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Car School One day a car pulled up at our school and said I am your new Head Teacher The old Head Teacher was taken out the back and
put in a skip and the car drove into her office The car changed the name of our school it was called Car School And we got a new uniform that had a picture of a car On the front pocket The Mayor came to our school and said how lucky we were that that the car had come and was sharing with us all that it knew about cars Car School was in the local newspaper Everyone wanted to go to Car School To get in you had to do a car test There were questions about cars The Mayor said that cars had a lot to offer to the
community So that we could all move forward Some of the old teachers left and the new teachers were cars blue red silver dark green A boy in my class wrote a story about a car that ran someone over He was asked to see the Head Teacher and we never saw him again A woman came to the school to talk about road safety and she said how going by bus was a good idea One of the cars stood up and said that what she was saying was unbalanced and unfair I go to Car School Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuum That’s our school song

9 thoughts on “Car School | POEM | Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

  1. My professor thinks this satire is anti-car propaganda. I go to Car University.

  2. ♪ Everybody knows in the second life we all come back sooner or later / As anything from a pussycat to a man-eatin' alligator…

    Sorry, couldn't resist!

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