Can Poetry Change the World? | Juan Felipe Herrera | NPR

well you know our lives influence everything it's not just the work it's not just the words it's our entire lives how we dedicate our life in this world how we write our life on the pages of time the time we have allotted whether it's 30 years or 68 years a hundred or twelve or whatever the number is how we give our life and in that time we write we sing we dance we speak we meditate we pray we draw we have a barbecue watch television so that's where so the answer is everything affects everything and yes indeed a poem can bring about radical change but it's different than changing the levers of society it's more like reading your poem or running your poem or sharing your poem sharing your voice maybe you Sheriff for a minute in that minute someone may be listening and in that minute we both are changing and perhaps that's the change we're seeking it's personal intimate and momentary small moments

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