Capturing Mystery Pond Monster Creature in Sharer Family Backyard!! (DIY Underwater Cage)

– Look, Grace, look,
look, look, look, look! – [Grace] (gasps) I see it! – I don’t think that’s a dog. I do not think that a dog.
– That’s not a dog. (beeping) – Grace, I’m pretty sure there’s something down by the pond.
– We gotta get it, we gotta get it, what is it, what is it? – Ooh, hey, careful, do you see anything? – Um, let me see, let me see. – That paddle boat, that
paddle boat’s flipped over. Something’s going on.
– Ooh, wait, how did that get there?
– Something’s definitely flipped that thing over. – Yeah, why would they do that? – I don’t know. Hey, Sharers, what’s going on? So if you didn’t already
see in my last vlog Grace and I we’re doing
Nerf target practice in our top secret bunker. Come check this out, this is the bunker that we built to protect ourselves from the Mystery Pond Monster in case it ever came back and it looks like it might be back. So right now nothing’s
happened to the house, the house has been okay, but we think the Mystery Pond Monster might be down by the pond, right now. But this is our bunker, check it out, it’s absolutely crazy, absolutely awesome. But Grace, watch your step,
it’s super muddy back here. Check this thing out, this
is the backyard bunker. It’s here to protect us, it’s not done being built yet. They got to put up the walls, surround it, so that it’ll be completely
safe from any type of monster or any type of hack or anything like that. Wait, there is something down by the pond. – You see it?
– Let’s check it out, yeah, come this way.
– What do you see? – Quick, quick, come this way.
– What is it? – Quick quick, get your
Nerf Blaster ready. – [Grace] I’m ready,
I’m locked and loaded. – [Stephen] I’m locked and loaded, too. (Nerf Blaster clicks)
– Whoa, whoa! (Nerf Blaster clicks)
– Stay low, stay low. Come on, come on, Grace. Sharers, come on, this way. Pretty sure there’s something down there. – What do you see?
– That paddle boat, how did the paddle boat get on land? – Yeah, it must be
something really strong, ’cause that thing’s really heavy to lift. – [Stephen] Here, come
down, careful, quiet, okay? – Okay.
– There could be something. Look for movement in the pond. Sharers, we gotta look for movement– – [Grace] (gasps) Stephen,
look at all those bubbles. – [Stephen] There’s a lot
of bubbles right there. All right, something’s
definitely in the pond right now. All right, come this way, come on. – Be quiet, good thing we
have these Nerf Blasters. And they’re locked and loaded.
– Be careful. – Sharers, comment down below if you see anything
suspicious in the pond, because we don’t always see everything as we’re filming and recording live. Come on, Grace, look, that is weird, there’s a whole stream of
bubbles, a whole row of bubbles. – Yeah.
– Can you see that? – It’s a lot of bubbles, too.
– Come this way, Grace. Be quiet, be careful, we don’t know what’s goin’ on here. – All right.
– Perfect, Nerf Dart, load it back up just in case. Keep your eyes peeled, Grace. (Nerf Blaster clicking) Wait a second. We’re missing a kayak. – We are?
– We should have two kayaks, a yellow and a red one. Right now, there’s only a red one and the paddle boat’s on land. – Yeah, Stephen, that’s really weird, I don’t know what happened to that kayak maybe a storm or a monster
took it, I have no idea. – Hold on, this is weird right here. check this out, there’s monster trackings in the grass right here. Quick, this way, come on. Look at all this stuff. – Whoa!
– Look at all this stuff. – [Grace] It’s like dug something up. – [Stephen] I think we
need gloves to touch this but–
– Yeah, careful. – Ew, it smells disgusting.
– And like, look at that, it’s like a plant. – This must be monster
droppings or something. – Yeah. – What is it doing here? Wait a second!
– All over there! – Look at this, straight line
straight to the paddle boat. This means something, hold that, let’s go check the paddle boat real quick. – Could it be a nest? – Well, remember last summer when Carter captured that alligator? – [Grace] Yeah, it was right in this spot. – It was right here, so I’m
thinking it must be back. Maybe it escaped from the
captivity and came back? Look at this, Grace,
there’s stuff on the bottom of the paddle boat.
