Cain Velasquez brings the fight to Brock Lesnar: SmackDown, Oct. 4, 2019

Rey Mysterio and-
>>Dude, that’s not.>>My God, it is! Brock Lesnar has seen a ghost! And that ghost’s name is Cain Velasquez! [MUSIC]>>[NOISE]
>>I have never seen fear on the face of Brock Lesnar. Cain Velasquez is the man who won the UFC Heavyweight Championship
from Brock Lesnar. And Velasquez is here with Rey Mysterio,
and he’s marching right to the ring. [MUSIC] Lesnar can’t believe it. [MUSIC] Brock Lesnar is shocked. [MUSIC]>>Lesnar right now reliving a first
round TKO courtesy of this man.>>[NOISE]
>>It is on.>>Cain Velasquez, double leg take down,
and Velasquez now with the rights and lefts to The Beast. Lesnar just covering up.>>Lesnar trying to get away. Lesnar trying to retreat.>>When the hell’s the last time
you saw Brock Lesnar retreat?>>[NOISE]
>>Fight me, come on.>>Show him who you are! Show him who you are! [NOISE]
>>Brock Lesnar is in shock, he cannot believe it.>>[NOISE]>>Cain Velasquez staring a hole through the WWE Champion.>>Uh-oh.>>Paul Heyman said on RAW Monday night
there’s a lot of wannabe tough guys around. Well, Cain Velasquez is a true tough guy
and he’s staring right at Brock Lesnar.>>[NOISE]
>>Velasquez is the real deal, a proven commodity, and nobody knows
that fact better than Brock Lesnar.>>[NOISE]
>>I have never seen fear in the eyes of The Beast Incarnate
like I have just now.

100 thoughts on “Cain Velasquez brings the fight to Brock Lesnar: SmackDown, Oct. 4, 2019

  1. Reminds me of nibbles(Jerry's cousin) , who was brought by Jerry to teach Tom a lesson

  2. brock bangang ni bisu eh?..x reti bercakap?..asyik paul heyman je yg bercakap utk dia? suara dia macam pondan?

  3. Cain beat brock Lesnar never seen fear in this eys…🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  4. Looks like Brock found his match😂

    Brock Lesners face when Cain came in 😥

  5. Cain lost his last ufc fight in less than 1 minute, lesnar can easily beat him in ufc rematch now.

  6. Brock wasn't physically fit when he fought cain last time, this time he can easily beat cain in ufc.

  7. Cory Graves: When the hell's the last time u saw Brock Lesnar retreat?

    Me: "Let me think", Big show, Cena, undertaker, Kane, Goldberg, Steve Austin, Triple H, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Cain V, and so on!. 🙄 (Jeez)

  8. Even though Velasquez is in bad shape compared to his usual self He'd still beat any heavyweight in UFC

  9. When u bullied small people and that small people come back with his dad.

  10. He can beat lesnar in fist to fist in the octagon but in Wwe he will throw cain around.cause cain can’t lift bigshow like lesnar did but we will see. Plss one fight for cain and lesnar plsss

  11. lesnar just sold velasquz i mean lesnar is in a better position at the moment

  12. Once Cain Velasquez beat Lesnar …that doesn't mean Cain is the best…..Lesnar is the best….when the time will come …that would be Cain Velasquez's last day in fighting world…wait for this

  13. In the old days Vince Mcmahon would have insisted Velasquez spend a year working out and ingesting special Hulk Hogan vitamins before he made his tv debut

  14. The worlds legitimate baddest man in the planet has arrived in WWE Universe

  15. I don't watch wwe because many wwe legends left the show

    Big show
    Triple h
    R truth
    Greath khali
    Randy Orton

  16. This not a fight that whin i was baby i play with my brother like your fights

  17. In any day, anywhere if these two go against each other, there will be two shots. "cain hitting lesner and lesnar hitting the floor

  18. man wwe is making professional fighters look like weirdos.!

  19. If Brock Lesnar doesn't show his cruelty and play truly he will be the favourite after johncena in India

  20. No ones gonna consider the fact that Kofi Kingston just loss his world champinoship in just under 10 seconds

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