Busta Rhymes tells a Heartwarming Story about Ol’ Dirty Bastard w/ ODB’s Whole Family in Attendance

We on our way to the BRE Convention in New Orleans. I never been to this convention before… So you know Elektra, with they cheap ass at the time…Instead of sending us to the airport in our own vehicles… FROM HERE IT IS ALL AUTO CAPTION. I WILL FINISH THE REST LATER! them all to the inner corner so on the
way to the airport peanuts litter a bit of my songs about
the who the spherical so I come from a group how many had the responsibility
worried about my 60 bombers so we wanted it everyone the dark just
recently been shot so he was wearing a band and he had a bullet before he had a
bulletproof vest so we kid to the everyone and he goes through the metal
detector with his board so upstander mojado and because before
it was cool for the damn security you have security was was affected so none
of us got security and we really have security budget but what Putin did meet
security because it’s a tunnel very loudly so we go to the metal
detector when he goes with under-protected and I’m standing on
other side and when he goes through the metal detector this is a problem that
the government also about twenty donkeys come over so the police couple were you
hear the guard points which you can’t believe a couple he’s sandy he does
sleeping on the police speaking frustrated the sort of the bullet woman
he’s like I can take a motherfuckin vessel did you see the dog so better be
beginning sign for the back to see the garden the nurses if you will stop them but
well his best go on playing with his best
I don’t do you see the girl walking off he’s got a brown bag like over the toe
so we get on the plane he nobody hit the first-class seats
leave the guards in the bed leave the car split star my DJ spaetzle and Buddha
mom we backstage coming back to play and he
sit behind this whole white man’s life about 75 is a no-no culpers who is on
the old school catalog of music these are sing and everything but the
truth is to the to Texas turn these signal take you see this band is what we
pretend to talk man but I one way to take off again louder and louder and now
hold back to the plane was actually enjoying this
except this old white men the whole way they were literally got frustrated
enough to make them terrible they see the movie see everybody went away boom this man he gives singing and the thing
that I’m telling the story because the wall of the story is he really wanted to
be jointly Hollis but I’ve never seen somebody enjoy right so greatly you know
we all feel quite a lot correctly we don’t know how to love somebody will see
a little property if I have a handicap or whatever your mom’s tell you go see
how we compete with tension because of the don’t even feel the same way as we
did as a child I’m gonna be politically correct and my the son
when they came the free spirit energy this truth was undisputed he gets off
the plane it’s part of the story we hope the
plaintiff please forgive me they won’t be at home with me we help the plane and I spilled it here
return to the 36 chambers I forget will you please down and piss buckets worth
of the blue baby tell me we’ll go I forget the first bottle of
water to the model you go see my staff different from yours make some bitch –
Charles stop beeping testicles so incredible damn I told this topic in the
studio understand so he gets the hotel gossip as good as but this super 30
women will be red leads then a song in a lobby in the hotel it’ll look like be
battling but it was about the dispatch the town because they have a piece
together we sit in a lobby in frustrated to do something bad time I just full of
pain wanna play the song I should have done
and then the Godspeed to joy except I do kids oh fuck it up
he said son tag along but it’s like up the rent is suspended in the building
some of us they having fun and we’re good to do the show and in the garden
forms this show bootable up dispersed in the particular song vocal by Isaac a diversity so that the music come on that
he come onstage and he’s singing the original vocals when I am so there’s a
wall full of mirrors right the whole wall behind was a wall of mirrors says
he’s coming on the whole place is like a fucking tornado cuz this intro was so
grumpy but he wasn’t satisfied it wasn’t responding them enough to his
stand it it’s Lisa fuck that look through this show and the
God get on the stage to stop the musical to come back doing the same woman
fuck the place up before he begins his own records so he’s a good salt and he
gets the Brooklyn zone when he starts to unhook the zoom he does the digital the
worst are the toolbars and he notices himself in the moment when he saw
something available he dropped the mic and the god started
touching his reflection he started looking at his cell phone he posted in
the barrel is the holy soul and then when they came – shame on you – oh those
masks when he grabbed the master together
he destroyed anything that could possibly thought about coming on after
again this is where the smoke without him but again what I’m saying is I never
saw this level of bold and brave and courageous free spirit no filter when
he’s had it he believed what he said so much that he made you believe it but she will be here is going and I’m
saying that must’ve been that forced Busta
Rhymes they become as dangerous is not became what’s what’s in the next to that
name that’s my word is bond to the bump I love a son and I miss you so much mr.

100 thoughts on “Busta Rhymes tells a Heartwarming Story about Ol’ Dirty Bastard w/ ODB’s Whole Family in Attendance

  1. if you close your eyes and listen, it sounds like Big Fendi talking. LOL RIP Ol' Dirty

  2. The trials and tribulations of ODB πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½. ODB 4 EVA!!! RIP THE TRUTH ODB

  3. Shame on a nah ! Who try to step to ! The OL DIRTY BASTARD put my foot up your nah !

  4. I will love ODB for life! Wu-Tang and Busta Rhymes forever! In Jesus name! Amen!

  5. I keep emcees looking out ~ODB

    I love when Busta drops πŸ’Ž LoL at who's gonna do security for Wu anyways 🀣 it's a thousand of emπŸ’€πŸ˜­

  6. If they make a Wu Tang movie odb got to have his own movie separate from the rest cuz there to much to tell even tho he was taken early

  7. Busta is a master storyteller!!! He paints pictures when he speaks…he could write mad film scripts and ghetto stories in novels!!!

