Candles are a gift of light| | Poetry | | Samhain Season

Candles are a gift of light, A tiny sun, a bit of star. No other dancer in the night Dances with such sheer delight, Little souls serene and bright, Each a glimpse of what we are Shining innocent and pure.

12 thoughts on “Candles are a gift of light| | Poetry | | Samhain Season

  1. 👍👍👍wonderful video my friend Lo 💖
    wonderful Poetry
      Loving thoughts are sent your way.

    ჱܓჱܓჱܓHave a really lovely Sunday!ჱܓჱܓჱܓsmiles ★Susan.★

  2. I love the gentle mood you set, Bunny. I'm hypnotized by your voice. 🙂 That drawing of you is great!

  3. my beautiful friend~~~~Bunnylo~!
    very good great real bunnylo~~song voice~~~! I Like~!

    Superbe ce moment de dialogue, bravo ! que de douceur ! belle chanson , excellente création

    Je vous souhaite un merveilleux weekend et toutes mes amitiés

  5. Wow … Fantastic vídeo Bunny… youre a Artist perfect… Love your Channel

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