36 thoughts on “BZ Community Class – Kathryn McCormick & Ellenore Scott – Duet

  1. Just watched this again! Kathryn and Ellenore, thank you so much for this. Watching my song come to life is amazing, and I'm honored that you chose my song. You both are INCREDIBLE dancers, and you inspire me.

  2. WOw the energy in this dance is better then great. This is a great dance.

  3. @212dancer tess dunn – silent conversations , you can find her on facebook and there you can download the song for free 🙂

  4. Now here's the thing. They are both flawless and impeccable! But they both have different styles, and there's nothing wrong with that! It's just so amazing to watch them both doing the same choreo, but in their own interpretations.

  5. oh my I don't know why but that song is gorgeous to me I reeeeallly like it and Kathryn is just priceless to me any person that follows there heart and does what they enjoy rather then worrying about what someone has to say or what pays the bills, to me that person deserves a medal. That person will live more than anyone else in this world. But yeah what the heck is the name of this song?

  6. I personally like Ellenores style better, but Kathryn also does it beautifully.

  7. They're both so different, but their styles compliment each other beautifully! So amazing, as expected!

  8. I'm so NOT a fan…of those PANTS! lol. I know they're in style and all but the parachute pants are killin me.

    OTHER than that beautiful. I love both these lovely ladies.

  9. amazing!!!! i love them both. 🙂 murdered it. love the choreo too

  10. Aahhh…this is such a consolation for not seeing em dance together on the show! Now I see Ellenore is all about sharpness and power, while Kathryn is graceful and flowy. They're great in their own ways!

  11. kick butt… bravo.. u inspire alot.. keep sharin ur god gifted talent with the world… 🙂

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