was actually wilin’
on some… -DC YOUNG FLY: Like wilin’,
like… -TAMARA: Yeah. -…some-some-some fans.
-DC YOUNG FLY: Fan. Fan swag, like…
know what I’m saying? So, that was a, that was
a great, great moment. And then we built
a relationship. As y’all can see, we did
a bunch of records together. -DC YOUNG FLY: Most definitely.
-You know, he got on “Touch It (Remix)”,
um, for a special performance. And then an awards show
at one point. BET and then, uh,
he also did a record with me called “I’ll Hurt You.” And-and, uh, two, three years
ago, we released a record that was, like, six minutes
and 40 seconds long with us actually battling. Like, I sent him a 16-bar verse. He sent me back a 44-bar verse. -(laughter)
-Y’all know… you-you know. I’m like, I’m like, you-you not
busting my ass on my record. -So I sent him back…
-(laughter) I sent him back a 50-bar verse. And then he sends me back
a 66-bar verse. And I’m like, “A’ight, we got
to draw the line in the sand because this ain’t gonna play
on the radio.” -DC YOUNG FLY: Most definitely.
-It’s just too long. But-but that’s the, that’s the
level of love that we both have for the competitive nature
and just being great sportsmen -in hip-hop. -TAMARA: I love
that. That’s so dope.

100 thoughts on “Busta Rhymes on Why Eminem Is a Hip-Hop Legend | TRL Weekdays at 4pm

  1. Remember when Busta did those sick ads for the Scy-Fy channel back in the day?

  2. I don't listen to rap that often, but I do respect a bunch of rappers, of course Eminem being one of them. It's not cause he's white & I'm white, it's cause his stuff is from the heart.

  3. Canibus is greater than Eminem… Big Pun greater than Eminem…. M.F. DOOM is greater than Eminem… K-Rino is greater than Eminem…..

  4. Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad created over two hundred Youtube accounts to dislike this video

  5. Definitely looking for a feature…or track…stop the dick riding asap

  6. I love how busta rhymes dont discriminate like other black rappers do that want everything for them

  7. Eminem was cool for a quick second. I wouldn’t call him a hip hop legend tho. I mean he had a couple nice songs, but for the most part he rapped like a deranged white boy.

  8. Black men are goofy af…they let non black.ppl into their territories, but a non black would never do the same for you

  9. Love the fact that a hip hop legend like Busta Rhymes is giving Em so much love. You hear that, Lord Jamar?

  10. mgk gave it to eminem,, none of my greats got the business handed to them,, eminem is crafty but nah boy he is not a legend,, mgk is still walking around

  11. Whoever the host is, I will buy you popeyes chicken. That's right, im going all out, or all in whichever you want 😉

  12. Now u heard what a lyrical genius said about emenin enough said busta is know joke he knows hip hop like dr.dre I'm done talking give em his props

  13. K Rino and who knows how many more of them from underground are true poets. Their knowledge, lyricism, concepts, vivid sense and complexity in thoughts are true endeavour for touching Cosmic values and laws.. or to say learning how to observe and to recognize universal interdependence.Eminem is good, in mainstream rap, probably on very top, but that top is not peak of what he can still learn, and he have to learn a lot,.. more. His vocal range is great, very versatile.. diction very clean ; he is able to pinpoint when to raise his voice and even sing and when to speak silent or make pause. All that is fantastic. Rhyme schemes complex and prudent, sharp eloquence.. To me he needs a new page, to discover depths that are mostly related to writer, fresh concepts that will burst as a new matter, eventually new fabric. Indeed I may let open my possible confusion about being a poet and being a person who writes stories/rhymes and undergoes to music industry.

  14. Busta Rhymes is also a legend in hip hop. Real recognize real. Eminem one of the greatest to ever do it. RAPGOD!

  15. Her name is Tamara Dhia in case your school planetary norepinephrine follicle-stimulating hippocampus quantum physics science project is still due…

  16. Hear that JamarRule

    Hear that?

    Tired of trying to find out who these dumbasses are that have the nerve to say EM is not at least in conversation for the goat status.

    Grow up honestly grow the hell up.

    Jamarkelley.. lord nobars… JamarRule..

    Stfu …

    Sitting there getting famous because you are beefing with Eminem and you're racist as hell. Grow up….. for the love of god growwww up.

  17. Respect is so great on any level..so great to hear a talented legend like busta give real props to the man that deserves it!

  18. Cause he teamed up with the best producer in the game Dr. Dre other than that we wouldn't know dude

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  25. My thing is this: It's a fact, if Eminem's skin was brown they'd call him "Black" and his music wouldn't even hardly be noticed. No one would ever call him the GOAT. Even with a Dre co-sign. Case in point. Take Royce Da 5' 9" …If he was white with a Dre co-sign white people would call HIM the GOAT…However since he has BROWN skin not even his Eminem co-sign gets him in that conversation.

  26. Here my take, em is top 5 all time, no doubt, but the casual Caucasian fan, who knows nothing about hip hop, or the culture, throw the line out there to hip hop purists, em is the best of all time, that alienates hip hop purists, that’s what’s caused all that Jamar beef

  27. My name is Blahblahblah…Always hated this stuff and style…Thank you
    Tom MacDonald.

  28. To deny that Em is either the greatest or at least one of is just a messed up kind of reverse racism

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    #eminemGOAT #bustarhymesGOAT #NotQuestionable

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    You gotta get over color and just give credit where credit is due.

    BTW – Its Jordan, Magic, Kobe…in that order

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