Cant Go Back (Official Video) – Humble The Poet ft. Yucifer & Sickick

– [Humble] I got 10
years to fill a stadium, but only two minutes to fill your cranium. Humble The Poet, signing in. (muffled rap music) (tapping) ♫ Yeah I’m so fly ♫ Look to my left I see a spaceship (hip hop music) ♫ Spaceship ♫ Yeah I’m so fly look to my left ♫ If you ever knock me down I’m back up ♫ Tell a hater he can back up ♫ Me, myself, and I ♫ You the type that call for backup ♫ I did a show on the road,
hear that shit that you rhyming ♫ I’m living it ♫ What’s a limit to the limitless ♫ Waving my watch like a hypnotist ♫ Hypocrite when I spit simple shit ♫ Your shit repetitive, sedative ♫ Put it to bed like I get it in ♫ Then again new to
the game like a pelican ♫ Yup ♫ Hottest in the game but I got no fame ♫ I don’t play with fire
unless I got some rain ♫ They be asking what’s
my sound when I spit ♫ I don’t go no fucking sound ♫ Every song sound like a hit ♫ It’s that Bollywood, coming to Hollywood ♫ If you ain’t fucking with
Yucifer than you probably should ♫ Yeah I’m that brown
man with a Bombay flow ♫ Get it bumping like Bombay Bo ♫ Humble The Poet just
pour it up, showing love ♫ No more shows with nobody showing up ♫ I can’t go back, I can’t go back ♫ I ain’t never going back ♫ I ain’t never going back,
I ain’t never going back ♫ I can’t go back ♫ I can’t go back, I
ain’t never going back ♫ Back, back, back, back,
I ain’t never going back – Yeah that’s no good. – That’s no good. – I mean we could give you a ride, but it’s gonna cost.
– Yeah. – How do you think we should, $100? – $200 bucks? – $200 bucks. – $100 bucks. – They’re not gonna pay. How about we just give
you guys a free ride? A good deed of the day, huh? – [Friend] He likes that. Free ride? – Or. (hip hop music) ♫ I can’t go back, I can’t go back ♫ I ain’t never going back,
I ain’t never going back ♫ I ain’t never going back ♫ I can’t go back, I can’t go back ♫ I ain’t never going back ♫ I ain’t never going back ♫ Can I rap hard when I talk about God ♫ Nah ♫ What about love ♫ Same diff and they talk about shit ♫ I ain’t looking back,
girl, I’m a spaceship ♫ And the sky ain’t my limit ♫ Moonwalk on the stars ♫ Say goodbye to your gimmicks,
and boy I’m the business ♫ Your girl likes my beard,
and all of the trimmings ♫ But nah, I ain’t trimming,
it’s just the beginning ♫ And I’m getting my feet wet ♫ Toe dipped in the pool of
blood from your favorite rappers ♫ Talk shit ♫ Who be next ♫ Get all the respect ♫ YYZ wordsmiths, the best ♫ And I ain’t make it this
far, just to make it this far ♫ Scream that real loud from the chest ♫ And we wreck all of the rejects ♫ With an effect to turn around ♫ Like a reflection, not a b-section ♫ Always on my a-game, spitting a flame ♫ See my collection of failures and flops ♫ They come with the game ♫ My steps to the top
ain’t without its shame ♫ We shaking it off, face it ♫ No looking back like ♫ Spaceships – [Narrator] No, don’t do that. We’re gonna do a second part. ♫ I ain’t never going back ♫ I ain’t never going back,
I ain’t never going back ♫ I can’t go back, I can’t go back ♫ I ain’t make it this far
just to make it this far ♫ I can’t go back, I can’t go back ♫ I ain’t never going back,
I ain’t never going back ♫ I ain’t never going back ♫ I can’t go back ♫ I can’t go back, I
ain’t never going back ♫ Poet and Yucifer putting the bruises on ♫ Anyone thinking that
they can now ruin us ♫ Screw with us, you wanna duel with us ♫ Duel with us ♫ Flow so smooth you ain’t
know there was two of us ♫ Going back to back, too late ♫ Like a Meek Milly diss track ♫ Speak silly, hit back weak
like a little girl’s stiff jab ♫ Heat like De Niro,
Pacino, and Miami big men ♫ Bring it back like I’m Makaveli ♫ Got a punchline if you acting funny ♫ Switched the flow to let you know ♫ Got schooled in the six ♫ No Degrassi money ♫ Sickick told me, kill the beat ♫ I said, okay ♫ He said, I don’t want no bullshit ♫ I said, ole ♫ Haters, vominos ♫ Haters, vominos ♫ Man, your mama knows ♫ Man, your mama knows ♫ Ain’t nobody fucking with shit like this ♫ I can’t go back, I can’t go back ♫ I ain’t never going back ♫ I ain’t never going back ♫ I ain’t never going back ♫ Back, back, back, back, back, back (TV static) ♫ You and me, we are not
the, we are not the same ♫ Someone call the doctor,
there’s a problem in my brain ♫ All of the walls are moving ♫ And they’re calling out my name ♫ I am crazy, crazy people
don’t know they’re insane ♫ Yeah my instru’s are
mental, tie them up in jackets ♫ Just like jack, they are simple ♫ Bitch I heard you rapping,
that is not my fucking tempo ♫ Holes in your body from
the lead in my pencil ♫ I am a jail, I got bars ♫ Tell me who you think you are ♫ I know you’re scared of the dark ♫ I can feel your bleeding heart ♫ I am a jail, I got bars ♫ Tell me who you think you are ♫ I know you’re scared of the dark ♫ You better go back ♫ You best go back – Knock that mother fucker. Oh hey. Yo thank you so much for, am I screaming? (laughter) – [Narrator] You’re good. You’re not looking at
me, you’re in the way. – Thank you so much for
watching, hope you enjoyed that. Do subscribe to the channel. So much more music headed your way. Much love to Sickick for
producing this joint. His info is in the description. Much love to Yucifer for
being a part of this project. His info’s in the description, and last but not least, shout
out to Imagination Collective. All of them spent four
days shooting this video. All of their info is in
the description as well. Please share this with
people you care about, and people that you don’t. Much love. ♫ Yes it was a world tour ♫ Yes it was a girl, so we
running through the city ♫ Staring all up at a billboard ♫ Sydney Melbourne, ooh, yo ♫ LA to the Bay, hey,
we head to Milly Lily ♫ Everybody screamin’

