Cardi B wins ASCAP award last night for best writer and charged 14 counts today

what's going on everybody sugar and spice topics I'm sure a lot of you heard about cardi B so eyes no need to go into the whole story she's basically being indicted as of today Friday for 14 charges including two counts of assault with intent to cause serious physical injury so she what she she's basically suck like sick these people on to women to young women to me and a stripper they worked at a strip club Angels in Queens New York and cardi B pled not guilty for this so by airplane not guilty grand jury indicted her ass and said okay we're coming in sick and we gave you a chance to get out of it and you didn't this was basically over off says she thought it was cheating with one of the sisters so she got a whole bunch of guys and females try to jump on these two women right here Jade in body GG Maddie GG and Jade were in Nicki Minaj video formation which to me that was a top 100 video that video was high that was a hot video everything about it so I can understand how cardi B could be intimidated and insecure when it comes to these two women because they're very pretty and that's just the way the game goes she thought that one of them is not both were messing with offset I really think that it's good because she's getting away with a lot of things this year she got a Grammy to me she didn't deserve it I'm sorry I don't care like people really write their own rats and work hard at their craft and they win because of that it's like with this woman she's been caught cussing people out ma blacks Wanda lady that had a baby the son that died how she said something about her dead son she's been caught out talking about star Murray she's in the news all the time for attacking people verbally and physically so last night she also won an award and a scab rhythm and so were for best writer and this is actually a game-changer because no female has everyone is a word if I'm not mistaken that's when I read so um a lot of people are sorry about that as well but we all know that party don't right and a real musician a real artist does not respect that and it doesn't matter who it is you don't respect a rapper that don't write their own raps and I mean come on they're lyrically Nicki Minaj's hit you know it's like four years so that does not even make any sense just wanted to bring that to light not much to comment on that of course she's gonna read what she sews seeing my thing is I don't like how she treating my Black Swan who was the makeup artist that young lady who looked up to her out she cussed her out and just disrespecting her and took out her anger and problems on her to the point where she was depressed and she belittled that woman like nothing else like it's terribly I hated the way she talked to the other woman who lost her son her son died and cardi B says something nasty to her when the woman was trying to just be nurturing in kind of quality cardi took it the wrong way and so and I hated the way that she attacked Nicki Minaj in such a nice place and setting how she went I don't give a damn what she thought Nikki said I didn't like how she carried herself um that wasn't called for I don't like the fact that she don't break her own raps but yes she's getting an a scab award for best writer and no one no female has ever gotten that before that's just in our face like just an insult you know but it looks like even though that happened last night today is a different day because now she's being indicted for 14 charges and you know what if you put dirt out in the world and if you continue to not be sorry or having worse for things you've done you know it's gonna come back to get you now I can say that cardi has repeatedly talked about how she preys so I can only respect that I don't know her relationship with God but she seems to have won I just think you know hey who cares what I think we reap what we sow what we do is going to come back to us and that's exactly what's happening now as far as not her not writing our own lyrics I'm still not cool with that I don't care who it is you should write your own raps if you're a rapper and rose you need to sit down somewhere because that's just blasphemy to me anyway have a GUI on

24 thoughts on “Cardi B wins ASCAP award last night for best writer and charged 14 counts today

  1. Old school mom here💖 MY SUGAR and SPICE!!! We as R Kelly supporters do not wish the DOWNFALL of other PEOPLE. You can never get too HIGH. Cardi should have took that first deal and I KNEW THAT!! DO you know why? BECAUSE you can not incite fights or incite riots you will go to JAIL for that and that's EXACTLY what she did. Cardi thought Because she physically was not in the fight that she would not be liable BUT because it came from her MOUTH the fight was orchestrated.

  2. I’m so tired of cardi!! 🤦🏽‍♂️ how can ppl look up to her lol

  3. Cardi B is a known racist and has been extremely violent towards black women. She has called black children monkey, black women cockroaches, and often refers to African American people as the “N” word. Despite both her parents being white skin Latinos she is a character of the worst stereotypes of African American ladies. She has also targeted African American men for both drugging and robbery (she admitted it out of her own mouth) which make it a hate crime.

    Had Cardi B been a black woman there is no way in hell would three had gone by she would have been dealt with within days. But Cardi B got a pass because she is NOT black. She is NOT black, but poses as one to make money as a culture vulture. I have seen her parents-they are white latinos. Cardi B is criminal on many different levels and needs to be in jail.

  4. They are trolling at this point. What did she write she can’t even speak? I’m confused

  5. 🕵️…in today's world of hip hop….it don't matter who wrote your lyrics.🤬……as long as you're that nigga writing those checks…🤑🤑

  6. Writer of the year, all these award shows are fake.How you admit to not writing your own music but get the first ever / being a woman, award! SMH! ASCAP got some splaining to do🤔🤔

  7. So weird this story is trending right now I was just watching an old video of the mua blaccswan then I seen your notification wow cardi is mean af. Something is off balance in the world right now. I been trying to stay prayed up smh you know there was a man randomly shooting ppl in Louisiana? Ppl are going crazy, celebs and all

  8. I don't feel sorry for her because the media tried so hard to elevate her above all of the other artists who deserve the recognition more. I hope she learns her lesson about fighting over a man who habitually cheats on you. Cardi b is a caricature and doesn't deserve any of the awards she's been given. The industry is backing this mess to ruin another black female artist. Karma never forgets anyone.


  10. All y’all on these comments some haters … My bitch still getting more money then all u mfs .. talk what u know & you only know what’s in the media .. y’all so Pressed on her

  11. Getting to the 💼 and gotta turn around and pay it out too the Folks🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. Im more than ready for her trashy ass to fade in the background… Her music and her are just trash. Her music gets no play in my household… How tf u win "best writer" when u dont write your own shit?!? The music industry has changed for the worse

  13. Atlantic Records buying this girl all these awards best writer best for what when she don't write nothing. This is not right to all the woman who set there for hours maybe days to come up with a song to write and here come this woman who admitted to having writers and she won the award. She only start claiming that she writes music when people start to call her out on it saying that she dont write her shit.

  14. I cant stand this trash
    Lock her up. I said what I said. No talent, fake, big mouth B#!%

  15. This is the year of karma and it's a seven year cycle so be careful cardi non talented ratchet bih 😂

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