Can Anxiety Kill You? (Short Poem) [CC]

Today I woke up and typed into a search
bar, “Can you die from anxiety.” As in, can my ribs actually break shatter under the
weight of it. Can they splinter inside me and skewer my internal organs. It seems
impossible that it is so quiet around me when every vessel in me is screaming –
when I’m gasping for air and yet somehow still breathing. I lay here in a silent
room surrounded by safety but my body is prepared for war. Adrenaline pumping,
heart racing, bracing for the tiger attack I know is coming. Time is moving
so fast – flying by me – as I sit here immobile, unable to contribute, unable to do
what I need to do because I’m too busy preparing for a war I know isn’t coming. But my body is ready. It’s always ready.
It’s always ready. I am simultaneously breathing, I am, I’m
breathing, but my lungs are pumping too hard to get oxygen in them in rooms that
never have enough of it. The moment I awaken I feel the panic set
in like my body knows before I do that I can’t handle it. Every cell shakes. It vibrates. It never
stops moving. I know I’m not well. This can’t be
healthy. But the search results on my screen
assure me it can’t kill me.

91 thoughts on “Can Anxiety Kill You? (Short Poem) [CC]

  1. Such an amazing video. I can certainly relate to this. But it never lasts for forever. You are such a strong woman. Keep doing what your doing.

  2. Hey Jo, it feels like it sometimes!😢 Horrible feeling. The crushing ribs, foot in the gut feeling! Always on guard. Hyperventilating with every minute. Hope it passes for you!❤️❤️ Big hug, and love.

  3. This is so accurate at this point in my life. It sucks so much. It sucks the life and air out of me. But hopefully it gets better. Hopefully I can breathe again soon. Hopefully it gets better for everyone dealing with this. Im glad you make awareness for people struggling with metal health. Thank you so much.

  4. Wow! I wish I could take your pain away. This is beautiful and real and raw a true insight into how things can feel so overwhelming x

  5. That just filled me up x it was me x mental health is hidden way to much so I applaud you Jo 👏👏👏👏Xxx

  6. Killed it! You're quite the filmmaker. I never knew but im also not surprised.

  7. I had a bad anxiety attack last night trying to go to bed. Wasn’t able to go to bed for a while because of it.

  8. Beautiful video, Jo. Very relatable.

    On a side note, you could narrate audiobooks, seriously. Your voice is the opposite of anxiety!

  9. How did you capture this so perfectly?!?!? I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes saying “yes! exactly!!!!!” Oh my sweet friend you are sooo precious to this world, and so good at what you do, and I am so sorry that anxiety is a part of your life 💕💕💕

  10. Anxiety is really disgusting! Have been suffering for near a decade. Anxiety is ungrounded excitement.

  11. I don't know if I've ever personally related to a YT video SO much…
    hugs to you and anyone else feeling the weight of the world on them right now ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. This again is a beautiful video! It has a lot of feelings we know to well, and a large number of us are right there with you. It does get difficult and sometimes covers you up. But we have to remember we are not alone, Tell Family member or a true friends how you feel. We need to get pass that stigma just like we did with cancer and talk about it. That is one way to get through it. I LOVE all you videos, and your courage to share openly with us here.

  13. Beautiful video so truthful. Yes we may not die from anxiety, but it does kill the life worth living.

  14. I’m not sure if you ever read The Bloggess, but those who can relate to this beautiful film might enjoy her book Furiously Happy.

  15. You have captured what anxiety feels like so perfectly, dear Jo. I have had times where I know anxiety won’t kill me but that I would want to die to get away from it, to shut down the fight or flight instincts, the body stresses and the mind that thinks horrific thoughts over and over like an old fashion record player stuck on one groove.
    Thankful for therapists, meds, breathing, walking, talking, meditation and art that get me through those life threatening times. And thankful for your brave sharing of your story, and your reminder that we are not alone in this. Love and light, brave one. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

  16. This was very well put together a small part of me wished the clock started ticking faster but then slowed down until it became silent at the end. Idk…

  17. Words to describe what me the writer couldn’t. Thank you. This is fantastic.

  18. I have actually made that google search before while experiencing an anxiety attack. Anxiety is just the worst thing to have, and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

  19. Major props. Double snaps. Tears from a place total empathy and 100% getting. Loved it.

  20. Eckhart Tolles – The Power of Now. It is the only book that has offered me any kind of long term relief from anxiety and fear. Read or listen to it every day, and put it to use in your life, it really helps.

  21. Been there, do that. A perfect description. Sometimes I can't sleep at all. Rubbery !egs, shivers throughout etc. However This too shall pass. Say it lake Gandalf.