100 thoughts on “Cant Go Back (Official Video) – Humble The Poet ft. Yucifer & Sickick

  1. Absolutely loved The Alchemist – only just realised there was a quote from the book in this fabulous tune! <3

  2. my first time hearing these guys. I'm digging the hell out of this song. that beat is off the chain. #NewFan

  3. This is what makes me sad, when songs that are lyrically written so well don't get recognition they deserve but repetitive shit does. Keep going guys, you'll be there soon!

  4. I'm a jail i got bars tell me who do you think you are? I know you are scared of the dark. I can feel your bleeding heart.

  5. ashes to ashes dust dust any one who who marvels gravel fo show all they do is just when after all all is made of dust you validate its excisions in so doing so hhoner god is a must

  6. kknow the white keep the black back to back the dance is such a trance….I got 1 I got 2 I got 4 no sides you can form of attack…..ya to exxeed is to greed and you going bring out the black fade to far never come back best find the back door its a trap matrix haced better know the facts….make show to get the shows lets cheef lets roll…. ball with out having to roll…. SIPN SPIN check a hook from this fishermen agin…….I don't need no corner man mines circle karama is a bitch to those whho don't understand…

  7. n u WINDOW I c ……10000 words to blind too see stay in the cave now I'm free

  8. This video deserves millions of views. If everyone just takes 30s of their time and shares this on Fb or with a friend, it can make a big difference.

  9. I remember the first time hearing this and I thought Sickick slayed but DAMN Humble's confidence in this was beyond and his rapping was so much more intense. This felt so much stronger, hands down to all three of you.

  10. I don't understand a single word cause I'm German but this is lit af ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  11. how come humble hasnt reached a million subs? hes amazing… nwdaes evn dumb YouTubers hv millions of subs…

  12. Humble the Poet is so underrated. He should be waaay more famous than he is. He is so intelligent and insightful, cute, and he is such a good rapper. Not to mention that he has a mad work ethic ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  13. Absolutely incredible! I just discovered so much of your great work and couldn't be happier. Wishing you boundless success and happiness โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š; looking forward to your future uploads and music.

  14. We need more Hip Hop artistsย  like you guys talking about realness not clothing, money, girls, and jewelry. I graduated with my Associates Degree today 05/13/2017

  15. I got ten minutes to fill the stadium but 6:54 minutes to fill your cranium

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  19. You guys are genius!
    My 5 cent on the issue is:
    Please leave the auto-tune, if you don't want to go mediocre. Auto-tune hurts your renommรฉe, and my brain…
    Keep up the good work! Bigups from Hungary!

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  24. This is BANGING. Love love love it. I'm now following Yucifer. Both these men voices are sexy. Been blaring anything Humble on the Southern California Mountains , Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. You now have a following on the Mountain

  25. this is LIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. The Best thing Is From 1:31 That Gave This Song That High Rap View…… Yucifer Rocked This

  27. Shitzzz yโ€™all poor canโ€™t even give a brotha one ride. Itโ€™s called hitch hike, thats why you get hitched. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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