  8. Legend Busta Rhymes my favourite rapper of all time a dope speech of legend ODB R.I.PπŸ™βœŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ one love to old school hip-hop nuff respect

  9. Now up to the YouTube search bar to retrieve the Brooklyn zoo video so I can celebrate my brother.

    Rest in peace O.G. O.D.B. πŸ‘U

  10. I fondly remember coppin Brooklyn Zoo when I was 13. Cross country road trip with my late father, from Cali to West Virginia. Crazy experience between meeting blood relatives from the east, on my dad's side (only us in Ca.). I was bored beyond comprehension! It was like a 3 day ride in a classic Caddy, not sure what year, but pops was clean. Always had style. Pops was actually into Shaggy at the time, he liked that Mr. Lova Lova/ Bombastic joint. Headphones, sitting, on an audio adventure through hip-hop. RIP Mr. Jones.

  11. Yooo. Thanks a mill for posting this man! I miss him too! Would’ve been wonderful to have had a change to see him live!

  12. The music was an extension to a divine message brought to the fore by straight forces of right and balance. Its unreal how much we're finding out these epic influences had/have in common with 'us'.

  13. OLE DIRTYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  14. Ford FourD yo amazing upload, cause I had Ol' Dirty's first lp on cassette tape and 36 Chambers when they first came out. I was a fan of Busta from the early days when the Native Tongue was first popping off. I feel lucky to have grown up in the golden era of hip hop and got to see almost all my favorites. Fav'd it, & subbed. I even did a tribute on my page to Wu in 2014 or 2013 dedicated in memory of Ol' Dirty Bastard, cause their music really helped me get through tough times growing up. Those memories growing up in the 90's following Busta, Wu tang, Ol' Dirty's career, etc were priceless. Lol Dirty was a legend, & my favorite member of the Wu. RIP. πŸ™‚

  15. πŸ˜‚that shit was great… Shout out to Busta… R.i.P Russell Jones

  16. i wont lie i miss the real wu energy glad i got to see them all and work with a few there as real and humble as advertised. salute

  17. ODB is the perfect example of "how you see yourself is much more important then how other people see you"

  18. I saw ODB in DC at a small club that same night Common performed. ODB did Brooklyn ZOO at least 20 times. He kept saying a yo dj bring that shit back. Then after the show he was standing outside with two females one on each arm.

  19. My AKA is ol dirty dialog because of him
    And my stage performance is inspired by the dirt dogg
    ..ANNNNDD I did a tribute song with my band called ODB
    That motherfucker changed my shit πŸ’―

  20. Ason was DEFINITELY unique.. Rest In Paradise Rusty.. return to the 36 chambers saved my life.. i used that ablum to release negative energy.. kept me off the streets from knuckleheadin.. the 1 album id take on a desert island with me.. PEACE to the god Russell Jones

  21. It's funny seeing busta now he's an ol skool OG.
    I member when he was one of the first rap niggas to roll in a lambo.
    Canary yellow doing the street proud.
    R.I.P O.D.B I like it Raw

  22. ODB son with the lion shirt, I almost thought that was his spirit in the room πŸ’―πŸ™πŸΎ

  23. had to pause the video a couple times to let my emotions come down. we connected to dirt thru his music.

  24. ODB is as a Scorpio like me. We are either the happiest people or the most miserable. We are also the deepest as with piscis and cancer. The most emotional and also dangerous sign we are enigmatic and mysterious . He was the heart and soul of the Wu, he was on the deepest level. But the Scorpio can self destruct because of the vitriolic profound emotionality.

  25. There will never be another ODB I can listen to wu stories all day love the wu and long live ODB

  26. ODB was a dope individual. One of my favorites. I met him at Tramps at a Frrrr/Payday showcase. Cool dude.

  27. How I'd love to have a recording of ODB singing out on that plane πŸ˜€
    The man's singing voice was unusual, but it was amazing!

  28. I remember Ole' Dirty Bastard as one of the standout guys in Wu-tang.
    He had that charisma..that star quality where you didn't have to
    wonder why he was a star. Great people are great because they
    in some aspect, make you a better person. I learned from ODB
    to live life to the fullest, and live it on my own terms.

  29. ODB was hands down my favorite WU member. RIP ASON UNIQUE AKA ODB AKA BIG BABY JESUS AKA DIRT MCGIRT

  30. Odb disciple since 95 after hearing just few bars. Gone but still not tooken out

  31. Yo man alot of people talk about the greatest.ODB one of the most original muthafuckas that ever blessed the game and our ears.Long live ODB.
    Shimmy shimmy yah!

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