  22. I have tears in my eyes, I can relate so much….
    Sending you another big hug 💕

  23. You might not die from it, but there are too many times if feels like you will. The worst for me was knowing I was having a panic attack physically and mentally telling my body STOP IT / YOU'RE OVER REACTING and my body just not responding.

  24. Jo, you poor sweetie. I feel exactly as you describe many days. You are strong, we will be strong with you.

  25. At times I feel the anxiety and stresses/pains of life so much it's crushing, but I always look for things to focus on……even this video where I can see the beauty and strength shining from your soul. Then there is your voice! I agree with another comment you really should be a narrator.
    We all have fears and anxiety, it's how we deal with them that makes us the amazing humans we are. Hope that all makes sense?
    Love to you all. X

  26. This was so beautiful 🙂
    I need to go find tissues now. Haha! This was so real and true. It hit my feelings really hard.
    Beautifully filmed and written.
    Great job Jo!!!

  27. hang in there girl!! try Mindfulness meditation, it has worked for me since 1972

  28. I know exactly what you're going through deer I have the same feeling some nights I can't even sleep because of my amputation it's strange that we lost a half a limb our bodies can't get used to it right away might have to see a psychiatrist get some medication to relieve the anxiety attacks I take medication for my anxiety as well as pain pills everyday didn't tell you in the hospital that the amputation side effects last year's it's only been a year and a half I know the feeling dear keep the faith up have a beautiful day try to…

  29. I know how you feel, questioning the possibility of death by anxiety. My theory was that my heart would fail from the stress or I'd have a stroke from the blood pressure spike. I came nearest to that possibility last December. The biggest help for me was seeing others describe the same pain and live on despite it. That's precisely when I found your channel. Long story short, I still kinda believe I could have died from the anxiety alone, and if not that, suicide for sude. In any case, I still have my life in no small part because of you. You are precious to me. Your empathy is as deep as any human's on the planet and it literally heals other people.

  30. Jo, you put into words how myself and so many others feel more often then we would like to. Anxiety is so debilitating.

  31. Brilliant. Perfection. Had me in tears again. Really well put together. ❤️

  32. 100 percent I get this crazy thing is I cant always figure out why in my case

  33. We r not together dear ,..we r all suffering alone from some form of chronic pain

  34. Jo, do you take anything for suppressing anxiety? Like klonopin or any drug? Even a quarter of a pill or a 'sliver' can make a huge difference. Do not be afraid to talk to a professional about help. It is a real and serious issue.

  35. Great short video! I know how you feel – however, my anxiety is less severe, but perhaps more pervasive. I have this constant, kind of baseline, existential dread. I've been diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) – which I can't believe practically every adult in the world doesn't have. I'm sorry you suffer so much (at time) from this terrible affliction – it really is the worst! Just know you aren't alone. 💞

  36. I suffer from gad, social anxiety, and extreme panic attacks every day is a massive struggle just to get out of bed this video is amazing I related so much to this it is so amazing to see other people struggle with the same thing as me thank you for spreading light on this dark sensitive topic it means so much to me

  37. Wow, Jo. That was incredibly powerful! My heart breaks for you. Please know that we all admire and love you❣ 💖

  38. This is amazing
    As someone who has struggled with anxiety my whole life, this is so accurate.

  39. So, I never had this happen to me. Is it purely physical things you feel, without the reason (logic) for the fear you so very much feel, being there? Or does it come with a mind full of disaster scenario's as well?

  40. Yes anxiety can kill you. Your heart changes shape which can cause heart attack's. I saw a thing on this yesterday on TED TALK

  41. although very sad and painful to listen to you did a beautiful job of showing whats in your heart, hugs kiddo.

  42. I can’t even count the number of times I have felt like this. I’m sorry that you feel this way too but thank you for reminding us all that we are not alone. And it will not in fact kill us even when it feels like it’s going to. I have been on the verge of blacking out from panic attacks before but I’m still here. Our bodies and minds are much more resilient than we give them credit for. You will get through this Jo. October is almost over. Just take it one day at a time.

  43. Jo, what an amazing video from the heart. The only time I have ever suffered such debilitating anxiety is when I learned my 45 yr old sister-in-law that I adored had metastasized breast cancer. It broke my heart as I was out of options to save her. We lost her at 49. She left behind 2 beautiful daughters that have grownup to make her proud. It took me going on anxiety meds for several yrs and seeing a therapist before I could cope with the loss of such an amazing young woman. Thanks for sharing your feelings that so many can relate to. Sending you big hugs…. 🤗💗

  44. Wooo 😍😍.I really like this type of video. It has the effect of an atomic bomb in my brain 🤯 because you succeed to express your feeling so easily and you have the exact word to express what i have in my head and what i feel but can't express. Thank you Jo you made my day and i am thankful for that. I love you some much !! You know we are there too if you need help one day ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  45. Oh, Jo. You captured this so perfectly. I have general anxiety and panic disorder, as well as MDD. This is my life, everyday, even with medication.

