Caesar's Footprints – author's introduction – Bijan Omrani

I've just written a book called Caesar's footprints journeys to Roman ball in it I go on a journey in search of what sleds Julius Caesar to conquer Gaul and how the Romans changed this country so why write a book about all of this Caesar more exciting in Rome with all of us power play and politics and dictatorship not to mention a war during the other senators ride what Caesar did in Rome might have been good team fun but it's here in France where his real legacy live I used to teach classics and I should to read this with my students it's Caesar's Gallic wars the account he wrote in his conquest of Gaul from 58 to 50 BC my students hated it it was seldom read as it should be as a book in order it is always used as a dry grammar exercise to teach good Latin my students thought it was nothing but a miserable mixture of soldiers marching this way legate's marching that way and the arid battles of rode painted chieftain look I try to argue with them I said that sees as text was the foundational document of Europe about how the culture of the Mediterranean came north and became the seed crystal for the modern world did Caesar haven't conquered there would have been no French language Christianity might not have made the minerals it is there would have been no Charlemagne no France no Renaissance no enlightenment no French Revolution and no readings either my students were unmoved but if so I decided to write Jesus footprints to prove them wrong it's not just about Cesar's battles or Rome's material legacy though this is visibly impressive it also sheds light on ideas which matter to us today how Julius Caesar played on Roman fears of the outsider how he cynically manipulated a migration crisis to justify his seemingly spur-of-the-moment decision to invade goal how the Romans used their culture and identity to assimilate the barbarian goals into the Roman Empire and how the Romans managed to retain their cultural and economic unity for 500 years when we in the EU are struggling after only 50 you

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