– Oh, whoa. – Look at this.
– Ew, what is that? – What is this stuff?
– Ew, look at that! – It’s monster goo,
look at all this stuff. Ah, this is gross, we need
to scrape some of this off. Oh, yuck.
– Whoa. – Look at that on the
tip of my Nerf Blaster. What is this stuff?
– Ew, ew, ew, ew. – It’s nasty.
– Oh, it smells weird. – That’s really gross. You know what, Grace? I think we need to head
back up to the house real quick and grab a specimen sample. – Yeah, we gotta collect this,
we have to know what this is. – We gotta get a kit to
figure out what this stuff is. And those bubbles are still
there, do you see those bubbles? Right there.
– Yeah, there’s a ton! What is happening?
– Something’s going on, all right, quick, lets go
run back up to the house, let’s get a specimen sample so we can figure out what this stuff is, send it to the spy lab, then… (growling) I thought I saw something. – Like out of the corner of my eye? I saw that, too.
– Hold on. It might have just been a car going by? (ominous music) (growling)
– Whoa! – I thought I heard something, maybe not. Just, okay, Sharer’s,
keep an eye on the pond– (grace gasps)
(eerie music) – Whoa, whoa, whoa!
– What, what? – [Grace] I just saw
something crawling over there! – What, where?
– By that fence. – How far away? Wait, how far away, Grace? Where are you going? – [Grace] Right by that fence! – [Stephen] Are you serious? – Yeah, I don’t know where it went, it was like this tall. – Wait.
– It looked like a bear. – That fence right over there? – Yeah!
– The one this side or the other side of the fence? – I think, I can’t remember. – Oh, let’s go check it out, come on. Wait, get your Nerf Blaster ready. I wonder–
– There it is, there it is! – Where, where, where, where, where? – [Grace] I see the
back of it, right there! – I see it, I see it, do you see it? Let’s go, quick! Now’s our chance, Grace, come on! – [Grace] What is it! – [Stephen] Quick, Grace, come on! Come on, keep it locked and loaded! Let’s go!
– I’m locked and loaded! – This is our chance,
Sharers, this is our chance! This could be the Pond Monster. Come on, Grace, let’s go! – [Grace] We could capture it! – Okay, shh, shh, shh, shh. It’s on the other side of the fence, that means it must be trapped and not able to come into the pond. – This could be perfect, Stephen. – I see it, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I see it, right up there. Look at it, that thing
is staring right at us. – Yeah.
– I think it sees us. All right, we gotta
keep this thing loaded. I’m gonna do a test fire, (Nerf Blaster swooshes) and try to scare it. A new Nerf Dart, load it up. (Nerf Blaster clicks) I’m ready, are you ready? (Nerf Blaster clicks) – I’m ready. – Shh, let’s go, but quietly. (snarling) what, get down, Grace. – It sees us. – All right, I’m gonna army
crawl over to that tree, so it doesn’t spot us getting closer. – Okay. – All right, Sharers, I’m going for it. Here we go. (Stephen grunts) Stay low, Grace, stay low. Stay low. It’s super muddy today, this
is not a good day to do this. Okay.
– Stephen? – What?
– I think I know what we need to do.
– What? – It’s war. – You’re right, Sharers, it’s war time, we gotta
get this Pond Monster. – This is our chance!
– Wait a second, Grace. Don’t forget to do this, this is like travel code to keep it away. If you do this, it thinks your
like some sort of monster. – Okay.
– All right, you ready? – Yeah!
– Let’s get going. To the woods, come on. Watch your step. Let’s go this way. It’s close by, wait, I don’t see it right now? Oh, I see it! It’s on the other side of the gate. – But I don’t think it can see us anymore, ’cause we’re under disguise.
– Yeah. All right, let’s go, this way, come on. – Okay, across the river.
– Careful, watch your step, it’s so wet, Grace.
– It’s like a swamp back here, I hope there no aligator.
– Shh! – [Grace] Quiet, oh! – There it is, there it is, there it is. – There it is! What’s it doing? It’s like trotting, is it a horse? – On the count of three I say we run up and we look and see exactly what it is! What do you say?