  46. This was amazing! Beautifully filmed, perfectly described, excellently conveyed. Bravo 👏🏽

  47. Thank you so much for this video. It's so real and so terribly true. I hate how much I relate to this.
    The videos really well put together. 👏

  48. Footless joe pls read this
    Ik exactly how that feel but times 10 I have PTSD for a event thats stuck in my brain and will never leave me and everyday I analyze data and use my heighten senses and think a million thoughts at once. Even when Ik I’m safe the panic for what can happen with in the next few seconds keeps me from relaxing. But I still have times where I’m happy and excited and that’s what I try to think about when I get to far in my head. Instead of thinking about what bad can happen I create a alternative world in my head we’re I’m in a happy moment. (Basically make my self daydream and hallucinate in a good way). Ik I’m not in the same place you’re right now and I’ll never truly understand exactly what your going through but try my technique it seems to work for me mostly. With love and respect-Devin

  49. Shared. This is so beautifully written jo. Keep the search of self up! If you haven't heard today I'm proud of you

  50. Yep…
    Have you watched Swoops new short film? This is the second short she's submitted to that film fest in Canada for YouTube creators(brain fog, I honestly can't remember what it's called!). I cried watching that one too.

  51. Jo I have the same feeling everyday of my life ever since I was six years old and it’s not the best feeling.

  52. Ofcourse it can! If you cant control it by yourself or with pills, it can really kill you.

  53. Again, you've managed to capture the essence of something that most people 'talk around'. Thank you for a beautiful and emotional presentation.

  54. You MAY laugh at these, Jo. Looking back, I think they're funny. Then… not so much. #1: Titled "Do not go shopping the day before Thanksgiving". I felt it coming so I pushed my cart to the closest aisle that had the least traffic and subsequently became paralyzed for more than 5 minutes in the feminine hygiene aisle. #2: Titled "But that sounded so interesting". I was in the jury selection process when they recessed for lunch. And then, with no warning this time, it hit. I made it back to the County Sheriff's security post outside the courtroom and asked if they had EMS on standby at the courthouse. The beautiful sheriff's deputy then looked up at me and went into action mode. Pale, clammy, shaking… she made me sit in her chair and EMS whisked me away. Heart? No, anxiety. After apologizing to the court I asked if I could do jury duty sometime in the future and the court clerk said something to the effect of, "I don't think you ever have to worry about jury duty again."

    Fun times!

  55. Wow! So well done. You did a great job describing the feelings! 💕💕💕
    I have had anxiety for 35+ years and it is possible to get through and keep going. I almost couldn’t finish college because I got to where I couldn’t drive/ leave the house. Now I am a teacher. I had to do a lot of work on my anxiety issues to finish school and work.
    It can be done- lots and lots of work to do it- but I remember the nights waking up feeling exactly just like you described and thinking- “This is it” I was in such a state of out of the blue panic.
    ❤️ to everyone working on their mental health- hang in there and God Bless!

  56. Today I went to a therapist fire the very first time because my anxiety has become overwhelming! Thank you for this video, you have no idea how much I needed this today and I appreciate you so very much

  57. I lost both my parents within a part of each other. My dad first then my mom. My mom had been ill and in the hospital for 10 weeks. Towards the end she started to get bad anxiety attacks at the lost of my dad. She couldn't comprehend what anxiety is or was. I myself suffered from bad anxiety. You describe it so well. This was beautiful. I love this new Avenue your traveling with these shorts. Your creativity is amazing. So looking for more!

  58. This is so powerful, Jo. I started having anxiety attacks four months ago. The worst part is the hyperventilating and the stomach pain. I think it feels ten times worse than depression.

  59. Never related more. This video, my goodness absolutely amazing and somehow makes me feel not so alone with my struggles. Thank you for this.

  60. aged men who experience chronic pain are encouraged by society to man up and take a aspirin with good reason too. Or quietly take opiates and other meds the last 15 years like I did. Never once did the option to do anything but take exactly or LESS than what my Dr. of long standing put on the directions. That being true, it still remains that dependence on opiates is costing me vitality. The only way I can reconcile this rather odd potentially deadly aspect of my life is to fall back on the old hack that God will indeed use what He would not choose. now widowered sp? I stay after service work on behalf of family friends or the next right having always been a semi-loner the meds kinda of take and give in equal balance.

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