– Yeah. – You ready for it?
– Oh, yeah! – Here we go. – [Both] Three, two, one, go, go, go! – Go, go, go, Grace, go, go, go. There it is, there it is, there it is. – Get it, get it, get it, get it, get it! – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, it’s just a dog. All of that for a dog? – Aw. – I thought that was the Pond Monster, it was just a scared dog.
– Yeah. – Poor thing.
– Whoops. – Okay, that might’ve been
a false alarm, Sharers. But I’m guessing the Pond
Monster is still close by. – Whoa!
– That drain, is full of water, right there, Grace. So let’s go this way, and Sharers, keep your eyes peeled. We gotta get that specimen sample in. – Yeah.
– All right, let’s do that. – Yeah, come on, lets do that. (grass rustling)
(ominous music) – [Stephen] Look, Grace, look,
look, look, look, look, look. – [Grace] (gasps) That’s close, I see it. – I don’t think that’s a dog,
I do not think that’s a dog. – That’s not a dog. – All right, hang on.
– That only had two legs. – Hang on, something’s goin on. – And, now that dog’s barking. – Yeah, you’re right. If the dogs barking
that means that’s a sign the dog also sees it. All right, Grace, we gotta make a plan. What are we gonna do? – Sharers, I have the plan. We’ll run up, get a net and spy gadgets, so we can capture the thing and come back and figure out what it is. – Okay, so what we’re gonna do, Grace, we’ll run up to the house right now. – Yeah.
– That monster’s gonna think that we’re running away. It’s gonna shift positions but we gotta keep an
eye on it as we run up. – Yeah. – So, Sharers, comment down
below where this monster goes, because as we run, the monster’s
gonna think we retreating and like we don’t see it or anything. It’s gonna find a new hiding spot, please keep an eye out.
– Okay. All right, you ready?
– Yep. – We’ll run up to the
house, let’s do this. Three, two, one, let’s go. This way, come on. Oh, it’s so muddy! Come on, Grace, this way. – [Grace] Whoa! – Oh, careful. This is so muddy, come on. All right, Sharers, it’s literally right behind
that tree right there. Pretend, Grace, just pretend
that I’m like doing something and Sharers, keep an eye out because it’s literally
right behind that tree where the zip line is, here we go. Look, ready? Oh, look Grace, there’s a fish. – Yeah!
– There’s a fish, right over there.
– It’s such a nice day out. – Right, there’s a fish.
– And there’s no one even at the pond today, nothing. – Oh, too bad, what a boring day, I don’t know why that
dog would be barking? – Yeah, and there’s no
monsters at all at the pond. – Know what, let’s just go, we’ll go inside just
grab some snacks, Grace. – Yeah, lets get back inside.
– Boring day at the pond. Boring day, let’s go Grace, let’s go. Let’s go up to the house. Whew, okay Sharers, did you see that? He’s literally, that monster is literally
right next to the pond. – Yeah, look, look, look, look. – I don’t think the monster
knows that we can see him. Let’s go up to the house. Sharers, keep an eye open, this is when the monster’s
gonna move positions. All right, let’s go. Back up to the house. – Okay, we’re just getting snacks. – Sharer’s, keep your eyes out. We’re just getting snacks,
so keep your eyes out, this is when the monster is
gonna retreat, let’s see. – Do you see him still?
– I see him. – Do you see him?
– Yep, yep. – Where’s he going? – He’s back behind the tree. All right, we need to get a net, we need to get a net. Let’s do this, Sharers, if we can get this monster out of the pond we’ll be good to go for the summer. Let’s grab a net, you ready, Grace? – Oh yeah, I’m so ready, we’re
going to get this monster. – Let’s go, net that’s in the house, monster’s stuck behind that tree. All right, we got this, Sharers, we’re gonna get this monster, smash the like button, we’re goin for it. – Oh yeah!
– Let’s go. Net, quick. The faster we get the
net and all the supplies the better we’ll be. Let’s go Grace, come on. Yep, he’s still there,
he’s still there, let’s go. – [Grace] Okay. – He’s staying there. He’s probably trying to get into the house but he can’t because the bunker. Quick, grab the net real quick, okay? Let’s go. Oh, Yeah, Sharers, check it out! I got this thing, let’s go
capture the Pond Monster! – Stephen, you need a net
to capture the Pond Monster. – Oh no, you need this to
capture the Pond Monster! – Whoa!
– I’m gonna help! – All right, let’s go do it. We got Mama Sharer in on it, let’s go.
– Woo, let’s go! – Capture this Pond Monster, okay? So, Mom, the Pond Monster is right on the other side of
that tree, so come this way. – Yeah.
– Okay. – All right so, maybe
you and Grace can run on the back side of it, try to throw the net on top of it. Okay? – [Both] Okay. – And then I’m gonna–
– yeah, yeah, I see it, right behind that tree!
– I’m gonna go on the front side and try to distract it, all right? – All right, all right,
so say that one more time, where am I going?
– You’re going, you and Grace are gonna go behind, get the
Pond Monster from behind. I’m gonna distract it from the
front with this leaf blower. – Okay.
– Woo hoo! All right let’s give it a try! (laughs) Let’s go!
– Let’s go, Sharer’s. Come on, smash the like
button for my Mom helping. Let’s do this.
– Yeah! – All right, careful, it’s gonna know that we’re approaching now, it’s not gonna know
what’s going on though. So, come on, we gotta go.
– Be quiet. (dramatic music) – All right, hold on, I don’t see it. Where did it go?
– Wait, where did it go? – I don’t know, that’s weird keep your eyes peeled. I don’t see it right now. – Where is it?
– Do you see it, Mom do you see it?
– No. I don’t see anything. – [Grace] Oh, there it is! – Where? – [Stephen] It just poked his head out. – Where? – It’s behind the tree, on the right. – Behind that bunch of trees. – All right, come on.
– Look, Stephen, it’s sneaking out!
– There it is! – It’s sneaking out.
– It’s popping it’s head– (gasps) – Shh, I gotta be quiet, I gotta be quiet. – Come on. Shh shh shh, I see it, do you see it? It’s right behind that tree. It’s like disguised. – (shrieks) Oh, there it is! – Mom, you scared me! – Okay, okay, okay, (panting) okay, Grace, you go in front of me. I’m gonna go last.
– Okay. – Okay, so here’s the plan. I’m gonna go hide behind the paddle boat. when I’m in position, I’m gonna say, go, you guys are gonna go around back and try to throw the net
on the back of the monster, I’ll be in the front to blow him back. – Okay we’ll chase him to you. – Okay, you ready? – Yeah.
– Gotta get the trap. – Okay, here we go, three, two, one, I’m going in, I’m going in. (tense music) – Quiet, quiet, quiet. – Okay, ooh. – Okay, the monster is
right there, right there. – Okay, what are we gonna do? – Stephen’s over by the boat, Stephen looks like he’s ready. Sharers, I think we we’re about to capture this monster on a count of three, Mom? – Are you ready?
– Yeah, I think so. – Get your net ready, I have my net ready. The monster’s over there, Stephen is all the way over there, we can do this, three, two, one, capture him, capture him, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Gotta capture it, there it is! (screaming)
– There it is there it is! – Whoa.
– Whoa! Quick, he’s in the water! He’s in the water, Stephen! – Oh no, this bad news, this is bad news. – Okay, get down. There’s bubbles, there’s a bubble! – What are we supposed to do,
what are we supposed to do? – Shh, just be quiet. – This is bad, this is bad.
– I didn’t have the net very good, I know, I
didn’t have the net right. I threw it the wrong way. – What are we supposed to do? – I don’t know!
– Do it again! – This is bad.
– Do it again! – No we need more supplies, we
need an expert or something. – Okay.
– This is bad news, this is really bad. – Maybe trap the whole pond? – I don’t know what we’re gonna do. – Stephen, this is a problem, because now we can’t set up
the inflatable obstacle course. – I know, I don’t know
what we’re supposed to do, Sharers, I don’t know
what we’re supposed to do? Comment your crazy ideas down below, we’ve gotta get this
thing out of the pond. This is bad, bad news. – Yeah this is really bad. (dramatic music)

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